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CONTROL YOUR MINI SPLIT / WINDOW UNIT: Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC controller works with mini split, portable and Window ACs that have an IR remote control. It connects to the Wi-Fi router and lets you control your air conditioners with smartphone, Amazon Alexa or the Google Home. Comes with all required accessories including the wall plate and even a free table stand if you prefer to place it on a desk or table. It helps you create zones for efficient heating or cooling.
iOS, Android, Web, Alexa or Google Home – CHOICE IS YOURS: Control your ACs, setup weekly schedules as per your lifestyle and configure location-based controls for automated operation and energy savings. Cielo Breez Plus saves you up to 25% on your AC’s energy bills. It enhances your lifestyle, comfort and convenience. Cielo Apps come with complete timeline of actions meaning you always get to know the latest. Complete timeline of air conditioning actions is available to you from anywhere.
GO GLOBAL OR REMAIN LOCAL – CHOICE IS YOURS (FIRST OF ITS KIND): Initially register the device using your Wi-Fi, afterwards you can also control your connected AC even without Wi-Fi. On device local controls ensure that you can locally control all the functions of your connected AC even without Wi-Fi. Power ON/OFF, fan speed, swing position, modes of operation and much more. You still have the option to control your AC from anywhere by keeping your device connected to the Wi-Fi.
SET TRIGGERS BASED ON TEMPERATURE OR HUMIDITY TO AUTOMATE THE OPERATION OF YOUR AC – ALSO LETS YOU POWER IT UP LIKE A THERMOSTAT OR with 5V ADAPTER – CHOICE IS YOURS: You have the option to power up Cielo Breez Plus through 24V OR 12V hard wiring OR through 5V adapter (included in the box).
AUTO REMOTE-CONTROL DETECTION, CONVENIENCE, SAVINGS & LIVE SUPPORT: Cielo Breez Plus automatically detects your remote control and is super easy to configure. It brings ultimate convenience and savings for you by helping you save up to 25% on your energy bills of air conditioners. In case you face any problem, Cielo WiGle has a dedicated support team to help. Support team is available 9am-9pm EST (Mon-Fri) – please visit website of Cielo WiGle.

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Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC Controller


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10 reviews for Cielo Breez Plus Smart AC Controller | Works with Mini Split, Window & Portable ACS | WiFi, Alexa, Google, SmartThings

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    I. Paz

    Update Sept 2020 – I bought a second Cielo Breez Plus for my other Fujitsu A/C. Excellent product and customer service as before. This time the preferred Cielo location was far and behind a wall. I added an IR repeater (Inteset Wireless Long Range IR Repeater, see pictures) and it works great. Very happyI bought the Ceilo Breez Plus on May 2020 after my Fujitsu mini-split A/C remote broke. It was very easy to install and to use. The only problem I had was the display that was too bright in my dark bedroom at night. I called Cielo tech support. I was amazed when during this call they contacted their engineering, and created a special firmware version for me that had more dimming range. I am a very happy with this device since then.

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    Update 5/14/20: This unit has been working great for over a year, very few complaints about it. At this point, really the only significant thing on my wish list would be the ability to bypass the initial Home / Devices screen that comes up in the app and go straight to the full control page for the device… I can understand the need for the home screen (if you have multiple devices), but for those of us with only one, it would be great to skip that extra unneeded tap.I’ve found one of the best uses for the Cielo is, as briefly mentioned in the original review, the timer. In particular, you are not limited to having it simply turning the unit off and on. I have mine programmed to turn on at 10am, but then at 9pm instead of turning off, it switches to FAN mode for several hours, turning off at 11pm. Why is this important? I’ve discovered over the years that the blower wheel in my mini split has a tendency to get horribly caked-up with mold growth. In addition to being unhealthy and disgusting, it drastically reduces the efficiency of the blower. My belief was that this mold was the dark / moist conditions that existed inside the unit when it was shut off each time was the culprit, and that letting just the fan run for a while would dry it out. And that does seem to be working as hoped.Also, shortly after posting my original review, the CEO of the company sent me a message to let me know that the ability to adjust/calibrate the displayed temperature and humidity would be available soon, which it was.Original review:I’ve been wanting something like this for years, but never knew it existed until I noticed an ad for a similar device from a competing manufacturer on Facebook. After further research, I found this one, which I decided would work better for me since it has a built-in display and controls (so that I, and family members, can easily adjust the thermostat without the app if needed).I wanted it so that I could set up a more extensive automatic schedule for the Mitsubishi mini-split that provides supplemental cooling to my home office. I also wanted to have the ability to turn it on or off when away from home.So far, it seems to work as advertised. It was easy to set up, though I had one minor issue, in that after auto-detecting my unit’s remote, it set the temperature display to C. There was no option to change it to F, but after removing the remote and re-adding it manually, I discovered that the C and F setting is made during setup (apparently it detected my remote as a C model, not an F model). Manually selecting the model number of the remote, along with the F version, solved that problem. I also noticed that “Fan” mode was not available when the remote was auto-configured, but did appear after manually adding.The temperature displayed is 2-3 degrees lower than several other known-accurate thermometers I have, even after letting the unit acclimate for a day. The manufacturer should consider adding a temperature adjustment/calibration option for this (allowing the user to shift the displayed temperature +/- 5 degrees or so to match other thermometers). Same with the humidity display.Another nice feature would be an option to automatically set the A/C to a lower temperature in response to higher humidity.

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    Laura Malahin

    I was looking for a way to be able to control my mini-split system when I am away from home. I have a Friedrich 3 way mini-split that works great. Now days, with the smart everything around and in your house, I really wanted to be able to control the 3 individual units when I am away. The guys at Friedrich pointed me towards this product. After looking at the specs and making sure my system was compatible with the Cielo producst, I purchased the Cielo Breeze Plus. I already had the Eco and the Breeze (standard). The unit arrived and I proceeded with setting it up. The instructions are clear, to the point and I was done in less than 10 minutes. The unit has a slick design, the display is not crowded with unnecessary things, it can be mounted on the wall or place on a stand/coffee table or it could be hard wired. I didn’t find the need to hard wire it, but it’s nice to have the capability in case you want/need it. The app is great, it allows you to setup the mini-split unit pretty much any way you want. Schedule, auto temperature hot/cold, usage, filter maintenance, all functions are there and much easier to access and adjust than using the remote control. Since I have the other two products, the Eco and the Breeze standard, I can see all 3 units in the app and I am able to control them all from within the app. All the function that the remote control performs can be performed from the app which is more intuitive and friendlier that the remote control It works with Alexa and Google. It integrates flawlessly with Alexa, I don’t have a Google Assistant but based on what I’ve seen, it should integrate with it just as easy. I highly recommend this product.

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    I’ve had a wonderful experience when setting up the Cielo Breez Plus with a particularly sensitive and sometimes uncooperative LG portable air conditioner. Scott is extremely professional, polite, PATIENT and knowledgeable. He is able to explain things in terms I can understand about how the device works and he spent an enormous amount of time trouble-shooting to solve my issues. (I also worked with Sam who is also very patient and knowledgeable.) I’m not technology savvy so I was not much help but Scott walked me through and re-walked me through the steps to reach the solution. He called me back several times to make sure things were working properly. Unparalleled customer service. I am very grateful to have this experience. It put my mind to ease.

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    I just received the Cielo Breez Plus unit today. It was easy to connect it to my WiFi. However, my portable a/c unit and associated remote was not in their database so I was unable to control the a/c with the Breez and app. When I tried to change the temperature setting on the Breez from Centigrade to Farenheit I was unable to and received a pop-up to call customer service. Customer service walked me through the process of adding my remote to their database. It took about 10 minutes; you have to “send” each setting’s IR signature to their servers via the Breez. I was told it normally take 24 hours to enter the information but because the person who does it is out on leave it would take a few days.When my remote is added to their database everything should work from the app. But right now it doesn’t. I will update this review once I’m told the database has been updated.This is just a heads up that it may not be as easy to get up and running as you would hope.Three days later – Customer support was excellent. Together we were able to add my remote to their database. Now the app controls my portable a/c and does everything I would want it to. It took a few days and some back and forth phone calls, but I am now very pleased with the Cielo Breez Plus. I would highly recommend this product. Hopefully your a/c is already in their database, but if not it can be added with some effort.PS – the Breez Plus unit has a digital display. It can be very bright at night. Apparently they had received such a comment a few months ago, added a display brightness slide, and now is not glaring in a dark room. Just another example of how the company is listening to customers and improving their product.If you have a portable a/c without WiFi this is the product for you !

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    Aidan Wojtas

    Excellent, smart, and continually improving product backed by a responsive support team.I’m very satisfied with my Cielo purchase. For the money, this has given me several valuable things:- My home is warm when I return home on a cold night, before I get in the door;- I can automatically have the ac unit turn on when the humidity gets too high avoiding mould growth;- The energy savings by controlling the unit save me money.I had some teething issues with the unit when received however these were all solved by the excellent Cielo support. The support are helpful and friendly so definitely get in touch with them if you have any questions. For me, I learned more about how to position my breez plus so that the signal aligned better to my ac unit, and Cielo have also performed remote software updates of the unit. I’m impressed that there are new features released even after buying.My only tip would be to place the unit on your wall with double sided tape or blutack for a week before mounting it, to make sure you are happy with the infrared signal being send to your ac unit. Mine is 100% reliable once I moved it to send from the side blaster.The mobile app and the website are excellent, easy to use, with frequent updates, and rock solid.Looking forward to putting more of these in for my tenants, not just me!

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    Naeem Malik

    Having used their previous version Breez and lately launched Breez Eco, I wanted to test Breez Plus as soon as I received. The device packaging was nice and professional and included device itself, user manual, wall plate, table stand, power adapter, USB cable and mounting accessories. Here is the brief of my interaction with Cielo Breez Plus:Setup & Registration:I powered up the device through 5V adapter. Setting up & registration was simple and completed in couple of minutes. I just had to point the mini split remote towards device and press the power button of remote. Device did the rest. I checked various commands using the app and it worked. Next, I powered up the device through 24V connection using a third-party transformer. The device worked great and I faced no issues. Giving an option to hard wire just like a normal thermostat is a smart move.Touch Controls:Device has various touch controls to control the AC from device itself. Seems a nice add-on as I was able to control the temp, mode, fan speed etc. from the device itself. The device has got in-built temperature and humidity sensors and room conditions are displayed on the device interface. Could not go deep into temperature and humidity accuracy but a cursory look gave a good enough sense of accuracy.Mobile App & its Feature:Having been a user of their mobile app for almost a year now, the UI and UX are per my likings. The functions of control, scheduling and geo-fencing work great. The history and timeline features are perfect to keep track of actions being performed. I was also looking for features like follow me which I could not find. I talked to support people and they informed me that some new features would be available in near future. The product has also got an enterprise web app. The dashboard was impressive and controls work perfect.Voice Controls:The product works perfectly with Alexa. The naming convention must be taken good care of while enabling the product for voice controls.Final Thoughts:I believe that Breez Plus would generate interest in smart home enthusiast and even common users looking to save few bucks on their ductless heating or cooling. The great feature set and good price point result in great value to the money. Recommended!

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    I ordered two of these a couple of days ago. Delivery was on-time for prime and the items were very well packaged. Unpacking was a Breez (pun intended) as was connecting with the included cable and USB charger. The units have a desk mount/stand as well as a wall mount. I wanted to connect quickly because I wanted to get to the good stuff and see if the unit would work from the intended location for future wall mount and 24vac power connection.Creating a profile on Ceilo went very smoothly. I connected my phone to the Cielo device WiFi and it asked to connect to my WiFi and enter the password. The first device is now connected and is green in the app. Next, I configured it with my AC/Heat Pump unit. The app now asks me to press the power button on my remote once. Cielo is now configured and ready to work with the AC/Heat Pump unit. I had my first device fully up and functioning in less than 5 minutes including installing the app and registering the device. I tested a couple of functions and all is good from the app, the Cielo Breez Plus device, and the original remote. The second device, just like the first one, was very simple to include on my WiFi network and configure the device. Downloading the app to the wife’s phone was as simple as installing the app and logging into Cielo. The two AC/Heat Pump units immediately showed up in the app.To enable Amazon Alexa to work with Cielo Smart Home and discover the smart devices I linked my Cielo account to the Alexa Smart Home Skill. When this is done it automatically discovered the devices. Two devices are now listed. This is where I ran into a very small issue with the name of the devices I chose when I registered them with Cielo. Both of the devices are in a detached shop and I wanted to give them names that would include “shop” at the end as we have many smart devices in the house controlled with Alexa. The first name was “She Shop” (this is my wife’s crafting area). When it was discovered with Alexa it created a device “sheshop” no spaces and I think this may be the problem. I couldn’t get Alexa to do anything with this name. I tried the other device named “Main Shop” the Alexa discovered as “mainshop” and again couldn’t get this device to work. I then decided to try a single name, as I suspected, the no space thing was causing an issue. I renamed my wife’s area “Craft” in the Cielo app and rediscovered it in Alexa and everything worked as expected. I then renamed the other unit just “Shop” and just like the other unit all worked as expected.I feel the name thing with Alexa is a very small issue as I have had all kinds of naming issues with smart devices since I started this journey into the IoT world. I will work on getting the Breez connected to Google and see how that works but Alexa is my primary device for my IoT devices. This device allows you to use the original remote, the table/wall mount device or the application to operate your AC/Heat Pump. Some devices I was considering wanted you to stop using the original remote as the device didn’t have an IR receiver to know the status of the AC/Heat Pump if it was changed with a different device.5 stars all the way from buying to final operation. I would recommend this to anyone looking to control the AC/Heat Pump remotely.

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    tim Bustad

    Been working with tech support for a week now trying to get our mini split to work. It looks like ours was not in the data base, even tho our system is only a year old. So right now it a $100 paper weight. Waiting for tech support to get back to us on a fix. It not will send it back for a refund**Update. Worked with tech support over many days and we got our system into the database and they helped us move the wall unit so it had better line of sight to the mini split. With their help it its up and running like we wanted it to. the main reason we wanted this as we had a competitor version that worked but Cielo can set temp ranges. We have it installed in a guest house and we don’t want the airbnb renters to set the AC to 65 when we live in a desert. This way we can control what the temp range can be. a big + for us.Thanks Jordan for helping us each of the steps to getting it to work and for calling us back to make sure we are happy.Tech Support 8 Stars.

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    The product is working well, but set-up was very frustrating! I spent over 90 mins on a Saturday trying unsuccessfully to instal the app to link to my cell phone. There was no weekend support number to call so I had to wait for Monday to contact a service representative. I was very pleased with the help and support I got from Scott. He very patiently talked me through the process (which was far too frustrating) of setting up my Cielo Pro for use with my cell phone. In my particular case it took many attempts and several reconfigurations of my “settings” on my iPhone. He was very patient, as the process, with the help of a support technician, still took almost 45 mins. I am pleased with the way the unit is working now, but very disappointed with the ease of set-up. Thanks, again, to Scott for his wonderful support, but I think the set-up could be made simpler. I was ready to send the unit back. Once again, now that it is working, it is excellent and is easy to operate locally and remotely.

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