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Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch

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Solar-powered digital watch in stainless steel with multiple displays, red contrasts, and textured pushers
Quartz movement with analog display
Protective mineral crystal dial window
Features digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, sunrise and sunset date, time stamp, Mb6 atomic timekeeping, auto LED, 5 Daily Alarms (4 one-time and 1 snooze alarm), 1/10-second stop watch, countdown timer, day/date/month calendar, and buckle closure
Water resistant to 660 feet (200 M): suitable for recreational scuba diving

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Born from a dream of “creating a watch that never breaks.” It was over 30 years ago, a CASIO engineer won the battle against the laws of nature. He designed a watch that would resist centrifugal and impact forces, as well as high water pressure. Since then, the name G-SHOCK has become a byword for independence and pushing the limits.

G-SHOCK watches are the most durable digital and analog-digital watches in the industry, trusted by military personnel, law enforcement, surfers and outdoor enthusiasts around the world. Along with this, G-SHOCK is highly touted in the fashion world, worn by icons in hip-hop, sports, and design. With limited edition collaborations being released often, you can always find a G-SHOCK that matches your personality and style.

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10 reviews for Casio Men’s GW-9400-1CR Master of G Stainless Steel Solar Watch

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    M. Greenberg

    The Casio Rangeman watch is a tricky product for me to review. Don’t get me wrong: It’s highly functional and robust, well-conceived, and most of what it does it does quite well. What makes this tricky is that the Rangeman poses a philosophical dilemma, for somebody like me who collects watches: Do I really need anything more than this? What is the appropriate criterion for judging a watch like this? I’m writing this review in part to try to answer those questions.So first off, I bought this watch with several specific use-cases in mind. I wanted a light-weight, shock-resistant watch for running with, and I also wanted it to be easy to read, and to have the ability to function as a stopwatch. I also wanted a “field watch” for hiking, kayaking, and other outdoor activities away from civilization — hence no smart watch or fit-bit. I liked the idea of solar power, so as not to need to change the battery out for 10 or 15 years, at least. And finally, because I do have some other mechanical watches, I also wanted an “atomic watch,” something that would always be synced and accurate and that I could use as a reference to set other time-pieces. So those are the reasons why I picked out the Rangeman to try.This was not my first experience with a Casio G-Shock, by the way. And my previous G-Shock was not a success — I got a GX-56 “King,” with the primary aim of using it to time myself during a mud-run obstacle course. Unfortunately, I bought one with a “reverse” LCD display — i.e., where the numbers appear white on a black background, instead of the other way around. That turned out to make that watch difficult to read, even in bright sunlight. And I learned the hard way that if I can’t easily read the face of a digital watch, then it’s useless to me. Which added another demand to the use-case for my new Rangeman: it had to be very easy to read the time, regardless of the ambient lighting or the angle of my wrist.So here’s the good news: It turns out that the Rangeman is quite good for all of my use-cases. It’s easy to read, light-weight and good for running, good as a field watch, with excellent atomic time-keeping. If anything, I find myself using this watch for more situations than I expected to. On a recent business trip across country, for example, I kept the Rangeman with me, because it’s world-time function made it easy to switch time zones, while still keeping track of time at home. Plus the basic home screen display, which shows the time, day, date and month (based on a perpetual calendar through the year 2100) is incredibly functional and useful. So yes: by comparison with most mechanical watches, the Rangeman is almost ridiculously functional, even just in terms of the basic display that you get without pushing any buttons at all. Did I mention that (in the U.S.) the Rangeman will automatically keep track of daylight savings time, and make the adjustment without you even having to think about it?So this led me to the existential question, do I really need any other watch, now that I have this one? After thinking about it for several weeks, I’ve concluded that the answer still is yes, at least for me. And the reason why goes to specialization: namely, a watch designed to do one thing can be tailored to that purpose, whereas a watch designed to do many things necessarily involves some compromise. And sometimes, I really do want the specialized watch. So for example, I have an inexpensive mechanical dive watch (similar price point to the Rangeman). My diver is a better watch for swimming than is the Rangeman. Even though the latter is supposed to be water resistant to 200m, I simply don’t feel confident in this to the same degree that I do with my mechanical watch. (Look at the reviews on Amazon — 19 out of 20 people love the Rangeman, but the remaining 1 out of 20 gets a lemon, often to do with faulty water resistance.) Likewise, my mechanical dive watch is actually better for sleeping with — it has glow-in-the-dark lume on the hands, which means you can easily see the time with a glance even in a pitch-black room, or under the covers. The Rangeman can also light up in the dark, but you either have to push a button for this, or else set the watch so that it automatically lights up every time you move your wrist when in the dark — and neither of those options is as good for sleeping with as is a traditional mechanical dive watch.Getting back to my recent trip across country: I sat next to another passenger who was wearing an expensive watch on the plane, I believe it was a Tag Heuer Carrera — a racing-inspired sports watch on a leather-band, the kind of thing you might wear out for an evening with on the town with friends, when visiting Monte Carlo. By comparison, my Rangeman looked almost like a toy. Don’t get me wrong — I very much like the bulkiness and the tactical look of the Rangeman. But it’s certainly not a watch that slides easily under a dress shirt cuff, or that fits in well at the office. Which is just another way of saying, as versatile as the Rangeman is, the design is optimized for some uses and settings, but not others. Camping? Yes. Covert ops? Yes. Going to your best friend’s wedding? Probably not.In sum, I still give the Rangeman 5 stars. It is very well designed for what it is, and it does many things well. I’ve had it for a month, and I am enjoying it a lot. Even though it won’t replace other watches for me, I certainly wouldn’t give it up, now that I’ve experienced it. So there!

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    Thomas frey

    I bought this watch a month ago.l Love it is one of my favorite gshocks out of the 14 ,I own .l like it because it has Altimeter, Barometer and compass. It’s water resistant to 200 meters. I use it when I swim ,bike ride,hike.l also use for hiking, this watch can do everything. I’m so glad l bought it. I read reviews about it for a year. I just was waiting for the price to go down.I saw it at Macy’s for $300.00. I tried it on and loved it.Make along story short.l waited. So in January my Uncle went to Japan, and he knew l wanted the Rangeman gshock. It was 300.00 and it wasn’t the Japanese important it was made in Thailand. So I said I’ll wait because l knew I could get at for about $240.00 . So time went on l was up late one watching TV. So l looked on Amazon again and saw the Rangeman, and couldn’t believe, my eyes. It was March 10th at 2am in the morning law the Rangeman for $185.00. So l bought it right then. I didn’t regret it at all. So l got it on March 18th. When l opened the box. I couldn’t believe my eyes. The watch was so new and beautiful. It was everything thing you could possibly need in a watch and more. The battery was on high Level. So everything was perfect. Now remember I am a gshock collector and know pretty much about every kind of gshock. I bought the 1st one to hit the market in1983,so that’s 33 years. I also have the Casio Protrek prg270-1, which is similar.Because it’s Altimeter Barometer and compass watch. Boy was I wrong. It can do so much more. Watch the utube videos. It’s 2part video lit last about 120 minutes. With that all said I now no how use everything. It has sunrise. Sunset for different Countries if you travel. The best thing about this watch you can be in any mode.and see the time.or hold the left lower button for 2 seconds it will turn to the time mode. After all these years of owning gshocks. I found the one that does everything. Buy it l promise you won’t be sorry. Take it from that been wearing them for 33 years. Ps.excuse some of my spelling. I was using my galaxy note 4. And have a seen protection on it and sometimes the letters don’t print other right. But l think you gother the concept of the review any way. I almost forgot I called Casio. And the told it’s there #1 selling Premium gshock. And of course the Dw5600e-1v gshock is the number one seller of all time. And you can buy that at for $40.00. I have that one to and l love it and all gshocks. Thanks and good luck on any gshock you buy . But this my favorite now. Update! March 18th 2018. I now have had this watch for 2 years today. I now have 40 Gshocks and 14 Protrek watches. I have 2 Rangeman Gshock watches. I have this one and the Gw 9400-3 green Negative Display watch.I love them both you won’t find a better Gshock than the Rangeman for the price. If I could only have one Gshock this would be the watch. Take it from a person who has 40 years experience. I had the first Gshock to come out in 1983 . Buy from Amazon and save money. Enjoy this watch or any other Gshock you buy. Remember the best watch is the one on your wrist. Come a Amazon Prime member and get in 2 days guaranteed. I buy all my gshocks and Protrek watches from Amazon.

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    The previous 10 million reviewers who have stated this is the best watch of all-time are absolutely correct. This is a tough, rugged, highly functional, maintenance-free watch that blows everything else out of the water. And at this price point, I have both the black/positive and green/negative versions. Buttons depress with confidence, and despite its size, it is the most comfortable watch in my collection.

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    This is such a nice G-shock. It is very well made and looks awesome. The shade of green is so nice and subtle. Like a WW2 green if that makes sense! The features are very easy to use and easy to navigate. The stainless buttons add so much to the rugged appearance of this watch. My friend referred to it as a “tank on my wrist”, right colors and everything. This is also one of the most comfortable watches I have worn. There are several settings for wrist size and its very lightweight. This watch will be at home at church on Sunday, hunting, or just a night out. Easy 5 stars on this watch. Its similar in size to my well worn GX-56, (pictured). There are some complaints about the display, I’m a negative display guy so the display looks great to me. Just know you are buying a NEGATIVE DISPLAY, its going to look different. I will admit the first negative display watch I got I had to get used to, it was a transition. I wouldn’t have anything else now. My advice would be give the negative display a few days before you decide you don’t like it. If I had to make one minor complaint about the watch, and believe me, its minor, I wish the display was back lit instead of the light being on the side and illuminating the face from the side, whatever though. That’s of no consequence. Casio hit it out of the park with style and function on this model.

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    Andrius Dukšta

    So there has been 2 months since I bought this watch. Overall, I am very happy with it, it really met my expectations, with just a few very minor annoyances which I am okay to put up with.Ergonomics:I was a little worried about the size of it, since I know that many big watches (including many cheaper G-Shocks) feel like a brick on your wrist: unnatural, inconvenient, and bulky. Fortunately, this is NOT the case with Rangeman — it “hugs” the wrist in a nice natural way, feels comfortable and nice in general.Strap is much improved in comparison to, say, G-Shock Riseman GW-9200 [which has the crappiest strap ever and breaks every 3-6 months]. Rangeman’s strap is more comfortable, MUCH more rugged and reliable… Yet it’s still far from perfect, since I own another watch that has absolutely the best feeling strap I’ve ever came across: 5.11 Tactical ‘Sentinel’. Oh how I wish Rangeman had such a strap… I can just imagine Sentinel’s strap on Rangeman’s body… A man can dream.Buttons are very well made, very rugged feel, very confident operation. The sensor (compass/baro/alti/temp) button could be positioned better, though — being perpendicular to the hand it is prone to accidental push from time to time, no matter how well they try to protect it. Although this issue only happens to me when wearing thick gloves.The size of this watch becomes big advantage in cold weather, when wearing many layers of clothing and thick gloves — any smaller watch would either disappear between the layers or be impossible to strap on top of the clothing. Buttons are also just large enough to operate watch with thick gloves on. You can see how well it’s size fits with thick clothing and gloves in few pictures I have shared here (sorry for crappy photo quality, the best camera we had at the moment was el. cheapo smartphone).Appearance:It looked mega cool in pictures, and it looks very cool in reality. No doubt I expected pictures to look cooler than real-life model, but I wasn’t disappointed: you could say real watch has 90% of coolness seen in pictures. Yes, it looks big, but despite that it also looks quite natural, at least on my hand.I am NOT a fan of shiny metallic accents such as strap holder and screws, but don’t have a problem with them either. Although punting DLC coating on them would add at least +10 coolness points to the appearance of this watch in my opinion.Functionality:Altimeter and compass both work perfectly fine for non-professional use ant they are very precise for that matter. I don’t care for barometer, though, and watch-based thermometer in general is useless for most cases anyway, so no comments here.World time is very easy to access and use and is very convenient, since home timezone is displayed at all times on the top.Stopwatch is accessible via single button press from home screen, which I find ultra-useful and convenient.Back-light is totally sufficient in 95% of situations, although I like the looks of G-Shock’s traditional green back-light much better than this blue one. It’s a little uneven, also — light is a tad brighter on one side of the screen.Battery is good, too — I got this watch when rainy-cloudy season was just starting (and believe me, everything is dark and grey here when it starts). Despite that, battery being on “medium” out of box held just fine. Yet because of my OCD I just had to put it under a bright lamp for several hours to charge it to “full”, otherwise it would mess with my head :-)))Ruggedness:Water, cold weather, bumps and hits are nothing to this watch. I like to compare it to my CAT B-100 phone: both are completely indestructible. Unless you would try to destroy them on purpose, of course (and even then it would not be easy).The negative display:Since many people raise such big issues with it, I decided to dedicate entire paragraph to it. Yes, it’s not perfect, and being a negative display is at times harder to read than regular high contrast display. But it really isn’t a problem unless you are 70-year old man with rapidly declining vision. It’s perfectly readable under daylight conditions. A little harder to comprehend quickly on a very cloudy and rainy day (though still not a problem). And at twilight/night/dawn you will want to use back-light button to illuminate display anyways. My only complaint would be that they chose low-contrast gold/copper shade for symbols instead of regular silver-gray which works so much better on black background.All in all, readability of the display is totally fine, though not ideal. It could be a minor annoyance at most, but not a real problem.

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    Ben B

    First off, great watch!I did a ton of research, and searching forums and reviews about this watch before I bought it. Let me tell you, there are a ton of flat liars out there. I read so many forum posts and reviews that the person had obviously never even handled the watch.Im a Harley technician by trade, and was interested in gshock durability. Yes I could get a protrek with the same functions for less, but I doubt they would survive.Now for the watch itself.It has a great weight to it, feels more like a watch than most gshocks. The metal buttons are easy to push and feel great. The led lume is plenty bright, and the display is intuitive. All the standard gshock features work great, if you set your longitude/latitude, everything is spot on except that the atomic portion won’t sync. So if that’s a deal breaker you have to deal with sunrise sunset being off up to 30min depending on your actual location vs. selected city code.Now for the barometer/thermometer.Ok first the thermometer in the watch is used for sensor operation, not really to take a temp reading. If your wearing the watch it reads skin temp. Not a big deal, I can tell if it’s hot or not. That being said I had to calibrate my temp, I left the watch alone for an hour on a counter with an accurate thermometer next to it. Then adjusted temp to match. Once that was done I calibrated the altimeter to my actual elevation using topographical info for my exact position. The barometer itself after those two adjustment were close to the local weather reading.The barometer graph works well when you are stationary, or very gradually change altitude. Live 300′ higher than my shop, so there’s always a jump in the graph from home to work and work to home. The baro/alarm works great, again without major altitude changes. If you are hiking it works, I had it go off, looked around and thought it was acting up. Nope, two hours later it started to rain, then the alarm went off again, the baro shot back up. That indicates high winds in a storm, and boy did it storm. Ps. Atomic will not sync with baro alarm on.AltimeterAccurate, but effected by weather. I have a friend that’s Special forces airborne, he has always told me altimeters need to be adjusted to a known altitude before you use them. It’s no different for the watch. That said it has been accurate enough if my gps was toast, I could navigate a topo with it. It’s usually within 40-50 ft max so far without further calibration. I have a garmin 60csx and the altimeter usually matches within that range.Compass.It’s a digital compass what more do you need. Metal and electronics mess with it, but mechanical compasses have the same affliction. Again, properly calibrated, with a good topo, I can navigate with this watch if I had to. Would i head out with just the watch, no! But I’m not stupid. I usually take an extra compass, and spare batteries for the gps as well as quality topo maps for the area I’m in. But if everything else quit, I could find my way with the Gshock Rangeman.Are there better systems out there, yes. Sunnto makes a watch for navigation, but it’s not solar! Batteries tend to run out at the worst times. Garmin makes a wrist mount gps, but I have a hand held. I primarily use my rangeman as a watch, second as a barometer. You just have to know and understand the limitations of the features and learn how to properly make use of them. It’s a great looking watch and has taken a beating, it still performs for me every day.

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    I did a lot of comparing and reading reviews before purchasing this watch. My everyday wear watch is a Luminox. I wanted digital capabilities so I first bought a Timex expedition. It worked good for about 9 months then it got condensation inside and the illumination stopped working. I also thought it was on the cheap looking side. Timex replaced it for a new one, but this wasn’t reliable enough for me in the woods. I have since purchased the GW-9400-1. When it first arrived I was pleased to see how much better the watch looks in person. The features were first a little overwhelming, so I read the instruction manual and also found Casio had the instructions on youtube in a 2 part series. After reading and reviewing the videos, I got everything set up and now have a strong knowledge base to operate this watch effectively. I compared to my military lensatic compass to the watches and it is accurate. I also like how you can set your azimuth and lock it in and navigate. There is also a record keeping setting so you can lock a screen view for later review. Would I use this by itself for navigation, no, but remember 2 is 1 and 1 is none motto. The solar battery fully charged in a few hours in my window, and the atomic timekeeping has auto updated every night that I have had it. Many reviews complain about the temperature feature; common sense would tell you if you wear a sensor on your arm, it will not read the outside temp correctly due to heat from your body. If you take the watch off your wrist and set it stationary for awhile, it will read correctly. I’m not aware of any watch that you can wear that displays an accurate outside temp, other than an apple watch, which receives tower data. One of my favorite features of this watch is the sunset/sunrise times. It has been very accurate and the durability of the watch looks like it will last many years. I’m pleased with this purchase and was originally going to buy the green version of this watch with the negative display (dark screen.) After looking at one in a local sporting goods store, it was to difficult to see the numbers and I had to tilt the screen just the right way to make it out. Keep in mind I also have an astigmatism, so this doesn’t help my reading the numbers well on the negative display. Fantastic watch. Highly recommend. I’ll keep updating as needed.********************UPDATE 3/20/2017- I’ve owned this watch for a while now and only a few minor things to add. This watch has held up better than any other watch I have owned. I wear it 24/7 and have used and abused it. It never comes off my wrist, even when bathing/ showering. The battery indicator has never came off the high charge in dictator level. The watch almost always updates every evening. The sunrise and sunset mode is a small issue due to the size to read these words.This mode comes in real handy for my duck and deer hunting. Keep in mind I have bifocals, so this is something I can deal with. These are the only small, nit picky things that I can say negatively about this watch. I have since bought my son 1, and his works perfectly like mine. I’m still loving this watch. I’m curious as to how long it will work with the solar charging and battery life expectancy. I will update as needed. Great purchase and tough as nails!**********************update 6/6/2018- This watch is bullet proof. My solar battery charge indicator has never been off full charge since I bought it here on Amazon. It still works like when I first got it. I couldn’t be happier. I can tell you my son has the Casio Mud man edition, and its having issues and the buttons aren’t working well. His buttons are very hard to press and don’t work as well as with this watch. This watch is definitely worth the extra money compared to the Casio mud man. LOVE THIS WATCH!!!!!

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    James Davis

    UPDTED:Had it for a day (Received Nov 6, 2018), will update later. I’m enjoying this watch. Pleased at how fast the ‘ABC’ functions serve up data. I set my lat/long and the sunset / sunrise times matched the apps I use. Calibrated the compass and altimeter/barometer and those seem to be giving me good data. Trend graphs for alti and baro are nice.Time synced the first try. Solar seems to be working fine. One-button access to a stopwatch is nice.Wears about the same as my GD-350. I have a wrist circumference of 7.5 in (~19cm) and it rides well.I’m not in love with the metal strap-retention thingy. It looks nice, but I worry about scratching stuff with it, and I’m worried it may jam into my arm in certain situations like getting my arms into the loops of a backpack. But maybe not. Might swap it out for a rubber one.Buttons feel great.Alarm is a little quieter than I expected. NBD.Minor ‘ghosting’ of the LDC segments at wide angles. Typical. The display on that negative screen of the GD-350 is soo clear, I guess I’ve become spoiled by it.I’ve been playing with this watch a lot, including using the light and it hasn’t dropped out of the ‘high’ battery reading. Light is nice too, by the way. No complaints about that.I’m stoked to have this watch. I had a Suunto Core for the last 19 years (since 1999). The time functions still work on that Suunto, but the ‘ABC’ stuff finally pooped out, so this watch is kind of a replacement for that Suunto. That was a great watch. This seems like a strong competitor.I’ll update later.UPDATE December 7, 2018I’ve been wearing this watch for about a month. I own maybe eight different Casios and a few GShocks. This thing has so many functions that I haven’t gotten used to operating them all. I can pretty well operate my GD-350 and my DW-5600 without looking at them- start a timer or start the stopwatch. I’ll probably get used to this one too.I’m still annoyed by the strap loop thingy. Metal is cool-looking, but it clinks on the desk and stuff when I’m resting my arm on something.I find the alti and baro readings to be quite accurate. The compass is fine, but not quite as accurate. I love being able to just use, use, use the light and the functions without worrying about the battery- cuz of the solar thing.The buttons feel wonderful and it’s not overly bulky. Not as comfy as the DW-5600, but still comfy.The beeps on this watch are not as loud as my other Casios. Part of my work is in the office, part is in the field. I’m not sure I would trust this to wake me up if I were camping- maybe if I left it outside my sleeping bag by my head. If you work in a shop or a garage, you’re probably going to be missing alarms and timers. I doubt it’d be loud enough for those places. I still love the GD-350 for at the office. The vibrating alarm is nice and stealth.The Rangeman is a great watch and I’m still excited every time I put it on. Can’t wait until I get to take it out for a proper adventure.UPDATED April 15, 2020.Been on some adventures. This watch is still holding up great. Still a little more bulky than I’d wish- but it’s hard to stuff all those functions into a Skagen or something. I replaced the metal strap keeper with a resin keeper and I’m happier with that. Still love this watch.

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    Mike Knowles JR

    I’ve had this watch in my cart forever and finally caved. Looks good and fits good on my 7″ wrist. The negative display isn’t as easy to read as the positive but that should be evident if you have read or watched any reviews. I like the subdued look.It came with a full battery charge and synced up with the atomic clock at 2am the first night. Very satisfied customer.

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    Brandon P

    This is the second G Shock that I’ve owned, the first being the GA-100 military (black). It was an OK watch. Definitely bulletproof and after a year since it’s last battery change it’s only a minute fast. But its hard to read, plain and the fact that 1 in 5 people seem to have it kind of turned me off of it. So I moved on to a nice mechanical field watch. The problem that I personally had with the mechanical watch was that it did not keep exact time and my OCD had me adjusting it several times a week. The more I messed with it the more it bothered me and the more opportunities I created to damage the watch. And I did. Three times.So giving up on the mechanical and not wanting to wear the GA-100 as my daily wearer I had a few requirements for my next watch. 1. Had to be able to handle every day wear and occasional hard use sometimes for extended periods (military deployments). 2. Quartz movement for more accurate time keeping vs. A Mechanical watch. And finally 3.quickly and easily read.So I performed a few Google searches for best tactical/military watch (military watches are generally designed with my 3 requirements in mind) and I kept seeing the Rangeman on every single list. A little more research and I found that the Rangeman met and exceeded all of my requirements so I bought it.It’s day 3 now so here are my thoughts on the G-shock rangeman:Pros:-bang for buck- cheaper than the other watches in the Masters of G collection yet get nearly all of the same perks offered in the other watches.-Atomic time keeping- so far it has synced every night with the Atomic time signal… This is a major perk for me after owning a mechanical.- backlight- evenly lights up the display and can be set for 1.5 sec, 3 seconds and auto. Major improvement over the GA-100.- solar charging- the main hesitation for me on getting a quartz watch was replacing the battery… Most companies void the warranty if you open the watch or have a random jeweler do it for you. Plus at a certain point I would wonder when it was going to fail but feel like I was being wasteful for replacing a battery before it died. I don’t have to worry about that now. Watch arrived full charge and leaving it in a windowsill for half a day in sunlight once a month maintains the charge. Not hard at all, and the battery will last a decade or more.- toughness/looks- its a G shock so I won’t have to worry about durability the way I did with other watches. To me it looks better than most g shocks and is roughly the same size as the GA-100 so I knew it wouldn’t look oversized on my wrist.-triple sensor- not really going to use them so they are icing on the cake and neat to play with and if I do end up needing them they are there.Cons- Atomic time keeping is great if you live in an area covered by it… And most places are. But the further you live from the transmitter, geography, tall buildings etc. Effect the watches ability to receive the signal. So keep that in mind and do a little research if you are counting on this feature. It won’t work in Hawaii, Alaska or in the middle of a big city that great. Also make sure if you intend on using this feature to turn the storm warning off… It overrides the auto sync.-it’s not the biggest Gshock out there but it isn’t small and may make you look like you are over compensating if you have a smaller frame.-a lot of people complain about the triple sensor and that’s because largely people don’t really understand what they are getting.– barometer and attitude need calibrated/reset a lot to be useful and in general should always be used against another reference. Remember the saying 2 is 1 and 1 is none? Same principle with this watch. They are only accurate to an extent and if you aren’t moving. The watch calculates altitude off of absolute pressure and gets its info from the barometer. Changes in weather affects it easily. So recalibrate often if you need to use it and otherwise it’s just a neat feature reference. If you can’t be bothered to stay in one place and calibrate often then don’t get mad that it isn’t accurate.The compass can be affected by your house, wifi signals, your phone etc. Keep it away from stuff and calibrate often for accuracy.Temp- saw a lot of people complain about this as well… It can be calibrated for use on your wrist to compensate for your body heat. Get an accurate reference and calibrate it.-weight- the Rangeman is not a light watch. I was used to very light watches before so I really noticed this on the wrist. It’s day 3 of wearing it and it’s just now getting to the point where I forget it’s there. So keep that in mind.Overall I really enjoy this watch, and with proper care I think I’ll be wearing it for a very long time. I absolutely would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone who is interested in it.

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