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Casio Men’s AWGM100B-1ACR “G-Shock” Solar Watch

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Made in the USA or Imported
Solar Rechargeable Battery
Full Auto LED Light with Afterglow
Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping (US, UK, Germany, Japan, China)
Black IP Stainless Steel & Resin Composite Band
200M Water Resistant

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Casio Men’s AWGM100B-1ACR “G-Shock” Solar Watch

Set the universe into cosmic alignment with the undeniable draw of Tough Solar watch from G-Shock™. Durable resin band. Analog and digital display. Neo-brite luminous hands and markers. Tough Solar Power. Shock resistant. Auto LED light with afterglow. Multi band atomic timekeeping (US, UK, Germany, Japan, China). Receives time calibration radio signals that help keep the displayed time accurate. Auto receive function (up to six times a day, except when in China where it will be up to five time per day).

Manual receive function.


US WWVB, UK, MSF, Germany DCF77, Japan JJY40/JJY60, China BPC.Frequency: US 60kHZ, UK 60kHz, Germany 77.5kHz, Japan 40/60kHz, BPC 68.5kHz. World time (48 cities + UTC), city codes and optional daylight saving feature. Five daily alarms. Hourly time signal. 1/100 second stopwatch with a measuring capacity of 59″59.99″.

Measuring modes:

Elapsed time, split time. Countdown timer has a measuring unit of 1 second and a countdown range of 1 minute to 100 minutes. Auto-calendar is pre-programmed until the year 2099. 12/24-hour formats. On and off button operation tone. Accuracy is +/- 15 seconds per month (with no signal calibration).

Storage Battery:

solar rechargeable battery. Battery power indicator. Power saving function.Approximate battery life is six months on full charge without further exposure to light. Module 5230. Buckle closure. Water resistant up to 200 meters.


Case Height: 42 mm Case Width: 42 mm Case Depth: 15 mm Band Width: 25 2⁄5 mm Band Circumference/Length: 10 1⁄2 in Weight: 1.98 oz

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10 reviews for Casio Men’s AWGM100B-1ACR “G-Shock” Solar Watch

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    A Customer

    The digital displays are not easy to read, both because of the small size and because inverted LCD displays are harder to see, and the bottom-mounted light doesn’t illuminate them. They’re mostly good for setting all of the functions which would be difficult to do otherwise.However, I look at it this way: It’s a really nice looking analog G-Shock with lots of advanced features which, once set, run in the background. The hour and minute hands are an easily-read white against a dark gray&black background (most analog G-Shocks have poor hand-vs-face contrast). If you want to check the seconds or date regularly, go with something else. But if you want a simple-looking analog watch, this one has that plus the following good features which work on their own:1. Solar charger.2. Atomic timer receiver. Once you establish that is works in a particular location (usually near a window, and at night), just leave it there at night. No need to look at the digital display because the analog hands are slaves to the digital clock which is maintained by the auto update.3. Auto illumination. In case you don’t already know, it has a motion sensor and automatically turns the light on when you hold your arm level and then tilt the watch towards you 40 degrees. Because this is a solar model, you can set it to auto mode and it stays that way forever (non-solar models revert to manual mode every 6 hours). This one is smart enough to use the solar panel to know if you are in light, and only turns on the light automatically if you are in a dark area. Genius.The LED is mounted in the case inside the 6:00 marker, and illuminates the hands from the bottom. I hated this idea at first, but it works well enough for the analog hands and actually looks cool. Also, part of the light actually projects out over the top and serves as an emergency flashlight. Not very bright, but OK for checking a thermostat at night or spotting a key hole.Another good feature is the size. It’s closer to a normal slightly large-ish watch, not super-oversized like most other G-Shocks. As far as I know, it’s the smallest G-shock with both the solar charging and the time update receiver.

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    M dot

    this particular G-Shock is a lot smaller than the normal G-Shock midels everybody’s used to. The atomic timekeeping works flawlessly and there’s no problem seeing the digital windows the watch is very light you can’t even feel it on your wrist and people compliment me on all the time A lot of the reviews I read on the watch or not accurate at all the watch is not hard to configure it’s pretty much idiot proof they give you a book the digital windows are easy to view and the light works perfectly fine viewing the hands the digital windows do not light up with the light it just illuminates the hands so using the digital benefits of the watch at night Are not possible. That’s the only gripe with the watch other than that it fits fine I have a very small wrist

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    Terra Firma

    I just got it today, so I can’t speak to durability issues. but I’m pretty confident it will last. What I can say concerns set-up, style, readability, and fit.First, fit. My wrist measures 6.75″, and there’s room for 2 more inches on the band. It will easily fit someone with an 8 or 8.25″ wrist. Also, the face is well-proportioned to the watch and band. it doesn’t look too small, or too big. Lastly, it is not a heavy watch. It’s easy to wear.Style: it’s a good looking watch. Essentially, it’s black on black, which looks surprisingly elegant for a G-Schock. I imagine the blue trim version will look pretty elegant, too, judging from the photos on the related product page. The case is not thin, but it’s not clunky looking either. You could where it to a dinner party, and not stand out.Readability: other reviews have complained about the difficulty of reading the watch. There’s something to this, though perhaps not as much as the negative reviews suggest. In a dimly lit room, it is hard to read the digital elements of the face without hitting the illumination button — and I’m not the sort to bother with that. On the other hand, the analog hands are quite easy to read, and the luminescent feature means you can see them even in the dark. Other trim lines of this watch will be easier to read, but probably less elegant in general, and for me, this is a trade off worth making. I especially like the look of the watch, and don’t often use the other features of any watch. If you think you will make frequent use of the stop-watch function, or the second time-zone, etc., this may not be the watch for you. Otherwise, don’t worry, and enjoy a handsome watch.Set-up: this is remarkably easy. Casio watches are often full of arcane menus you have to wade through with tiny buttons. That’s not the case here. The buttons are large and easy to operate, recessed to prevent accidental activation, and the menus are not daunting. Mine arrived early this afternoon. I left it in the sun for an hour — probably not necessary, because it was sufficiently charged — but I wanted to take the time to read the manual. After an hour, I selected the home city, and it reacted immediately to set the correct time. I made a few other choices, though I will probably keep most of the defaults, and then I was done. It didn’t even take 5 minutes.For me, the key virtues of this watch are the “set it and forget it” ease of using a solar-atomic watch, and the elegance of black-on-black trim. The analog hands are easy to read, and that’s all I really need this watch for.

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    A. Mikhailovsky

    Great watch! I have it for almost 4 years as of June 2018. This is what I figured out about it:PROS:- It’s a G-Shock watch. It takes the beating easily: snow, mountain streams, sauna, chlorinated swimming pool, recreation scuba diving and snorkeling, machine shop and chemical lab environment, being dropped from a third story… If it got dirty – take it to the shower with you and wash with soap.- It’s a small g-schock watch. Very light and not interfering with your shirt sleeves. I do not like oversized watches.- Nice looking g-shock watch. You can wear them with a suit and they look classy.- Hands are very easy to read from a distance, digital displays on other G-shocks are too small for a near-sighted person like me.They glow in the dark for a long time.- Atomic clock radio correction and solar battery work like a charm.CONS:- Digital displays are difficult to read sometimes in the daylight, impossible to read in the dark.- Mineral glass gets scratched.- The plastic wristband needs replacement after 4 years, but replacement parts are available.- Automatic DST adjustment does not happen if the clock was not able to receive the radio signal on the DST switch date. You may be one our late/early for your appointments.

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    Margo Watson

    This review was written by my husband:I’ve had this watch 3 months now. It is my go-to watch. I wear it almost every day. I absolutely love it! I was specifically looking for a analog-digital watch. The fact that this watch is solar powered and atomic sealed the deal. Many reviews state that the watch is too small and looks like a woman’s watch. Evidently those guys need a dinner plate sized watch on their wrist to compensate for something else… or they’re just not comfortable with their masculinity. I don’t know. The fact is: this watch looks manly even on larger wrists. My wrist is not small and you can see in my photo, the watch still looks good on it. Another complaint I read a lot was about the digital displays being hard (or impossible) to read. This is just not true either. Yes, if you are sitting in a dark room with the lights off, you’re not going to be able to read the digital windows. If you are sitting in a room with the lights on (or natural light coming through windows as in my photo), you can make out everything. The LED light does only illuminate the analog hands, but I don’t find myself needing to know anything but the time in the middle of the night… so this is fine with me. Something truly amazing that I have discovered over the past week is that I can leave the watch on my wrist as I sleep and it STILL finds signal and syncs with the tower. In the instruction manual is says you have to leave your watch in the window sill. I live on the East coast and my watch syncs just fine without doing this. I have found it usually syncs between midnight and 2am.As you can clearly see, the watch is very beautifully crafted and I would highly recommend it!To sum it up: You can have solar powered, atomic time-keeping, shock resistant, analog/digital, stopwatch, timer, 5 alarms, day/date/month, and world time all wrapped into one timepiece for under $100. It is an incredible bang for your buck!!!

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    I’ve always enjoyed having a watch on and even now it’s nice to not have to dig into my pocket and pull my phone out just to check the time. I have a pretty demanding job and the last few watches I’ve gotten (all foresters) have fallen apart. This is my first g shock and I’m vary impressed. I’ve worn it everyday since I’ve gotten it. I take it off to clean when I shower otherwise it’s on. The auto sync, from what I’ve noticed, is always right on time even if I go into a different time zone. It’s vary durable and doesn’t get marked up easy, so it still looks nice and can still be warn with casual clothes. I tested out all the functions and tried using them but I did find the operation a bit clunky and hard to remember if you don’t use them vary often. The 4 faces show me everything I want to know. The light isn’t the brightest thing, you won’t be able to use it as a flashlight by any means. If you can read a clock the glow of the hands should be more then enough to tell you the time. It’s a tough simple watch that has everyday info right there that you don’t have to worry about setting more then the one time.

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    I bought my first G Shock back in 1999 and it was an earlier version of this one. It is still going strong and keeping accurate time. I am super hard on my watches as I do a lot of outdoor sports, but this watch has thrived through all of it and I have only ever had to replace the band once when it got a little manky after ten years or so.I got this one because I wanted one with a darker screen and this model fits the bill beautifully. This watch is elegant, (I wear it when I dress up), durable and if I had waited for my old one to stop working, I never would have gotten to buy a new watch.I have taken this backpacking, kayaking, diving, swimming and mountaineering and it not only functions beautifully, it still looks brand new.These watches are awesome and worth every penny.

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    Very nice watch. G-shocks aren’t dress watches, but this might be the closest one. At least it is in the $100 range. It is small for a G-Shock, but still works on any wrist if you don’t want an extra large watch, which most G-Shocks are. It has a 46.5mm case which isn’t small, but the large dimension is of course due to the protective casing. The watch dial is on par with a 36mm or 37mm men’s watch. For comparison see my photo showing a Seiko 37mm, this G-Shock, and a somewhat large 44mm Caravelle. It’s hard to believe that the G-Shock is the largest of the three when the dial is so much smaller than the Caravelle.This is my first G-Shock and I love the solar charging and all of the functions it can do. The atomic timekeeping should come in handy when I travel. I’m very happy with this watch and feel I could wear it anywhere except maybe to a very formal event. I wouldn’t feel that way with most G-Shocks. They’re fine for outdoor activities and casual events, but I don’t think I could wear one to the office every day. I can with this one though.The three small digital displays are a little difficult to read, but I don’t find it that hard. I can read them well enough even in low light conditions. The display at 6 o’clock is the seconds readout. That works fine, but I wish the watch also had a second hand. Not a big deal though.If you prefer the typical, extra large G-Shock with a similar look to this one get the GAS100B-1A G-Shock Tough Solar. I plan on getting one someday, but I know I won’t get as much use out of it as I will with this AWG-M100B.

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    Shaigan I.

    UPDATED REVIEW AT BOTTOM OF REVIEWCaution: Detailed review ahead.About 1 week of owning the watch so far. Did my research a LOT before buying. Saw the watch on another guy’s wrist first, and my thoughts were, “wow, a G-shock that isn’t ginormous.” I have very tiny wrists, it’s actually kind of pathetic since I consider myself pretty manly. They’re about 6.2 inches in diameter, made to fit a baby-G, not a man-sized G shock. But this watch, man, it is an amazing size for my wrist! When I first received the watch, my initial though was “this looks really small..” but I tried it on, and lo and behold, it is nearly PERFECT for my wrist (still a little big, but honestly, all watches look big on my chicken wrists). The color is a matte black, silver for the buttons on the sides but they are almost hidden from view so it looks like a solid, black watch. The inner ring where it says “g shock” is stainless steel black, looks super snazzy, and the words “Gshock” and “Shock resist” are barely visible from a distance of a few feet (so you’ll look cool, and people won’t have to know you’re out of high school and still wearing a g shock… what has our world come to?). The hour markers are NOT luminescent (they don’t glow), but they are a cool looking gray/aqua color bordered by silver. The hands on the watch have a tiny bit of luminsecence on the tips, the rest of the hand is hollowed out. The word Gshock is also in silver/steel, and it also is shiny. Man, this watch looks a lot sleeker than the pictures on here!Now the controversial digital dials: There’s three of them. The left shows the date, or can be switched to show digital time (12 hour or 24/military time for you cool kids) with the push of a button. Right hand shows the day (monday, tuesday, etc.) as well as in small letters “RCVD” which just tells you if you’ve received signal and synched with the radio tower for the day. So far, I’ve synced every single day between the hours of 12-4 AM, without fail. I live in NY, upstate, for reference, and place the watch on my window sill and it always synchs at night. One night I fell asleep with it on in my bed, and it STILL synched up, and I was a good 4-5 feet away from a window, so I don’t know it might just be a good reception zone I live in. The bottom dial displays the seconds. Can I see them? Oh yeah. My eye sight is terrible, I wear glasses, but I see the dials well in almost all light, dull light or bright light. It’s much easier in bright light, but still. If I had to knock anything off this watch, it’s this: In darker lighting, like when it’s dark outside and you have your back to a dull light, it is hard to see the dials. There, I said it. It’s hard to see the dials in darker rooms. But NOT impossible. I’ve taken pics for reference in my dim lit room. If I had to change anything about the watch, yeah, I’d make the dials light up or something, but it’s definitely NOT AS BAD AS OTHER PEOPLE WROTE IT IS! Maybe when I’m in my 60’s I won’t be able to see it? I don’t know what the future holds for my eyes, but right now, I see the dials well. NOTE: They’re blackout dials, meaning even in bright light, you just angle the watch slightly and the numbers become visible. It’s actually kind of cool!The strap is a plastic/rubber/resin or whatever they call it, and I love it. It’s awesome for when I’m playing basketball or mountain biking, or working at the hospital with my arms in someone’s body fluids: Why? Because it doesn’t soak any of that liquid up!! And I’ve showered with it plenty of times already, doesn’t fog the inside up, doesn’t leak water, or anything.Pros:-In my opinion, you can’t get a classier looking G shock than this. I’ve never seen a G shock you can dress down AND up, but if I had to put money on one, I’d pick this.-It’s a good size watch, much smaller than other shocks but the same size as many men’s watches that people wear for formal occasions (for reference, look up Daniel Wellington watches in the men’s size, it’s just a tiny bit larger than that).-full of features, world times (a lot of different countries), synching up to make the time accurate daily, stopwatch (only goes up to 1 hr, beware if you’re an athlete and need it to go past 1 hour), timer (goes up to 100 mins), 5 alarms, hourly alert, more I might be forgetting-It’s really cool how the watch synchs up to your EXACT time, to the very nano second. Get the watch, synch it overnight, open up the official US timer for your region on your web browser, and see what I mean. Exact matchup, second for second.Although the cons list seems longer, i really nit picked with the cons just to let people know the honest truth. If anyone has more questions, message me, I’m happy to answer all and will get back within a day latest. Once again, I really reached for these cons, I just want it to be honest for everyone, but I truly am in love with this watch. That’s why I gave it 5 stars: How do I feel about the watch? It’s totally worth 5 stars.Cons:-Alarm and hourly ring tone is kind of soft. I can hear it perfectly when I’m awake, but I wouldn’t set this for sleeping. Also, tone for alarm only goes off for 10 seconds. Usually on most watches it’s 30 secs. The hourly alert is two short, soft beeps. It’s perfect in meetings or classrooms because it’s soft enough for most ppl to hear in the room, but not loud enough where it’s offensive.-Dials are a little hard to see in DARK light. Otherwise, they’re much easier to see than people complained about.-the light is one small orange LED at the bottom of the watch, lights up for 1.5-3 seconds depending on your preference, and only lights up the hands. You will NOT be able to see the dials, I don’t care if your eyes are as good as Superman’s. Do I care? No, because I rarely am in need of the stopwatch feature when it’s pitch black outside and I can’t see the dials!-Small for a G shock.. It’s definitely a PRO for me, but some of the larger men or the high schoolers might want the gargantuan sized G shocks for their gorilla arms.-More G shocks don’t come in this size or look this good. SERIOUSLY, IT’S A SEXY WATCH! Why isn’t casio making more of these (baby-g doesn’t count).Honestly, the only way this watch could be any more perfect is if they offered a metal strap instead of resin… I’d opt for the resin still because I need the watch for work and resin is easier to work with, but I’d get the metal strap separately for when I’m forced to dress up by my girlfriend for whatever events she deems necessary (btw, I wear this watch to all those events, I don’t even care resin strap or not, it’s too sexy).No offense meant to anyone with larger arms, I’m just having fun with the review! If you have questions, I’d be happy to answer them!Photos: My baby wrists with the watch onThe watch how it looks with flash (notice how easily you see the dials and their contents?)The watch without flash (harder to see, but still visible in my extremely dim room’s light.Sideways to show the silver buttonsUPDATE: I’ve had this watch for over a month now. I literally wear it everywhere. Running, weight lifting, biking, hiking, rock climbing, basketball (accidentally scratched some other guy when he tried to steal the ball, so I stopped wearing it for basketball), and after all these activities, I shower with it on to get the sweat, blood, and dirt off it (more sweat than blood and dirt). The watch face does NOT fog up. It’s clear the entire time in the shower, no matter how hot the water is. It hasn’t dropped below a full “High” charge since I got it and charged it my first day! I usually leave it in the window over night to catch the radio signal, but there’s been days where I have been in bed, or left it on my desk away from a window, or once even INSIDE a movie theater packed with people (opening night of Avengers 2) and it STILL caught the radio signal and updated itself to exact time. When I go visit my parents in upstate NY, I leave it in the window overnight to update. We have a ton of trees, so on some nights it won’t get the signal. That’s fine, because when I’m out during the day, I can manually sync it up to the radio myself at any time. Speaking of which, this is how sync works for auto sync: between the hours of 12 AM – 6 AM, the watch will search for radio signal on the hour, every hour. The dials will be blinking up with various different words, and you can see the strength of the signal being received. If the signal is strong, you’ll be synched within 4 minutes (Starts at 12:00, synched completely at 12:04). That’s the normal, usually my watch will sync by 12:04, 1:04, or 2:04. Once in a while, with weaker signal, it’ll take up to 7 minutes (12:07) before synced. If signal gets dropped, after a few seconds of being dropped completely, the watch will try again on the next hour. This cycle continues until 6 AM. If it doesn’t sync all night, you can sync yourself in the daytime anytime you’d like, or wait till the next night to let it auto sync. Keeping it closer to the window definitely helps, but for some areas, isn’t even necessary (like when I was inside a movie theater watching a movie and it synced).Honestly, amazing watch. Looks great, have gotten compliments already (which usually people don’t give for g-shocks!), and I love the resin band. Speaking of the band, since I have tiny wrists, there is a bit of overhand with the strap when it’s on my wrist. I figured out the other day that if you move the strap holder all the way up towards the watch face, it comes in contact with the little ridges on the strap. This was designed to LOCK the strap and the strap holder (the little rectangular thing on the strap that moves around, you know what I’m talking about, right?) in place so it won’t move. This feature is incredible! It’s so annoying to have a strap holder move around on you, making the end piece of the strap longer, increasing the chance of catching it when you’re walking around on different objects, on your pants, shirts, etc. The strap holder, being lockable, locks the strap into place so it doesn’t catch! Just move it up all the way to the ridges on the strap, and it locks the strap and strap holder in place!People say the dials are hard to see. I gotta say it again, they really aren’t that bad. The lighting has to be God-awful for you to not see em. True, you have to tilt the watch a little in low lighting to see it, but it’s perfectly fine when you do.After over a month, I’d give this watch 6 stars if I could! I think it’s honestly the best purchase I’ve made to date on (using DiscountWatchStore!).

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    I have an older Pro Trek Solar Atomic that gives altitude, temperature, plus the time functions and a sweep second hand. It is just too big and as I no longer hike in the mountains or hang glide I don’t use the altitude function. I wanted something smaller and simpler.This watch fills the bill. I love the analog time and don’t need a sweep second hand. The older Casio is still going strong after 11 years, but now it’s replaced by the simpler and smaller G-Shock that does all that I need.It arrived out of the box already with EST programmed, a charged battery, and perfect time. I just put it on without having to adjust anything and Viola, I’m set for another 11 years if past experience is any guide.

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