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Casio Men’s AQS800W-1B2VCF “Slim” Solar Multi-Function Ana-Digi Sport Watch

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Black sport watch with orange pops of color featuring 1/100-second stopwatch and countdown timer
Also features five alarms, auto calendar, and world time with 31 time zones and 48 cities
Size of case : 47.6×42×10.6mm
Approx. battery operating time:10 months on rechargeable battery (operation period with normal use without exposure to light after charge)
Japanese quartz movement with analog-digital display. solar technology, receive thermal and electrical energy

Brand Casio



Casio Values

“Necessity is not the mother of invention, invention is the mother of necessity.” These are the words of one of Casio’s founders. The people who created Casio were determined to ‘invent necessity’- to create products that met latent needs with groundbreaking capabilities no one had ever seen before. Ever since, Casio has been doing just that, bringing new discovery and delight to people around the world. This is Casio’s way of building an even more prosperous, richly rewarding world.

Solar Powered

Casio solar-recharging system converts even faint light from fluorescent lamps into ample energy to achieve stable operation of various high-load functions.


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Tough Solar Powered

Utilizing a unique Self-Charging solar power system, this sporty analog/digital combination model provides plenty of functionality.

100 Meter Water Resistant

Suitable for everyday use and swimming and snorkeling

Led Backlight

Dual Countdown Timers & Much More

A host of features such as 48-city world time, 5 alarms, stopwatch and dual countdown timers make this a versatile timepiece for almost any sport outing.


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Black/Orange Accents



10 reviews for Casio Men’s AQS800W-1B2VCF “Slim” Solar Multi-Function Ana-Digi Sport Watch

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    I love this watch. It looks nice , people get surprised when I tell them the price. Has all the features i wanted on a watch-analog display of time-digital display-date, day ,month-backlight-water resistant-stopwatch,timer ,alarm,etcThe band is comfortable. When I received it the battery was at medium. I left it by my window a few hours and it charged to high and has been high ever since.The only possible con I can think of is the alarm beep isn’t very loud and rings only for a few seconds. But I always use my cellphone to wake me up anyways.Would recommend /10. The black and orange combination looks awesome .

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    I love this watch. It’s light, thin, and easy to use. I got sick of having to buy, and in most cases pay for installation of, watch batteries. This Casio Solar feels well made and of good quality. I included the pic because I struggled with trying to determine the size of the watch before I bought it. I didn’t want one of those trash can lid sized clown watches. I don’t have a particularly large wrist and this fits and feels fine.

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    Ronald E.

    When I bought the watch, I didn’t notice that it does not have a traditional pull out crown to set the analog time. So when I opened the Casio box, I was surprised to see the dial hands revolving and finally stopping at the digitally set time. Pretty cool feature.I love the weight, style and band comfort. Solar is a big plus. I haven’t played with all the features, but setting this watch doesn’t appear to be any more difficult than watches I’ve owned in the past.This is my favorite Casio or timex watch ever.The only drawback I’ve seen is the stopwatch feature. With my old watch, the numbers were large enough to read while running. With this new watch, I pretty much have to wait until the end of my workout to see my time.

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    The Portly Angler

    I purchased this watch in July of 2015 as an inexpensive watch that i could wear when fishing or working in the yard. I did not want to damage my more expensive watches by scratching the bezel or links. I have to say that this watch has become one of my favorites to wear. I have not had to replace the battery at all while I have to replace the battery on my other watches which gets expensive an time consuming. The watch will go into a stand by mode when not exposed to light for for a long period of time, but once back in the light the hands will automatically move to the correct time.This watch is very light and thin. Perfect for active people. My other watches are much bigger and bulkier (which I don’t mind) and they get dinged up easier do to their size.I also like the orange lettering an numbers which make it very easy to see.Is this a watch I would wear out to a fancy dinner or when dressing up? No.. However I love the its form and function for everyday activities that you wouldn’t want to wear a $300 watch.

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    I just love my Casio solar sport watch! quality at a bargain pricelike the orange numbers and black face easy to read really stands out!like the louvered watch beltlike the 5 alarms and world time zones for the digital clockthe watch was fully charged in a few hours with sunlight went from medium to high chargethe watch needs a little sunlight to maintain the power once month can do that by just a walk or a driveI like to use my watch on weekends and when I go to the gym.this would make a great gift for that someone special in your life.

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    I’m a watchmaker and restorer but when I need a beater watch for everyday wear nothing is better than these Casio watches. They just work great and if you damage it just pick up another one!Love the solar, no battery to change. Came in at “mid” charge but after a day on my sunny living room table it registered “hi” and after a month is still “hi”.Nice size for my 6-3/4″ wrist and very comfortable.

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    Alex and Pebbles

    Couldn’t believe that I’ve worn this watch for eight years until I found my initial purchase record from Amazon.I’m ordering a new one because wrist band on the old is falling off and there’s scratch due to the wear and tear in everyday life for the past eight years.I was tired of replacing watch batteries and decided to give this cheap solar powered watch a try in 2012, and I’ve worn it everyday for the past eight years, in water park with my kids and in showers. Hope the new one has same quality as the batch produced eight years ago.

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    H. Smith

    I originally purchased this watch exactly three years ago and have worn it just about every day until recently. Over time and normal wear and tear the gasket behind the backing that kept it waterproof deteriorated and it finally failed after a swim in a pool a few weeks ago. It worked flawlessly up until that time and never missed a beat. I loved the solar power that kept it going. No batteries to change. Easy…. I rarely used any of the features though. For the price, you cannot beat this with a stick. Therefore, I bought the exact model again. Glad I dd. Maybe if I see this watch fogging up prior to swimming (as I did before), I will contact Casio and get a new gasket. The back just screws off. I will also tighten the screws from time to time to keep dirt out of the gasket. Just a suggestion.

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    Sean May

    This watch is just wonderful. The face is nice and big and very readable in all conditions. The LED is a little lacking compared to others, as it only illuminates the small digital window at the bottom of the watch, but that’s forgivable.The killer feature of this watch, of course, is the solar power. I haven’t had the watch long enough to truly test the limits, but ever since getting it, the watch’s battery level has been full, even after not wearing it for a few days.To get a bold, fun-looking watch with this many features for this price is a complete steal, and further proof that Casio makes the best cost to quality watches in the world.

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    Needed a waterproof watch to time my surfing sessions. Normally I surf to exhaustion but lately sciatica has been limiting the amount of time I can spend in the water so I needed a lightweight waterproof watch to let me know when it’s time to head on in before the pain starts to hit.The watch isn’t bothered by wipeouts with all the underwater turbulence and pressure that comes with them. It remains waterproof.Yes, the hands cover part of the digital display at times, but it hasn’t been a problem for me like it has for some reviewers. I never even notice it.The engineers who designed the digital display need to get out more imo. The last two digits display the seconds right next to a graphic display of passing seconds. Really? Why not show something useful like the day of the week for example? Does anyone really need two displays showing seconds?Once I figured it out, setting the time was a breeze. Very cool to watch the hands automatically move around the dial to the correct time in my time zone. Don’t lose the instruction booklet.Summary: A good watch for $35. Not perfect, but easily worth the $35 I paid for it.Update:November 4, 2018. Over two years later and the watch continues to just work. For the $ it can’t be beat. Once again the only shortcoming is the digital display which won’t show day of the week and date at the same time. Instead, it shows seconds! Minor point, but annoying. Still an easy 5 stars.

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