Casio G-Shock GAS100G-1A Tough Solar Resin/Stainless Steel Men’s Watch (Black)

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Price: $170.00

Movement: Quartz
Band Width: 22 mm
Case Size: 53 mm
Water Resistance: 200 Meters

Brand Casio



Casio G-Shock GAS100G-1A Tough Solar Resin/Stainless Steel Men’s Watch (Black)

From G-SHOCK, the watch brand that is constantly setting new standards for timekeeping toughness, come new models based on the big case Tough Solar GAS-100. Variations on a basic black design are created by three different bezels. The GAS-100 comes with a stainless steel bezel for a standard design that goes well with a wide range of fashion styles, while the GAS-100G has a stainless steel bezel with a gold ion-plated finish for touch of distinctive beauty. The GAS-100B has a black aluminum bezel for a cool design. A CASIO original molding process is used to produce deposition coated hour markers that combine with the metal bezels to create a look of elegance. Size of case : 55.152.516.7mm. Shock Resistant.

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10 reviews for Casio G-Shock GAS100G-1A Tough Solar Resin/Stainless Steel Men’s Watch (Black)

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    Frederick E. Swan

    It is a replacement for another G-Shock that I owned. I ordered it based upon a picture and was surprised to discover that it was significantly larger than its replacement. Having a small wrist I considered selling it but since which have changed my mind. It’s large face means that it’s features are far more distinguishable even at night. The night light is almost as bright as a small flashlight and setting the analog time is far easier than my other watch. It took a few days to appreciate it and now I’m glad that I kept it.

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    Amazon Customer

    I have worn this watch every day since it came. Easy to set up for my proper time zone and dates. Solar power watch charged in less than a day, and has stayed charged. Dials are easy to read. I have been given many compliments on this watch, even by random people while out doing errands. I really like the feel, and how it does not feel bulky on my wrist. I would buy again, but hopefully I won’t need to. If you are looking for a nice watch, and one you don’t want to buy a battery, this is the watch for you. With it being water resistant, makes you worry much less if you wear it in the rain, or if you get it wet while washing your hands.

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    I have been very pleased with this watch. Aside from telling time accurately and working well, it has a rugged and smart appearance. It has a rubber covered case and watch band with a stainless latch. The back side of the case is aluminum. The dial is well organized and easy to read. The watch is solar powered and water resistant, meaning there is little to worry about and no maintenance required. It is a great casual watch, attractive, manly, and functional.

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    Victor P Prasad

    Casio G-Shock Gas100G is a great watch. Good combination of analog and digital. I’ve had a Casio G Shock for 11 years. I just wanted a new one. The old one works just fine. It was my first tough solar watch. So I wanted another one. I ended up getting this new model. So far I love this watch. Looks very sharp. Though it is a bit bigger than my old watch. But still looks good.

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    Awesome watch. Edited after a couple months of use… I live in warm climate and noticed that the watch gets pretty warm during the day. The manual says don’t expose to the sun for extended periods but there is nothing you can do about it if you’re in TX or on vacation at the beach. It’s a little concerning but otherwise the watch is still pretty awesome.

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    Corey M.

    I am a CNC machinist and I ordered this watch to wear to work in the hopes that it would hold up to the beatings that I would put it through. It holds up great to getting banged around but the cutter fluid we use seems to be rough on the resin band, however the watch itself holds up to it. As a working man’s watch I would highly recommend this. As a machinist I would caution against wearing it at work if cutting oil might get on the band. On a side note it looks fantastic and is very fashionable. I absolutely love it. It also holds up great to water while washing your hands too so no worries there. I do have to mention that setting the city, time zone, and daylight savings as well as navigating the different settings is a bit more complicated than I expected, but the instructions are clear enough. If you’re tech savvy you should be fine, but if you struggle with modern technology and electronics this is probably not the watch for you. I’d say a 4.5/5 stars from me. Great watch and great looking, just a bit on the pricey side (Although that is subjective). My only complaint is that I wish the band itself was made of a tougher material to hold up to oil based fluids. I would definitely purchase again or recommend a purchase to a friend looking for a laborer’s watch.

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    Maurice Wheeless

    Had Absolutely No Dislikes was worried at first when I read it was sold by Fashion House Discount and Not Amazon exclusively. I put it to the Fake VS Real test and it passed 100% this is an AUTHENTIC Casio Timepiece all packaging was Authentic 100%. I’ve been a Casio fan since the old Calculator watches and I’ve always wanted a G-Shock but it had to be the RIGHT one. My last Casio was a Tough Solar that I purchased 5 years ago or so. It still works and within the +/-15 second range (7 seconds behind my Samsung Smartphone) The included directions are fine but as I’m over 40 had to download the PDF for a larger picture. Set watch up to my specs within 5 minutes and calibrated against my smartphone as I always do. Beautiful Timepiece I hope the gold doesn’t wear off but I’ve read in other reviews from some two year plus owners that theirs still look fine. Very Satisfied Customer!

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    Mesa Resident

    Like many reviews I am impressed that this timepiece looks much better than in the photo shown. Elegant is the right word which I would not normally apply to a G-Shock (and I have had several). I purchased this for work but would feel very comfortable wearing it in a more formal environment. The black LCD with white lettering are very easy to read. This says a lot since I almost always get black watch faces with white hands so that I can read them without my glasses. My only issue, as with all Casio brand watches is that the instructions are not easy . . . but with a little persistence and re-reading you will figure it out.

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    Casio got a G-shock right.I own a 10 year old g-shock, it works well. Own an Omega, a Seiko kinetic, a luminox and a submariner knock off.This watch has become more everyday wear.Very easy to read, good LED lighting, and a great looking watch.Much better looking than its picture.My son picked this one as one of his Christmas presents. After delivery, I looked at it I liked it so much I got one for myself. Great decision.It is thicker than all watches I mentioned, but fits well and looks good.But this watch with confidence that folks will compliment its styling.Wl

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    I was in the market for a watch with a large face. The specs from watch to watch are hard to compare. They list a “case diameter”, which suggests the round part of the case, but often includes some of the surrounding area, even where the band pieces attach. Even though this is smaller than I was hoping for, it doesn’t look to small for my large wrists. And what it may lack in size, it more than makes up for in design and style. This is a very attractive watch, and I love the fact that it is solar battery powered.

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