Brita Ultra Max Filtering Dispenser, Extra Large 18 Cup, Black

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SPACE EFFICIENT: The BPA-Free UltraMax Water Dispenser holds 18 cups or 1.13 gallons of water which is great for families and fits neatly on countertops and refrigerator shelves.
CLEANER AND GREAT TASTING: The Brita standard filter reduces chlorine (taste and odor), copper, mercury, zinc and cadmium impurities found in tap water for cleaner great tasting water for the whole family. *Substances reduced may not be in all users’ water
FILTER CHANGE REMINDER: A helpful sticker indicator on the water dispenser lets you keep track of when you last changed your water filter and when it needs to be replaced. Replace Brita filters every 40 gallons or every 2 months
EASY POUR: This large, 18 cup filtered water dispenser has a spigot that makes pouring easy
REDUCE WASTE & SAVE: One Brita standard water filter can replace 300 standard 16 oz water bottles which saves you money and reduces plastic waste

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Our Brita UltraMax Dispenser has it all

home water filtration system;unit;kit; house;countertop;kitchen;water filter pitcher;space saver

Our Brita UltraMax Dispenser has it all.

Takes up less space

UltraMax features a slim, modern design that fits easily on refrigerator shelves and on your countertop.






home water filtration system;unit;kit; house;countertop;kitchen;water filter pitcher;space saver

Takes up less space

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Great for big households

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Pouring water is easy

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black, white, Black, Gray

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Dispenser with 4 Filters, Standard Filter



10 reviews for Brita Ultra Max Filtering Dispenser, Extra Large 18 Cup, Black

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    Mrs. Entity

    This container is taller and skinnier than my old Brita tank, and it doesn’t hold as much water, which I think was a 24-cup. We drink a lot of water at my house, so I used to fill the old one every day during the summer (we have no AC, so the cold water helps a lot). I have to fill this one twice. I don’t think the water tastes as good either, but maybe that’s just my imagination. The flavor would have more to do with the filter than the pitcher, anyway. It’s very convenient, and they say it doesn’t contain BPAs, and my old container probably does. It has a little channel at the bottom, behind the spout, so you can get almost the last drop out before refilling. It has a flip top so you don’t have to remove the entire lid to fill it.

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    I love this product. I don’t know why people complain about it being too tall; it’s as tall as a standard jug of milk. It does get kind of heavy, but the handles on the side are fine. The water is fresh and crisp just like a normal Britta filter. Our last one cracked after many years so we upgraded to this. Highly recommend.

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    Munegowda Koralur

    This I accidentally observed after many months of using it. The filter is fantastic and serving us greatly. I had read many reviews that the filter cannot be cleaned and I did not see the way while I got it initially. Here is the good news. The filter can be cleaned easily. Once you open the top lid, opposite to the side of tap, there is a small opening that runs from the water reservour to outside. All you have to do is pour water it the container, shake well and tilt the container such that water comes out of the reservoir. Voila.

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    Taylor Walker

    I’m leaving this a 5 star review because the repair was very easy. details below:PROS:+ Tall/Thin and space saving+ can hold a decent amount of water for 2 to 3 people+ replacement filters are much cheaper than in-faucet filtersCons:- You’ll have to wait for water to get cold if you use up the entire contents- takes 5 to 10 minutes for water to filter down (if you have the filter seated properly and its not leaking through)- have to fill reservoir twice to be at full capacity.- after about 1.5 years i had to replace the spigot, as the plastic handle snapped.NOTES:Replacing the spigot was fairly cheap and painless. a plastic spigot will be 4 to 8 bucks, and a metal one will be 10 to 20 bucks.The metal spigot in the picture is this:

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    Purchased this after many, many hours of research. We have hard water and previously had a fridge filter but after 10 years and the filters being replaced, the water tasted awful and sometimes worse than the actual tap water. I’m assuming the water line was probably bad and since the fridge is old I wasn’t investing in anything to fix it.At first I was buying the 2.5 gallon jug from the supermarket. Of course when it ran out we all pointed fingers to who would pick up another one. It seemed like yucky tap water was an option more times than not.Decided on this larger pitcher for the fridge as we have a large family and we go through water a lot.I read the negative reviews and decided I have a 50/50 shot this would be defective. I have waited to write this review as I have now used this every day for the past 3 months.Very easy to insert a new filter. Fills up slowly but not slow enough to be frustrated especially since once you give it a good fill to the top you don’t have to until the next day. The spicket seems to be holding up well and no leaks as of yet. We are gentle with it and I haven’t taken it apart for cleaning yet either.The water tastes very good like PS if you know which one I’m referring to. That was our go-to brand. I can’t tell the difference actually. Also upon researching the filters to replace inside I decided upon using the regular britta brand. They last 2 months. The one it came with lasted 2 months exactly. I bought the replacement filters as well in a 3 pack and it’s still going strong as I have a few weeks left.To fill, lift the lid, I used my faucet and pour into the well to the max fill line. Once the water gets filtered, I add more water until it’s completely full. Off to the fridge it goes. I can’t fill inside the fridge as we put it on the top shelf and can’t open the lid.We love this water. And I forgot to mention the water we add smells like bleach really bad. This filtered water has no taste or smell. Just tastes refreshingly clean.

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    After two years I grew tired and frustrated with a home water delivery service and decided to cut ties with them due to missed deliveries and poor customer service. The final straw was going 7 weeks before what would have been my next delivery only to have the company reschedule that order,considering how long I went without having water delivered I made the decision to cancel the account and I took my control back and ordered this Brita Water Dispenser and my water is crisp,cold,tasty and refreshing. The heavy burden of lifting 5 gallon bottles and shelling out nearly twice the amount of the price of my Brita on a monthly basis is over now that I have a sleek water dispenser. I’ve only had this for nearly a week and I’m more than pleased with my decision to make the switch😄😊😄

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    John Barclay

    I’m amazed at the quality of the water. In our house, we have always drank Aquafina bottled water and I can’t tell the difference between them! We are seriously picky about the taste of our water and this provides water we will both drink. It’s cold too! The actual product is not as sturdy as I thought it would be. If you dropped this I feel confident it would break. That’s something to be aware of. It’s not as strong as I assumed it would be. If you add too much pressure you can hear the strain of the plastic. Although for $30, I still feel like I got a great deal. The filtering process is very, very slow. I timed how long it takes to filter it and fill it up and it was about 25 minutes. So beware, if you’re looking for something quickly filtered and refillable, you might be disappointed. However, I think it’s easy to walk away and come back to see it filled. The nozzle pours the water out quickly though. It’s just the filtering that is slow while you refill the container. It’s fully worth it though and worth every penny. I am satisfied with my purchase. It also fits in my fridge and didn’t take up as much space as I assumed it would. I highly recommend this.

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    I almost did not buy this pitcher because of the negative reviews by people complaining that they could barely disassemble the unit to clean it or replace the filter. I just got this thing, and had no problem doing any of that. The water tastes great, and the dispenser fits very nicely in my fridge. The nozzle hangs off the shelf, but I can still close my refrigerator door, and my fridge isn’t even that big.

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    D. Mathewson

    I’ve had a Brita pitcher for years. One of my friends had this dispenser and I liked the idea that it would hold more than my pitcher, but because it’s taller and thinner, it actually takes up less room in my fridge. I’ve had it for a week and I’m very happy with my purchase.One word of caution, if you put it near the edge so that the spigot is hanging over a shelf, making it possible to hold your glass underneath, be sure that when you close your fridge door, that nothing, such as a door shelf is hitting the spigot. I thought it only worked if you pulled the spigot down, but it also works if you push it back. About 30 minutes after I filed it and put it in my fridge, I came into the kitchen to find water all over my floor and the dispenser was empty. I have a french door fridge which has shorter doors, but deeper door shelves. When I closed the door, I wasn’t aware that one of the door shelves was pushing against the spigot, causing the water to come out. It was easily fixed by adjusting the shelf and it was definitely not a fault of the product, but hopefully I can spare someone else from making the same mistake.

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    I love this Brita water filter and we use it everyday, all day in my house. I live on the top floor of a 5 story apartment building and so the water from the tap has to go through a lot of pipe to get to my apartment. This give it a nasty taste and make drinking it a chore. However, with this Brita filter the water taste fresh and clean! It filters at a decent and acceptable rate, meaning I’ve never had cause to complain. The tall and narrow design of it make it a perfect fit in my fridge without taking up too much space. The filters do have to be replaced every 3 months but they aren’t too expensive compared to buying bottled water. They also can be a little cheaper if you buy them in bulk.

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