Bosch Thermo technology BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat-Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, All-in-One, Touch Screen, Safety Control, Smart Home, White

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Price: $119.00

CONNECTIVITY: Connect to your HVAC equipment from anywhere
AUTO-ON SAFETY CONTROL: Keep your home safe using app alerts & auto-on feature
SLEEK DESIGN WITH TOUCH BUTTONS: Sleek design that will look great in your home, with 5 bright illuminated touch buttons & color screen
HVAC FILTER REMINDER: Get alerts when its time to replace your system’s air filter
PROGRAMMABLE: Follows up to 4 preset or user-defined schedules to help you save energy and money
COMPATIBILITY: Compatible with majority of HVAC systems (C-WIRE REQUIRED)
SMART DEVICE ENABLED: Works with Google Home or Alexa

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Brand Bosch Thermotachnology



Bosch Thermo technology BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat-Works with Alexa and Google Assistant

bosch, bcc50, thermostat

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bcc50, bosch, thermostat, wifi thermostat,home

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bcc50, bosch, thermostat, wifi thermostat,home

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bcc50, bosch, thermostat, wifi thermostat,home

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10 reviews for Bosch Thermo technology BCC50 Wi-Fi Thermostat-Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, All-in-One, Touch Screen, Safety Control, Smart Home, White

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    Let me start off by saying that my husband is great with technology of any kind. He can set up and even fix anything.. That being said this threw him for a loop. Took him hours to get it set up and working correctly. If it were left to me setting it up, it would have been returned. Very frustrating process but if you can get through that, it is an awesome device!

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    Most of the bad reviews I saw for this product were regarding connectivity to wifi. I even called tech support and they said proximity was a known issue and there wasn’t anything they can do. The manual specifies the unit needs to be connected to a 2.4Ghz signal (many routers are dual band with 2.4 and 5Ghz). Once I selected the correct signal it has worked great. The signal travels through 3 walls from my router without any issues. I did the initial set up next to my router using a mini usb cable for power then moved it to it’s home on the wall.

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    Travis Lab

    EDIT 9/2/20: Unfortunately the reviews about it disconnecting from wifi is true, I can’t even get it to reconnect..did factory reset and started over but won’t connectWorks I can tell Alexa to turn iton or off while in bed…I can also control it while I’m not home…turn it on when I’m coming back from work

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    jeff bousquet

    Loved how easy this was to install and set up…

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    Melissa / Charlie Miller

    It took 5 minutes to hook up and program. Haven’t touched it since. That’s the best compliment I can give it.

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    Common wire is required! Take off your thermostat and check your baseplate first. Looks very nice, high quality and has plenty of advanced settings. Excellent

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    Joe M

    Easy set up with app. Good YouTube video available to assist with set up.

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    Elaine and Richard

    UPDATE 08-May-2020: Received another firmware update, this time to HD Version 4.13.22 (SW Version 1.2.0 is unchanged). The firmware update did not require me to do anything. I wish Bosch had a web page or document somewhere with information about what is new with their BCC50 software (SW) and hardware (HD) updates, but at least everything is working great.UPDATE 14-Apr-2020: I have had the thermostat installed for about four months now. Last night the thermostat did an automatic firmware update and I could not connect to it this morning from my phone until I went to the thermostat and did a wifi disconnect then wifi reconnect. That is all I had to do and everything is back to normal. I did not pay attention to what the previous version was, but the new version is “SW Version: 1.2.0” and “HD Version: 4.13.20”. I’m unable to find any information about the firmware update, but it is working just fine (with Connected Control app v2.4.0 on my Samsung Galaxy S10e running Android 10) and I don’t notice any difference.–Original review 13-Feb-2020:I have had the BCC50 installed for a month now. Wiring and initial setup was very easy. Integration with Alexa was also very easy and works great. Alexa commands include the ability to ask what the room temperature is, what temperature the thermostat is set to, to set a specific temperature, and to raise or lower the temperature by specific degrees. For the strongest possible signal, I have multiple hard-wired network routers/access points on each floor, and the thermostat is only a couple of feet away from the nearest network access point with direct line of sight, so there are no problems with network connections. The Connected Control app works fine on my phone (Galaxy S10e), but I was annoyed that it is not compatible with my Fire HD 10 tablet (7th generation), so I used BlueStacks on my home server/cloud system to install the Connected Control app on the server, then installed remote access software (VNC) on my tablet, and now I can access the Connected Control app from my tablet just fine. You do not need to be on your home network to make changes to the thermostat…you can access it from anywhere you have internet access. The thermostat allows you to set minimum run times and minimum off times (to prevent short cycles which are not good for the compressor). Schedule setup was simple and for the regular (Home) schedule, I used eight time slots to set specific temperature targets throughout the day. My house always has people at home, so I don’t want or need a “learning” thermostat… I prefer to tell it what temperature I want and when, and it does that great. I find the temperature reading is more accurate than my old thermostat. I am very happy with the BCC50 so far, but my favorite feature doesn’t get much attention… the option to lockout changes to the thermostat! There are others in the house that used to raise/lower the temperature while I was sleeping or not home, or just set it to constant on, but now I just lock the thermostat…anyone can see the current temperature and target, but cannot make any changes. I love this feature!

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    Gianna R

    Everything about this thermostat is efficient and easy to understand and operate. I particularly like that you are not limited to only 4 daily settings as you can add as many as you need. Don’t leave the setting on Auto though rather than Heat or Cool as when my nighttime heater temp changed from 70 to 66, the air conditioner kicked on to immediately lower the temp to 66! The app is very easy to use also.

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    William Frank

    I have been looking for a programmable thermostat for my gas fireplace. I tried a few other name brands without any success. When I saw this one I thought give it a try. Wow…..this thing is amazing and all for $89. Was very easy to wire in and have it work with Alexa. I can tell Alexa to raise the temp up or down what ever temperature I want the room set at. I can also tell Alexa to turn the fireplace on or off. The Bosh app on my phone allows me to do all of these things as well any place I have cell phone reception. A weekly/daily temperature program is very easy to set up as well and let the fireplace operate on that schedule if desired. I highly recommend this Bosch thermostat.

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