Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater

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Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater – Eliminate Time for Hot Water – Easy Installation, 7.2 kW – US7 – Heat Exchanger



The Bosch Tronic 3000 point-of-use under-sink tankless water heaters are available in four compact sizes, which can be wall-mounted under your sink, even in many cabinet spaces, and because they have an understated and attractive design, they blend in seamlessly with existing décor when installed in a visible location.

These tankless water heaters are 98% efficient and no temperature or pressure relief valve is necessary. The Tronic 3000 should be hard-lined by a professional to ensure safety and long-life. Whether you need the Bosch Tronic 3000 for a basement wet bar, patio kitchen station, utility room, garage, attic, or even an RV or boat, hot water will quickly be in hand!



120 Nominal Voltage Tankless Heater (US3)
208-240 Nominal Voltage (US7, US9, and US12)
Ideal Solutions For-
Half bathrooms and powder rooms
Basement wet bars
Laundry rooms
Patio sinks
Pool houses
Single-unit use in apartment buildings and multi-family homes
RVs or boats
Sinks located far from the primary heating source

Point-of-Use Under-sink Electric Tankless Water Heaters

blankReliable Point-of-Use Heat

Provides hot water with electrical power at the sink where you need it, so you don’t waste time or water waiting, and is backed by a limited 5-year warranty on the heating element and 1-year limited warranty on other components.








blankSave Energy and Money

Because water is heated directly without the use of a storage tank, there’s no standby energy loss experienced by traditional tank heaters, and no pressure or relief valve is required.








blankGreat for Small Spaces

These tankless heaters are compact and lightweight and can be mounted vertically or horizontally (except model US12) – featuring an understated design to blend in seamlessly with existing décor.

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blankThe Benefits of Going Tankless

Waiting for hot water at a sink located far from the primary heating source can be frustrating. Only having access to cold water from a sink is just not useful, and plumbing a hot water line to every sink in a home or business requires time and money. To get hot water where it’s needed, when it’s needed, a better solution is to install the Tronic 3000 from Bosch: a point-of-use electric tankless water heater.

Tankless heaters are a great energy saving option – and when you save energy, you save money! In addition, the Tronic 3000 takes up far less space than a traditional heater, and can be wall mounted right under the sink, taking up practically zero space in your home. Because they run on your home’s electricity and don’t hold water, less overall maintenance is required. With less wait for water, savings of energy (and therefore money!) and less space, the benefits of choosing tankless heaters for your home or business are obvious.

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10 reviews for Bosch Electric Tankless Water Heater

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    Came very quickly. I was surprised at how compact the heater is. Be warned that it takes 10 ga. wire to run it! this will not plug into a regular wall socket

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    Amazon Customer

    I use it in a shop where I occasionally need hot water, works great

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    D. Hanna

    It works like a champ. I put it in a shop that’s about 100 yards from the house. The water line is under ground so it gets pretty cool. The heater heats it up good with no long wait.

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    BOSCH Customer Support

    I use this in my cafe restroom, small old building,no way to get hot water with out a lot of work to the bathroom. This product is incredibly efficient!!! Works better than I expected,so worth the money!!!! It gets hot quickly, stays hot for as long as it isn’t s ran, produces a great flow of very hot water, temperature ajustable too! Great product all the way around!

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    This tankless heater works good but you need to have the proper expectations. I purchased the 30A 208 volt model and am using it my shop in Kansas. During the winter it will warm the water enough at low pressure to make it comfortable to wash your hands, but it will not be hot, during the summer it will be hot. I ordered this unit to replace a tankless heater from another manufacturer that began leaking the second time I used it, this one is better quality and I am happy with it.

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    I loved this unit. It’s small and compact. Very easy to install and true to it’s billing. It does all it says it does and more.I highly recommend this unit to anybody.

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    Needed this for a shop bathroom and it works great. Hot water almost instantly when you turn on the faucet, easy to hook up and the mechanics love it.

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    I really disliked wasting water waiting for the water to get hot enough to wash greasy hands or pot and pans. Now I have very hot water in 3 seconds and water hot enough in 7 seconds to require me to add cold water mixed in to prevent scalding. Just what a kitchen sink needs; endless hot water that is hot enough to the job. This unit has a high and low setting which is a nice feature. I keep mine on high. My dishwasher always had trouble due to the water temp being too low for proper cleaning. The very first time running the dishwasher after installing this unit cleaned out all the old cold water induced crud. Dishes are CLEAN! This model requires a 30 amp 240v dedicated circuit. I measured the amp draw and the unit is actually quite energy efficient. I doubt there will be much increase in my electric bill and there will definitely be a decrease in my water bill, so the two cost differences may balance out.

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    About what I expected. Easy install. No temp control, but I didn’t expect one. Heats water quickly with a decent flow, just using for a kitchen sink so nbd.

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    The hot water is hot immediately! I’m glad we made this purchase!!

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