BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P 2000W 2000Wh Solar Generator 700W PV Max

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Price: $1,998.00

6* 2000W AC inverter (4800W Surge) & 2000Wh Huge Capacity: The Power Station AC200P is a Power Monster. You Can Have Most of Larger Size Appliances Charged by AC200P, Such as Fridge, Window Air Conditioner, Hairdryers, Microwave Oven, Coffee Maker (Max 2000W), CPAP, Heater, Electric Grill, Drill, etc. With an Insane 2000Wh of Energy Storage, AC200P Gives you the Confidence in any Emergency. Ensure Your Families are Safe with AC200P During Unexpected Power Outages, Meet Your Various Power Needs.
700W/12A(Max) Solar/400W AC/Car/Generator Recharge: with a Max 700W Solar Input Allowing Full Recharge AC200P within 3-3.5 Hours. Solar Charge Mode: MPPT. Allowing up to 40% Faster Charging Times from the Solar Panels. 5.5Hrs to Fully Recharge it by One 400W AC Adapter and Supports 3Hrs by Dual AC Adapter (need one DC7909 to XT90 cable).You can also Fully Recharge it by 24V/12V Car in about 10Hrs/20Hrs. AC(400W)+PV(solar input 700W) Recharge AC200P Simultaneously in about 2.5Hrs.
Power 17 Devices Simultaneously: Featured with a Wide Range of Output Options including 6*AC Outlets, 1*12V/25A RV Port, 2*15W Wireless Pad, 1* PD 60W USB-C, 4* USB-A, 1*12V/10A Car Port and 2* 12V/3A. This All-in-One Power Station is Perfect for Use at Home, Parties, Camping, Tailgating and as an Emergency Power Back-up.
Durable & Safer LiFePO4 Battery: Stability and Safety are Our Top Priorities, 3500+ Super Long Life Cycle. Other Highlights: 1) Smart Touchable LCD Screen, Real-Time Display Shows Current, Voltage, Power, Temperature & Charging Status. 2)Intelligent Temperature Activated Fan-Keeps the AC200P Cool, Fans Only Activating at 45℃, Allowing for a Quiet Environment Especially for CPAP Users. 3)Our Unique “BLUETTI ECO”Mode can Prevent up to 50% of wasted Electricity Loss.
What You Can Get: 24 Months Warranty. Package Include-1*Portable Power Station (AC200P), 1*400W AC Wall Charger, 1*PV Solar Charging Cable(MC4 to XT90), Car Charing Cable(Car to XT90),XT90 to Aviation Plug(input),1*User Manual, 1*Warranty Card.




BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P 2000W 2000Wh Solar Generator 700W PV Max. Backup Battery Pack with 6 2000W AC Outlet(4800W Surge) for RV Home Emergency Outdoor Camping Explore

bluetti ac200p solar power station outdoor generator solar power generator home battery backup vanbluetti ac200p solar power station outdoor generator solar power generator home battery backup van

BLUETTI AC200 Portable Power Station 2000W inverter solar generator home backup battery outdoor

BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P 2000W 2000Wh Solar Generator 700W PV Max


With over 10 years background of energy industry, BLUETTI is committed to provide premium all-in-one sustainable power solutions for all kinds of off-grid life.

BLUETTI AC200P Portable Power Station

2000Wh/2000W, BLUETTI AC200P is a power monster. You can use AC200P for home backup in case unexpected power outages, or use AC200P as a clean sun-powered generator for van lifer. It can also keep your power tools running for outdoor work.

Huge Capacity:2000Wh , AC inverter load: 2000W (Pure sine-wave), Surge 4800W, Charge 90% device
Safer 2000Wh LiFePO4 battery cell and 3500+ long cycle life
700W/[email protected](Max.) wide solar array charging
Fast Dual AC charger(800W,3-3.5hrs) / PV+ AC(1100W Max.,2.5-3Hrs) recharging simultaneously
Customized DC12V/25A RV port for Van-life/Diy’er
Recharge from AC wall outlet/ Solar panel/Vehicle/Lead-acid battery/Generator
Charge 17 devices simultaneously.

solar generator portable power station portable generator solar power storage camping van rv backup

Portable solar genertor AC200P

BLUETTI AC200P-Off Grid Solar Generator for Home Power Backup and Outdoor

camping generator max 2000W

Touchable Interaction LCD Display

With the smart touchable LCD screen, real-time display shows current, voltage, power, temperature and charging status. Users can independently alter the output voltage, frequency, charging mode, etc.

Smart temperature activated fan
“BLUETTI ECO” power saving mode
Temperature Activated Fan
BLUETTI 2000Wh/2000W Solar Power Station
LiFePO4 cell/Solar 700W max./3500+ cycle life

Traditionally, solar panels are inefficient and slow to charge without heavy sunlight. The BLUETTI AC200P overcomes these preconceptions with a max 700W solar input allowing full recharge within 3.5-4 hours. A pre-installed solar charging optimization module (MPPT) in the AC200P allows up to 40% faster charging from the solar panels.

Capacity:2000Wh (LiFePO4 cell)
AC Load: Continuous 2000W(2000W<load<[email protected],surge 4800W)
Solar input: OCV 35-150V/ 700W Max./ 12A Max. Solar charge: MPPT
AC input: one adapter (400W) or two adapter (800W) recharging.
Car input: 12V/24V
USB-C: PD 60W (5V,9V,12V,15V,20V,3A)
25A RV: DC12V/25A
Car Port: Regulated 12V

BLUETTI AC200P 2000W/2000W solar genrator

2000W Inverter/Off-grid Portable Power Station

With 6* AC output 2000W inverter(Pure sine wave), AC200P can power larger load devices such as coffee machines, kettles, fridges, hairdryers, power tools, window air conditioner, and even Tesla with ease. the total power of the devices should not exceed MAX. 2000W , it will auto-shutoff if connected to devices that use over 2000W For safety.
This all-in-one power station is perfect for use at home, RV, parties, camping, tailgating and as an emergency power back-up.

AC/Solar/Car/Generator/Lead Acid Battery Recharge
AC Adapter (Included): 400W
Car Charger (Included): 12V/ 24V
Solar Panel (Not included): 35-150v/Max.700W,max12A
Generator: gasoline, propane or diesel

bluetti 2000Wh/2000w solar generator

Lead acid battery

Support Solar panel +AC Adapter(Max.1100W) recharge simultaneously, Fully recharge in About 2.5-3Hrs.
Support Dual AC Charger(total 800w) recharge simultaneously, fully recharge in about 3-3.5hrs.

2000W inverter powerr station

LiFePo4 battery/Higher Safety & More Stable

The BLUETTI AC200P utilizes the safest LifePO4 battery cell to ensure the stability, the longest life cycle, better heat dissipation, higher discharge rate for the product.

Additionally we built in Battery Management System (BMS) which is one of the fundamental components of a portable power station, improves battery utilization, and extend battery service life through short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, over-voltage protection, overload protection, overheating protection and other functions.

2000W solar generator for emergency/rv/home/outdoor

Unique “BLUETTI ECO” Power Saving Mode

  • Our unique “BLUETTI ECO” mode can prevent up to 50% of wasted electricity loss. It will automatically power down when the output load is lower than 50W for 4 hours, just in case you forget to turn it off. it helps to reduce the power wasting and maintain a longer discharging time.
  • Tips: you need to choose “BLUETTI ECO” mode manually on the LCD screen.

2000W inverter power station

Dual AC adapter Fast recharge in 3-3.5Hrs

  • Normal Recharge: you can use one AC adapter to recharge AC200P fully in about 5.5-6Hrs.
  • Fast Recharge: Recharge via dual AC adapter (total in 800W) simultaneously which takes in About 3-3.5 hours!
  • NOTE:only one adapter is included, customer need to buy the second adapter+DC7909 to XT90 cable separately for dual adapter recharging).

bluetti ac200p portable power station

700W Solar+400W AC Recharge in 2.5-3Hrs

Need to top up fast? No problem!

  • Recharge via 700W solar panel (actual input solar power) and the attached 400W AC adapter simultaneously (total 1100W) which takes only around 2.5-3 hours to fully recharge the AC200P.
  • Tips:The MC4 Solar charging cable (MC4 to XT90) is included in the package.


Q1: What devices can BLUETTI AC200P power?

A: BLUETTI AC200 features with 6* 120V AC outputs(Pure sine wave), it can power most of devices less than 2000W.

Tips: Some devices with motor /compressor inside, the instant start-up power may be 3-5 times of the rated power.

Q2: How to Choose the Compatible Solar Panel?

A: The solar panel must meet:

Open Circuit Voltage between 35V-150V, Max.12A, Max.700W( the Final Input Solar Power), MC4 Connector.

Voltage is below 35V or above 150V will trigger low-voltage / over-voltage protection.

Tips: we recommend to connect at least 3 pcs BLUETTI SP120(120W solar panel).

BLUETTI AC200P built in MPPT-controller, no need you to buy any other controller.

Q3:Can I Recharge from Car and Solar at the Same Time?

A: Can not, because PV/Car is the same input port.

Q4: Can BLUETTI AC200P be recharged while using?

PS: Cusomter can buy below accessories from seller:

The second AC adapter/12V25A aviation plug to SPC45 cable(output)/12v or 24V lead-acid battery charging cable xt90 to red black clamp(input)/ 12v lead-acid battery charging cable xt60 to red black clamp(output)

BLUETTI Portable Power Station

BLUETTI Portable Power Station

BLUETTI Portable Power Station

BLUETTI Portable Power Station

BLUETTI Portable Power Station





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5 reviews for BLUETTI Portable Power Station AC200P 2000W 2000Wh Solar Generator 700W PV Max

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    I own a few of portable Solar Generators, from entry level to top tier.The AC200 is by far the most effective with its 700w solar input, as well as endless outlets and plugs.The surge capacity can literally start any RV Air Conditioner and it will run my window AC unit at my cabin as much as I seem to need it this season.The surge capacity started all my power tools, my Well pump, runs two window units and an induction stovetop.IT WILL RUN ANYTHING. One needs to recognize the battery capacity, and that it may only be a short stop until you get your gas generator operating, but the ease of setup it provides me is priceless. My newborn and Wife love coming to my cabin now, and its easy enough for anyone to start up!If your looking for a Solar Generator that has great solar input capability (like run a window unit all day and take in enough charge to run phone chargers, fans and lights!) then this is the best on the market, plug and play!

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    Fritz Walter

    The Ac200p is just awesome. I have a Brava oven that kept blowing all my circuits. I bought an eco flow thinking that would solve the problem but that battery backup would blow now and then. The Bluetti runs my Brava oven like a champ. The Bluetti is larger than the eco flow but so far worlds better! From box to use took about 2 minutes.

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    I received this Jan. 4, 2021. Removed it from the box and turned it on. It came with 36 percent charge. I put it on the included charger and in about 4-1/2 hours it was 100% charged. Pretty good to charge that quickly, I thought. I unplugged it but left the switch on and the panel display “on” and came back to it 20 hours later and found the percent of charge was now at 63%. It was “on” but had no device plugged into it. I was expecting this power station to run a small fridge for a few days. But it had lost 33 percent of its capacity in 20 hours doing virtually nothing.I mention this to let new buyers be aware that leaving the device “on” will significantly drain the total capacity. The next thing is to plug an appliance into it and see what happens.After plugging the Bluetti into the AC charger, I came back to see how the total charge had increased. No change…still at 63 percent. Read the manual, it said to push the power button to on in order to charge the device. When it reaches 100% charge it was automatically shut off. It is usually hopeless to read Chinese constructed owner’s manuals so I usually don’t but it would have helped in this instance.

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    Stephen Holt

    I had a minor issue related to the order (I ordered directly from Bluetti). I contacted customer service and they promptly took care of my issue and saved me an additional $100. The solar generator is a game changer product with so many leading features: 2000 watt inverter, can take up to 700 watts solar input, etc. overal fantastic.

  5. blank

    Dr. Bruce

    Received the AC200P three days ago and I’ve been putting it through its paces. It is very well-packaged and had no damage in transit. All parts supplied as described in the manual. I’ve tried all the features except the 12 volt 25 amp port. This requires a cable that I’ve ordered but haven’t received yet. The touch-screen display works as it should and gives a lot of information. I’m delighted that the display shows percentage of power remaining, rather than the 5-bar graphic Bluetti has used up until now. I’ve got some tests to conduct over the next month or so and will update this review at that time. In summary, this is a great unit with tons of features and a large capacity. Well worth the price.

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