Blue Ocean 52” Aluminum SP787392B Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head

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Price: $269.00

Material: Aluminum Alloy and Tempered Glass, Size: 52″H x 10″W x 3.5”D (132 x 26 x 9cm)
8 Adjustable Nozzles for Water Massage
Temperature Display that Assist You to Select the Best Water Temperature
Rainfall Showerhead and Handheld Shower Head
All Functions Work Independently to Ensure Proper Water Pressure

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Brand Blue Ocean



Blue Ocean 52” Aluminum SP787392B Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head, 8 Multi-functional Nozzles – Shower System

This new luxurious shower panel has just newly arrived to North America and it is one of the best shower panels you can find in the market. It qualifies under the ISO-9001 standard, which can only be acquired by products that went through strict quality control and product inspection.

The body of the shower panel is made of high quality aluminum alloy and it comes with several functions, including an overhead shower, a hand-held showerhead, 8 body massage nozzles, and a tub spout. Two controllers are added to control the functions and water temperature. By buying this unique and lavishing shower panel, you would be able to enjoy a higher level of showering experience after everyday’s hard work!

* Item Size: 52″H x 10″W x 3.5”D (132 x 26 x 9cm)

* Package Size: 55”H x 13”W x 8”D (138 x 33 x 19cm)

* Gross Weight 32lbs

* Includes a rainfall shower head, a handheld showerhead, a tub spout, 8 adjustable body nozzles, and temperature display

* Shower panel frame is made of aluminum alloy

* 5mm black color tempered glass surface

* Lightweight and durable

* Unique massage panel is designed for flat wall installation

* Comes with chrome-plated brass hose

* Standard 1/2” plumbing connection

* Hot/Cold water hose of shower panel will be connected to water pipe fitting directly

* Reinforced pipes on back

* Temperature display is powered by AA battery

* The minimum pressure required is 28 psi and maximum pressure required 72 psi

* Offer 1 year part warranty

* All functions work independently to ensure proper water pressure

* Easy installation, come with all standard installation accessories

* In stock and ship out in 1-2 business days

If there are any questions regarding this item or if you have any issues after purchase, please feel free to contact us and we are more than happy to assist you!

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10 reviews for Blue Ocean 52” Aluminum SP787392B Shower Panel Tower with Rainfall Shower Head

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    D. Horbury

    Going on 5 years now. Love all the features but usually just use waterfall shower. Good for bathing dog with handheld. Looks good and would buy another one if needed

  2. blank


    Everything arrived quickly, complete, and well packed. Installation was easy ( if you don’t count how hard it is to drill through modern porcelain tile). The unit looks sharp, my plumber liked it so much he took pictures to show his wife and others that were thinking about a panel. I thought the temp gauge was sort of a useless gimmick in the write-up but I really like it in use, i can see when the water is just my temp before stepping in, it actually saves some water I think. It is too bad that only one function can be used at a time ( actually you can get overhead and body spray if you set it in between the two) but I can see that this would be regulated as a water waster. All the parts of the panel feel and look to be good quality and the price was great compared to many I have looked at.

  3. blank


    This this is HUGE. Ok I like all the bells and whistles so I ordered this baby for our new remolded master bath without reading the dimensions…..let me tell you this bad boy is huge. I love it already! Looks absolutely STUNNING! Our shower isn’t complete yet so I haven’t had the pleasure of trying it out just yet but I will update this review accordingly if there are any issues once the plumming is complete. I am really looking forward to the looooong showers I’ll be taking under this beaut!

  4. blank

    Charles Sharon

    This is the best thing I’ve purchased in 10 years. looks great in my new shower. And I use all the different options most every shower. Everyone thinks I paid “High Dollars” for it and are surprised at the low cost. Would buy another in a heart beat, if I needed another one.

  5. blank

    A. Jimenez

    What a surprise with this shower, I like the look, but never imagine it was such a great shower and the price is just great compare to others showers In the market.. I had decided to replace the showers in each bathroom,, The kids absolutely love it, you can put to work either 4 jets or all 8 together at the same time.. However be aware that he jets and the handle can’t work at the same time, only one function at the time. Installing this shower did not tool a long time just 2 hours. Everything need it came with it.. Just make sure to check your water pressure before fixing it permanently against the wall. Definitely will come for more and will recommend it.

  6. blank

    Kindle Customer

    My husband had a bit of work to customize the wall for the panel but that was because of the last installation. It seems to work great and has lots of options. The only thing was I had to ask online how to change the temp setting from Centigrade to Fahrenheit. Well, we have to uninstall it to change it because it’s in the back, more or less permanent once set. But for now I know if I want a good warm shower to get it to 40°C. The one thing I’m worried about is the selector knob that turns to the different functions is plastic behind the panel. Our first one lasted a pretty long time but gave up so we had to throw the whole panel away which functioned perfectly but for that part that they had no replacement for.

  7. blank

    Alex in Springfield

    Awesome! This is very nice. It is simple to install and functions great. I wish I’d had more money to purchase one of the higher end units that lit up, but I’m very satisfied with this.

  8. blank

    Gary Enos

    I have installed two of these in bathroom remodels. The latest one, pictured here, is a replacement of one of the two original installations. I replaced it after about three years of use in a hard water environment. The temperature indicator had also failed. Installation and replacement of these units is an easy process.

  9. blank


    We purchased two of these for our over-sized master shower. The looks set off the the tone but it is where the functionality comes in that makes it rock. The controls are easy to use like the selector has a “click” like snap in feel so you know when it is aligned right. The mounting was easy too. (now I planed to use these from the start so my plumbing in the wall aligned just right). My wife loves hers, she has long, long, long hair and only washes it every other day. When she showers on the other days she can use the front sprayer/massage-rs or the spray head as it sits in the holder and not worry about getting her hair wet. The temp gauge is nice too, I don’t use it much but it is fun to tinker with just to see what the water temp is. I would buy this again. We have had the two units functional for 1 1/2 years with my wife and I and 4 of our little kids using them. No problems.UPDATE 9/30/2020 STILL ROCKIN! This is the best shower panel out there! No problems what so ever with either of the 2 units. If they had 10 stars here I would give it. I looked at some of the reviews that showed rust on some of the parts… Where do you live? and what the *%$%&? is in your water?… because mine look perfect after 8 full years of high use.

  10. blank


    Works perfect, upgraded an older shower bay with this unit after the plumbing went bad. This is a good solid unit with excellent build quality. FYI if you are putting this on existing plumbing try to route your water connections to the bottom of the shower panel. If you have no choice you can shim the brackets of the panel out from the wall with stainless washers to give yourself more room to accommodate poorly placed plumbing connections.

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