BESTEK 1500 Joules Surge Protector with Wireless Charger 8-Outlet Power Strip Tower with 40W 6-Port USB Charging Station

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【New Release】BESTEK USB Power Strip with an Extra Bonus: Built-in WIRELESS CHARGER(5V/1A) on the top of the power strip,compatible with all devices which apply with Qi standard
8 AC Outlets Surge Protector(1500J) and 6-port USB Power Strip with 6-foot heavy-duty power cord(14AWG),protecting your TV,computer,router,laptop,printer,modem,speaker and other valuable devices against surges and spikes
6 Smart USB charging ports with individual lights on two sides,BESTEK USB Power Strip can intelligently detect your devices to deliver its safest maximum charge speed up to 2.4A per port,40W/8A total (No compatibility problem )
Two independent switches for energy saving, unique photosensitive USB LED indicator make this USB power strip convenient to use especially at night.Built-in SAFETY DOOR to protect kids from unexpected electric shock
Exclusive Vertical Desktop Design,BESTEK USB Power Strip is a SPACE SAVER and ideal for charging multiple devices at home/office/school(only 5.7 inches tall)

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BESTEK 1500 Joules Surge Protector with Wireless Charger 8-Outlet Power Strip



2All-round Protection for you and your devices

ETL Listed
1500 Joules of surge protection
Short-circuit protection, overload protection,over-current protection
Fireproof Materials(UL94 V-0-grade)
15 Amps Heavy Duty Power Cord(6 Feet,14AWG)
Safety Socket Door, protecting kids from unexpected electricity shock




3Energy-saving & Space-saving

For saving electricity, there are two independent buttons to turn off just the top row or just the bottom row.
The widely spaced outlets allow you to plug in an oversize adapter without covering any other outlet, the right angle plug features fits easily in tight spaces and behind furniture.






4Smart USB Charging

6 Smart USB Charging Ports with Photosensitive LED Indicators

The Smart USB ports detect your devices intelligently and deliver the fastest possible charging speed up to 2.4 A per port.
Unique photosensitive USB LED indicators can automatically adjust the brightness of the LED lights, offers comfortable brightness(50%off) especially when charging at night(no bright light will affect your sleep).






Built-in wireless charger for Qi-enabled devices.
A creative combination of wireless charger and USB power strip,
A MUST HAVE for you,the new product enthusiast!
Wireless Charging: 5V/1A








– Input Voltage : 100-125V

– AC Rated power: 1875W(125V 15A)

– Surge Protection: 1500J

– USB Output: 40W 8A(Total), 5V/2.4A Max(each port)

– Wireless Charging: 5V/1A

– Size/Weight: 4.8*4.8*5.7 in / 2.14 lb

– Cord length: 6 Feet (14AWG)


Please take off the phone case if you have a metal phone case or your case has a metallic coating.

Additional information


6ft-Blue, Black(6ft+Wireless Charger), 12ft-Black


Item Weight


10 reviews for BESTEK 1500 Joules Surge Protector with Wireless Charger 8-Outlet Power Strip Tower with 40W 6-Port USB Charging Station

  1. blank

    David Alan E.

    For wireless charging I bought it understanding reviewer complaints. I can charge the Note 9 in the Samsung case placed just right. My iPhone Xs Max is in a leather case and is not a problem at all. It’s nice to have a quick place to charge when visiting. Other than that mom has been able to get rid of all the USB chargers and the AC outlets are set up for perfect access. I want another for my desk.

  2. blank


    You would think there’s not much to say about a power strip. But this one is awesome! The design is pretty cool looking. The USB ports are conveniently located on opposite corners. It’s not too heavy and not too light. It doesn’t topple over like those long power strips with the annoying thick cable that doesn’t bend. This does have a thick cable but because it is a standing block, it’s sturdy and stays put. I have one of these sitting on top of my coffee table in my living room and one sitting on my night stand in my bedroom. I never thought I’d have so much to say about a power strip.

  3. blank

    G. R. (Jerry) Gloster

    This is the second one I have bought. The first one is set next to my chair in the LR. I can plug in a variety of things that I am using at my chair without having to bend over behind the chair to plug in whatever is needed at this time. It is also much easier when using the vacuum sweeper. Just plug in at a waist high w/o having to again bend low and find an available plug behind the furniture. I can also sit there and use my iPhone or iPad even if they are running low on battery power, I can plug them in an continue working on them.This second one I just bought is for next oy wife’s chair. In the past, she had to plug her iPhone or iPad at my chair, but then could not still use it while charging. Now she can.Also they are great when traveling. I can set them up next to my bed in a motel. I can plug my CPAP into it and can charge my iPhone and iPad.

  4. blank

    Charlotte Shaffer-Gaumer

    I was tired of cords running all over – CPAP machine, Merlin Heart Monitor, nebulizer, sonic massage…. this power strip was a very good solution. Plus, I can charge my iphone at the same place. This power strip worked so well, that I purchased a second on for another location. The power strip handled a power outage start-up “surge” just fine. Don’t hesitate to purchase this, you will be very happy with the strip.

  5. blank


    The $52 price tag was a little hard to swallow…at first. However, this multi-outlet and USB power station proved to be THE solution for my desk! I work out of my home office when I’m not traveling for business, and I have a lot of electronics between work gear and home gear: 2 cell phones, iPad, MS Surface, 2 Laptops, rechargeable BT headset, rechargeable BT Skype conference call puck, and a powered USB3 dock for the laptops and Surface. My office used to look like a spider web when charging the gadgetry, but now this BESTEK unit sits on the corner of my desk and allows me to charge everything without having cords strewn about! The 12-foot cord allowed me to reach the second outlet circuit in my office, and I like that the “levels” are switched independently. The geomtry and weight are superior to any powerstrip for tabletop use. They only thing I would like to have seen different was the option for an all black-colored model as that would have “disappeared” in my office with all of the black-colored computer peripherals, but that’s only asthetic thing and is overshadowed by the function and convenience!

  6. blank


    Love it worth the money definitely,getting one more of this one,don’t hesitate,worth every penny

  7. blank

    D Calvin

    Didn’t expect to like this as much as we did, but it’s very practical. I use a wheelchair, so it’s quite difficult for me to get to the wall outlets. This way I can plug -in tablet, Kindle, and phone and have everything in easy reach. I use one of those vertical tray stands in the Living room and I like that too, but this one also allows for devices with regular plugs. So I’m glad we tried it.

  8. blank

    Leah J

    When it arrived, it was larger than I had expected, but it fit where I wanted it: on the end table in my living room area. It’s well made, the construction impressed me. It works great! I can use it for multiple items and it charges quickly. I may get another one for the family room for when we have friends and family over and they need to charge items. This product is very useful and I highly recommend it!

  9. blank

    Aamer K.

    I received this package this morning and I was truly excited to open it up. Inside the amazon box was the box for the surge protector. It was really nice except that the seal was broken already. I didn’t think much about it initially but after further inspection to the surge protector there is a black marking near the top blue button that will either cut or turn on power for the top outlets. This marking looks like it was drawn in by hand.Secondly some of the outlets have scratches on them! I am very confused as why t his would be on the device. It only confirms that someone has previously opened the box and used the surge protractor. This truly is a shame since I just spent some serious money thinking the protector was brand new and sealed. The device itself seems to be working ok so far. Only time will tell because I know its been previously open and potentially tampered with. Fingers crossed on this unit.Update 3/10/2017Was sent a band new unit and its perfect in every way. Great customer service =)

  10. blank


    This fitted my needs perfectly, the 12 foot cord was what I needed to place it where I wanted it. I have it setting in the corner of my computer desk and it looks great. Normally you wouldn’t want you power strip to show but having a vertical adaptor changes that. Functional and good looking makes this a great buy.

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