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Belkin 4-Outlet Power Center Surge Protector with 8 USB Charging Ports, 1080 Joules

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Easy access to power outlets and fast charging station for mobile devices (2.1A for USB charging)
Heavy base keeps product stable on the conference room table
1080 Joule energy rating provides superior power protection for all your sensitive mobile devices
4 standard power outlets to easily plug in and unplug power cords
Surge Protection Indicator lets you know your equipment is secure and protected
Included Components: Belkin surge protector – external

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Belkin 4-Outlet Power Center Surge Protector with 8 USB Charging Ports, 1080 Joules

Belkin 4-Outlet Power Center Surge Protector with 8 USB Charging Ports, 1080 Joules

Belkin 4-Outlet Power Center Surge Protector


Belkin 4-Outlet Power Center Surge Protector with 8 USB Charging Ports, 1080 JoulesConvenient Charging at the Conference Table
  • Convenient tabletop access to four AC power outlets and eight USB charging ports.
  • Fast charging station for mobile devices (2.1A for USB ports).
  • Heavy base keeps the hub stable on the conference room table.
  • 1080-Joule energy rating provides superior power protection for sensitive mobile devices.
  • Four standard AC power outlets for conventional power cords.
  • Eight USB fast-charging ports, compatible with all USB-powered devices.
  • LED surge protection indicator shows that equipment is grounded and protected.

Belkin Conference Room Power Center

Easy tabletop access to surge-protected AC power outlets and USB charging ports

Today’s mobile professionals depend on their mobile devices for instant access to information and resources. Nowhere is that access more important than in the conference room, where people come together to share ideas and make informed decisions. It’s the last place you want your battery to run out.

The Belkin Meeting Room Power Center offers surge-protected electrical outlets and USB charging ports to keep everyone’s business-critical devices powered up, no matter how long the meeting lasts. Four surge outlets and eight USB charging ports supply simultaneous power to multiple computing devices and peripherals, from tablets and smartphones to laptops and projectors.

Power monitors, hard drives, laptops and other desktop items while also charging USB-based devices with Belkin’s Desktop Conference Room Power Hub. Four surge outlets and eight USB charging ports provide simultaneous power to multiple computing devices and peripherals. Elegantly designed with a piano black finish, the Conference Room Power Hub makes multi-device charging accessible and convenient.

  • Input Connector(s) : 1
  • Power Output Connectors Details: 4 x power ( surge ), 8 x 4 pin USB Type A
  • Surge Suppression: YES
  • Surge Energy Rating: 1080 Joules


Step 1

Connect the 6-feet power cord from the Conference Room Power Hub to the power outlet.


Step 2

Connect the USB cable to the input side of your rechargeable USB device, and connect the other end to any of the eight (8) USB charging ports.


Step 3

USB charging will automatically start. Please refer to your USB device for proper charging time and check power charge indicator on your USB device for charging status.

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10 reviews for Belkin 4-Outlet Power Center Surge Protector with 8 USB Charging Ports, 1080 Joules

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    Comments from Austin

    In a COVID world, the entire family was relegated to working from home. We didn’t have a workspace for each person, so we all setup our laptops in the kitchen table. This power strip was just what was needed to solve all of the clutter and extension cords crowding the table leaving room for everyone.

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    Angie Montalvo

    Love that I have a durable charging station at home. I am currently charging three kindles, my apple watch and iphone without a problem. My devices charge quickly. Love this product!

    1 product
  3. blank

    Todd Dailey

    The wide spacing of all the plugs makes this really useful for a large conference table. Even people with big power adapters have room to plug in vs. a power strip.

    1 product
  4. blank

    Felix of Brooklyn

    Here’s your Brooklyn review. So far I have owned this for about 3 months and it has worked as expected. I regularly have several Ipads, phones, and other electronic devices hooked into this thing while it sits in my classroom. The kids have knocked it over [even though it has solid weight to it, my kids/students find a way to yank it. I hid the cable and it has stood in place ever since] stepped on it and made it icky, but it still works and not gadgets have been fried. The cable is heavy duty. If you need something that you can put on a desk or tabletop to stop all the fidgeting with the wall outlet or you need to have multiple chrome books being charged at once, this thing works. I know its pricey, but in this case you will get what you paid for.

    1 product
  5. blank


    This is an excellent alternative to ugly power strips on a conference room table, or if you want to offer “charging stations” for events (which is what I bought them for). They are fairly heavy, which is great because it makes it easy to plug and unplug things. The outlets are spaced to accomodete almost any wall-wort style charger or adapter plug, and the USB ports put out enough juice to charge an iPad, although I haven’t tried loading all of them up.The cord seems to be about the right length to reach the floor unless you have an exceptionally large table. You’ll need a good extension cord unless the table is right next to a floor or wall outlet. It seems like a very solid, well-built product that one can expect many years of use out of. I can’t say that for most power strips you can buy now.If you have a large desk and find yourself climbing underneath it to plug and unplug things, and could use some bonus USB charging outlets- this would probably be a great pick for you too. I can see it as a good “family” charging station too, if you have room for it.

    1 product
  6. blank

    Nattalia Nealls

    High quality item. Very sturdily built. Looks like it will not only protect our computer and printer and modem from power surges and spikes, but has the extra-added convenience of being a re-charging center for all of our hand-held devices. Very satisfied with our purchase.

    1 product
  7. blank


    Ordered 6 of these for a work conference I was planning and everyone loved them. We initially ordered 4 of them for the attendees to use as charging stations, but I had to order 2 more at the last minute because the staff who was working the event took 2 over to use to charge their laptops, printers etc.

    1 product
  8. blank

    A. Hymes

    Great product! Love the number of plugs and usb outlets on one hub

    1 product
  9. blank


    We use these on the table in the library. Our patrons appreciate having electric outlets that do not involve stringing their cords across aisles to get to a vacant outlet. We appreciate the increased safety of the outlets and the aisles! Everyone also likes having the USB charging ports.

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    Solid State Reviews

    This is the perfect charging station for all of your gadgets! We had a power strip on the table and that became a boondoggle of a mess! With this power hub you can charge via wall wart or usb, and it is a rapid usb charger, no waiting 6 hours to charge a device. Highly recommend this to anyone needing to charge their devices quickly or share outlets!

    1 product
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