BEAUDENS Portable Power Station, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery LiFePO4, 2000 Cycles, 10 Years Life, 166Wh 110V/150W AC Outlet, Solar Generator for Outdoors Camping Travel Fishing Emergency Backup

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Price: $129.99

▶ Lithium iron phosphate battery: Powered by advanced lithium iron phosphate battery, safer and more environmentally friendly, 2000 charge and discharge cycles, 8 months long standby time, battery life is up to 10 years. This is much better than other lithium iron generator power station
▶ Durable and practical design: High capacity generator power station 166Wh (51875mAh/ 3.2V) compact generator station with flashlight and SOS. Perfect for outdoor camping or emergency backup. 4 sides aviation aluminum alloy shell, leather handle and anti-slip mat at the bottom prevents the unit from damage
▶ Generator backup power supply: 110/150W AC output , 2 DC output (100W max), 1 QC 3.0 quick charge USB port and 2 USB ports (2.4A auto). Power your smartphone, tablet, laptop, camera, light, drones, Nintendo, fans, in-car appliances, CPAP machine and more at anytime. Affords power while camping, fishing, off-grid, short blackouts
▶ 3 charging ways: With its built-in MPPT technology, it can be charged by the solar panel (Available at our store) efficiently. AC adapter and car charger are included. Just take 4-5 hours to fully charge by 110V AC wall socket. No memory effect, no worry about battery capacity reduction.
▶ Safety and warranty: With the UL, CE, FCC, PSE, ROHS certified. And the standby electricity consumption is super low and compliant to level VI energy efficiency standard. Enables under-voltage, over-voltage, over-load, over-current, over-temperature, short-circuit protection. Provides 24 months warranty, so you can buy it with confidence




The Safer Power Generator, BEAUDENS Provides.

Powered by advanced lithium iron phosphate battery, this is the first LiFePO4 portable power station sell on Amazon.

Safety and friendly, will not burn or explode during normal use. it’s much harder to ignite in the event of mishandling (especially during charge).

portable power station

Customer FAQs:

Q: Can I use it normally if the device is less than 150W, such as electric blankets and electric fans?

A: Although the BEAUDENS 166Wh Portable Power Station has an AC port output of 110V and a rated of 150W (instant Max 200W),It can not supply power to the equipment with a rated at 150W or less. Because there is some power consumption when operating. If the power of the equipment used is large, it maybe can not be powered by our power station. Once exceeding 150W, the 166Wh power station will shut off automatically. Please refer to your device specification before purchase.

Q: Is it pure sine wave?

A: This device is a modified sine wave. But with Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, it’s more stable and safe,it have a very constant discharge voltage, this allows the battery to deliver more power until it is discharged.

Q: How long will your 166Wh power station works for my device?

A: Working time = 166Wh* 0.85 / operate power of your device. (power consumption about 15% when charging). For example, your iPad Pro is 18W, so the working time is: 166Wh*0.85/18=7.83hrs.

Q: How to use AC output:

A: Long press the power button to turn on the power generator → Press the power button to enter AC mode (displayed on the LED screen.) This design is to save battery power.

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10 reviews for BEAUDENS Portable Power Station, Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery LiFePO4, 2000 Cycles, 10 Years Life, 166Wh 110V/150W AC Outlet, Solar Generator for Outdoors Camping Travel Fishing Emergency Backup

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     So, my ideas having this Beaudy is pretty simple, picnic, fishing, traveling and backup.It could keep the fans running like forever.I have a fish tank, it would keep the pump running when power lines is out.A cuty handy design convenient to have it around.Reasonable price!I like it after all!

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    Update 10/4/19Their customer service (Jennifer) saw my review and immediately took care of the issue. Bumping back up to 4 stars. So while things may not always be perfect, the manner in which the company supports their product and takes care of customers is near the very top of the list.Update 7/14/19The 12V DC Female Cigarette Lighter Socket broke after the return period. I’ve asked for a replacement and it’s been well over a month now. This socket is what primarily use so now the unit is virtually worthless to me. Knocking down to two stars for lack of support. Will update if this changes.Original Review 4/26/19:I was going to make my own 12V power station using 10AH 12V LiFePO4 battery but when this went on sale for less than $130, I snagged it since it was a steal (the battery itself would have cost $100). This does what I would have made and more since I would not have gotten a 120V inverter that this unit includes. So far so good. I’ve used it to power a laptop when away from an outlet as well as lights during a power outage. I will test the actual Watt-Hour capacity and update this review.

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    So far so good, I cannot say for it’s real life capacity yet as I have not fully tested the unit. However, the packaging that held it had plenty of padding to keep it safe in transport, the build quality is really nice, all aluminum shell. LCD is bright and easy to read what mode it’s on. The outputs are simple and easy to figure out, comes with several input option connectors. I bought this in addition to a 60w solar panel I still also have to test. But all the ports work, I had it fully charged the first day in about an hour and a half with the wall charger. This is my in between powersource in the event of a hurricane, the when the power goes out and before I can get a generator setup power source.

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    We have frequent power outages where I live. I researched several weeks and found this Beaudens to have the best features. I have charged a number of electronics and the meter has not gone down. If you are looking at another brand that uses lithium batteries be sure they are the top of the line LiFePO4. I figure at my current rate of usage the batteries should last 8 to 10 years. I like the inverter being modified sine wave. It has a built in solar controller so I only had to purchase a solar panel and it connects directly to an input via a connection adapter which comes with the generator. I am very happy with my Beaudens generator and will keep watch for other products from this company. I will buy one of their larger units if they make any in the future.

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    I’ve had this for 2 months, and I bought two more after the first one. Testing it with DC bulbs I found it to have about 140 watt hours of capacity, a little less than the 166 spec. Using the built in A/C converter uses up about 10% more so you’ll get about 125 watt hours. That’s still plenty of power in a small package, especially if the LiFePO batteries hold up for many recharge cycles. It is enough power to charge my family’s 2 phones and one laptop for about three days. A few small complaints – 1) The Inverter isn’t true sinewave , 2) your phones won’t fast charge on this, max is 2.4 amp (the QC3.0 port won’t fast charge my Pixel 3 either), and most annoyingly 3) the battery gauge isn’t accurate. It reads 4 bars after discharging 100 watt hours, then drops to dead very rapidly. Charging it back up is the reverse, it shows one bar for a long time and then very quickly goes to full. It seems like the circuitry wasn’t made for LiFePO which has a very different charge and discharge voltage profile than LiPO for example. I charge this with a 30 watt solar panel without issue. The 12 volt input is rated at 3 amps so anything over 50 watts is unlikely to work well.

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    I’m impressed with this battery pack! I recommend this if you want freedom from power cords and be able to use your devices anywhere.I like using my laptop computer on the picnic table in my backyard. However, there is no power outlet in the area, and 400 feet would be too long for an extension cord. Thankfully, this battery pack allows me to charge my laptop and use it for hours outside. The battery is also good for camping trips since it is small and can be easily carried with the handle. It appears to be well designed and of quality construction.

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    S. Basile

    I found this Beaudens Power station while searching for a battery system for camping. My use cases were solar chargeable, could power a small tent fan for at least 16 hours without recharge, a 120v AC outlet, and USB 5 v outlets for the fan and other rechargeable equipment like mobile devices.As I was searching I found almost all of them used LiPo batteries. I had a LiPo battery explode near me, and I know that’s incredibly rare, but I don’t trust them much anymore and some of these larger portable power stations have stacks of them. They even need cooling fans to make sure they don’t start to overheat. I saw this unit in my search and learned that there are Lithium Iron (FE, not “Ion”) cell types and did some research.They’re much safer than other Li battery designs. With all the different battery designs there are trade-offs and the main trade-off with LiFe batteries is they have a lower energy density than LiPo batteries. On the plus side LiFe has a much longer shelf life and cycle capacity. After reading more on LiFe tech I decided this was perfect for what I was going to use it for, and I would get the benefits of safer battery tech and longer shelf life.The unit itself is very well built and designed. I was able to figure out its operation without reading directions though I did later read the instructions to make sure I wasn’t missing anything. The layout is intuitive.I also bought a Rockpal solar array (60 W). It works great charging up this Beaudens station. I used it initially to top off the shipped charge from about 80% to 100% in about 20 minutes on solar (very sunny day).I then used the Beaudens to run a camping fan off the AC outlet for 9 straight hours, the meter went down to the 80% bar and was there for a few hours so I estimate it had 70%.Keep in minf that LiFe batteries maintain a very constant voltage throughout discharge so measuring charge might be a little difficult. It’s also very important that the volatage not fall under a very specific point on this battery mixture or it could damage the cells. I’m assuming that Baudens handles this with a LiFe battery specific controller.I will do a bit more testing before we go camping in July with it. I will edit my review with any new information.Baudens did a really nice job with this and Kudos to them for designing a product around LiFe. I will sleep better knowing a LiPo pack won’t accidentally run away and blow up in my face. I know that’s very rare but it happened to me so I’m tuned into it.

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    Jim Johnson

    Liked the first one so much I ordered another. This is built like a tank. It charged an IPhone 8 from 12% to 60% in about 20 minutes. I’m getting ready to pair it with a 100 watt solar panel next. Nice to have a few of these around to run lights and charge devices during power outages or on camping trips. Update- I now have three of these and two 100 watt solar panels as primary charging devices. A 100 watt panel will charge about 40% in 2.5 hours in full sun. The included adapter is a perfect fit. The only thing the Beaudens is really lacking is a more informative display. Knowing input and output would be nice. My 100 watt Renolgy solar panel shows just under 60 watts input when using my Jackery. This unit charges a bit faster for whatever reason. The construction of this and the 2000 cycle battery make this a must have in my book. 5 star rating stays.

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    Amazon Customer

    I purchased this product to use during temporary blackouts during storms.Upon testing it,I discovered that it will charge all the devices I plugged into it.The USB charge ports worked on cell phones and tablets.I was concerned about the three prong Ac outlet, because it was not a full sine wave inverter but the motified sine wave inverter worked well on everything I plug into this device so far.You can charge laptops, run small desk lamps,radios and chargers on this AC outlet.I can recharge this device with my 20 watt solar charger but in the future I intent to acquire a 100 watt solar panel to charge this device.You can attach a solar panel directly to this device because it has a built in charge controller.This device was the only one that had a lithium iron phosphate battery at this price range.My research into this type of battery reveals that Li iron phosphate batteries are the most efficient rechargeable batteries for deep cycling applications.

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    Jon Fields

    I think the title says it all. With power to spare this is a great solution for portable sound reinforcement where there is no AC. I stopped the test because I wanted some peace and quiet. The CP8 chassis was slightly warm at the end of the test and the Beauden’s was cold with its fan never activated.

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