BALDR Portable Power Station 330W, 2019 Updated Portable Solar Generators for home use, CPAP Backup Battery with QC 3.0 & Type C SOS Flashlight and Wireless Charger

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Price: $269.99

【LARGE CAPACITY PORTABLE POWER STATION】: Baldr330 portable power station with 297wh power capacity,which can effectively power the same electronic equipment longer than other camping batteries. Baldr330 portable power station generator has powerful functions, and can be used for home / travel / Camping after full charge, charging mobile phones, tablet computers, tablet computers, GPS, notebook computers, walkie talkies, GoPro, cameras, drones, holiday lights and CPAP machines
【THREE EASY CHARGING METHODS】: 1) Any compatible 100W solar panel (not included) can be used to charge the solar generator in the way of solar energy, portable generator can be fully charged in 5-8 hours. 2) Plug in the wall power socket for charging, and it can be fully charged within 5-8 hours. 3) Plug in the 12V socket of the car to charge, and it can be fully charged within 7-8 hours. And the generator is only 7.1 pounds, you can carry it with you, never worry about the lack of power supply
【MULTI FUNCTION OUTPUT PORT】: BALDR power station has standard 1 * pure sine wave AC power socket; 3 * QC 3.0 USB (5V / 3a, maximum 15W); 1 * C type (5V / 3a, maximum 15W); 1 * vehicle port (maximum 12V / 10A 120W); 2 DC ports (maximum 12V / 5A 60W). Power CPAP anywhere:We strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC converter to work with this portable power station for better effect.
【SAFE AND RELIABLE】: Portable power station use battery management system (BMS) to improve battery utilization, and extend battery service life through short circuit protection, overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, overload protection, overheating protection and other functions. In addition, the portable generator is equipped with a wireless charger and a built-in multi-mode flashlight, which can quickly charge the mobile phone in case of emergency and help with LED SOS mode
【HEALTH AND GUARANTEE】: Pure sine wave inverter, working faster, quieter and more stable. No gasoline or toxic fumes, completely healthy and environmentally friendly. Baldr solar generator always provides professional and friendly customer assistance so that you can better understand and use the product. We offer 30-day refund guarantee, 2-year warranty and 24-hour friendly customer service




Baldr Portable Power Station, Power Outdoors

Portable power station

Power your outdoors life

Baldr330 Portable Power Station

Baldr330 portable power station, outdoor power supply. Outdoor tourism, camping, picnic, work. Take Baldr330 and go anywhere you want. Being outside no longer means being short of power. With Baldr330 portable power station, you can easily stay charged while on-the-go.

Solar generator
Green and Clean Power Supply

Off-grid Solar Generator (Solar Panel Optional)

The recommended solar panel for solar-charging is Togo Power Solar Panel. Fully charged under the straight full sun around 7 hours when connected (recharging time varies from a different location, temperature, weather, etc.)(solar panels sold separately).

Battery power station
Battery power station
Generator power station

Baldr330 Solar Generator

Generator power station

60W Solar Panel

Generator power station

120W Solar Panel

Generator power station

Y Branch Connector

Baldr330 TSP-60F TSP-120F Y Branch
Maximum Power
330W 60W 120W /
Cell Type
Lithium Battery Monocrystalline Monocrystalline /
1x / / /
2x 1x 1x /
3x 1x 1x /
7.6lb 6.5lb 10.25lb 0.4lb

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10 reviews for BALDR Portable Power Station 330W, 2019 Updated Portable Solar Generators for home use, CPAP Backup Battery with QC 3.0 & Type C SOS Flashlight and Wireless Charger

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    Ignited banana

    I bought this as a backup. I like its design – small, portable and looks fashion! Just used it to charge my cell phone, it has wireless charge on top of it, so convenient!

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    R. Perez

    Specced out a number of these units and found a great deal on this one. Will be hooking it up to 2 110W Nature Power Solar Panels (via SAE connector/adaptors) and a Renogy Wanderer Li 30A 12 PWM NGC Controller. Hopefully this setup will work 4me.

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    Claude Kerno

    Very nice battery backup with 3 ways to charge it (AC, DC, Solar) and 4 ways to charge/run devices (AC, DC, USB, wireless). Has a light too! I have not had a chance to charge with a solar panel yet, but I did learn it does not require a charge controller (MPPT nor PWM). Just connect solar panel to the MC4 cable that comes with it. Will be very handy this summer.

  4. blank

    Sunni l.

    I had a bit of time with it before I wrote this review to be more accurate. The charging rate is accurate it will take about 6-7 hours to charge but boy it keeps its charge. Left this bad boy in my car for about a week and a half and it still had the same charge on it. The light on this power station was a nice touch. The USB ports charges my phone as if it was plugged to a wall outlet, its surprisingly fast. It’s got an internal fan to keep the battery cool when using the AC port. The customer service is fast to reply and polite. No regrets with the purchase.

  5. blank


    This is a good power station and one big plus is that it stays on when I power it on. Unlike my other power stations, if I have an intermittent running USB device, it would shut totally down after 20 seconds which means my USB device will not run after that. It does feel solid and came with cable adapters but it does have some annoyances:1 – It has these loud confirmation beeps when I turn it off and on or when using the LED light. Imaging I’m camping with my family and every time I want to use it, I would be hesitant because of the loud beep which may wake people up.2 – It’s year 2020 and LED light is yellow! I prefer the white LED light.

  6. blank

    The Name of the Clam

    UPDATED: Still 5 stars, with a bonus for terrific customer service. I had some questions about using this item to power a pump for rainwater storage and garden watering. The customer service representative at BALDR was fantastic in addressing my questions. The watering system works like a champ, powered exclusively by this generator and recharged with a 100W solar panel (which produces up to 52W in full sun). I couldn’t be happier with it.The controls are out-of-the-box easy to use. It’s surprisingly small and lightweight. I’ve been testing it for only a short time, but found it would power a string of USB-powered LED lights for well over 100 hours. I’ve begun charging it with a Jackery 100W solar panel, which is producing about 30W on a cloudy morning. The two devices paired with no hassle. This would be a terrific solution for car camping, a cabin, or household emergency use, but I would not expect it to power large appliances or anything that draw significant current for any period of time.

  7. blank

    John L

    It’s actually a lot lighter than expected. And have gotten some good use out of it already when we went camping. PLUS… we used this instead of draining my car battery during a recent tailgate, pretty quick to keep our phones charged. Good buy, would recommend!

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    Yanqin Yang

    This power station helped a lot during my recent road trip, we never have to fight for USB ports to charge our phones. My son can charge his Nintendo and iPad and never be worried about using all the battery, I can always have my camera fully charged and never miss a moment, hated it when you have a camera and there is no battery then you have to use your phone instead. Wished I knew about items like these earlier, makes life easier. It also comes with a car charger where you can use the cigarette lighter to recharge the unit if it ever ran out of battery.

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    Amazon Customer

    I purchased the BALDR 330 for several reasons. I like how the unit can power CPAP device for several days. This is gives peace-of-mind when camping or with power failures. I am impressed with the built in light, it is much brighter and better than I expected. I can also attach external LED light(s) via units AC outlet for illumination of other areas. My wife was very impressed when I demonstrated the functions and features. The solar input has not been used yet, but I like that it does not require a special additional device to regulate the input. It can just plug in directly with the supplied adapter. Having three methods of charging (car, AC, solar) makes this unit quite versatile. I look forward to using it in many different applications in the future.

  10. blank


    This is the second time I had to update my review in just a few weeks. I keep discovering the things I originally complained about were my own fault. I changed the rating to 5 stars because all the features work as advertised and it’s a nice package for the price.I’ll go ahead and mention I’m pretty new to solar ‘generators’ and my first one was a Jackery 240 which spoiled me a little and some of my misunderstanding of the Baldr 330 is because I assumed it would behave similarly, but there is an important difference. Like the Jackery, the Baldr has little buttons to turn on which plugs you want to use (12v, USBs, AC), but unlike the Jackery the Baldr has a master power button that is clearly marked as such. It took me a while to catch on to how important it is to always turn off the main power if not in use. I thought the battery was consistently losing its charge to the tune of about 6% each day when unused — and more importantly I thought it was turned off because I knew I’d hit the power button — but turns out plugging in the solar panel to top it off turns it on again. So each day of non-use, I was begrudgingly topping off what it lost from the previous day and returning it to storage only to find the same problem the next day. Even if you just turned the power button off a second ago, and wait several seconds for an audible beep, if you plug it into a power source it comes right back on. I thought it was just the display waking up, like the Jackery, but it’s the main power. Now that I’m constantly aware of this, it’s holding its charge perfectly. If I store it at 100% and make sure it’s completely off, it stays at 100% until I need it!Another thing I’d complained about was the USB-C port seemed to stop working and this was one of the main selling points for me over its Jackery equivalent… but again, there was no fault with the unit, only with my understanding. I was trying to charge my macbook which I read somewhere it can’t do, but my laptop at rest tends to pull 16w which this USB-C port is rated for, if I understood correctly. When in use, my laptop pulls 45w but I wasn’t trying to use it on the Baldr, just recharge it at rest. The thing that really threw me off is that it worked a few times at first! The laptop made the “charging” sound when I plugged it into the USB-C. But after a couple of initial successes, it no longer showed any signs of being plugged in and the Baldr screen showed no outgoing power. Using the AC adapter/port worked fine, but I really didn’t want that clunky adapter occupying the only AC plug on the unit. So I found a work around. I’m now using high-capacity portable battery packs that I plug into the USB plugs on the Baldr while the Baldr is charging on the solar panel. In theory my solar panel has USB ports and should be able to charge the portable battery packs directly but it seems to take longer that way; I’m not sure why. So I let the Baldr charge the extra battery packs while it’s recharging on solar. Seems to work fine; I can get everything topped off again on a good sunny day.A third thing I’d complained about was the wireless charging didn’t seem to work unless it’s directly connected to power, but I discovered it’s the case on my phone causing that problem. It seems the case is causing just enough resistance that it doesn’t get the power unless there’s an incoming stream. I finally noticed this because I my regular wall charger (plugged into a wall outlet) that acts up sometimes and I have to move the phone around to just the right position for it to pick up power. It dawned on me it wasn’t both chargers having problems, it’s my phone case.With all that cleared up, here are my original pros and cons lists, but with the cons corrected.What I like about this unit:+ size and weight are better than expected. It has a sturdy feel without being heavy or bulky. The handle has a rubber grip on it which makes it extremely comfortable to carry.+ charges easily from my solar panel; speed of charge varies depending on weather, obviously, but the recharge time seems about the same as my Jackery 240. (I haven’t actually measured, though.)+ display screen is good. It shows the battery percentage, the incoming power, and outgoing load. There’s nothing more I would ask for on the display.+ USB-C port is handy; it eliminates need for extra adapters+ the light bar has come in far handier than I expected. I use it more than I thought I would.What disappoints:- fan kicks on more often than I expected (i.e. more often than my Jackery 240). It startled me the first few times because I thought it was overheating, but now I’ve just accepted the fan runs a lot.- the display screen doesn’t go to sleep; it just stays on until you turn off the main power button. Sometimes the first click isn’t enough and I have to try again. It makes an audible beep several seconds after turning it off… I’m not sure why the delay.- charging the unit turns the display screen back on whether you want it or not, and because it doesn’t go to sleep, it will keep draining some of the power until you manually turn it off again.Conclusion:Baldr 330 has a great set of features for its price and performs mostly as expected. I wish the display screen functioned better, but I have no regrets about the purchase and might consider buying another in the future. It’s probably a great entry point for getting into solar/off-grid power.

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