Automaxx Windmill 600W (12V/24V) (50A/25A) Wind Turbine Generator kit Wind Power MPPT Charge Controller Included (Amp, Volt & Watt Display) + Automatic and Manual Braking System

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Price: $549.95

✅ FEATURES: Integrated automatic braking system to protect from sudden and high wind speed. Easy DIY installation methods with all materials provided. Can be used in conjunction with solar panels. MPPT Maximum power point tracking is included. Made with high quality Polypropylene and Glass Fiber material with a weather resistant seal.
✅ PROTECTION AGAINST: UV protection coating, Sudden voltage surge and wind gust, high wind speeds with integrated automatic braking system + manual braking switch and over charging of battery.
✅ SPECIFICATION: Rated power: 600W, Rated speed: 31 MPH, Voltage system: 12V & 24V auto-detect, Cut-in wind speed: 6.7 MPH, Suggested battery capacity: 100A or larger, Number of blades: 3, Rotor diameter: 4.3 ft and Weight: 26 lb.
✅ INCLUDES: 1 x Center piece + including generator, 1 x Tail Piece, 1 x Digital MPPT Charge Controller, 3 x Blades, 1 x Nose cone, 1 x Manual brak switch, Hex Screws, Locking nuts, Spacers, Hex keys and 1 x Operational installation
✅ WARRANTY: 1 Year manufactures warranty. Spare parts on Amazon. wind turbine is made and shipped directly from TAIWAN. Our company strongly believes that only by shipping directly from our factory in Taiwan directly to your home, we can ensure the best quality and the authenticity of the product.

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Creating beyond our own vision

With ground breaking technological advances that our team has made through years of research, we are proud to bring you a versatile wind turbine that is small, light and compact enough so that it can be used in both residential and small commercial areas. The wind turbine is made to withstand harsh weather conditions such as the suns harsh UV rays, heavy rains and up to level 3 category hurricane. The 3 fiber glass blades and tail is cut to precision to the finest millimeter in order to keep it light and working at 100% efficiency. With its 360 degrees rotation which makes the most of converting wind kinetic energy to usable electricity from any direction the wind is blowing.

Get electricity from thin air

Wind turbines are light and durable which makes assembly and generating electricity with literally a “Breeze”. Generating your own electricity from wind using small wind turbines is completely clean, emission-free and renewable for individual homes, farm and small businesses. All our customers are generating their own green electricity, cutting their energy bills and helping to protect the environment in a more stylish way.

Going green is the whole “package”, not only the product

Reduce our global warming emissions. Wind turbine produces 100% free water and air pollution. We strive to use the cleanest materials for not only the wind turbine but as well as its packaging we oblige to the strict compact design rule, we eliminate all unnecessary components in order to save the environment.


Compact and Silence Windmill with build in the state of the art MPPT Charge Controller

No matter you are a Tech Savvy or Technically Challenged person, this Hassle Free Automaxx Windmill Wind Turbines can help you offset energy bill.






Ideal for people who live in

Off grid living
RV truck
Tiny House

Can be used with Solar panel


What’s inside 400w MPPT charge controller

Automatic braking system protection
Overcharge protection
Over-speed protection
High battery voltage protection







What’s inside 600W MPPT charge controller

Automatic braking system protection
Overcharge protection
Over-speed protection
High battery voltage protection







What’s inside 1200W MPPT charge controller

Automatic braking system protection
Overcharge protection
Over-speed protection
High battery voltage protection







What’s inside 1500W MPPT charge controller

Automatic braking system protection
Overcharge protection
Over-speed protection
High battery voltage protection







400w charge controller


600w MPPT charge controller


1200w MPPT charge controller


1500w MPPT charge controller

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10 reviews for Automaxx Windmill 600W (12V/24V) (50A/25A) Wind Turbine Generator kit Wind Power MPPT Charge Controller Included (Amp, Volt & Watt Display) + Automatic and Manual Braking System

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    Well done product.Great performance!

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    Heather Cooper

    I have a fairly large vegetable and herb garden in my backyard that I supply to the local farm market and have always struggled to supply electricity to the system. What I did was had 2 of those roll up extension cord connected to each other so it would be long enough to reach the garden from the house. I had to pull out and roll up every time I wanted to visit the garden, I couldn’t leave the extension constantly connected to the garden as weather will surely damage the cord and was very worried about the risks of electricity coming into contact with water. The dogs chew on the wire if it is left outside too. We power mostly lights, small work tools and the irrigation system with the electricity.We thought of solar panels but we simple don’t have the space for it, as we can’t install the solar panels on top of the garden as that would block out the sun from reaching the vegetables and herbs.My friend referred me to buy a wind turbine instead as they don’t require a large surface area to provide power. I choose this one because my friend had also purchased the same one and has been working well for him.The wind turbine quickly arrived and I was able to assemble it in around an hour. I completed my installation over the cause of 3 days as I needed to buy the pole and cable wires after I received the device so I can be sure the of all the lengths and dimensions of the accessories, I have noticed there is a slight misconception regarding the pole’s diameter but that was easily fixed by taking my wind turbine to the hardware store and asking them for the right pole for the wind turbine. I would also like to mention that I am not an electrician by any means, but I got this set up myself so it’s pretty easy, I have to say though I did ask a few questions regarding electricity and if I am connecting it correctly to the person I was buy the cables from as well as the seller. I have 3 batteries connected to be charged as well as an inverter that is like a switch when I enter the garden I just flip the switch and all the lights go on.Overall, I have the wind turbine up and running for over a month now and it’s been holding up pretty well in heavy wind and rain as well as the winter snow. I love the new set up that I have and how convenient it is now to go to my garden.I thought I would share my experience with everyone.

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    Godwin V.

    We bought a range of different green clean energy generators for a university project regarding powering automated systems using pure clean green energy. When we purchased wind turbines we soon realized that we needed to build a portable stand for transportation reason without disassembling the wind turbine constantly, so we built a stand for the wind turbines that was approximately 6 foot (you can see from the picture).We took readings from different areas from LA and the Bay area in (SF), we also had a range of different clean energy systems running, we recorded the Data from the different destinations relating to the power generated from different systems.Comparing the Data we had received over the course of 91 days of generating electricity (excluding transportation days) from all our green energy systems in different locations, weather conditions and seasons. We found that this wind turbine from WINDMILL generated the most wattage out in total of the other systems we had running alongside.We as a team were very impressed with the results, however we continue to gather Data as the Data that has been gathered was only over a period of 91 days.Overall, we also found that we received the most power from this device in areas that were costal, mountain range and large open fields (such as farm land).I hope some of the information helps.

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    Brilliant product, right out of the box. It is well packaged andprotected and everything is included to get set up right away.Everything about the product feels solid and robust.After approximately seven months of high wind desert usage,the wind mill stopped spinning. I contacted the seller and withina few email exchanges, a new unit was sent to me; INCREDIBLE.I am not entirely sure if the wind speeds out here surpassedthe rating, but the seller did not place blame. They simply diagnosedthe problem and sent an entirely new center unit.This is probably the best experience I have had yet, on Amazon.I remain thankful and amazed.

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    Dora L.

    I bought this unit about 2 months back and to be honest was a little confused as to how I would set this unit up. The assembly of the unit was simple and easy, just make sure you don’t have any nuts or screws left over and you should be fine (if you know what I mean). I assembled it up easily without the use of the instruction manual until I got to the wiring part. Was a bit confused when the unit had 3 colors (Red, Black and Blue) as a 3 phase wiring system but the mppt charge controller had (Red, Black and White). I was a bit worried that I would install it incorrectly so I asked the seller what was happening (They were very helpful BTW). They explained to me that the Blue wire should be connected to the White, they also sent me a diagram on the set up. I hooked the wind turbine up as per instructed in the instruction manual and “bam, bob’s your uncle!” the wind turbine started generating electricity. We get a fair amount of wind up here and I use the electricity for my tools in the garage on the weekends, I usually use up to 4/5 of the battery bank I have and I’ve always had full battery on the weekends for my wood work.So far, the wind turbine is running like a champ and hasn’t let me down yet, always keeping my battery full for the weekend, especially now getting into winter! I will see how the wind turbine holds up during the winter times and update this at a later stage.

  6. blank

    W. Ewien

    I got this wind turbine generator kit a few weeks back to power my workshop at home. It was pretty easy to set up, set this up with the family over the weekend, the kids loved it by the way.It’s been working fantastically, my solar panels that I had on my roof and only charged my 4 12V 100Ah batteries to about ¾ of its capacity of the week. I use a pure sine inverter to power my power tools and work station lights off the batteries. The first week I hooked the wind turbine on, the battery was full by mid week, was great! Going to purchase more batteries.- Note –I tried to mount it on a single pole and it didn’t seem to steady, I asked the seller Infinite Mall what the problem was. They were surprisingly fast at responding, they really made an effort to know how I have set up my wind turbine before making suggesting me what to do, really impressed with their service. They suggested that I secure the pole with a “Guy Wire Attachment Plate” stiff wiring that can withstand tension on 4 opposite sides of the pole. I made 2 of these wiring sets just to be sure though.I think its really a great value and is great family activity for a weekend. Got a chance to teach my kids about wind green energy at the same time.

  7. blank

    [email protected]

    Came very fast…easy assembly

  8. blank

    Amazon Customer

    The most impressive part of this whole package, is that it actually comes with an mppt charge controller! I thought it would come with some cheap controller, to my surprise it seems to be pretty solid, works well as it should, made out of metal and has a digital display that actually works! VERY IMPRESSED!The controller works well but it doesn’t seem to be customizable, would like to see a little bit of customization option built it. I only realized that this turbine is a 3 phase AC coming out, that’s great because the wire can be cheaper to buy from the turbine to the controller. Usually running a DC the same length would cost an arm and a leg (Saved a lot of cost to the set up on that surprise). The box only comes with the essentials to set the turbine up. I spent around an extra $150 for extra items such as pole, wire, cement etc…Within 3 days after setting it up, we were hit with 3 days of heavy rain and storm. So far, it held its own quite well. Seems to be strong enough. At least all the parts are still intact and still generating electricity.Overall very impressed with the build quality and usability of the turbine. Would highly recommend

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    Larger than perceived, great power generation and beautiful. Easy assembly with excellent instructional literature.

  10. blank

    Alexander Koehler

    Got it up and running in no timeBut will only keep 1 12v battery charged

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