AudioQuest PowerQuest 3 Power Conditioner Non-Sacrificial Surge Protector

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Price: $299.95

Complete Protection from Surges and Spikes
8 Outlets
2 x 4K/8K Video Optimized Ultra-Linear Filter Outlets
2 x High-Current Outlets
4 x Ultra-Linear Filter Outlets

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Brand AudioQuest



AudioQuest PowerQuest 3 Power Conditioner Non-Sacrificial Surge Protector – Power Strip – 8 Outlets – 4 USB Charging Ports (PQ3)

AudioQuest PowerQuest 3 Power Conditioner Non-Sacrificial Surge Protector – Power Strip – 8 Outlets – 4 USB Charging Ports (PQ3)



Outstanding Performance, Exceptional Value

AudioQuest, headquartered in Irvine, California, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-performance audio/video products and custom-install solutions, all meticulously designed to deliver outstanding performance and exceptional value.

AudioQuest PowerQuest 3

Non-Sacrificial Surge Protector | Ultra-Linear Filter

PowerQuest surge protector/power filters remove more noise and distortion than other similarly priced power products, while easily accommodating a wide range of audio/video systems. The PowerQuest 3 offers eight application-optimized outlets in total: two 4K/8K video-optimized Ultra-Linear Filter outlets, two High-Current outlets for amplification devices and powered speakers or subwoofers, and four Ultra-Linear Filter outlets for source components.

8 Optimized Outlets: 2x 4K/8K Video, 2x High-Current, 4x Ultra-Linear Filtered
Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection: Withstands repeated 6000V/3000A input surge tests—the maximum that can survive a building’s AC electrical panel. Never fails, never needs to be replaced!
Extreme Voltage Shutdown: 140VAC—will open the main power circuit relay within less than 0.25 seconds; automatically resets once the incoming power is within a safe range.
Differential-Mode Noise Dissipation: In excess of 22dB reduction from 30kHz-1GHz.
Common-Mode Noise Dissipation: In excess of 22dB reduction from 30kHz-100MHz.
USB Charge Capacity: 4.8 Amps (4x ports)
Signal-Line Protection: Phone, Network, Cable/Satellite
7ft Directionally Optimized Concentric-Geometry AudioQuest Power Cord

Powerquest 3 Long

Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection, Superior Sound & Picture

Upgrade your audio/video entertainment experience with PowerQuest. AudioQuest’s power filtration removes more noise and distortion than most power conditioners, dramatically improving your system’s performance. Unlike traditional surge protectors, PowerQuest devices feature Non-Sacrificial Surge Protection, which prevents both high voltage and high current from damaging your equipment, while ensuring that your PowerQuest device won’t fail over time.

Additionally, the PowerQuest 3 features a slim profile and an optional base that makes it ideal for mounting behind cabinets. Power cords plug straight down to the top row of AC outlets, making installation trouble free. For use horizontally on a shelf, simply leave off or remove the detachable base. Standing or lying down, all 8 outlets are easy to use and ready to send clean power to your audio/video equipment. Performance, Protection, Versatility, Value. See and hear everything as it was intended with PowerQuest.

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1 review for AudioQuest PowerQuest 3 Power Conditioner Non-Sacrificial Surge Protector

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    Nib Guru (verified owner)

    This is a magnificent piece of equipment. I installed this before I changed out the electrical outlet and there was a very distinct change in audio quality. The sound stage widens and high tones become more clear, more distinct as the bass tightens up and is less muddy. The video performance was a bit of a surprise really. Slightly brighter whites and deeper blacks. The fact that this has ports that deliver specific current to your TV and sound equipment makes this a must have. It also linear filters your electric signal on top of surge protecting. Audioquest makes a bold statement that they are betting up to $1,000,000 that your equipment will never fry as a result of a surge. That’s some serious piece of mind when storms roll in. If you are into increasing the quality of your sound/video, start with this. However, if you get this in combination with Audioquest’s NRG Edison, prepare yourself for an increase in sound/video that will surprise you and blow your mind. 🙂

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