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ARCBLD Multifunction Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio with 4000mAh-Power Bank USB Charger

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🙂 NOAA Emergency Weather Broadcast Access:Nature is unpredictable, but you can be prepared and ready in the face of her fury. The radio will dependably receive up to the second emergency weather forecasts and emergency news broadcasts from NOAA and AM/FM stations.Earns a critical time for you to get full preparation advance, keeping you and your family safe with this emergency weather radio.
🙂 4 Charging Modes: Compared with 2000mah or 1000mah emergency radio on the market, the solar radio has upgraded to 4000mAh replaceable 18650 Li-ion battery, found in every household and easy to buy in the local market or amazon store. Also,USB charge, Solar charge, Hand-crank could also supply the flashlight radio last for days after the storm had passed until the power back on. No matter what emergency situation you find yourself in, this hand crank can always operate to provide power!
🙂 2 Light Sources Always Powered:The emergency crank radio can also provide light. The LED reading light and the flashlight (135LM) provides enough output to keep you and your loved ones out of the dark in an emergency situation.The flashlight comes with 3 modes, high beam mode, low beam mode, high and low beam mode.Also equipped with emergency SOS button, hold the SOS button for once, the device will activate a loud siren and a flashing far beam.
🙂 4000mAH Power Bank Will Keep Devices Powered: Emergency radio incorporates a 4000mAh power bank capable of providing emergency power to any small tablet or phone. Also, external antenna, electricity label, comfortable hand crank, tap switch fit all your needs. Add to cart, you will never regret that you purchase this crank flashlight radio!
🙂 Free Quality After-Sales Service: We stand behind our products with our Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee, If you have any issues with our product, we will gladly replace it at no cost to you, we’re here to make things right.




ARCBLD Multifunction Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio with 4000mAh-Power Bank USB Charger, Portable AM/FM/NOAA Weather Radio, Reading Lamp, 3 Gear LED Flashlight, SOS Alarm For Home and Camping Emergency

Weather Radio

Weather Radio3 Practical Lighting Modes

The flashlight radio with a super-bright 3 mode flashlight for any dark places you are in.









Weather Radio4000mAH Power Bank Will Keep Devices Powered

The multifunction emergency solar hand crank radio with a 4000 mAh li-ion battery, which charges more than one smartphone in the emergency.








Weather RadioLight Sources Always Powered

The emergency crank radio can also provide light. The LED reading light provides enough output to keep you and your loved ones out of the dark in an emergency situation.








Weather RadioNOAA Emergency Weather Broadcast

The radio will dependably receive up to the second emergency weather forecasts and emergency news broadcasts Indispensable Kit for Outdoor from NOAA and AM/FM stations. Earns a critical time for you to get full preparation advance, keeping you and your family safe with this emergency weather radio.







Weather RadioIndispensable Kit for Outdoor

The size for this emergency hand crank radio is just similar with an phone, which is very lightweight and easy to handy or hang on your backpack, durable and essential for outdoor travel. It is an ideal companion for emergency preparedness purposes no matter for indoors or outdoors, help to earn a critical time to prepare and save you and your families’ life.






Weather RadioImportant Natural Disasters Emergency Supplies

The most needed help after various disasters and weather in the United States. Natural disasters sometimes strike without any warning signs. The least we could do is to be prepared by having important emergency supplies readily available, making a plan for yourself and your loved ones, and being informed. We hope to provide you with the best experience.





Weather Radio

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10 reviews for ARCBLD Multifunction Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio with 4000mAh-Power Bank USB Charger

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    mike c.

    Wanted to get an emergency radio after losing power for a week due to a hurricane. After looking around at multiple choices stumbled upon this one. First impressions were feels very sturdy and well made. Had everything I was looking for in terms of an emergency radio. It can charge via the solar panel on top, the crank in the back, or it can be plugged in. The radio comes with a very powerful flashlight on the side. The reception is very good, including the weather band which comes in crystal clear. I can also use it to charge my phone up in case the power goes out at my house again. The radio has more power then other radios in its class (4000 mah) so it’s going to last that much longer. Everything just works very well on this radio and I will probably buy a few more for family members.

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    Mikel Berry

     Nothing is worse than being left in the dark (without any information) about what’s going on, in an emergency like a bad storm that knocks out power, phones, etc. You need to know what’s going on to stay safe. And, nothing is worse than being in the dark (no lights) when the power goes out. You need light. You need awareness. Everyone should have an emergency radio like this one from ARCBLD. It’s a weather/am/fm radio, a flashlight, a power source to charge your phone and an emergency siren with strobe light all in one. With three ways to recharge, you’ll never be short of power. The radio works very well. The sound quality is surprisingly good. The analog tuner is actually better than digital. It allows you to scan the full range and settle for even a weak signal, if that’s all that’s available. Digital tuners skip right past weak signals when your scanning stations. The flashlight has three brightness levels. The reading / tent light has either a direct on/off setting or a motion sensor setting. The hand crank generator will get the internal battery charged if you don’t have any other means of charging it. But, leave it in the sun or brightly lit area, it will charge itself with it’s own solar collection panel. Overall, the ARCBLD is probably one of the most important things you can have in your home, car or tent in case of a power failure or storm. But, it’s also just a great radio to have at the picnic, beach or similar setting, just for some tunes. Good purchase. Five stars.

  3. blank


    Nice little radio/charger. I bought this after I helped family in Florida through a hurricane and understood the value of having a standalone, portable radio available for news. It saw a lot of action here at home when the wildfires blasted through the area and the subsequent mudslides washed away all our cell, telephone, cable tv and internet services, leaving us only with radio. This was our sole link to the world and it did a great job. It’s much smaller than you’d think from the picture, but it has a decent volume and it does what it needs to do. Tuning was simple and we experienced no problems with the unit at all.

  4. blank

    Lele jen

    Living in a hurricane prone area makes it super important to have the right prep items. This crank weather radio is definitely such an item for anyone that likes to feel prepared when natural disasters happen. Took it out and started it to ensure it works. Even discovered some features I had no clue it had. It has an on off button specific for the flashlight, has the knob to turn the radio portion on and off (it has Am/fm/ and weather band). It even tells you how much power the radio has (percent wise). What really surprised me was that when you put up the solar panel to charge another super bright LED light turns on underneath. Thats a cool feature if we lose power and want to light up a room with out having to prop it up etc. Oh and it is also a phone charger in case of an emergency and it comes w the usb cable that can convert to usb C. Overall really cool little crank/solar power radio thatll come in handy yearly during hurricane season.

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    Jasmine F

     I was slightly concerned when I purchased this that it would be much too large.I was very pleased when I saw the packaging.It’s small enough that’s it’s handheld and packs into an emergency bag very easily.The reading light is an extra plus.I also really like the battery life indicator!I only cranked it a few times and it my son was able to play with the flash light feature for quite some time. Well worth the cost. I would purchase again.

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    Super D

     For one hour or a full week without power, I think this little portable weather radio will work and help get you thru the long days and nights. The rechargeable battery lasts for a while as long as you don’t have everything running at the same time or are charging lots of other devices using this battery. The LED lights on this are bright and give more than enough light off. The radio stations come in great and the handle crank and solar charging are an added bonus and will keep this running if it gets to the point I need to use them.

  7. blank


    This radio might be small, but it is loud and effective! Even with a fairly short antenna it is able to pick up a wide variety of my local FM music stations plus the NOAA weather radio. The battery life is fairly decent, and with a crank, solar panel, and USB charger you’ve got multiple ways to charge it. The solar panel and crank aren’t super effective, but they’re strong enough to give it some juice in an emergency. Best course of action: put it in an emergency kit, check it on a regularly scheduled basis, and keep it charged. Only thing it really needs to be a true 5 stars is an auto-on function for emergency weather broadcasts like most of these do.

  8. blank


    Just used this during the storm, it was a life saver! Our power went out this past Monday and stayed out until Thursday evening. As the storm raged outside, this radio provided clear and sorely needed updates. I never had to use the crank, the solar battery alone handled the load. Between this and a couple of solar powered flashlights I purchased we ended up in pretty good shape. Charging this device is easy – I simply sit it in a window in my man cave and let it catch the rays. Trust me, this works, and not because I think or hope it will – it’s because during a storm it actually did!

  9. blank

    Patricia Sherman

    I got this kind of as a joke – but my wife really loved it. I guess with the pandemic we are getting kind of survivalist, but the unit works, and provides a kind of peace of mind for the price. I’d recommend it.

  10. blank


    I love this product. Really wanted to leave a review.My parents used to have a unit like this but it was more than twice the size!This thing is a very nice compact size compared to the old ones and the crank is MUCH easier to turn than the old ones. The radio sounds very good and the light behind the solar panel when you lift it up was a nice touch.Very recommended.

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