Anywhere Fireplace Chelsea Wall Mount Fireplaces (Black)

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INSTANT AMBIANCE OF A REAL FIRE. Quick and easy to use with no hassle, mess, or clean-up.
THE FINISHING TOUCH THAT IS SURE TO BE NOTICED. You’ve worked hard to create a great space, indoors or outdoors, now it’s time to complete it.
PROVIDES THE WARMTH, AMBIENCE, AND ENJOYMENT YOU NEED. No better way to spend time with family and friends than sitting around a real fire.
USE IT ANYWHERE. No Venting, gas line or plugs. No smoke, or odor or pollutants indoors. An Anywhere Fireplace will make any room the place to be.
NO RISK. If you don’t think it makes the perfect home accent, gift you have 30 days to return it (unused).

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Anywhere Fireplace Chelsea Wall Mount Fireplaces (Black)

This wall mount, gracefully curved Chelsea model of the Anywhere Fireplace has sleek contemporary design that will make a statement in any room. It works with any décor. The dancing flames you will have will create a warm, mellow, luxurious atmosphere. It will create a focal point of distinction in your living room, bedroom, family room, dining room… anywhere you wish to enjoy a fire. Easy to install on the surface of a wall and all mounting hardware is included.



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Black, Red, High Gloss, Stainless Steel

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10 reviews for Anywhere Fireplace Chelsea Wall Mount Fireplaces (Black)

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    wes’ mom

    Love this fireplace! This was so easy to install and looks great. The flame is huge and adjustable. I burned 1/2 quart of fuel for over 1 1/2 hours. It was still going strong at that point when I put it out. I also bought the fuel and little logs from Amazon. The price on this item is very reasonable especially compared to similar items. There was plenty of heat so now I can’t wait for fall!

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    Yashira Franqui

    This is even better than I expected! This piece sets the mood in the room. Love it and definitely would buy it again!

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    This fireplace was easily mounted on the wall in a matter of about 20 minutes. It looks very chic and would go with any type of decor. I was surprised at how easily I lit it. I am afraid of lighting out gas grill, but this fireplace is super easy to light. It puts out a nice amount of heat. Would recommend and will probably buy another for our bedroom.

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    I bought it for my boyfriend…. he loves it! Perfect to warm up the room and looks great on the wall. Buy the box of 12 fuel bottles.

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    Amazon Customer

    Anywhere fireplace totally exceeded my expectations! I love it! We installed a reclaimed bar wood wall in our great room and it hangs off center among three floating shelves made of the same. I was impressed with the quality of the stainless steel, this thing is hefty where it needs to be. I will admit we used our own anchors/screws because the ones provided were of lesser quality. No electric, no venting and smart fuel with no footprint, perfect! I bought it for estectics only but this thing thing puts out some heat, but I wouldn’t relay on it for heating unless it’s put in a smaller space. I would buy it again!

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    Ron Post

    We ordered this hanging fireplace right before Christmas and received it right before News Year Day. We have already been through 12 bottles of fuel and are getting about 3 hours per bottle. It is working out to about 64 hours of fire for $100 (getting fuel 24 bottles at a time). Each bottle of fuel burns a little different but the Moda Flame Bio Fuel has worked as advertised. There is a little bit of flash at start up and I did overfill it once. The result was that a few burning drops splashed out and create a few small candle size flames on a dresser under the unit. A quick tap put the flames out with no damage. We are very happy with the unit and it definitely puts out some heat. We have it in a 20 by 14 room with several open areas to other rooms and can easily feel the heat. The smell of the Ethanol when filling is noticeable but there is very little odor once lit. It does get hot right over the unit so do not mount it on wallpaper or a wood wall. It is designed for sheet rock. Speaking of which, the sheet rock anchors that come with it are not worth putting in the wall, go to the hardware store and get good ones. Make sure to hang it level too (spend extra time to make sure). There is a sliding lid that will put the flames out once you slide it over, but the fuel will quickly evaporate if it is not lit and the unit is designed to run until empty. There are no wicks or anything of that nature. It is not designed to be moved from room to room. I would buy it again without hesitation.

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    Love this fireplace, very easy to hang and lightweight. Does not get overly hot against the wall from what I’ve seen. Fire warms the room nicely. Definately recommend. The only issue I’ve had is it’s hard to get the biofuel into the bins without and spilling it…and you DON’T want to spill it as it’s an accelerant and will burn rapidly on anything it touches. So it would be nice if they would come up with some pour spout for the biofuel to make it easier! Otherwise, LOVE IT!

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    Amazon Customer

    Love my fireplace

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    Boris Suvak

    Great Fireplace for money,fire need few minutes do develop full strength.

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    Bob Aicher

    This ethanol fireplace is as sleek as it looks. When my wife and I bought our Pasadena house, the driveway was too narrow to get past with the chimney. We removed it but kept the inside fireplace and mantle with all the brickwork, but now the fireplace is only 4″ deep. We painted it a deep charcoal and hung this fireplace on the wall inside. Mounting it level was tricky, but it’s gorgeous. We’re burning the Moda Flame 1 Quart Bio Ethanol Fireplace Fuel in it, and the fuel really is odorless and produces great flames. They start out blue, like your gas stove, then “warm up” and get large and yellow, just like a regular fireplace. The difference is that this fire is silent, absolutely, completely silent with no hiss from pressurized gas, no wood crackling and shooting cinders onto your wool rug, no smoke or soot to grime up the mantle, and no ashes to shovel or vacuum. My wife and I love it.

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