AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector | 4,320 Joule, 10-Foot Cord

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Price: $24.99

12-outlet surge protector power strip with 4320 joule energy rating
Protects sensitive electronic devices such as computers, data lines, TVs, and more from potentially-damaging power surges
LED lights indicate active surge protection and grounded wiring
Fireproof MOV provides additional safety precaution from surges and spikes
Power on/off switch integrates with a 15Amp overload resettable circuit breaker
10 foot heavy-duty power cord, widely-spaced outlets with sliding covers, and a back keyhole wall-mount

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AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Surge Protector

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8-Foot Cord, 10-Foot Cord



10 reviews for AmazonBasics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector | 4,320 Joule, 10-Foot Cord

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    Kelly Lyell

    The house I live in has a small amount of outlets, so I needed a surge protector that was reliable and offered plenty of outlets and protection. So far, so good. I use it in my home office area and have about 5 things plugged into it, and it’s been great.

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    Ron J. Klug

    I looked around for a long time trying to find one that spread out the outlets so you could use them and all of them were really high priced then I found this one. Nice quality with a green Light which is way better than red in my opinion.

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    This is exactly what I need to hook up my 2 -3 fish tanks. I am so thrilled. It is exactly the way as described and even better. Very heavy duty 10ft cord. Thank you for a great product.

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    Carol A.

    I like the green light it clashes with my pink grow light lol but seriously who cares it is a power strip and it works great I have some space hogs and having four places off to the side helps me be able to use all the outlets. down the middle.

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    Texas KnowHow

    WOW! I was really surprised when I open the box and saw what footprint that this beast leaves. I’m good with it as it will be behind a big TV entertainment center so I won’t see it on a daily.Love how spaced out the outlets are so there are a lot of options for plug arrangement. I have my Home Theater system hooked up to this badboy and rated at 4,320 JOULES, I like the peace of mind with protection when it comes to my 4K 3D 70″ curved Samsung. I also have my wireless surround system hooked up to it and my Xbox and Firestick and Samsung BlueRay 3D player hooked to it, and my wifi modem and my Amazon Alexa and Google Hub too. That is a lot of money there so I needed a lot of protection.Some reviewers complained about the intensity of the green manalishi light. I don’t mind; it is just a reminder that the Beast is working and a Beast must scream into the night!

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    Great surge protector. Much better than any of the others that I have. It’s very durable with a long cord and a large number of ports. I will probably buy more of these in the future to replace other older surge protectors that I have.

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    This is the 2nd Amazon labeled product that I have purchased. I am very satisfied with the price, the quality of the 12 outlets (and spacing between each one), the modern design and the lighted power on indicator. It’s hard to believe this was not the most expensive surge protector.

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    Nick Eichenlaub

    I have a lot of plugs for my computer setup and my old plug was just not cutting it any longer. This power strip feels really sturdy, and adding a plastic slide to cover the outlets that aren’t in use is very useful.

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    Robert D Davis

    So unfortunately I live in a part of the US with a ton of thunderstorms. Good news is, it has already protected my 3k gaming computer from one surge already. I am happy with the product. The green light is a bright one, nothing a little electrical tape can’t fix though.Now to buy a UPS to make it even better.

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    Shane B.

    Well, I shall report back when our power goes out from a power surge. but five stars for getting all the standard stuff correct.

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