AM Conservation Group, Inc. FA012CPB1-WS-2 AM Conservation Group Sink Faucet Aerator

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HIGH PERFORMANCE & EFFICIENCY – AM Conservation Group Standard Faucet Aerators increase spray velocity, reduce splash, save water, and save the energy used to heat water.
EFFICIENT WATER FLOW RATE – This sink faucet aerator produces a 1. 5-Gallon per minute flow rate. AM Conservation also offers faucet aerators with lower and higher flow rates.
EASY INSTALLATION – The Standard Faucet Aerators can easily be installed and works with either kitchen or bathroom faucets.
QUALITY DESIGN – This faucet sprayer aerator attachment features an all-brass, chrome-plated body with 15/16-inch dual threading to fit most male and female faucet sprayers, Santoprene washers, and celcon internal parts. Male: 15/16″-27, Female: 55/64″-27.
WATERSENSE CERTIFIED – Our water-saving faucet nozzle aerator provides high water efficiency as it is Water Sense Certified.

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10 reviews for AM Conservation Group, Inc. FA012CPB1-WS-2 AM Conservation Group Sink Faucet Aerator

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    Rick M.

    These are very well made. They have both male and female threads, so they’ll fit any standard-sized faucet. I was able to install them with no tools, just hand-tightened, with no leaking.

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    Ana Zaun

    I’m not really sure what someone can actually say about this type of product. It works. It was easy to install because you just screw it in. I would imagine this isn’t something you can go “wrong” on, but I suppose you can. So if you’re worried about that, this product is as it says and it was easy to install. My water flows out of it just fine. I have zero complaints! And the price is beyond awesome.

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    Louis T. Heberlein

    We have hard water, and our aerators get serious hard water deposits. Over the years we’ve cleaned them with vinegar and scraping, but slowly they started looking worse and worse. Then at one point I couldn’t figure out how to reassemble one of our aerators. After working on it for an hour, I just bought this set on Amazon. I should have done this earlier. It was trivial to replace, and the faucets look so much better. These are very inexpensive, and I replaced the one I couldn’t get back together and one of the other aerators (since it came as a 2-pack).

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    I bought these to save water in the kitchen and bathroom. The flow seemed so strong that I was skeptical about the conservation claims. So I timed how long it took to fill a cup with and without the aerator. It took about a third longer with the aerator, even though there was no noticeable difference in the water flow. I am very happy with this purchase.

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    No problems here. Fit the faucets perfectly. I did have some of these for a Moen faucet that had gold exterior. Because I could only find a silver finish, I was actually able to remove the plastic cartridge from these and replace the ones in my existing gold exterior…no problem!

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    Bought these to install in some sink faucets in my house to reduce water flow and save water all over. You won’t believe how some people turn on the faucet full blast to wash hands for 10 seconds. All that water could fill a half gallon pail or more! I travel a lot, some to third world countries where water is treated like gold & conservation is ingrained in the people. I just feel we’re lucky here in the US to have so much water coming out everywhere and any time we turn on a faucet. I just didn’t want to have unnecessary water going to waste. So now there’s less water coming out of each sink faucet in my house each time someone washes their hands. It just takes longer to fill, say, a pitcher with water, but the gallons I believe I’m now saving is well worth it.

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    Ally Simkins

    This product is the perfect tool to start increasing your home’s efficiency and decreasing consumption. The aerators are easy to install even for a beginner to DIY like myself. I didn’t have a large enough wrench to remove my old ones so I used pliers instead and it worked just as well. The water flow that comes out of this product is steady, even, and still plenty of water.

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    I bought these to install on a couple of older bathroom sink faucets. Although these replaced aerators that were rated at 2.2 GPM, the difference in flow is only noticeable when filling a glass.They come with a couple of different gaskets, so fitting them is no trouble, but when hand-tightening only I get some dribbles around the seals with the tap opened. It’s nothing to be concerned about, just something that will be noticed. I might try snugging them a bit more with a wrench or something to see if it helps.

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    Got my 2 sink aerators I used one for the kitchen one for the bathroom. They both put out the standard amount of water it’s not a hard flow but it’s good enough for dishes washing your hands brushing your teeth. The price was great and you get two not one and I know it would have been more if I would have went to one of these little hardware stores down the block. They were super easy to install you just take the first rubber piece out and twisted in righty tighty lefty Loosey it’s hard metal not plastic like the other one I had which broke that’s why I had to replace it so I know it won’t break.

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    Amazon Customer

    These are good aerators. They fit well. I like that they were packed individually and in sealed plastic bags–these are going to come in contact with my drinking water!One thing I noticed it they create a higher pitched noise then the one I replaced.Nothing bad. Just an observation.PRO TIP: If they don’t screw in easily–make sure the old washer is removed. I had that problem. Once the old washer was out the threads caught and it screwed in easily.

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