ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel 100W (Dual 5v USB with iSolar Technology+18v DC Output) SunPower Solar Charger Foldable Solar Panel for Laptop, Portable Generator, 12v Car, Boat, RV Battery

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Price: $199.99

☀️3-in-1: ALLPOWERS portable solar panel 100W has 2 USB ports(5V/2.4A per port) with iSolar Technology for charging your 5V devices( like smart phones) , and 1 DC output(18V/5A) for charging your laptop, portable generator or 12V car battery; No additional battery needed for charging external devices, 100% green energy.

☀️High Efficiency: ALLPOWERS portable solar panel 100W uses SunPower solar cells which is made from US, up to 23.5% efficiency, and the waterproof surface treatment effectively protects solar charger. ALLPOWERS foldable solar panel 100W is compatible with most solar generators in the market.

☀️Slim and Powerful: 100W portable solar charger is only 4.73 lb, 1/3 lighter than the same power of solar silicon. The total power increased by 1/3 in compare with the same foldable solar panel size. Unfolded Size: 37*37*0.39in, Folded Size: 12.6*7.5*3.6in.

☀️Simple Style: eyeholes enable easy attach portable solar panel to backpack while traveling; Portable and frame design in folded fit for outdoor, indoor, travel, camping, and RV use, no space occupy.

☀️Package Contents: ALLPOWERS 100W Foldable Solar Charger, 5 laptop connectors, DC 5.5×2.1mm to 5.5×2.5mm cable, 1.5m Alligator clip cable, USB cables, carabiners, instruction manual, 18 months warranty and friendly customer service.




blankALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel 100W (Dual 5v USB with iSolar Technology+18v DC Output) SunPower Solar Charger Foldable Solar Panel for Laptop, Portable Generator, 12v Car, Boat, RV BatteryALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel 100W

ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel 100W

ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel 100W

Why choose ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel charger?

* High Efficiency: 100W SunPower solar cell is made from US, up to 23.5% efficiency, providing endless joice for laptop and other battery under sun.

*Exclusive isolar tech: charge faster, charge safer. power up to USB output 2.4A Max. DC output 5A Max.

* Easy to carry: Portable and frame design in folded fit for outdoor and indoor use, no space occupy.

Made for Charging Portable Power Station or Laptop.

* Highly Compatible with most solar generator/portable power station, laptops, car battery on the market.

(1)18V DC output: Compatible with most solar portable generator ( Suaoki, Goal Zero, Jackery, Rockpals, ENKEEO Portable Power Station etc.) or laptop, included different size of connectors.

(2)5V USB port and 5-1 connectors for smartphones, notebook ( DELL, Lenovo, etc) and tablets ( iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc.), iPad mini, external battery packs, and other 5V USB devices

*Alligator clip for charging 12V car battery.


1.High efficiency material(up to 23.5%)

*100W SunPower solar cell is made from US, up to 23.5% efficiency, providing endless joice for laptop and other battery under sun.

*1/3 lighter than the same power of solar slicon. The total power increased by 1/3 in compare with the same solar panel size.


2.Waterproof and Durable

high anti-wear PET solar panel with IP65 waterproof protection level , high temperature resistant, over power protection, surge protection, short circuit protection, ideal for outdoor activities such as camping trips and fishing.


3.Easy to set up anywhere & High Portable Design

・Foldable Size: 12*7.5*3.5 inch

・Weight: 1.28kg/ 45oz

・It can be folded into a briefcase for easy transport. You can place the panel on the outside of the bag, absorbing solar energy anywhere under strong sunlight.

Additional information


18V60W, 18V100W, 18V100W+288Wh Power Station

Package Dimensions

13.23 x 8.39 x 4.37 inches

Item Weight

5.29 pounds





Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


10 reviews for ALLPOWERS Portable Solar Panel 100W (Dual 5v USB with iSolar Technology+18v DC Output) SunPower Solar Charger Foldable Solar Panel for Laptop, Portable Generator, 12v Car, Boat, RV Battery

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    Very useful. I bought this several months ago to help charge my laptop for shtf and so far it does just that. it does it slowly while not in use. I estimate 3 full -summer solstice, non-shaded, no cloud days to get the battery to 100% from zero. All the while you CANT keep the computer ON or use it, because that’ll drain power and all your effort. “Effort??” you say, yes, effort. You gotta make sure the panel isn’t shaded in any way and prop it up to meet the angle of the sun as best you can – throughout the hot sunny day.It’s been very sunny and hot where I live SoKal(6/23/16). And recently had a prolonged power outage. Needed to rely on it to keep my primary phone charged up and keep an ear out for the EAS through the phone system. 4G LTE also went down for me.This folding panel is great for emergencies where firing up a gasoline powered generator would be too much jus to charge small phone. Combining this solar panel with a 20000mah power bank with 2 USB outputs would be ideal. You would charge up the power bank during the day and use the power by night. You’ve stored the electricity! its better than leaving your phone out in the sun ALL-DAY connected to the panel where it can be damaged by the heat or stolen.I’ve had this thing for several months and have used it on off during that time and so far hasn’t shown any breaking down. I don’t abuse the thing or try to make it break. Seams are still nice and tight. Cordura fabric also not wearing out too bad. No moving parts to speak of. Just emits a strong plastic odor when it’s exposed to sunlight, so use it in a ventilated area.

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    this works nicely and charges quickly in full sunlight not problems so far!

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    I’m proud of this company for not coming out with a cheap product and they surpassed my expectations. I used this religiously for a month before it burned in my trailer fire I had in September. Fire would be the only thing to destroy this kit to be honest. The panels flex with pressure and it’s super rain resistant with canvas cover. Out of everything destroyed, this and my gaming computer were the only two things I cared about. That should tell you something. I will be buying a new one when I can afford it so I hope the company still produces these by then. I was afraid they would give me the wrong order due to previous reviews but they didnt and I got all my panels as well.. it’s worth the note to add.

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    I ordered this last minute to take on a camping trip. I was taking an array of electronics and was uncertain about access to electricity. My access was much worse than expected so I was very glad to have this solar panel. On sunny days, it did a fabulous job of changing up the basics: computer, mobile phones, hot spot and small extra battery packs. On cloudy days, it wasn’t quite enough. If I was going to be away from camp, I left it in the front window. while this reduced efficiency, the small battery packs and mobile phones were still able to get a pretty good charge using this set-up. Well-oriented in full sun, this panel was doing a fabulous job. It folds small enough that I was able to fit it in my carry on and, on the return trip, in my checked baggage. Note: it is rather heavy for carry-on luggage. TSA checked it out carefully but it IS carry-on legal for domestic US travel. Very happy with this purchase so far and looking forward to using it again.

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    Amazon Customer

    I have owned this charger for about three weeks so far. Had the chance to use it on a quick camping trip, using it to charge a 12 volt “power station” that I built. The station consists of two 12 volt 18 Amp Hour AGM batteries, with two Powerwerx Anderson Powerpole ports, a cigarette lighter port, and an in-line volt meter, assembled in a water tight “dry box.” I ran the batteries down to about 11 volts running my CPAP overnight, and put it on the AllPowers 60 Watt panel to charge in partial shade / filtered sun. My volt meter never indicated less than 16.5 volts in the shade. It had the battery box to full charge in less than two hours. Subsequent tests of the unit in full sun were showing voltage readings well in excess of the rated 18 volts (23 volts). I am hoping to use this setup to power my ham gear in the field, so I may have to get some kind of step-down converter to keep voltage to a max of 13.8 volts while using the AllPowers panel in line with the battery box. It is a well made product, with a tough ballistic canvas exterior. Folds and packs easily, and is relatively light weight – especially compared to comparable 60 watt portable solar chargers on the market. This unit will easily and quickly charge multiple cell phones, iPads or a laptop (it has a built in step-down transformer and USB power port) but could easily be used to charge RV or car battery systems as well. Will update as I have a chance to use the product in the field over time.

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    Sele Training

    I took this solar panel and a LEDKINGDOMUS 300 Watt Power Station on a trip camping with the purpose of charging my Mavic 2 Zoom drone. It worked perfectly. I had sunny days and it was enough to fully charge my power station and a couple cell phones each day. I was able to charge both at the same time. Then I used the power station to charge 4 batteries for my drone each day. It was a perfect combination of the right weight, power consumption and convenience to do exactly what I needed. Would love more power but then you have more weight. With a bigger charging station it would not get fully charged even with full sun. So the combination works out just right for 4 drone flights a day and something I can pack to remote locations when I want it.

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    Was a little skeptical this would provide enough power, but after an eight day camping trip in northern Arizona I can say this one goes with me everywhere now. It spread out perfectly across the windshield of my Xterra. Clipped it into the wipers and my roof rack to keep the wind from blowing it around. The setup was to run the main line into the cigarette outlet to keep the truck battery charged. I also used the panels USB connectors to charge devices. It pushed out enough juice to keep my 50qt ARB fridge at its 32 degree setting in temps that were in the 80’s outside, with the frig sitting inside a black SUV that was much warmer than that. While doing that it also provided daily charges for two iPhones, one iPad, one Samsung phone, and a charger for batteries for two full size Nikon cameras. The frig was always on and we usually had two to three devices plugged into the system at anyone time.Positioning to get it into direct sunlight is needed, of course. But it was surprising how little light was needed to get at least basic current flow going. Early morning and twilight saw it producing energy, thought not at the full 80w. Ditto on a partly cloudy/overcast day.We hit a few days of gusty winds on the trip. The tough cover and clip loops worked well. It flopped around, but no apparent worries on wear and tear. It folds up very compactly for storage with a heavy nylon cover protecting the panels. An outside pocket helps keep all the connectors together.

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    I was able to connect this to my Anker 400 and charge it 48% in 5 hours. I’m certain it will actually charge it faster than that but I wasn’t quick to adjust it as the sun changed positions. To connect it to the Anker 400 you need the dc adapter that came with the Powerhouse, I also purchased a long extension cord (Heavy Duty 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Power Supply Extension Cord)to go with it so I don’t have to leave a Lithium battery out in the sun. You’ll need to use one of the provided adapters to connect either the Anker dc cable or the extension cable to the solar panel. I was also able to charge my Pixel with this panel at the same time, so that may have also affected the time.

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    As far as the panel itself feels pretty solid and well made, and the company was helpful on an issue I had initially so that is a plus. Only cons I have are that the accessories dont feel that high quality, but the ones I tested worked just fine, so maybe I am just nitpicking. Also, being a folding panel it is rather flimsy for positioning, I wish they could build in some kind of folding angled stand into it, but I am sure that would not be easy, and would kill more of the portability.As far as performance.. I performed a test at around 3:30 pm in full sun. From my pictures you can see that the panel outputs 22.7V at the time of the picture (it actually peaked at around 24V when initially plugging in and checking). In the next picture I then checked the Amperage and it was 2.5a. So combined the panel can do at least 55W and it technically hit 60W when it was at 24V. Not sure how accurate this test translates, but straight from DC out, to the volt meter, it seems the math add up!As far as the USB outputs, I dont have a USB tester but they seemed to charge my USB devices as fast as a standard 2-2.4a wall charger could. Overall I am very happy with it, especially from a performance standpoint as I plan on buying a portable lithium battery to charge up so I can power a variety of things on outdoor trips!

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    Amazon Customer

    Omg how perfectly portable. Better than the foldable briefcase type. Fits in a backpack if needed. With a smallish solar generator that uses the excess wattage generated that the laptop cant use with a direct charge. Will keep in car at all times.

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