AIMTOM Portable Solar Charger 60W Foldable Solar Panel with 5V USB and 18V DC

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☀️ HARNESS THE POWER OF THE SUN: The AIMTOM 60W folding solar panel is here to help you take advantage of the sun’s unlimited power and help you power up your laptop, iPhone, camera, wireless speaker, portable power station or solar generators. Charge your laptop directly from sunlight with the 10-in-1 connector kit (except for MacBooks). MC-4 cable, DC-to-Clamp, DC-to-DC cables are also included.
⚡ 60W OF GREEN, ECO-FRIENDLY POWER: Instead of carrying bulky powerbanks or looking for an outlet, you can enjoy unlimited, eco-friendly power no matter where you are with our portable and easy-to-transport solar power generator.
🔋 NEVER RUN OUT OF BATTERY AGAIN: This premium, handmade solar charging panel will help you charge up to 2 devices at once thanks to its USB and DC outputs, so you can rest assured that you and your loved ones will not run out of juice. Plus it is made of SunPower solar cells which has the highest efficiency of 22.2%.
📱 CHARGE ALL YOUR DEVICES ON-THE-GO: The innovative safety functions make this folding solar power charger ideal for all your devices, including Android smartphones, laptops, iPhones, action cam, radio, wireless headphones, DSLR camera, GPS or any other electronic device.
🏕️ DON’T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT YOUR SOLAR CHARGER: Want to take all the fuss out of your next camping or hiking trip? Want to enjoy the comforts of your home even if you are in the middle of nowhere? Our folding power charger is exactly what you need!




AIMTOM Portable Solar Charger – 60W Foldable Solar Panel with 5V USB and 18V DC for iPhone, Tablet, Laptop, Camera, Cell Phone, GPS and 5-18V Devices – Compatible with Solar Generators Power Stations

Portable Power StationAIMTOM Portable Solar Charger

AIMTOM Portable Solar Charger


Our story

How we got our start?

An unserviced campsite on the Bruce Peninsula sparked the idea for a portable alternative power source that doesn’t have an engine, doesn’t run on gas, and doesn’t produce noise, fumes or pollution. That means when you want the peaceful quiet of nature, you can have it.

What makes our product AIMTOM Portable Solar Charger unique?

Each of AIMTOM products is thoughtfully designed to be kind to the planet, and to make your life easier. PowerPal and SolarPal product lines are meticulously manufactured to the highest level of standard and quality. They are thoroughly tested and proven to meet all safety and quality standards.

Why we love what we do?

We are engineers who are passionate about electronics and product design. We love to create products that are nature friendly, portable, powerful and made for anyone to use, anywhere. And we are leading the charge in developing products that will end the tyranny of gas and diesel.


Are you looking for a practical, ergonomic and easy-to-use solar panel to harvest solar power? Do you want to make sure that your electronic devices never run out of power? Do you need a powerful solar charger for your phones, laptop, portable power station or solar generator?

Now you don’t have to settle for all those cheaply-made solar chargers that fall apart after a few weeks anymore!


Power up your next adventure with the AIMTOM sleek and powerful portable solar charger and make sure that your laptop, cellphone or tablet never runs out of juice again! You can take all the fuss out of charging your action cams, mp3 player, cameras or portable power stations with our easy-to-transport and efficient 60W power panel bag!


The AIMTOM dual-output USB and DC solar power generator utilizes green renewable solar energy, which will not only help power your devices, but also protect the environment!


aimtom solarpal asp-60 solar panel


  • Input Power: 60W
  • Input Voltage: 19V-24V
  • Input Current: 3.5A
  • DC&USB Output Power: 55W (Max)
  • DC Output Voltage: 12V-18V
  • DC Output Current: 4.5A Max at 12V; 3.2A Max at 18V
  • USB Output Voltage: 4.75V-5.25V
  • USB Output Current: 2.4A (Max)
  • Solar Cell Efficiency: 22.2%
  • Folded Size: 29x16x6cm / 11.4×6.3×2.4inch
  • Unfolded Size: 165x29x1.8cm / 64.9×11.4×0.7inch
  • Weight: 1.35kg /2.98lb


If you are looking for a special gift for your loved ones who love camping, the AIMTOM 60W foldable solar panel is exactly what you need. Ideal for camping, hunting, fishing, trekking, backpacking or hiking trips, this lightweight, compact and practical solar panel charger will make your next trip easier!

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Smartphones, Headphones, MP3 Player, Tablets, Cameras, Laptops, Speakers

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10 reviews for AIMTOM Portable Solar Charger 60W Foldable Solar Panel with 5V USB and 18V DC

  1. blank

    Retail X-Pert

    I bought this and another big brand name… the AIMTOM spanked the other panel in every way. I am charging a solar ‘generator’ right now (around noon) and there is a bit of haze in the sky – it’s putting out 48 watts (from a possible 60!) and I didn’t even try messing around with the angle of the panels. The other brand I bought is putting out 18-20 watts and is struggling no matter what I have done. I am returning the other and just ordered an 80 watt AIMTOM panel! I have also told several friends interested in my experience with the panels and generators…

    1 product
  2. blank


    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.

     Stoked about my new solar panel. I love that it’s portable, the perfect size for a life on the road. It’s my favorite color as well. Just un-velcro it and lay it out in the sun. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

    1 product
  3. blank


    Works well, both for charging the power generator and charging cell phones. Customer service is very good, worked with me to quickly resolve an issue with a faulty cable.I am pleased to have this solar charger.

    1 product
  4. blank

    Ewald A. Oppmann

    Great to have power anywhere we go, camping, at the beach or at any outdoor outing. This can also be a life saver when the house power goes out for any reason. The solar panel is large and vet compact when folded.

    1 product
  5. blank


    I purchased the 60w solar charger. Today was the test. We set it out at 10 and checked it at 6- fully charged. Didn’t check it in between. I didnt expect it to fully charge in one day after i read a different review. Love the package, solar charger and the inverter. Perfect for emergencies. I wanted to be sure i could power our security system in a power.outage

    1 product
  6. blank


    Nice easy to connect works well recharging the Aimtom only criticism it’s just a 1/2 inch too long to put/ store into an ammo can but I’ll just buy a larger ammo can

    1 product
  7. blank

    Jennifer B.

    I’m a fan of this solar panel. I use it with an AIMTOM portable battery and it works great. Mostly I use it to change my battery then run devices off the battery. However, it could be used to charge devices right off of. It comes with several types of attachments.

    1 product
  8. blank

    Amazon Customer

    Used to solar recharge Aimtom battery. Did trial run at home before going camping for 10 days. Works great. Can spread it out on car windshield in sun or camp table.

    1 product
  9. blank


    The build quality is great, made of durable panels connected to a folding tough fabric in olive green and orange. Since it’s going to be in the sun for long periods of time, I brushed on a coating of 303 UV protectant with a soft brush, to help preserve the fabric from UV damage. I will re-apply this every few hundreds hours of sun exposure to keep it it protected. It hasn’t had any effect on the solar performance, even though the coating was also applied to the panels themselves. This is because solar panels use very little UV light and are mostly using the visible light spectrum to generate power.I connect this to an Energizer PPS240W01 portable power station and they work perfectly together, fully charging the 240Wh power station with about 8 hours of sunlight.

    1 product
  10. blank


    The Solar panel is a great compliment to the AimTom Raptor portable power station. You can use it to power/charge usb devices directly, laptops, and use it to charge up a power station.The 60w solar panel feels very well built and the panels themselves can take some abuse,I have personally tossed them around to test their durability.As for the effectivness of the panels to charge my 540wh power station, the best I have seen in an 8 hour period is about 35% charge of the Power station. Which in my opinion is very good for the size. The effectivness of solar panels depends alot on the angle of the panels toward the sun, so that may have had an effect on my test.Overall highly recommended!

    1 product
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