AFWFilters HP-60626 Turbine flow meter, black

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Price: $97.75

Flow Meter Measures Water Usage For Demand Softeners And Is Necessary For Proper Operation
Brand Name: Afwfilters
Product Dimensions: 8.0 X 1.0 X 2.0″
Country Of Origin: United States

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Brand AFWFilters



AFWFilters HP-60626 Turbine flow meter

Flow meter assembly for Fleck 2510 & 5600 softener valves with screws, clips, and o-rings.Product Features Flow Meter Replaces cracked or worn-out flow meters on all Fleck 2510 & 5600 softener valves. Complete Includes flow meter, screws, clips, and o-rings.

(Does not include wiring cable)

Product Description

Replace your cracked or worn out flow meter that fits all Fleck 2510 & 5600 valves. This part commonly needs replaced when the screws are over-tightened during installation, which isn’t covered under the Fleck warranty More Info

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10 reviews for AFWFilters HP-60626 Turbine flow meter, black

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    Chris M

    Good product that worked on my fleck 9100sxt

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    Our softener stopped regenerating because the turbine blade in the flow meter froze (debris lodged between the blade & side wall). We freed the blade so it was working again but bought this as a backup in case there was some damage from wear & tear we couldn’t see. We’ll check the softener to make sure the water flow continues to register. Since we didn’t need to install it, I can’t comment except to say it looks very well made, arrived very quickly & was a priced very well & we’re happy to have a back up.

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    Product came relatively quickly, given it was not a prime item. I think this was the cheapest version of the product after doing some searching around at various sites.The product installed very easily. If you want to see a video of it go to YouTube: Fleck 5600SXT Turbine & Bypass & Plumbing Connectors. previous turbine had frozen, so the softener was not counting gallons any more to enable on demand regeneration. That function has now been fixed by this replacement part, saving excess regenerations (both water and salt). For me, this was a worthwhile investmentThe product does come with a flow straightener. There were no instructions for installing, it. I did not have one on the current installation, so I did not use it.

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    Worked Perfectly!

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    Marco A. Villarreal Jr.

    Solved my water leak, easy install

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    Santi G.

    some problem with Italian import tax

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    Pete Lopez

    The product came in quickly and works great.

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    Mike G

    This item restored my water softner to working condition. It tells my controller that there is water flow in the system and allows for regeneration when needed. Previouse one just plan wore out.

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    Amazon Customer

    Fixed our leak! Easy to install.

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    Works great, install was fairly easy once I figured out that I needed to reuse the old screws. There was something odd about the new screws.

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