ACOPOWER UV11007GD 100W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

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Price: $243.17

Solar Panel Kit: 2 pieces of foldable 50W high efficiency Grade A monocrystalline solar panels with 10A charge controller, can work as a battery ready kit or a generator ready kit or BOTH
Capable Solar Panel Kit:charge generators with MC-4 connectors, charge 12V Car or Marine batteries (Sealed, GEL, Flooded) with the alligator clips; or both at the same time. Additional solar panel (Max 40w) could be connected by MC-4 connectors to charge battery faster
Portable and Easy Setup: with pre-installed stands, the PV kit does not need separate mounting brackets; weight: 33.1lb and size: 19.69 x 25.6 x2.9 inches; comes with a protective suitcase, you can take it wherever you want and set up in 1 min
Designed with Details: corner protectors, Anderson plug, MC-4 connectors, Junction box with diodes, handle, latches, fuse, carrying bag/suitcase; aluminum frame for solid and lightweight structure; from design to packing, every detail is our effort for you to have reliable green power
For Pre-wired Zamp Solar RV or Camper: please search a SAE adapter




ACOPOWER UV11007GD 100W Foldable Solar Panel Kit, 12V Battery and Generator Ready Suitcase with Charge Controller

ACOPOWER,solar panel,solar panel all black,solar panel kits,100W solar panel,Charge Controller

Much capable to work with two different batteries at the same time

ACOPOWER,solar panel,solar panel all black,solar panel kits,100W solar panel,Charge Controller

Two 50W Module Folding Suitcase:


Module Size: 25.6*19.9*1.2 inches + 25.6*19.9*1.2 inches

Folding Size: 25.6*19.9*2.6 inches


Packing Weight: 26.1 lbs

Max Power: 2*50W

Max Power Voltage: 17.8V

Max Power Current: 2*1.81A

Open Circuit Voltage: 22.3V

Short Circuit Voltage: 2*3.03A


10A PWM Charge Controller

For 12V Battery- Sealed, GEL, Flooded

Max PV Input Voltage: 34V

Rated Battery Current: 10A

With electrical protection from overheating, over charging, over discharging, overload and short circuit.

2 pair of MC-4 Connectors
1 pair of Anderson Connectors
1 pair of Alligator Clips

ACOPOWER,solar panel,solar panel all black,solar panel kits,100W solar panel,Charge Controller

●The single crystal panel provides the highest efficiency, about 15.4% per space, and has excellent performance in low light environments.







ACOPOWER,solar panel,solar panel all black,solar panel kits,100W solar panel,Charge Controller●Corrosion-resistant aluminum frame, suitable for outdoor use, easy to install and carry. . Folding size: 19.9 x 27.2 x 2.8 inches, portable power supply.

●Adjustable installation angle, maximum solar panel power output, wide-area use.






ACOPOWER,solar panel,solar panel all black,solar panel kits,100W solar panel,Charge Controller●Alligator clip for easy connection to the battery.







ACOPOWER,solar panel,solar panel all black,solar panel kits,100W solar panel,Charge Controller

●Pre-installed 10 amp solar charger controller can prevent system overcharge, over discharge, overload and reverse connection.

● Pre-installed controller and pre-wired for 12V battery charging. Suitable for hiking, camping, military use, off-grid solar panel systems, caravans, motor homes, boats, etc.


ACOPOWER,solar panel,solar panel all black,solar panel kits,100W solar panel,Charge Controller

ACOPOWER,solar panel,solar panel all black,solar panel kits,100W solar panel,Charge Controller

ACOPOWER,solar panel,solar panel all black,solar panel kits,100W solar panel,Charge Controller

ACOPOWER,solar panel,solar panel all black,solar panel kits,100W solar panel,Charge Controller

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10 reviews for ACOPOWER UV11007GD 100W Foldable Solar Panel Kit

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    After weels of research, finally went for the acopower for boondocking in the new trailer. Used it in cloudy weather, with intermittent sprinkles. This thing ran like a CHAMP! Was rocking a charge all day and kept the battery totally topped off. I feel like it even extended my battery life and charged it better than plugging into a hookup station. Setup is super easy, took me about 30 seconds and comes with everything you need. Can’t recommend enough!!!!

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    I bought this to use with my trailer which I already have 300w of solar installed on my roof but wanted a portable setup for when I’m camped in a shady spot. The build quality of the kit is excellent with a heavy duty case, I bought it on sale for $219.90 and have recommended it to numerous friends.

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    D. Fischer

    I was impressed with the quality. Strong frame with adequate braces. I never measured voltages but it charged my 100AH AGM battery. Excellent carrying case. This will be used with a slide-in camper so I found the charging cables somewhat short, especially when the panel has to be placed on the opposite side of the camper. Another 10 feet of charging cable would of been helpful.

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    J. Endres

    UPDATE! Had a problem where unit did not appear to be charging marine battery, no LEDs lit in full sun, etc. Contacted ACOPOWER, and they asked me to test with my car battery. It worked, so tried again with marine battery, and it worked! Obviously, i had a connection problem the first time around. IMPORTANT NOTE: on this charge controller (Landstar B), NO LEDs will light until the controller is properly connected to a working battery.This solar kit is impressively well-made. The panels fold into a suitcase that is solid and secure. Wiring is first class and uses quality materials. The included cover is fabric but quite rigid, and should protect the unit very well.The unit performs wonderfully. It kept a trailer using radio, fans, lights, pump, etc running and the batteries in perfect shape over three days of testing. I kept close track of the battery voltage day and night, and believe that at least in summer this unit would provide us enough juice to never require plugging in. The charge controller is smart, and provides full battery maintenance functions of any modern charger/converter.Instructions are OK once you find the right place from which to download them. The sheet included with the charge controller was dense and difficult to understand at first, but effort to do so is rewarded. I didn’t realize that to modify the battery type or monitor performance on the charge controller, a separate piece (EPEVER MT-50) is needed. I ordered one, but was able to charge my flooded batteries just fine using the default sealed parameters. Note that the same functions provided by the MT-50 are supposedly provided by an app downloadable from EPEVER, but you’ll still need to purchase an adapter cable from the charge controller to phone, and reviews of the app were not encouraging, so the MT-50 seemed like the simplest way to go.I’m confident that a non-techie user would have little trouble making this solar kit work for them, because all that’s really required is to point the panels at the sun, hook the clamps to the correct battery posts, look at the LEDs on the controller to make sure it’s doing what it’s supposed to, and forget it!

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     The solar panel came in very secure cardboard packaging with the carrying case protecting it. I took the solar panel out of the suitcase and did some simple tests to makes sure that it works. I used a voltmeter to measure the output of the solar panel and it was around 20V so that is more than enough for me to charge my 12V battery. What I like about the set up is that you can charge a battery with the alligator clips and charge anything else like a battery pack generator as long as it has the universal MC4 connectors which are also included in the kit. Overall a very good product and I’m sure it will last a long time!

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    We have a Roadtrek class B motorhome with a single house battery. Class B’s are easy enough to drive and park that we use it as a sight-seeing vehicle, as well as camping in it. All that driving keeps the battery nicely charged. When we do stop for extended periods we can get as much as 3 days out of the batter. Any longer and we need a charge. That led me to looking into solar. Permanent roof top was an option, but was overkill for out application and more money than I’m willing to spend. Space is at a premium in our little motorhome, so I looked at the “suitcase” models. I like that this one has metal legs and a 5M(eter) cord. Our battery is tucked away behind a panel, so I made another connector using ring terminals. I’ve bolted it directly to the battery. The connector hangs down and is easily accessible.We used it for the first time last week for 5 days. It did a great job of keeping our house battery fully charged and allowed us to use the roof mounted fan on “high” during very hot weather. It kept the lights burning bright and we were everybody’s favorite neighbors for charging phones and Kindles. We had charging voltage when ever we aimed it at the sun, even when the sky was overcast.All of the hardware is high quality. Corner protectors all the way around, stout aluminum legs, automotive grade connectors, and a very nice carrying case. I bring the battery clamp connector with, just in case we need to charge a chassis batter.The Acopower 100 Watt folding panel fits our needs perfectly.

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    I’m having excellent luck with this product. It took one minute to set up and start charging my sealed AGM 12-volt battery (35ah purchased at Amazon) with the included alligator clamps. The main reason for this review is as follows: I lost my instructions and like a rookie I panicked, not knowing the details of my new solar system. I went to the acopower website and left a technical question, asking for the instructions. Within one hour they emailed me back with a link to the PDF. This is good service. I’m a noob and probably a fool for losing the instructions, and they still helped with no delay. Also a lot of people in the Q&A section here at Amazon answered my questions right away. It’s nice to get fast answers, especially when you’re not an electronics expert. I highly recommend this product!

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    S. Harrison

    I basically cut the gator clamps off and added 3/8 post rings to the wiring, wired it to the battery and plugged the solar panel into quick connect that comes with it. Under direct sun, I’m getting about 4.9 amp charge. This is all displayed on the controller. So easy and after installing some usb and dc outlets, barely run the generator anymore. Now during the day, I can plug the tv into the little 150w inverter and run the tv off the batteries too! Very glad I bought this. The suitcase style is very easy to store.

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    Forrest Wm Byron

    This is an absolutely wonderful product. It charges a battery directly or through an RV Furrion or other connector in no time at all. In addition, their customer service was positively excellent. They contacted me to make sure I was totally satisfied with the solar panel kit and I definitely was. I plan on telling all of our RV friends about this solar panel kit and what a great company ACOPOWER is. I would encourage all of them to buy one of these. It is a fantastic product!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and a wonderful company to deal with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Gregory W. DeWolf

    Well packaged when it arrived. Nice case. Intuitive set-up. Operating instructions could use some clarification. Used it for a week at Yosemite RV campsite (no hookups) under a variety of tall trees so it received sporadic full sunlight. Despite that, on most days it charged up two 6Volt Golf Cart batteries in series to what the trailer LED indicator lights showed as fully charged. I was only able to run trailer’s water pump, interior/exterior lights, and radio/CD-DVD system (from Bluetooth iPad connect); could not run TV or Microwave since there were no hookups at the site and the trailer does not have an inverter. It was light enough to be moved around easily, and the carrying handle was strong enough to let me attach a security cable to increase the likelihood that the panels would still be there when we returned from our daytime outings.

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