ACOPOWER 120W Foldable Solar Panel, 12V Foldable Solar Suitcase with ProteusX 20A Charge Controller in Suitcase

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Price: $372.00

Portable: 8.4 lbs; LxWxH 22 x17.5 x1.2 IN; handle design; pocket for holding accessories; stands in the back by velcro, could be set up ready shape in 1 min
Efficiency: monocrystalline cells from SUNPOWER the highest conversion efficiency module provider in the world, which increases conversion efficiency up to 25%
Kit Includes: portable solar panel suitcase; 20A LCD waterproof charge controller; removable MC-4 connector cables; alligator clamps cables; user manual
Work With: clamps to you 12v batteries it would automatically start charging; remove charge controller by disconnecting MC-4 connectors and connect to ACOPower generator by adapter
100% money back guarantee. Customer service and technical support based in California.





ACOPower 120W Foldable Solar Panel Suitcase features a extra portable design with durable quality for outdoor activities.

In the pocket of the suitcase, it has a 20A LCD waterproof charge controllerAlligator clamps for battery charging, two pairs of MC-4 Connectors where the charge controller could be removed, or an extension cable could be insert, and SAE to SAE adapter where it can be connected to the RV directly.

The PV suitcases are also available 50W 70W and 105W Portable Solar Panel Kit Suitcase

Fabric and cell surface is waterproof for outdoor. The pre-installed wires and stands allows an easy setting-up in 2 mins.

ACOPOWER 120W Sunpower Monocrystalline Foldable Solar Panel Kit


The lightweight 8.4 lbs and laptop-like solar panel suitcase is ideal for portable outdoor solar power souce.

With all pre-installed charge controller and wires, you could spend 5 seconds and start to charge your car battery, marine boat battery as well other 12V portable lead acid batteries.

Also it could charge your solar generator, aka battery inverter or portable AC outlet power supply, by remove the charge controller and connect the suitcase by MC-4 adapter.

It was designed to work either as a SOLAR PANEL or a SOLAR PANEL KIT.

Work As a Solar Panel Only:



  • Remove the MC-4 connectors (which is connected with wire to charge controller as default)
  • Connect MC-4 Connectors with your solar generator’s adapter
  • Start to charge



Please choose the proper solar panel for your generator.

120W Foldable Solar Panel has a higher voltage and current for some solar generators. The current is too high for ACOPower 154WH Solar Generator.

We recommend it to charge ACOPOWER 400wh Generator and other generators equal or larger than 400WH.

Work As a Solar Panel Kit:


· Connect the red alligator clamp to Positive while black to Negative

· Start to charge

· Battery Type Options: Lithium-ion, LiFePO4, LTO, Gel, AGM, Flooded, Crystal and Calcium.

· 12 Voltage Battery only


If your battery voltage is too low, (Lower than 3V) it could not work.

The charge controller avoids overcharging and discharging and protects your battery.

Test the product by connecting a proper battery firstly.

20A PWM Charge Controller Nominal Voltage: 12V/24V Working Current: 20A Working Mode:PWM Charging Weight: 1lb

0Product Specification:

(Made of SunPower Solar Cell)

Voltage at nominal power [V] Vmp 18V

Current at nominal power [A] Imp 5.97A

Open-circuit voltage [V] Voc 24.6V

Short-circuit current [A] Isc 6.32A




6Setup in 1 minute:

Velcro Design for Opening

With Three Standing Legs Itself


Backpocket holding charge controller and other accessories

No tools needed for setup




8Ultra Portable and Lightweight:

8.4 lbs with charge controller and package

Unfolding Size:56.7x22x0.2inch(1440x560x4mm)

Folding size: 22×17.3×0.8 inch(560x440x20mm)

A Handle is pre-installed






SAE Adapter

The 120W foldable Solar Panel Suitcase is compatible with the ACOPower 20ft S-A-E Extension Adapter.








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10 reviews for ACOPOWER 120W Foldable Solar Panel, 12V Foldable Solar Suitcase with ProteusX 20A Charge Controller in Suitcase

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    Since this was to be a plug-n-play system, and the reviews were good, I didn’t bother to do a test run before heading to the mountains to camp. After connecting the system, the controller had no display and the battery was not charging. After coming home and with the help of ACOPower support I found that I had two problems, (1) the SAE connector I purchased to leave connected to my battery was backwards compared to the SAE connector on the system, therefore my positive and negative connections were backwards. Once corrected the controller was active, but I was getting a “P02/prc error code. (2) After looking at the manual on line (not provided with the system) I found the error message was for “Battery Good/Solar Reversed”. When I switched the connections on the back of the controller for the solar panel it started working as normal. The factory had installed the MC4 connectors backwards, which reversed the negative and positive. Even though I think their quality control should have caught the reversed polarity on the solar panel before shipping, I still gave ACOPower a full 5 stars because they were ready to stand behind their product and the problem was an easy fix.

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    I ordered 1 panel first. Liked it so much I ordered 2 more.Great service support. The first panel (which I ordered in October or 11 months ago) output dropped to just 2 2 amps compared to the new panels that each produced 5.5 amps each.I called and they said they have improved the model (panel was also a bit floppy)They are sending me a replacement panel.Also. I really like the 20 amp controller. Much better than the 10 amp I got with the first panelThe display gives valuable information and works great. I like how it resets the daily total each day. Using it to charge my 2 100 amp lithium iron phosphate batteries3 panels in parallel are the max number for the 20 amp controller (unless panels are in shade or not oriented to face sun.On cloudy days with panel flat I get about 1 amp from a panel. if clouds thin but still no shadow, output increases a bit.

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    Amazon Customer

    This is only a preliminary review based on the receipt and first hook-up of the panels.Hookup was intuitive, so the instructions were not really necessary unless you are unfamiliar with solar panels. This is good since the controller instructions received did not match the controller included.The panels are very light weight and easy to handle. The panels appear that they will handle considerable abuse but this will show in the test of time. No complaints so far and hopefully it will stay that way.

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    Ski Muir Milburn

    I bought this 120W portable PV system to recharge the auxiliary batter that powers the refrigerator in our restored VW Westy. Took it out of the box and was charging the battery 5 minutes later. Couldn’t be easier, pic attached. No stars for Tech Support because I didn’t need any.Well designed, lightweight, compact and folds up into itself to create a storage case. The integrated kickstands are a particularly nice touch, as are the grommets to stake it down. It’s so light (~10kg) that a light breeze can topple it over.I’m going to change the battery clamps with electrical connectors so the charge controller can be permanently installed, and get an extension cable for when I want to get more than 10 feet from the van. The industry-standard cable connectors (SAE & MC4) will make this a breeze.Hitting the road this weekend for a full scale test. Calculations say we should be able to keep the fridge going indefinitely with this setup.

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    Just set it up today. Took 3 minutes and bam! power!

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    I am new to solar and therefore did a fair amount of research comparing foldable solar panels before taking the leap. I choose the ACOPOWER LTK 120 watt foldable solar panel kit with ProteusX 20A Waterproof LCD Charge Controller. This is a great product and the customer service is excellent. Before I bought the solar panel they were available to answer a barrage of questions. The manuals for the solar panel and the controller were thorough and easy to understand. The solar panel kit was easy to set up and performs well for boondocking. Thank you ACOPOWER.

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    Shawna Wiebusch

    This was truly plug and play with our new teardrop. The interface on the charge controller is intuitive and the solar panels immediately started charging the battery. I’m excited to try it out while camping! Customer service was also responsive when I had questions.

  8. blank

    Amazon Customer

    I am pleased so far I found it interesting how much difference there is when shifting position to follow the sun I don’t have this option on the fixed cells on my van. I think the combination Should be able to keep me in cold beer all the time. On past camping trips I have had to run the van every three days. This new set should put me over the top. The only thing I am changing is adding a longer cord so I can park in shade and still get power.ThanksAndy

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    Great product and powers my camper without any problems while at the same recharging my batteries. Customer service gets five stars for answering questions and helping me resolve a technical question.

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    High quality USA company with great support! Will reccomend to other travelers!

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