5 Pack – Save A Drop Water Flow Meter | Measure Gallon Usage From an Outdoor Garden Hose | Helps Conserve Water

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Save A Drop Water Flow Meter

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This Water Meter is made by P3 International and prevents over watering. This meter is extremely accurate, it measures water usage to the 1/10 of a gallon. It calculate single water use and total water consumption. It features an easy-to-read LCD display and a rugged and waterproof housing.

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10 reviews for 5 Pack – Save A Drop Water Flow Meter | Measure Gallon Usage From an Outdoor Garden Hose | Helps Conserve Water

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    Amazon Customer

    After reading reviews of other similar meters I chose this one. Only used it once with no leaks and feels plastic threads are robust enouph for hand tightening of connection without leaking. Now I know how much water & weight I’m carrying in my RV.

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    I use it to measure the water I put into my trailer. I check with a 1 gallon carton and it was very accurate. I would recommend this product.

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    Curtis W.

    Worked great. can’t say how accurate it is do to I don’t have anything to compare it to but for filling an RV tank it worked as advertised and sure made it easier to figure out how much water weight I was hauling by knowing the gallons loaded. Also, with this I can load just the gallons of water I want instead of guessing if I don’t need a full load. Wish I would have purchased one of these years ago, sure makes a big difference in weight when towing with 50-60 gls compared to a full load of 150 gls of water. Great product.

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    marianne gerst

    Great product for the price. The only issue I have it only counts up to 999, so if you need it to track usage above 1,000, you will need to babysit it and manually keep track how many times it goes above 999 and starts over.

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    John M

    Working very well. We’re running water from a spigot to anotehr area about 1/3 mile away, and this was very helpful in telling us when we weren’t yet done finding leaks, and eventually proving that we’d gotten everything right. Will now be used to monitor monthly water use, as well as being able to check to see if there are any leaks (we have platic pipe exposed for a long way) in the future. Adding note after 6 weeks usage: Still working well, easy to read and reset, seems to be accurate for our needs.

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    Glen, Tacoma WA

    This is an ideal product for Recreational Vehicle usage. I utilize 2 of these water flow meters; the 1st one monitors overall fresh water usage as it comes into the RV. The 2nd one monitors the filtered water usage (drinking water). The level indicators in most RVs are barely usable and largely inaccurate. If I want to put exactly 20 gallons into the fresh water tank, this lets me do it. If I want to fill the black water tank with 5 gallons while I travel to help clean it, this helps me do that too, and since a gallon of water weighs 8.3 lbs, I know exactly how much extra weight I’m carrying while driving.

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    Dan J

    We had about 10 days of perfect weather and decided to drain the pool and perform a chlorine wash of the old plaster. While cleaning the pool, we decided to purchase this P3 Water Flow Meter after reading the reviews of leaky meters.When it was time to fill the pool, we placed this meter between the bib and the strain relief for the hose. After 39 hours we had 11,488.2 gallons of water in the pool and turned the water off as we did not wish to stay up all night (better to fill it while we are up, then to wake up to a pool that has overflowed). The next day we added more water and again stopped after 4 hours, then later on that day we filled it again for another 2 hours, this time adding 570.4 gallons.In the end we filled the pool a total of 45 hours and found out the pool used 13,220.2 gallons of water.It was important to know how much water was in the pool so that when it was time to add chemicals we could know exactly what quantity to dispense. For instance it was recommended to add 64 oz of liquid chlorine for each 10,000 gallons of water. Simple math meant we were to add around 84 oz of chlorine.At first I thought the meter was leaking but it turns out our hose bib has a faulty gate valve that leaks and will need to be replaced. There are no shortages of projects when it comes to maintaining a house.

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    Christopher L. Richards

    The only thing I did extra was to add plumbers tape to the male (threaded) section and then screw on hand tight. Great little product. I use it to measure the gallons I put in the pool and then add it up at the end of the month. Then figure out the percentages with the regular monthly usages. Basically its idiot proof!! Regards; Christopher

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    We’ve been rv’ing for 3 years. Never thought this would be useful. But a YouTube video mentioned having such a tool and we are very glad we have it now. We use it whenever we fill up fresh water tank. It’s just nice to know you can measure how much is actually going in your tanks. Because you don’t always need a full 60 gals, i.e. short trip, why waste/throw out good water? The tank gauges in RVs are notoriously inaccurate and they don’t tell you how much, just 1/3, 2/3 and 3/3 – so actual gallon reading is peace of mind. And those gauges don’t necessarily read immediately, can take a little time to get true reading, which may still be inaccurate. Also, when we run a cleaner/sanitizer through system being able to measure the fresh going in (which is only partial for sanitizing) you’re not guessing the ratio.

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    A common man

    So far this has been a great boon to me in controlling water usage in a drought area. I have five hose spigots around the property so I move it around. I am considering buying more to water multiple areas at the same time. It is all plastic so be gentle when screwing it on and off so as not to cross thread it. In low light situations you will need a light to read it. I don’t have a shutoff timer so I watch how long it takes for a gallon to flow and multiply that time by the number of gallons I need and then set a timer in the house.

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