4 Outlet A/V Advanced PowerTap

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Saves active energy waste by switching off the TV when not in use and removing supplied power to AV electronics when the TV is switched off. One always-on outlet receives constant power for a set-top box, digital video recorder, or a gaming console with a hard-disk drive.
An external sensor with a configurable countdown timer monitors activity in the home entertainment center by detecting remote control signals and motion.
Dual-color flashing LED and optional audible chirp prevents unnecessary shutoff events by effectively notifying the viewer ten minutes prior to switching off the TV and AV electronics.
1,080 Joules of premium-quality, fireproof surge protection safeguards AV electronic equipment from dangerous power surges.
Advanced EMI/RFI noise filtering technology reduces the infiltration of external noise leaking into the power line, thereby improving the video and sound quality of plug-in AV electronic equipment.

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4 Outlet A/V Advanced PowerTap

The 4-outlet AV Advanced PowerTap+ is a smart surge protector designed to save energy in the TV home entertainment system. The AV Advanced PowerTap saves energy by reducing active power wasted by the TV when left on and not in use and eliminates standby power consumed by AV peripheral electronics.

Featuring an external sensor with a countdown timer, this intelligent plug-load management solution detects remote control activity and motion to determine whether the TV and AV peripheral electronics are being used. If no activity is detected for the specified length of time, the supplied power to the switched outlet is automatically removed, and unused AV electronics switch off.

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    The remote sensor is good in that you do not need a control load.

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    Excelente producto. Solo que no se como eliminarle el tiempo de apagado automatico

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    It stopped working after a few months and unfortunately my return window has lapsed. Save your money for something that’s more reliable.

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    Santa Fe

    It actually works!! As soon as I set it up it connected to all my devices. Will buy more for the family. Love it!!

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