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300W Portable Generator, FlashFish 60000mAh Power Supply Station Camping Solar Generator, Drone Battery Recharged by Solar Panel/Wall Outlet/Car, 110V AC Out/DC 12V /QC USB Ports for CPAP Camp Travel

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222Wh Back-up Power Supply: Wide applications make it suitable for lots of devices; 110V AC outlets can charge your CPAP machine, tablet, laptop, TV, fan, Christmas lights etc; 2 * 12V DC Ports can be used for car vacuum, car refrigerator, car air fan and car charger etc; 2* QC3.0 USB and 1 * 2.4A USB ports can charge your phones, drones, iPad, GPS, mp3, camera, etc.
Cool Features: With 300W continuous power, 350W peak power, 60000mAh battery capacity and pure sine wave, this power generator can charge your devices more stably; 5.6lb light weight makes it perfectly fit in your backpack.
Recharge Solar Generator: The battery pack can be recharged from the sun with a solar panel (not included); can be fully charged by being plugged into the wall outlet; and it can also be charged by plugging into your car 12V socket (car charger included).KINDLY NOTE THAT THE POWER STATION CAN NOT BE CHARGE AND USE AT THE SAME TIME.
Safety Warranty: Built-in multi safety protections like short-circuit protection, low-voltage protection, overheat protection, lock-on protection, over-voltage protection and over-current protection.
Enjoy Outdoor Activities: Our generator has an easy-to-carry handle, convenient for camping, fishing, travelling, other outdoor activities and emergency usage. Eliminate your worry about no electricity in your devices and power outage at home.

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Flashfish Large Capacity Portable Power Generator Excellent For Long-lasting Outdoor Activities Power Supply!

  • Flashfish G300 portable power station is our upgraded version for outdoor activities’ power supply.
  • With big capacity 222Wh/60000mAh, which can fulfill your demand in weekend trip, camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing or trekking.
  • 3 different output ports (2*Quick Charge 3.0+1*USB, 2*AC, 2*DC) can charge most of your devices, including laptop, phone, tablet, fan, drone, car fridge, radio, LED light, MP3, digital cameras etc. Convenient 3 ways of recharging (solar panel, wall charger, car charger) can get juice back easily.


  • Q1: Which devices can the Flashfish 300w power on?
  • A: Please note that the AC output port can only charge/power the device with a power below 350 watts; once exceeded, the Flashfish 300W will automatically shut down. Please refer to your device specifications before purchasing.
  • Q2: How do I know the working hours of my equipment?
  • A: Working time = 222Wh * 0.9 / working power of the device For reference, assuming your device consumes 30W (possibly a 40-inch TV), the working time is 222wh * 0.9 / 30w = 6.66 hours (rough calculation).
  • Q3: So this 222wh version is using lithium iron phosphate cells or lithium ion cells?
  • A: Flashfish G300 is using lithium ion battery, 18650.


  • For Optimal Use with CPAP, Flashfish 300W power station has different ways to power your CPAP machine: 110V AC Plug or 12V DC Plug.
  • We strongly recommend that CPAP users use DC CONVERTER to work with this power station and turn off or remove the HEATER/ HUMIDIFIER, thus it should last at least 3 nights.
  • When the AC port is not in use,TURN OFF the AC power botton to conserve power, that’s very important.Thank you!


power generator

If you like, you can take the power anywhere!

It’s only 5.6-lbs with an comfortable-carry handle, take it everywhere you go and whether within the confines of your home or in the great outdoors, we’ve created a way for you to never run out of power but stay connected. Your life is mobile, so we’ve put unlimited power in your hands.

  1. 2* 110V AC outlet, provide power for small home appliances (peak power 350W), mini fan & coller, scooter, UAV, drone, filming studio photography monolights,playstation,bass guitar amp ,electric blanket etc;
  2. 2* 12V DC 5.5mm ports (120W Max) power for led string light, fairy Light for garden, wedding, Xmas or Holloween party;
  3. 3* USB ports, two of them is powered by fast-charging QC3.0 technology, brings convenient and quick charging to your phones, bluetooth speakers, tablets and cameras wherever you go.

Please kindly note that: The DC total 168W means 2DC+3USB wattages.

  1. 110V AC wall plug cable included
  2. 12V Car Charger cable included
  3. Solar Panel ( Not included ), the time of Fully Charged depending on solar conditions.



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10 reviews for 300W Portable Generator, FlashFish 60000mAh Power Supply Station Camping Solar Generator, Drone Battery Recharged by Solar Panel/Wall Outlet/Car, 110V AC Out/DC 12V /QC USB Ports for CPAP Camp Travel

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    I’m really impressed with this portable power battery pack. It gives the freedom to charge multiple devices when you are off the grid. With 300W and 60000mAh capacity, this supports many device’s and can carry the charge for a long time. I could charge my DLSR multiple times. I travel and camp a lot of times and the ability to charge two laptops to work for an hour or two in the park without missing outdoor activity is a luxury. We also use it for some of your portable stove, lights, inflatable beds and other device’s that need charging.It comes with two 110V AC output, 3 USB ports (two of them supports quick charging) and 5.5mm DC output. There’s an LED indicator on the backside of this to indicate the charging status/level. There’s an Ac/DC power switch to run on or off this device. This device could be charged with either directly plugging into another 110V ac input or from 12V carport. In addition, this could also be charged with a 5.5 mm Solar input port. 12v charging makes it easier to charge it while traveling.This is very portable and light-weighted for its capacity which makes it an ideal portable battery pack to carry it all times. It’s a stable product and worth every bit of it.

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    Mohammad Othman

    I bought this unit as a battery to use while camping, mostly for my BiPAP (CPAP with variable out pressure so you can have less pressure when you breath out). First night of testing with the Phillips direct DC adapter and with the humidifier on set to 5 I only depleted the battery 20% (note I usually only sleep for about 6-6.5 hours a night).I was able to calculate that it ran my 40W , 24 inch SAMSUNG LED TV for 7 & 1/2 hours- starting from a full charge.

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    K. K. RAYL

    This portable generator was purchased to run a Cpap while camping without electricity. I did purchase an additional dc plug for the Cpap, as I read it used less energy than the plug. I also turned off the dehumidifier. It worked flawlessly for 3 nights without charging. I like that this shows how much battery you have left and while charging at home shows when it is fully charged. I felt it was a good value for the money versus buying a specialty battery for the Cpap.

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    Varun Bindu

     I’m really impressed with this 300W unit. I was confused between ordering this unit and the smaller, but I decided to go with this one. So far, I haven’t had any power outages or emergencies that have put this to the real test, but I’ve tested it with all of the appliances I would want to run in an emergency and it’s worked great. This included my laptops, iPhone 7 plus, Galaxy s10+ and baby camera and everything worked fine.For the price, I think having backup power that provides at this price point is a great insurance policy for power outages and taking along on trips to power your devices. It also have an option to get charge with 50 Watt solar panel (not included). We will definitely take it with us whenever we are going out for road trips. Its a great power backup.

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    This solar generator machine is small, lightweight and portable to carry anywhere. I use it for daily regular works and when there is a power outage situation such as storm. I use it to charge my devices and I take this machine for outdoor activities. It works well to charge USB cellphones and AC appliances. I connected my laptop for 9 hour long and it still had power left. I also connected different cellphones and it was charging my phones really fast. I also tried to use this portable power supply to power on my TV and stereo machine and It was surprisingly works well. I am impressed with the endurance of the battery. This solar generator is worth investment.

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    Gamer 93

     I’ve got this Flashfish battery pack for about two weeks. It is super convenient and lightweight and small enough to put in a carry on bag, this thing has exceeded all of my expectations.Actually it could be charged by AC, car, or solar panel.There’s several accessories but the solar panel does not come with it.I have a 50 watt solar panel that I use while camping, try to charge the battery with it on a sunny day, and it worked great, Recharging takes about 8 hrs – just make sure that you get a solar panel with an 5.5*2.1mm DC input connector.I love the built-in LCD display, It’s bright enough to let me see the battery life even under sunlight, there are 5 bars, seeing from the user manual each bar represents 20% battery.This is really convenient and helpful to let me know how much charge is left or how much I’m charging.This is for electronics..tablets/laptops, lights, fans, small heaters, etc…It is is equipped with rich outlets.I run some tests with the battery pack. My thoughts:1)From the 110V AC outputs, I plugged it my 40W , 24 inch SAMSUNG LED TV and my wife’s tablet totaling 45 watts approximately for 5 hrs-starting from a full charge.And run only a mini car refrigerator(about 23W) for more than 8 hrs.2)From the DC outputs, ran only a DC fan for 10 hrs, the charge indicator went down to 2 lights, this has exceeded much what I expected.3)From the USB outputs, a tablet and two iPhone(1% battery left) overnight, charger down to 3 lights in the morning.Overall this is a fabulous power source, I’m happy I bought, especially for the price, I expected more out of this $179.99 unit with 300 watts.Thanks.

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    Works exactly what it was made for. My electricity kept going out during monsoon season so I used this to keep a fan going. Great investment!

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    Great! Used only 30% of power for a night camping using my cpap machine. Small and lightweight.

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    Let me start off by saying I did NOT expect portable generator to be this powerful! I was under the impression that I could possibly power up a fan in which is what I was wanting it for, but it is much more then that! I powered up two fans Simultaneously as well as a light and this portable generator handled it like a champ! I was getting full power to all devices and there was no hesitation. I have not tested out the battery life on a full charge but as for the the power output I am very happy! I will update my review after I test the battery life on a full charge. I can’t wait to take this with me camping! You can also purchase a solar panel (separately) and charge it up outside in the sun. I will be using my vehicle to charge the device during the day while driving around. Overall 5/5

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    Joseph Beaudrow

    I love this product and how portable This generator is.With 60,000 MAH battery I can recharge my Laptop and photography equipment wile out camping.Combined with a solar panel to charge this Generator you have yourself an amazing off grid power solution.

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