12-Volt Battery Box with 2-Watt Solar Panel

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Hunting game & trail cameras accessories
Versatile top of the line
Another quality product
Solar panel: Amorphous silicon. Waterproof box with AC charger 10 feet cable

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Brand HME



12-Volt Battery Box with 2-Watt Solar Panel

Trail Cam Stealth Cam HME-12VBBSLR trail Cam Solar Auxiliary power pack Hunting game & trail cameras accessories. Hunting game & trail cameras accessories. Versatile top of the line. Another quality product.

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  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer : No
  • Product Dimensions : 10.4 x 5.2 x 6.5 inches; 6.5 Pounds
  • Item model number : HME-12VBBSLR
  • Date First Available : February 16, 2017
  • Manufacturer : HME
  • ASIN : B06X3X939W

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10 reviews for 12-Volt Battery Box with 2-Watt Solar Panel

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    Headed to winter camp and will add the Spypoint link micro to an incredible bedding areaOrdered this HME-12VBBSLR powerpack for obvious endurance reasonsIts heavy for a small package – grip and transport securelyIts a nicely designed case – includes slots for strapping – – will add some camouflage to the top, hinges and printingThe power cabling is heavy and solid – shiny – needs camouflagingThe solar panel has a short lead allowing for 180 degree turn in either direction – indexed horizontal and vertical rotationAc brick has sort of modified molex type connector with one exposed socket and one embedded socket – assuming exposed is ground but not sureThere is a Bushnell camera adapter of some sort included – that is allConnected the red lead inside the case and plugged power cable into the link microSeems like a perfect fit of barrel connector and made an electrical connectionSwitched the camera on for the first timeLights started blinking but then went outDamn barrel connector falls out do to the stout weight of the power cable – easilyAt this point – no way this is field readyCloser inspection revealed that the barrel connector was not inserting all the way into the link microThe link micro connector is recessed too far for this barrel lengthTrimmed with carpet knife exactly 4mm off of the plastic off of the barrel connector at the tip endThe connection is much much better now – hasn’t fallen out since the modificationI still have some concern putting this in the field but much more manageable and solved without soldering ironsGlad I got it but Meh again with the outcome of PRC products

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    Daniel – Jesus is a waymaker

    Works with spypoint link evo but is alittle loose. Some are trying to hold with zip tie and rubber bands but all it really needs is cut back just alittle so it will push further in. I did with my pocket knife. Maybe a 1/8”. That was 85% fix. Just to make 100% got a o ring in may assorted box from Home Depot and got the smallest size o ring out and put in hole. 100%. So cut off 1/8 so it would go in further, and to take any little left and right wiggle I put a little o ring in. My photo shows bout much I cut off male from plug and the o ring I put at edge of female on camera. I would have got spypoint brand 12v but wanted a included solar like this.

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    Amazon Customer

    I bought this battery a little over a month ago and have had it connected to my StealthCam GXW in a highly wooded area with limited sunlight. The battery has never shown less than 100% charge, and is a big money saver. Highly recommend for anyone running wireless trail cameras. I did charge the battery with the wall charger for 24 hours prior to placing it out in the woods. Great product!

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    R & L

    When I read the description , it didn’t say ” it came with a battery too !!!!!!!! It does !!!!!!!!! Are you kidding me what a great deal!!!!!! You get the waterproof box, battery, cable and a charging plug for your house outlet . And the solar panel for $ 60.00 how in the world can you go wrong and the battery is pre-charged ready to roll. I ordered an extra battery thinking I had to have one . As soon as this arrived , I ordered another one . You pass this up it’s on you. H.M.E. products are always 5 star products at fair prices But this is a steal of a deal. Very happy.

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    Elisa Quilling

    I bought 2 about a month apart 6 months ago. They were working great even though you must recharge the batteries with the power chord provided every 2 months. However a few days ago I was removing my sd card from camera and repositioned the battery box and tilted the solar panel at a different angle. When I did the cable that goes from solar panel to the battery came out of the spot it connects to on back of solar panel. There was no reason for this to happen. Only thing I can figure is that it got hot, but it says it’s made for extreme weather. I pushed the wires back in and put it back in the tree. I am checking it tomorrow to see if it’s still charging. If not I hope they will replace it. I will keep yall posted.

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    N. Shade

    There’s nothing to really say besides this: my camera has been stuck at 100% power since hooking this thing up. It’s super easy to strap to a tree and it works like a charm. If you struggle with your cam running out of juice or want it to live forever, strap this bad girl up to a tree and forget about it. My only complaint is that the connector doesn’t fit tightly into the camera, but whatever – I just made sure it was connected in a way where it can’t fall out of the cam.Also, I apologize for the poor pictures, it’s all I have on my phone right now. You can kind of see it on the backside of the tree. Just make sure you wipe down the solar panel with a wet microfiber cloth every month or so and you’ll be fine.

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    Matthew Epps

    I bought two of these to hook up to my Spypoint cameras, which are notorious for draining batteries. The solar panel keeps the battery charged at 100% at all times and I like not having to mess with a separate battery box and solar panel.

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    This thing works perfect! Keeps the camera going strong. I have this on my cellular trail cam and it has eliminated battery changes. The latches are showing some rust already but overall no other issues. I built a locking mechanism to prevent theft. Also, I wouldn’t put it where the bears can get it. We have tons of bears here and they will rip that solar panel off easily. I placed this in an area with no bear.

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    I have two of these solar powered battery units. I use these to power string lights and water pumps for kitchen and shower and charge my phone and the long cord lets me place it in a great spot for getting sun out from under the canopy. Great product and I don’t have a game camera like it was intended to be used for. there are several in-line adapters like on off switches and rheostats and y’s and extensions to get your 12 volt DC power where you want at base camp. Kicks A$$!

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    Purchaser X

    I’m going to try to take this out in the fields soon, but so far I’ve had it at home, and the build seems pretty good (wish it had an easier handle to carry it). Had to do a few modifications to it (needed to convert down to 6v 1.5amp for my trail cams). Dressed it with some camo tape as the back of the solar panel waas BRIGHT WHITE. I don’t want it stolen, so I prefer it to be seen as little as possible! Used Camo tape from AMZ (search: B01JDJUW42) Also covered the silver metal cord with the camo tape. — Will give an update soon if anything doesn’t go as expected..Seems like a great value for the money, and a couple things to learn from others here….The instructions are INSIDE the lid of the battery compartment….You will need to attach the negative cable to the battery inside the case in order to power up upon receiving the unit….And apparently the plug is a 2.1mm x 5.5mm DC Power plug….And the plug has a Positive center..– Hope that’s some help to others!

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