110V-120V Electric Mini-Tank Hot Water Heater Storage, 1.5KW Kitchen Household Compact Size Point-of-Use, Hot Water Output of 2.5 Gallon, 2 PCs 16” Long 1/2”FIP Stainless Steel Water Hoses

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Price: $102.02

2 PCs 16” long 1/2”FIP x 1/2”FIP,Stainless steel water hoses ,GFCI plug,Vent valve,included
【NOTE】Fill the water first, then power on (otherwise it will damage the water heater).
【SAFE DURABLE & LONGEVITY】Made of stainless steel and never rust,Anti-leakage plug,Multiple safety protection functions protect you from the risk of scald, leakage or other injury.Premium plastic shell is corrosion resistant,This mini hot water heater is ideal for kitchen, bar, school, hospital, community and RV.
【SMART INVERTER FOR ENERGY SAVING】Automatic heat preservation and storage of hot water, 2.5 gallon point-of-use mini-tank fits under your sink to provide hot water right where you need it. Thermal efficiency is 98%,Maximum temperature167℉,The built-in smart chip heats up to the temperature you set, and automatically Insulation when heated to the specified temperature.
【EASY TO USE】storage tank electric water heater with easy-to-operate knob temperature adjustment design,Easy to control warmth.Vent valve, Tee pipeline, pipes and other accessories are complete for quick installation without additional expenses or preparing time of accessories.
【FAST RECOVERY RATE】Eliminates long waits for hot water at your sink, get on demand hot water at your every need (supplies up to 2 sinks at a time,8-15 minutes to heat to your desired temperature).
【COMPACT DESIGN】Can be shelf, wall or floor mounted (Water inlet and outlet upward); Dimensions: 13.0”L x11.4”W x10.6”H; 9.5lbs; 1/2″NPT NPT. 1.5 kW, 110-220 volts. One-year warranty and 24H customer service support, feel free to contact us.




Electric Mini-Tank Hot Water Heater

Electric Mini-Tank Hot Water Heater

Electric Mini-Tank Hot Water Heater110V-120V Electric Mini-Tank Hot Water Heater Storage

‘BISELONG’ is mainly concentrate on comfortable 110V-120V Electric Mini-Tank Hot Water Heaters, giving people a comfort life start from the heat. Since the core conception, we have utilized the latest technology to engineer the products with maximum energy saving operation. Our mission is to improve the people’s life and to spread awareness of benefits from ‘BISELONG ‘friendly products.

An Ideal Solution For:

Wet bars
Strip Malls
Doctor’s Office
Bathroom Sinks
Patio Sinks
Small Apartments
BIS 1.5Kw Mini-Tanks Water Heater Electric

110V-120V Electric Mini-Tank Hot Water Heater Storage Features

Saves Energy and Money – No need to preheat before using, no any waste for water or electricity.

Endless Hot Water – Maintenance-free bare wire heating systems. Depending on the region, the water temperature can be heated to 167℃ within 8-15 minutes.

Space Saving – Very compact designed, which can be wall-hung (bracket included) or floor-mounted, easy to install.

Dimensions: 11.4″H x 10.6″W x 11.4″D
Weight: 9.7ib
Water Connections :1/2” NPT
Nominal Pressure: 115PSI
Nominal Current:15A
Required Breakers: 1-POLE 20A
Required Wire: 1* 10 AWG
Note: Breakers and wire are NOT included

Electric Mini-Tank Hot Water HeaterHot water on call

Waiting for hot water at a sink located far from a primary heating source can be frustrating. Only having access to cold water from a sink is just not useful, and plumbing a hot water line to every sink in a home or business requires time and money. To get hot water where it’s needed, when it’s needed, a better solution is to use the BISELONG: a point-of-use electric mini-tank heater.

This heater can supplement a primary water heating source, or be used under a single sink and double sink. In fact, the BISELONG can be used for three different applications: as a sole water heating source for a single sink, as a supplement to an existing heater located far from the sink, and as a buffer installed in-line with tankless water heaters that experience intermittent cold water, also known as ‘cold water sandwiching’. No matter the configuration, there’s minimal stand-by loss from this premium mini-tank water heater.

INSTANTLY HOT WATER110V-120V Electric Mini-Tank Hot Water Heater INSTANTLY HOT WATER

As soon as you open the tap, the water flows with your desired temperature. The water is only heated in the amount and for the time you actually need it.







It saves energy by producing hot water only when needed. Instant hot water flows out at anytime you need.







Equipped with a Knob adjustment control for stable temp. easy and convenient. Just turn the knob to the maximum and submit the temperature suitable for you through the faucet, Optimal energy efficiency is promised.







Water heaters are compact, It can be installed under the sink features a sleek and attractive design to blend seamlessly with décor, very friendly to any small spaces.


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10 reviews for 110V-120V Electric Mini-Tank Hot Water Heater Storage, 1.5KW Kitchen Household Compact Size Point-of-Use, Hot Water Output of 2.5 Gallon, 2 PCs 16” Long 1/2”FIP Stainless Steel Water Hoses

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    This device is a great complement for the kitchen sink. I thought It was big but It turns out to be small and space saving. It provides enough warm water for washing the dishes though. No more worry about the cold water in winter. anyway, It exceeds my expectation!

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    James McWhorter

    Packaged well, Light to lift. all parts included.

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    Great product, good service, simple installation.Winter’s coming, wife’s complaining. So I chose this small water heater for dishes washing. I installed it under the sink. After installation, I forgot to turn on the water and kept the water heater running. When I smelled something funny, I realized that I had made a mistake. After I turned on the water again, I found the water heater was no longer working.I emailed customer service with the contact details on the package. The customer service told me that the water heater has a protection mechanism, just open the gray cover and press the white button to restart it.Thanks to his patient and prompt reply. Now the hot water is good to go! It works very well. I think I’ll buy two more.

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    Big Nest.

    This product is good and is working really well.

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    Michael B.

    Works great!

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    Our problem was that we had a very good on demand water heater installed at the other end of the house, so we had to wait a while for hot water to get into the kitchen, or we wash our hands/dishes with cold water. Then I chose to buy this 2.5 gallon water heater because it takes up very small space. This was important because the cabinet under our sink was full of many other stuff, so it wasn’t big enough to fit a bigger water heater. Installation is very simple, and the seller sent all the things needed to install, which is very sweet. I just simply connect the hose to the kitchen to the water heater on the cold water input, then connect the water heater and hot water output to a small metal tool. This widget will flow between the kitchen sink and dishwasher apart, then we can use the hot water at the same time. The accessories are complete, I did not go to the hardware store to buy any accessories or hire a utility worker to install it successfully. I set the thermostat to the highest when using it, and I only need to adjust the water temperature through the tap. Normally I just need to tap to the middle position when I need hot water, without waiting for a long time (the highest temperature is 167 ℉). My friend who recommended me this told me the heater is a stainless steel structure, so it can be used longer, more durable. It is recommended not to use it for bathing because it does not have enough water. If you need a bath, it is recommended to buy a large one.

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    John K.

    Bath showering. I set the temp in the mid range, but it was much too hot! Just installed it, today. I connected a kitchen sink spray hose I had lying around, as I wanted to better control the action. Installed a ball valve a foot from the inlet so I can control the flow rate and shut off the flow when not in use, after unplugging the power cord. I may get another for the kitchen.

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    Jing Fang

    5 starts for this awesome mini tank! I actually debated between mini tank and instant hot heater. Eventually I picked up this one because it can be placed under the sink and connected to the dishwasher, With 2.5 gallon capacity and the fine stainless steel material, the price is fair enough for me. I would highly recommend this mini tank.

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    J Bocko

    Works great, installed 1 month ago and love it. When we installed it however there must have been a part missing as we had to go to our local hardware store and buy a part. I didn’t want to wait as this is for our guesthouse and we had guests arriving. So we just ran for the part instead of contacting the seller.

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    This water heater works very well and is efficient. Plenty of hot water for my shower and heats up very quickly. There were no problems installing it. I am vey happy with this heater, would recommend to anyone who wants to replace their propane water heater to electric .

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