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10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123) for Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers

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The 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit is an excellent option to use as an alternative source that allows for increased power that maximizes sunlight for increased usage for your Mighty Mule or GTO/Pro Automatic Gate Opener.
30% Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit! Residential home owners can use this as credit on an operator system, accessories and installation.
Increases your savings on your electric bill and can increase your property value.
For gates that lack a power source at the site of installation, rated for 8 – 26 cycles, see zone chart.
Easy DIY (Do It Yourself) installation.
Backed by a 12 month Mighty Mule Warranty and Technical Support.

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10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123) for Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers

Solar Panel Kits
Solar Panel Kits
solar panel kit
Size Name:10 watt

The FM123 Mighty Mule Monocrystalline solar panel is a 10 watt solar powered battery charger for use with all current Mighty Mule gates model No. FM200, FM350, FM500, FM502, MM360, MM260, MM262, MM560, MM562, EZGO-SOLAR, DIAMOND Series, and commercial slider (MM-SL200B) opener systems and older model No. FM700 and FM702. Not compatible with older model No.

FM250. Particularly suited for remote installations, each solar panel comes with tubular steel support, mounting clips, wire connectors, and 8 feet of low voltage wire. The Mighty Mule control board has clearly labeled terminal connections for easy installation of the solar panel. Installation in some regions will require multiple solar panels for adequate charging power. Dual gates require a minimum of 2 panels.

10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123) for Mighty Mule

The Mighty Mule 10 Watt Solar Panel for powered gates can be used for any Mighty Mule or GTO/PRO system for the Mighty Mule and GTO/PRO gate operator systems. Easy (DIY) technology you can install this product as an alternative source of power for your Mighty Mule & GTO/PRO Automatic Gate System. Every kit includes a strong steel support, mounting clips, wire connectors and an 8 ft. low-voltage wire. 30% Residential Energy Efficient Property Tax Credit! Homeowners receive a credit on their operator system, accessories and installation. Excluding the gate itself or any work required to repair, re-store or re-establish the gate system.

The 10 Watt Mighty Mule Solar Panel can work with additional Solar Panels including: The Mighty Mule 5 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM121) and The Mighty Mule 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123) for increased performance. Additional Solar Panels or distant applications from the Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Opener may require the use of additional Low Voltage Wire (RB509) that is available in multiple lengths including 100 ft. (RB509-100), 250 ft. (RB509-250) or 500 ft. (RB509-500). Never use the Mighty Mule Transformer at the same time – it will damage the control board.

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5-Watt, 10 watt



10 reviews for 10 Watt Solar Panel Kit (FM123) for Mighty Mule Automatic Gate Openers

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    We bought several component for our Mighty Mule gate. This is the best. We bought an extra battery to have charged just in case we have a couple of cloudy days. We have the dual gate so we bought the 10 watt size. We love it.

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    Purchased this panel because of constant problems with lightning strikes causing destruction of my Mighty Mule circuit board. Seem every time I had a lightning storm nearby, the current would somehow affect my transformer wires causing an electrical surge which would not only destroy the circuit board but blow out the transformer. The last strike even destroyed the wires making it impossible to continue charging the batteries with 110 voltage. I was forced to then buy the panel for battery charging. I have had the panel installed now for three months and have not had one system failure as far as the gate opening. I have a duel gate system made out of iron oil field piping and go in and out at least seven times per day. I was concerned the heavy gate would draw so much battery power that the charging aspect of the 10 watt panel could not keep up and I would have to purchase a second panel to supplement the original. So far that has not been the case and the batteries have been sufficiently charged to maintain operation. Wish I had installed it years ago. Would have saved me several hundred dollars in circuit board and transformer replacement.

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    Andy G.

    Very easy to install on a wood fence post and has all the parts you need. I found that snow glides off the solar panel very easily. Snow does stack up on it, but the slightest breeze blows it right off.

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    Only a few times when we had a lot of snow did my gate battery get low. In heavy snow I had to clean off the solar panel. I only needed the big battery charger once this winter.

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    Matt Sullivan

    I was concerned that it would not keep my battery charged on cloudy days, but so far, so good! It seems to hold a charge quite well. I could not get the support to work properly, but the panel seems to be working fine nonetheless.

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    K Chrisbacher

    I could’ve purchased the 5-Watt solar panel, but decided to go with a bit more power. I’m very glad for that decision. We sometimes open our gate 15 to 20 times a day with no problems. And we had to instal it in a place that has a huge shade tree, so the panel only gets about 3 to 4 hours a day of direct sunlight, and this doesn’t appear to be a problem what-so-ever.

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    Lenette Hastings

    We installed this on our gate so that we would not have to recharge a battery and it is working great!! Gives plenty of power to the gate so that it opens smoothly. It was very easy to install.

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    D. Gilbert

    So far love it. It’s been about six weeks since the install (which was easy) and it’s kept up the battery on our entrance gate. We are low use users though because we probably only open and close it 3 or 4 times a day tops.

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    Georgia buyer

    We got this to power our automatic gate opener (mighty mule). It does just what you expect and want it to. No battery issues and the gate is opened and closed several times a day in our driveway. Very glad we bought it.

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    Norma Halladay

    It works good but for the last 4 weeks we did not have hardly any sun and it rained steady and it did not charge the battery and a result, the battery is dead and I have to get a new battery other wise during the summer ti may work fine.

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