Learn How To Rebuild Battery Packs Instead Of Buying New Batteries

Rebuild Battery Packs

How To Rebuild Battery Packs

I’ll tell you how I discovered how to build my battery packs to afford solar panel installation on my home. It sounds crazy, but after reading this page, any family in the world can successfully build their battery banks and other types of battery replacement packs with the solution that’s going to be presented later in this video.

You will learn how to build large battery banks that could supply enough energy for the entire home. You also learn how to make replacement batteries for almost any of the portable items available on the market.

Instead of buying new overpriced batteries when one gets old or dies, you can recondition and reuse the old batteries, saving you thousands of dollars on the cost of batteries over your lifetime.

What I am about to reveal in this video is a solution that big corporations don’t want you to know.

There are tons of rechargeable batteries sitting in the trash can, and almost no one is using them.

I say “almost” because, over this past year alone, we teach 12,576 people who successfully used these very same methods to bring their old batteries back to life again. People like Daniel Collins from Philadelphia could recondition his grandson’s hoverboard battery, a hand drill battery and a portable vacuum cleaner battery in only 30 minutes with our simple methods.

Helen Watkins from Green Bay, Wisconsin, was able to recondition some dead car batteries after watching our videos.

Helen has saved $380 on Rebuilding Battery Packs so far.

Daniel Collins

Timothy Winkle from Calgary, Canada, used the guide to build two replacement car batteries.

This Hidden Secret Will Save You
Thousands Of Dollars

Before I tell you what the solution is, let me tell you how I discovered this hidden secret.
It’s hard for me to recall this story, and for a while, I did not conceive of telling it to anyone else than to my closest friends. But then I thought that if you are looking for such information as I will reveal in this video, you could be going through similar problems, and we have something in common.

I’ve had severe sleep problems, always waking up tired, and I had no idea what was going wrong.

I changed pillows, mattresses, and tried to make my room dark. Nothing was working.

But then, I started piquing my interest in sleep apnea when a friend of mine got diagnosed. I recently began sleeping in different rooms because my wife could not withstand my snoring anymore, which was the drop that filled up the glass.

When my wife heard about Jack’s symptoms, she suggested me to go and get checked out. It has been happening to me for years, but lately, it was getting worst.

I scheduled an appointment with my doctor, and I was having millions of questions in my mind about the process. It was pretty straight forward once I meet the doctor; I had a sleep study; I was diagnosed with apnea and got my machine.

My Apnea Helped Me To Discover This!

Now, what does this apnea has to do with my discovery? Everything…
You see… CPAP machines tend to be very expensive, starting from 800 up to thousands of dollars.
I could not afford a costly device, so I chose to buy a refurbished one for only $350.

I Felt Helpless Before Discovering How To Rebuild Battery Packs, $650 ? No Way!

The refurbished CPAP machine was working fine when I tested it at the store, but when I got home, after 30 minutes of usage, a red light was blinking with an alarm message. It said to replace the battery. I called the shop, and they gave me a whopping price of $650 for a new battery

That’s almost two times more than what I paid on the entire unit. That custom battery is needed to supply the electricity during blackouts or brownouts or if you want to use it as a portable CPAP machine.

I tried keeping it plugged because I used it at home, but this machine had some battery monitoring device. It asked me to replace the battery to continue using it, forcing me to buy a new battery. I think this was the plan altogether of that refurbishing shop, selling me a cheap machine that will not work without a new battery. Felt like I got robbed.

I returned the device to the shop, but they would not give me back the money I paid because it was working fine when we tested it (for 2 minutes yesterday). The battery died after I purchased it, and that’s not included in the warranty they said. I had to leave with my tail between my legs.

I felt so helpless, I paid $350 for a machine that I could not use, and now that I knew about my apnea problem, it felt impossible for me to go back to sleep. Looking forward to getting another night of good rest using my CPAP machine, but it was either getting that battery to sleep well or not feeding my family for two weeks. The answer was evident, and I had to wait for a while until I get more money for that damned battery.

I decided to leave my car home to start saving money to buy myself a new battery. The next day while I was walking to work, I passed a computer repair shop that had a sign saying, We fix Laptop Batteries. I went in to ask if they can fix other type of batteries.

Andrew, the person in charge, asked me to bring in the battery to have a look. He claimed that he fixed some E-Bike batteries and portable vacuum cleaners before. He was pretty confident that he should be able to fix my CPAP battery as well.

Tips To Rebuild Battery Packs

The next day I left to work earlier and I brought the battery with me.
In a matter of minutes, he removed the battery and began measuring it.
He found what was wrong with the battery, placed it back to charge, and within a few minutes, we plugged it back into the CPAP machine, and the battery error disappeared.

I was thrilled to see it working without having to buy a $650 battery. It took Andrew 15 minutes, and it cost me $20 to fix that.

Once I started using the CPAP machine again, my life changed. It was like when you don’t realize that you need glasses, thinking that you can see fine. Then after you get fitted with glasses, you see how blind you were. Totally life-changing.

A couple of weeks later, my son’s E-scooter stopped from working, and I remembered that Andrew told me that he fixed bigger batteries as well. I took the battery with me at his shop, and again, in a matter of minutes, it was back to life. He only replaced one of the cells, and the battery was working like brand new.
I did not know that most of the batteries are built from multiple cells connected in series.

Similar to how Christmas lights are working. If one of the lights burns, the others will stop functioning as well. In batteries, you either recondition the broken cell or replace it entirely to reform the pack.

After understanding the principle behind this issue, I started studying all the battery types. One thing that was always popping was Lithium batteries. These became very popular ten years ago. Almost any device on the market now uses Lithium batteries.

Even electric cars use multi-cell lithium battery packs.
Because lithium batteries are so popular, I started focusing my efforts on those. I started making a list with the most used devices that have batteries failing while the device is still functional.
What I have found will shock you.

It turns out that manufacturers of big brands choose to put an inferior type of battery cells into their devices to make extra money on selling batteries or new devices.

Battery malfunction is the number one reason for most of the people who buy new portable devices.
I’ve opened over a dozen portable vacuum cleaners, and all of them had cheap batteries inside that would only last a couple of cycles or stop working if you leave the battery discharged for a couple of weeks.
Most people will throw such a device because the battery is not made to be replaced like on a hand-drill, and you will have to open the device to do that.

The devices with broken batteries are a gold mine that not many are taking advantage of.
From phones, laptops, CPAP machines, electric drills, watches to medical equipment, they all use lithium batteries.

How To Rebuild Battery Packs

 The secret is to understand how to Rebuild Battery Packs.
I’ve had a very long discussion with Andrew about releasing this info to the world so others can take advantage of this gold mine. His first answer was a radical NO, saying that he will be left out without a business if he tells everyone how to do that. After more discussing and after I explained that this could be a blessing for many people, he aligned with my vision and realized how vital this information is.

I made a deal with Andrew to teach me everything he knows about battery repair and record it on video for everyone to get a chance to save hundreds of dollars and also stop the excess of electronics waste.
Most people are satisfied with their laptops, but nowadays, they also put the battery inside the case to make it slim, making it almost impossible for the average user to replace it. If you go to the warranty service, they will charge you an arm and a leg to replace the battery, and this needs to stop now.

We are living in extreme times, and electricity became a must needed element in our life. It’s time for someone to put an end to this tyranny. But I am afraid that one person alone could not do this. I strongly believe that we can start a movement to Rebuild Battery Packs in our devices instead of throwing them in the trash.
There are millions of tons of E-Waste generated per year because batteries from devices died. There’s not enough community knowledge around to let people know that those devices can have a second life without too much effort.

I worked with Andrew closely for almost eight weeks to create a step-by-step guide that will get you started fixing the battery for the most popular devices that a household has.
Electric Toys, hand tools, phone power bank, and the list goes on.

But the most important thing is that Andrew also teaches the principles of fixing a battery, so you are not only receiving guides on how to fix those devices but also understand how to fix any other type of device that uses batteries. How to measure the voltage and how to calculate the required number of cells.

Because batteries are most of the time under 24V, that makes it safe for newbies to operate as well.
Once you master making small batteries, you can move to the next level, and that’s building your own house Powerwall, capable of storing enough electricity to back you up in case the grid fails for a full day or a week, depending on how large you build it.

We called this guide “The Peak Shaver” for two reasons. The first reason is that it can shave the E-Waste peak that we are experiencing in the last years. I will have to tell you the second reason later in this video.
This guide can put thousands of dollars in your pocket if you take advantage and repair devices for friends and family who don’t know that such a solution exists.

Ivy Richardson from New York started a small local battery repair shop after she tested our solution. She contracted local E-Waste companies to deliver her all sorts of devices with batteries, and she makes a fortune by selling those on E-Bay.

Felix Madera from Huston, Texas, sent us a picture with his first E-Scooter pack that he repaired.

And Darren Magnuson from Endicott Washington started a home shop for laptop battery repair after watching our guides.

Batteries are everywhere. If you look around, almost any device has a small or large battery in it. Everything revolves around electricity, and it’s time that you get to understand how to Rebuild Battery Packs instead of paying hundreds of dollars each year for replacing them.

Like I said before, it’s a gold mine, but not many understand what is going on. With these guides’ help, you will know what tools you need and learn about how to fix Rebuild Battery Packs or build small or large battery packs.
Speaking about storing large amounts of electricity, let me tell you how I applied what I learn from Andrew to build my first 2 Kw Powerwall to back up my home if the grid fails.

I bet you did not know that you can reuse laptop batteries and reconfigure them to create a big battery pack.

Each laptop battery has between 4 to 12 cells, depending on voltage and capacity. They are called 18650 type cells.

I’ve purchased from eBay 50 pounds of used laptop batteries for just $25. I opened the battery cases and extracted the cells, then I connected the cells together, forming a large battery pack.

The information on how to tell which cells are good or bad is included in the video guides.
I have included the entire process for building my 2 Kw mega battery in the video guides that I’ve recorded with Andrew.

Here is what you can do with a 2 kW battery:

  • Power a light for 200 hours
  • Make between 200 and 260 cups of coffee 
  • Use the electric grill for one hour 
  • Power an electric drill for 4 hours 
  • Power the refrigerator between 30 and 60 hours 
  • Use an electric frying pan for up to 4 hours 
  • Power your window air conditioner up to 16 hours 
  • Use the circular saw for four and a half hours 
  • Use a 50 inch TV screen for two days 
  • Charge your laptop more than 60 times 
  • Charge a mobile phone 300 times 
  • Use a movie projector for 54 hours 
  • Power a radiant heater for three and a half hours 
  • Use the CPAP Machine for 60 hours 
  • Use an Electric Vehicle for 12 miles 
  • Charge your drone 60 times 

The System Is Modular – Can Start Small And Expand It In The Future

The best thing is that the system is made in a modular fashion, so if you want to extend the usage, you just build another module from scrap laptop batteries, and you expand the system.

You’ll be able to power up ANY household appliances – from lamps and toasters to electricity hogs like refrigerators and AC units.

You can even power up a remote cabin in the wilderness – and stop worrying about having to pay the electric company $30,000 or more to hook you to the grid.

Look, I want to let you in on another secret. I hope It’s not too much for you to handle, I am sure I bombarded you already with tons of new stuff, but I cannot keep this for myself anymore.

During the day, electricity price varies between 12 and 16 cents per Kw hour, depending on your location and the contract you’ve made with your utility company. We have made the system charge the battery only during the night when the electricity price is between 5 to 9 cents per Kw hour. Charging the batteries at night allows using the cheap electricity from the night time, during the day, when electricity is more expensive.

This idea is mind-blowing, I know, and because you will learn how to build your electricity storage solution, you will be able to take advantage of this perk. This is the second reason we named this guide, “The Peak Shaver.”

You can install the Peak Shaver unit in any place you want. The best part is that you will see immediate returns from the moment you connect it, even if you choose not to install solar panels.

  • It takes less than one day to build. The design is SIMPLE so that newbies or the elderly would have no problem putting it together…
  • The total construction cost is less than $250. Most people will build one for less than $90 using parts they already have in their home or find at the local junkyard. Any pieces you need to purchase are found by driving down the street to your local hardware store.
  • It’s entirely scalable. You can generate substantial savings. The storage unit is usually mounted on the outside walls, not taking any usable space, and the power generating module can be placed anywhere you like.
  • We poured through lots of versions of these blueprints and made constant improvements to them until we were 100% POSITIVE that this is a 100% safe and clean device…
  • You can see the savings right away on your meter. You don’t need to have a science degree to make this happen. All you need is the will to build this project and to put it into function.

This System Can Connect Directly To Your House Grid

Most importantly, you will save money on electricity and learn how to Rebuild Battery Packs and fix your batteries for almost any kind of portable device.
When I realized how helpful this guide could be to the world, I finally knew it was time to share the designs with you and other liberty-loving patriots who are tired of feeling enslaved to powerful and sinister criminal interests.

So today, I’m making the Peak Shaver available to You.

The Peak Shaver is a comprehensive system giving you everything you need to build and Rebuild Battery Packs and teach you how to save on your power bill in a matter of days.

You’ll receive step-by-step video guides showing you in detail how to build your Peak Shaver setup from the ground up. It’s like having a master craftsman in the room with you. Just watch what I do, copy me, and your device is built for you.

You’ll get a comprehensive materials list covering what you need and where you can get it. Remember, most assembly pieces are either already in your yard or garage or at a mouse click this very moment. Your total cost for construction is less than $250 and may well be under $100.

You will also learn how to fix various types of devices that use a battery. And not only that I will show you how to do that for different devices, but you will also get to learn the principle behind it and apply it for any other type of device that you might encounter. We are also extending the device repair list, adding weekly videos on fixing different kinds of devices.

You’ll find out where you should build your Energy Peak Shaver and how one MICROSCOPIC adjustment can double the amount of money it saves…

I’ll provide a copy of my blueprints too. You can then print out these illustrated instructions and keep them nearby while you’re building.

Anyone can build this! When I was making your blueprint, your materials lists, and your start-to-finish video guides, I pictured it was for someone who never kept a hammer in his hands. That meant it had to be SO simple, so PAINLESS, that even he could build the Energy Peak Shaver setup in a matter of hours.
So How Do You Get access to your Peak Shaver plans?

At this point, you likely realize how game-changing the Peak Shaver guide is. You probably also want to know how much you have to invest in getting the step-by-step video guides and blueprints, allowing you to build the energy storage yourself and learn how to Rebuild Battery Packs and fix existing ones.
I can tell you right now that nothing else like this exists in the world.

There are other money saving solutions to be sure. But I have entirely re-invented it. I drastically reduced the building cost so those with limited resources can have one, making it 1000% more dependable than any other energy-storing solution in existence. It’s been designed to be easy to assembly from a handful of parts that cost under $250.
So, please take a moment to think about the conversation we’re having right now.
But before I tell you how you can do that, let me ask you this.

How much is it worth to you to save 67% on electricity bills for good? Is $945 worth to you right now? How much saving $820 per year from buying batteries is worth to you?
I mean, think about it, assuming your monthly bill is a modest $225 per month, and you could save $150 from it. Over the last decade, you have given the energy companies $18,000!

If you live in a larger home, and your cost is $350/month, the savings are a staggering $28,000. Not to consider how important it is to fix batteries in your portable devices, that info alone is priceless.
That’s how much you could be saving by using the Peak Shaver guides.

The very first month I built and used my Energy Peak Shaver system, my power bill dropped from $413.16/month to zero, actually making me a profit of little under $100 using my smart meter.
Even if I’m off (which over 12,576 people have made clear, I’m NOT) … What if you only cut your bill by 20%. If your monthly power bill is a low $150, you could still save $360 in the next year, $3,600 over the coming decade. Enough to pay for a college semester for one of your children or grandchildren at most state schools. Given that energy prices are rising, it’s more likely that savings are much closer to $7,000.
The possibilities once you watch Peak Shaver video guides are endless. There’s no other guide out there that uses the principles and techniques you will learn from these videos.

The Peak Shaver program will show you step-by-step how to build your silent power storage plant for under $200, how to Rebuild Battery Packs, saving thousands of dollars on those dreaded bills year in and out, starting from today. These savings could allow you to put that money into something more useful. Take your family on a stunning vacation or enjoy life the way you want to.
I can easily take this material and turn it into an exclusive weekend seminar and charge $800 a seat with so many wealthy green energy enthusiasts out there. I know it would be a no-brainer for many.

But frankly, I’m a bit tired of seeing these rich guys on TV with their million-dollar setups and off-grid systems. They’ve already got more toys than they need.
We started the Peak Shaver with the idea that energy Independence should be something everyone can afford.

Because the more self-reliant families there will be in America, the easier it’s going to be to rebuild it to what it once was.

So, I’m not going to ask you to invest $800 in this training even though I know it’s worth at least that.

Rebuild Battery Packs

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