How Jackery is losing TOP SPOT to Bluetti, 7 Facts.

Bluetti and Jackery both are the two most known solar generator brands in the USA. Both are well branded and spend lots of money on their marketing. And this creates tough competition between these two brands. However, if you check the popularity of both brands on GOOGLE TRENDS for the last five years, you will find that Bluetti losing to Jackery in popularity.

Moreover, google trends also show that Bluetti is getting traction and soon it will beat Jackery and become the most popular Solar generator brand in the USA. Now there are some questions raised from this, how BLUETTI is getting traction and what Jackery should do to retain its positions.

Jackery Vs Bluetti

How Jackery is losing TOP SPOT to Bluetti, 7 Facts.

1. Range of Solar Generators: Bluetti Wins

The range of products influences the brand quality perceptions, and consequently, affects brand choice, even when the available options set is held constant. In this context, BLUETTI is gaining its brand value because it has a wide range of solar generators from 300 Watt to 3000 Watt. However, Jackery has a solar generator of ranges from 150 Watt to 1500 Watt only.

BLUETTI’s higher range of solar generators helps them to increase their brand value and this is due to the fact that competition in the higher range is low as compared to the lower range. Indeed, BLUETTI’s higher range products like EP500, AC200Max and AC300 are POWERFUL enough to power the whole house. And this attracts the consumer who is looking for going off-grid or those who required backup solutions for longer power outages.

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2. Design: Bluetti Wins

The problem with earlier versions of solar generators is that their backup capacity of them can’t be increased because their batteries are inbuilt and there are no ports on them to add new batteries. And its problem is overcome by the modular design which enables solar generators owners to add new batteries to get more backup time.

Bluetti is one of the first solar generator manufacturers who adds this modular feature in their higher range design. However, Jackery’s solar generators are still not equipped with this expandability feature.

Adding battery expandability feature required more electronics which increase the weights and size of solar generators, hence small solar generators of the range below 2000 watts still do not have this feature. Only BLUETTI AC200P, AC200Max and AC300 have this feature.

3. Battery Technology: Bluetti Wins

Bluetti uses LPF batteries which is a type of lithium-ion battery using lithium iron phosphate as the cathode material, and a graphitic carbon electrode with a metallic backing as the anode.

And Jackery uses a Li-ion NMC battery which is another type of lithium-ion battery that uses a combination of nickel, manganese, and cobalt as Cathode material. And a silicon-based graphite anode.

Both LPF and Li-ion NMC batteries work great but tests prove that LPF Lithium batteries live longer than NMC batteries. The tests were performed at the Sandia National Laboratories. And this test also shows that LPFs have better Round trip efficiency than NMC batteries.

Furthermore, comparing the charge/discharge cycle of both batteries LPF battery is a clear winner. LPF battery deliver 2500-3000 full charge/discharge cycles for 80% DOD [Depth of Discharge]. And NMC batteries deliver 500-1000 full charge/discharge cycles for 80% DOD [Depth of Discharge].

4. Inverter Technology: Bluetti Wins

Unlike traditional lead-acid batteries, lithium-ion batteries are fast-charged batteries. And for fast charging high rated inverter is required. However, to reduce the manufacturing cost as well as the weight of the solar generator, many manufacturers reduce the rating of the inverter.

This helps to keep the price of solar generator but increase the charging time of batteries. However, there are some brands that didn’t compromise with the inverter rating and provide the highest possible rated inverters in their product.

Bluetti is one of the brands which provide the highest possible rated inverter to make their solar generator charge fast, on the other hand, Jackery is more focused on the portability of their product. Hence Bluetti is a clear winner in this class too.

5. MPPT Range: Bluetti Wins

MPPT or Maximum Power Point Tracker is a DC to DC Converter that matches between the solar array (PV panels), and the battery bank. It maximizes the energy extraction from solar panels. And its range specifies the maximum capacity of solar panels that can be connected with the solar generator.

A higher range MPPT means the faster charging of batteries, and that implies longer power backup. For off-grid living and powering the whole house with solar during a power outage, a higher range MPPT is preferable.

Comparing all solar generators available in the USA, Bluetti has the highest rated MPPT. Its AC300 solar generator has two MPPTs and each MPPT can be connected with a maximum of 1200 Watt solar panels. However, the maximum capacity of the MPPT range available with Jackery is 500Watt.

Due to this advantage, BLUETTI AC300 is the top solar generator model for living off-grid and powering the whole house.

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6. Weight to Power Ratio: Jackery Wins

Li-ion NMC batteries used in Jackery’s solar generators have a better weight to power ratio as compared to LPF batteries used in Bluetti. Thus, Jackery’s solar generators are light in weight compared to Bluetti. However, the difference between weights is not much significant, for example, the Weight of Jackery’s 1500W solar generator is 35.2 lbs (15.5 kg) whereas the weight of Bluetti’s 1500W solar generator is 37.9lb (17.2 kg).

Here, Jackery is a clear winner.

7. Price per Wh: Bluetti Wins

The price of Bluetti’s solar generator having high charge cycle LPF batteries and lots of output ports is one of the most competitive price ranges in the USA. The price of a 2000Wh solar generator (AC200P) of Bluetti is $1,599.00 which is much lower than the $1,699.00 price of Jackery for a 1500Wh solar generator.

Also, Bluetti’s AC200P has an expandable battery backup and a wireless charging pad with 14 other output ports. Whereas, Jackery’s 1500Watt solar generator has only 6 numbers of output ports with one Flush mounted LED light.

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