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From American Rivers

It’s about the river

We live on a water planet, but 97.5 percent of earth’s water is too salty for human use. Only .5 percent of fresh water is actually available to us – most of it is locked up in ice caps and inaccessible aquifers. This makes our rivers and streams incredibly valuable. They are the veins and […]

From Trout Unlimited

Progress on the Lower Snake needs collaboration

Last week  TU held a webinar on our recently published report, “Why we need a free-flowing lower Snake River,” which lays out the overwhelming evidence of why we need to remove the four lower Snake River dams to rebuild abundant, healthy wild salmon and steelhead populations and provide consistent fishing opportunity.    In response, we heard from some folks that they are concerned […]

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Court cases, Laws, court cases, pleadings

PUD No. 1 of Jefferson County v. Washington Dept. of Ecology

Issue. Did the Department properly condition the water quality certification for the project on the maintenance of minimum stream flows to protect salmon and steelhead runs?

Laws, Laws, court cases, pleadings

Rivers and Harbors Act

This Act enacted in 1899 requires that authorization be obtained from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for the construction of any structure, such as dams, in or over any navigable water of the United States.

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