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Wind power in the Midwest and Great Plains can provide clean, cheap, reliable energy that keeps their cities and towns bustling without the public health, environmental and climate changing pollutants that come with the burning of fossil fuels. What’s more, the region can be the catalyst for smart policies that ensure the advancement of wind energy throughout the nation and that make the transition to a clean energy economy one that results in stable job and revenue growth.

States across America’s Heartland are seizing the opportunity to power their economics with clean, abundant wind. As of 2013, Iowa was #2, Illinois #4 and Minnesota #6 for installed wind capacity. These installations have created jobs in the manufacturing, installation and maintenance of wind turbines throughout the Midwest.  According to ELPC’s own analysis, there are over 1,000 supply chain businesses providing parts and services for the wind and solar industries.

In short, wind projects are creating jobs, bringing needed revenue to rural communities, and providing reliable, clean energy to growing economies.

ELPC is working to ensure that we seize the opportunity promote wind power across our region to create new jobs, spur economic growth and help address climate change. We are working with colleagues throughout the region to put in place the right policies to advance wind power development. Those policies include:

  • Renewable Energy Standards (RES) that require states to procure a certain percentage of their electricity from renewable sources like wind
  • The federal Production Tax Credit (PTC) that makes wind projects more affordable
  • Municipal electricity contracts that drive the market for local wind projects

ELPC helps design, advance and implement these and other policies that expand wind markets and streamline paths for development.

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