Yzakka Light Filtering Window Film Anti UV No Glue Sun Control Heat Control Residential Window Films for Glass Self Adhesive

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If there are obvious stripes on the window film you receive, please contact us.

DAYTIME Privacy: Provides 100% daytime privacy? but NOT night privacy (privacy in darker side)

HEAT REJECTION: Rejects up to 99% UV rays, cuts the light up to 80%, rejects the heat up to 90%

EASY APPLY: very easy to install static cling application, applies in minutes, and can be re-used

NO ADHESIVES: No glue design cuts down chemical release drastically

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Brand: Yzakka


Yzakka Light Filtering Window Film Anti UV No Glue Sun Control Heat Control Residential Window Films for Glass Self Adhesive for Home Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Office Dark (17.7inchX13.2ft) Home & Kitchen


Yzakka Light Filtering Window Film Anti UV No Glue Sun Control Heat

Yzakka Light Filtering Window Film Anti UV No Glue Sun Control Heat

Filtering Window Film INSTRUCTIONS:

  • All you need to install it are scissors, a spray bottle of water with a few drops of dish soap, and a squeegee or credit card
  1. Trim films to required size
  2. Clean glass
  3. Wet glass with enough soapy water
  4. Remove from backing film
  5. Set up film on wet glass and smooth with hands
  6. Squeegee away water and air bubbles
  7. Cut off margins

Yzakka Light Filtering Window Film Anti UV No Glue Sun Control Heat


  1. The adhesive effect of the film may not be good in cold winter. Solution: before application, use hair dryer to make it soft( heat resistance is under 176 degree centigrade)
  2. Fit for smooth surface without any dust or fiber.
  3. Do not apply to outside window or windows with cracks.
  4. More efficient in teamwork, a product of energy saving and environmental protection.
  5. Affix tape on both sides to remove the window film from backing film.

Light Filtering Window Film

Glass Self Adhesive

No Glue Sun Control Heat Control Residential Window Films

Additional information


Product Dimensions

17.91 x 1.1 x 0.91 inches

Item Weight

1.1 pounds





Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

May 25, 2017

10 reviews for Yzakka Light Filtering Window Film Anti UV No Glue Sun Control Heat Control Residential Window Films for Glass Self Adhesive

  1. marionmarion

    Easy to install and I like how it looks! It makes my house cooler…

  2. Skylark

    I have an all glass sunroom in the house I just moved in. There are two sky views, as well as two all glass patio doors. I bought this filtering film to cover the sky views, after hanging sheer curtains all around to block the all day sun. It made a big difference with the heat of the sun. When I can afford it, I’m buying more to put on the patio doors!

  3. James OwensJames Owens

    You HAVE to watch a video to install this! Use the suggested tools and have a fresh razor for each window. I can’t stress this enough! It looks great when it’s finished but it’s not a quick task and a mess without the correct tools. I’m really happy with the product, wrinkles come out easily and there is so much, I can do most of the windows in the house. Love it!

  4. J. E.

    One side is slightly reflective metallic and the other is tinted dark. You can see through slightly. I used it for the side of my terrarium but didn’t know the inside would then be reflective and not my bearded dragon thinks there’s another one in there haha.I’ll use the rest of the roll on my bathroom window to try and help reflect light and heat out.

  5. squeakylu

    I really never expected how much it would block the heat in my camper windows. It was really easy to put on and hopefully lasts. It keeps my camper much much cooler and still lets in light. I would recommend it to anyone that has a heat issue in an rv.

  6. Amazon Customer

    I like to put these up in my window so you can’t see into my room. It’s very easy to apply and works great. It is a little difficult to spy on my neighbors, who I think have a meth lab going. They park their car in my grass and I’ve told them repeatedly to please stop. One of their children tried to sell me meth. They said they would hurt me if I told anyone. I feel like they’re always watching me. I need to leave! So to get a little escape I like use this tent to block my windows out.

  7. Nathan V.

    This window tint is awesome product. In Montana, most homes do not have central air. I am constantly looking for a way to keep the house cool during the summer months. Just make sure to follow the instructions, as there is a little of a learning curve to get the film on the window properly. but once it is on- you are golden!

  8. Tony F

    Easy to install. I did eight windows in my garage to block sunlight and heat from entering the garage. I live in Arizona, and in the summer the sun shines on the garage for the first half of the day. It works very well. Garage is cooler. I also added garage door insulation also. Tint also adds privacy which is something else I wanted. I am a car guy, so don’t want peaking eyes seeing what I have in there. Will buy again.

  9. Patricia Chi

    So easy to apply, but I wish I’d taken the time to get the right window dimensions before so that I wouldn’t have had to put multiple pieces on one window. It definitely saved money doing it this way but it doesn’t look professionally done. Use a lot of water and soap and a large squeegee and you’ll have no issues. I should have purchased a box-cutter knife thing at the same time.And for the most important part – it significantly reduced the heat in my child’s bedroom – where it gets direct sunlight and it’s over 100 degrees all summer long. We no longer have to run the AC at freezing to get child’s room cool enough. Happy with purchase!

  10. E Asbury

    I like the fact that it was no hassle at all,now,the instructions said paste and use water and a squeegee etc. but u only have to cut,peel the film off and apply. I have an 08 wrangler with a stereo that is entirely to bright so I took a shot with this stuff and I’m pleased. Recommend if ur in the market for tiny for any reason. Thanks

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