WYZE Smart WiFi Thermostat for Home with App Control Works with Alexa and Google

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Price: $76.52

Control from the app: No matter where you are in the world, you’re always just a few taps away from dialing in the perfect temperature. Arrive home to the perfect temperature, Save energy, Keep pets comfortable Prevent frozen plumbing

Works with voice assistants: When your morning coffee and blanket aren’t cutting it, adjust the thermostat with your voice by asking Alexa

7-Day scheduling: Create schedules for every weekday and weekend so you don’t have to keep going back and forth to your thermostat

Usage tracking with insights: We’ll do the thinking for you. Like an energy-saving gnome inside your phone, the Wyze app will recommend actionable insights based on your usage to help reduce wasted energy

Zero learning curve temperature control: Easy control for guests and families. Adjusting the temperature is as straightforward and intuitive as walking to the wall and turning the dial

Easy DIY installation: Step-by-step guided installation in the Wyze app. Check your home’s compatibility on the Wyze website

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WYZE Smart WiFi Thermostat for Home with App Control Works with Alexa and Google Assistant, Black

WYZE Smart WiFi Thermostat for Home with App Control Works with AlexaWYZE Smart WiFi Thermostat for Home with App Control Works with Alexa

Adjust your thermostat on the go

Dial-in your home’s perfect temperature from anywhere with the Wyze app


WYZE Smart WiFi Thermostat for Home with App Control Works with Alexa

Create daily schedules

Customize your automated heating and cooling schedule for each day of the week


WYZE Smart WiFi Thermostat for Home with App Control Works with Alexa

Receive energy-saving tips based on usage history

Take a look at your recent usage and receive insights into how you can reduce your energy usage


Thermostat 4

Adjust your Smart Thermostat with your voice

When your morning coffee and blanket aren’t cutting it, adjust the thermostat with your voice by asking Alexa.


Thermostat 5

Easy control for guests and families

Adjusting the temperature is as straightforward and intuitive as walking to the wall and turning the dial.


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February 4, 2021

10 reviews for WYZE Smart WiFi Thermostat for Home with App Control Works with Alexa and Google

  1. Joe M.

    I have two original Nests in my huge ‘Merican house, and had a dumb thermostat in the master bedroom. The master alone wasn’t worth sticking a Nest or Nest-lite solution on it, not to mention Google != Trust. The Inexpensive Wyze presented an opportunity. I don’t need it to do auto scheduling detection, I know when we go to bed on what day. That seems to be beneficial, in that it’s not trying to be smarter than what my wife says she wants, it just does what I say at the time I say it.Installation of the Nest was low effort. Installation of the Wyze unit was extra low effort. The app tells you if you have wires “W/B, Y, B, G” plug them into “1, 2, 3,4” respectively. It’s initially not apparent you’re going to get this kind of dummy proof help when you start the process, but I could have saved ten minutes by following the app instead of being smarter than what the app was telling me to do. (This used to go into Rx, so that’s where it will go now!) etc. Fantastic value.

  2. Kenneth Youngstrom

    We are using the Wyze thermostat to provide a contact closure in cooling mode. The closure triggers an X10 power line signal that turns an evaporative cooler on (and off). Told you it was unusual! The thermostat was quick and easy to install and connect, using an external c-wire transformer. It is easy to set either manually or using the Wyze AOS app. Programming was equally easy. Alexa voice control works perfectly. It is giving us +/- one degree control of our “swamp” cooler – you desert dwellers know what that is. We could not be happier with the Wyze thermostat, and, it saved us a bundle over something like a Nest thermostat. Thanks, Wyze!

  3. Johnathon Herron

    I have been a Wyze customer since the camera v2 and have enjoyed all their products. Early in release they will sometimes have bugs or lack desired features but they are great about updating and supporting existing products. Case in point there was at first when in dual mode there was a minimum 5 degree difference between heat and cool, which isn’t a big issue on its own, but if AC was at 75 and heat at 70 and you wanted to change AC to 74 you had to first go to heat and move it down before it would let you adjust cooling. They quickly updated to remove this issue. After fixing this, along with their great integration I have changed to Wyze for both thermostats in our new home.

  4. RUBEN

    I wanted to be able to control/monitor my AC from my phone, so I decided to give this unit a shot. First off- the price was very nice… most units charge way more for having a smart thermostat. The installation was a breeze- the app walks you through the entire thing… I’m not an electrician and I do not have any experience with wiring any thermostats- but with the app it literally walks you though step by step. The entire installation took less than 30 minutes. I now have a smart AC and have the unit running on a schedule. Another cool function is even if you have the thermostat set to AWAY, it has a sensor on it- so if you walk by the unit it senses someone is in the house and it changes the temperature to what it would be if I were at home. I connected the unit to my Alexa and now am able to change the AC using my voice… how cool is that?! The future is now people, get one of these – you’ll love it!

  5. AP Dallas PhotographyAP Dallas Photography

    New comers to this… ignore the absolute negative reviews about this product. 100% of the negative reviews are literally people with super old systems, handyman installations and simply have no idea about this.I have zero experience in anything hvac and I literally moved the wires to the new system, plugged it in, installed the app and it works immediately. It’s already doing it’s thing not giving any lip or issues. It connected to the wireless network without a hitch. App works smoothly.In all honesty, there’s no possible way to screw this up because the app itself although I already hooked it all up, specifically gives you thorough instructions on installing this.For those watching YouTube reviews, ignore that nonsense too because they don’t know either. A lot of them are saying you need a common wire converter… no you don’t. IT COMES WITH IT FOR IN CASE YOU NEED IT.It does not lock out and crash, it does keep settings. It does not magically change settings. For those literally scared to purchase because of the inexperienced user reviews… ignore them and Order it.Note: My instruction says for me to not connect the two wires from RH and RC together but I know I had to and it works. Simply follow the instructions as Wyse tells you too. For goodness sake they even tell you to take a picture of the wires before you install… SMART!Understand this is not a one size fits all system although they were really close… if you have gas, you install it a certain way, if you have gas and ac on the same system, you install it a certain way. Electric… etc. the instructions will guide you in the right direction.

  6. Mark McMark Mc

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     I have an older hvac system—like built in 2003—that refuses to quit (thankfully!) I’ve had problems installing new thermostats, such as the Sensi thermostats and Nest gen 3 pro. I spent hours with the sensi several years ago and finally got it working. I decided to have the hvac “pros” install the nest because I didn’t want to have to take hours to get it working. Well it took the pros hours to get it working and they were flummoxed as to why it just wouldn’t work.Long story short, the Nest gen 3 finally got setup an we used it for two years before the WiFi on it broke and then it would turn on and off constantly. It was out of warranty and no way I’m spending hundreds of dollars for a thermostat to have WiFi and smart controls when there are others on the market.I purchased both the Wyze and the Amazon thermostats because I know I have a weird system and I wanted two options just in case. Well the Amazon thermostat arrived late and I already had a chance to install the Wyze. It took me 15 minutes to uninstall the nest and install the Wyze and it worked on the first try. So no need to rock the boat and try the Amazon thermostat.I like the Wyze because it came with a backplate and is easy to use. Feels a little cheap, but I have Wyze cameras so I already expected some subpar materials.If you want a quick and easy thermostat change, get the Wyze. If it worked for my system, it can work for anyones.I’ll attach photos of my wires so you can see what my system runs on!

  7. J. Anthis

    I love this unit. However, the install procedure has you take photos (awesome!) but if you need to revert to them later (because your system is ancient and not straight forward with the instructions) going back erases them and if i wasnt a electrical technician I would have been in for a service call. My particular A/C is really old so i dont have a circuit board but instead a series of wire connected control wires going to giant contactors. Had to learn how A/C control systems work real quick since it was over 100F out already and my house takes quite a while to cool. Other than that if you have a more modern system i could see this taking less than an 45 minutes easily with basic hand tools. The software scheduling is basic but functions well. If i had to pick a complaint i would say that it doesnt auto-on to motion detection easily enough? As in you have to kind of wave at it to get the screen to turn on. Honestly though this thing has been great. Oh, also i like the usage chart in the wyze app. Good job WYZE!

  8. Lauren M

    I am very pleased with this thermostat, especially for the price. I’ve owned significantly more expensive thermostats from Nest and Ecobee in the past and haven’t been pleased with them, but the Wyze holds its own. In my experience, Nest products were very unreliable and I had to get a warranty replacement 3 times. Ecobee left a lot to be desired in the UX of the app and thermostat interface, requiring going to the desktop website to get a lot of information, including about usage.The Wyze thermostat was easy to install. The app walks you though step by step including guiding you to take pictures of your existing wiring and reminding you of changes to the wiring that might be required by the Wyze. As I’ve come to expect from Wyze products having used their cameras, the app experience is easy to use. I think this thermostat expects you to do the majority of your changes using the app, because the thermostat interface is a bit clunky, but the app is great. I can easily see my usage history for the day/week/month, which is great as someone who cares about trying to reduce my energy consumption.Very pleased with this purchase.

  9. DD

    I bought this thermostat after watching a YouTube video confirming that I would be able to use this with my 2 wire (R&W) oil boiler with radiant heat baseboards. I cant use their included C-wire adapter with my system so what I had to do was order a 24volt power adapter on amazon and run that to C and Rc on the Wyze panel. Once I wired in my R and W wire and plugged the power adapter into the wall it powered up! Works perfectly, just like I hoped it would.If you have a system like mine and you want this thermostat, search for a 24v c-wire power adapter here and buy it, watch the YouTube video and wire it all up!

  10. PhotoDorer

    Installation was a little bit of a pain, but I chose a beautiful January day in central Texas where the weather was a perfect 74 degrees outside, so I spent part of the day with the windows open, power breaker off, HVAC disabled, and watching YouTube on my phone while googling on my tablet for wiring diagrams on an HVAC unit that apparently has never existed on this planet in history.That said, once I gained my Google Diploma on HVAC Wiring Diagrams across many different platforms, I applied my newfound understanding to this incredibly simple device. What ended up taking the bulk of a day, ended up only being a few minutes of actual work to get this thing fully functional. I went into the experience a noob and emerged with nearly a PHD in understanding how the older direct-wired systems work, at least in what colored wires functioned for each aspect of the unit.Once the thermostat was on the wall and operational, the connection to the Wyse app and the following configuration process was an absolute breeze. Easy to get going, easy to refine, easy to adjust, easy to override pesky visitors, and overall wonderful!Now, I later attempted to install this same unit at my mom’s house on a tight timeline, on a newer system that also had Gas heating (not fully electric), and I got real nervous, real fast, called it quits, and the next day she had a friend help and it was running in less than a few minute.The point is….Yes, you can install it yourself. Believe in yourself, you got this. However… IF you know someone that may or may not already know more than you about ALL types of HVAC systems and how to put on a smart thermostat in a place where maybe you don’t have one installed already, you may just want to seek out some advice and first hand knowledge. It’s not hard to do…. it just takes the right know-how.

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