Weather Strip with Adhesive-2 Rolls, Total 26 Feet Long 1/2 Inch Wide X 1/4 Inch Thick, Neoprene Weather Stripping High Density Foam Tape

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【ADJUSTABLE & FLEXIBLE】This package includes 2 rolls of 1/2 in x 1/4 in x 13 ft foam tape, total 26 feet long. The Neoprene sponge foam tape is easy enough to customize and cut to size with scissors or blade, and bend easily and conform to any shape. We used a high quality, ultra-strong adhesive backing that ensures this insulation foam tape stays in place indefinitely once applied. You are therefore assured that it will not peel off.
【HIGH QUALITY】The foam seal tape is made from environmental protection material, CR foam, Neoprene, which has excellent sealing and resistance to deformation feature, toxic free, can be used from -50℃ to 150℃.Our one sided foam insulation tape is designed for both industrial and commercial use. You can use it for anything from doors, vents, and windows, to air conditioners, pipe insulation, plumbing, hvac and more.
【MULTI-FUNCTION】You are guaranteed optimum durability every time you choose our door seal tape for your insulation needs.The closed cell foam strip is weather proof, oil resistance, resistant to corrosion, dust proof, shock-absorbing, buffering, sealing, flame retardant, sound proof, heat insulation, anti-skidding and insulating.
【WIDELY USED】The adhesive foam strips are widely used in various door seal and window insulation, furniture, electrical cabinets, cars, speakers, toys, handicrafts, sports equipments, etc.
【100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED】We are always dedicated to giving you the highest quality products, and this insulation tape is no different. If by any chance you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please let us know and we will give you a full refund, no questions asked. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now!

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Weather Strip with Adhesive-2 Rolls, Total 26 Feet Long 1/2 Inch Wide X 1/4 Inch Thick, Neoprene Weather Stripping High Density Foam Tape for Doors and Windows Insulation(2 X 13 Ft Each) – –

Weather Strip with Adhesive-2 Rolls, Total 26 Feet Long 1/2 Inch

Weather Strip with Adhesive-2 Rolls, Total 26 Feet Long 1/2 Inch

Weather Strip with Adhesive-2 Rolls, Total 26 Feet Long 1/2 Inch


Easy to cut

The Neoprene Sponge Foam Tape Is Easy Enough to Customize And Cut to Size With Scissors or Blade, And Bend Easily And Conform to Any Shape.



The adhesive and closed cell foam strip is made from high quality materials, CR Foam and Neoprene, which has good tightness and deformation resistance feature. The foam seal strip is can be used from -50℃ to 150℃.


Strong and Sturdy

The foam seals is provides with strong adhesive backing. It is stick firmly and non-degumming, can be resisting to the bad weather for doors.

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Generally Applied

The foam strips are widely used in various kinds of furniture, cars, toys, speakers, sports equipment’s, electrical cabinets, window insulation, door seal and so on.

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‎keeping fun

Item Weight

‎4.2 ounces

Package Dimensions

‎7.87 x 7.76 x 1.22 inches


‎1/2in * 1/4in * 26FT





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Date First Available

July 13, 2019

10 reviews for Weather Strip with Adhesive-2 Rolls, Total 26 Feet Long 1/2 Inch Wide X 1/4 Inch Thick, Neoprene Weather Stripping High Density Foam Tape


    I purchase this item for gaps in the window seal, however, I used it to make DIY face shields instead. This adhesive foam worked great, was the perfect width, and helped my project go face and smoothly. I created 10 face shields in little time using these strips as the cushion for the forehead. Everyone loved them and started asking for customized colors, etc. Who knew that foam window seal tape would actually become the forehead cushion for a face shield!

  2. AMG

    I bought this after trying to weatherize my doors with Frost King weather stripping – the kind you can get in the big box stores. Well, it shredded the first time I tried closing the door – it did not compress at all.I needed something thinner and sturdier. This did the trick (1/8 inch thick). It is also denser and sturdier.It is very sticky so you get one try to apply it correctly! I recommend starting out with shorter strips to get the hang of it.I just wish it came in white or gray which would match my door better.

  3. Sqeaky

    Hasn’t been on my garage door long. The door connects my house to my garage, and this greatly reduce the paint fumes from when I spray paint from getting into the house. not sure how well this will last only been up a few days. Peeled a couple of times on the door, but mostly sticks well.This seems to work well for the main reason I bought it, sealing plastic panels to aluminum extrusion of a 3d printer to make an enclosure that holds air pressure. This isn’t airtight, but I have a fan pulling air out and this is good enough to slow air getting and create negative pressure so plastic fumes go into the filter and not my home.

  4. Matt Eddy

    Yes. It sticks well (even when you screw up and have to pull it off and press it down again, which I did, a lot, because I lack normal motor skills, apparently). It’s a reasonably dense, quality-feeling rubber-like material. The stated dimensions are accurate, and the paper backing comes off easily and it’s pleasant to work with (aforementioned lack of motor skills notwithstanding).I used to seal an exterior doorway that’s directly exposed to the elements. It just weathered (no pun intended) its first major storm here in Los Angeles and didn’t let a drop in. So, A+. Recommended.

  5. L11

    These seals definitely work. Its on the firmer side so make sure you pick the right thickness otherwise it can preven the door or window from closing easily.

  6. D.S.

    Even though I repositioned it so much, it didn’t lose adhesive so much. Works.

  7. Michael N. Lewis

    Great weather stripping just what i needed to replace mobile home storm door insulation great deal and easy to use

  8. rockx4

    I put a couple of layers on my portable AC window panel and it does the job well. My current window panel has gaps on one side due to the panel not being completely uniform (it has two connected panels extending, one with less width). I’ve noticed less sound as well as heat going through the gap. After a few weeks, it has yet to lose adhesion. Great quality, great sound insulation, and very good adhesive.

  9. Jack Baldwin

    I needed replacement padding for the metal corner pieces for a magnetic glass display door. This stuff was approximately the right thickness. Cut it to fit and it was great, the adhesive was surprisingly good as I had to remove it for the glass to be reshaped and removing it was difficult after it had time to sit. As for weather proofing I can’t say and as it’s suppose to be used for weather stripping, I hope I can be forgiven for my miss use but I think it’s great and useful for probably a few other projects.

  10. BA

    I used this foam tape to stop my iPhone from rattling in my phone holder and it works great. It’s great for many purposes

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