USB AAA Lithium ion Rechargeable Battery, High Capacity 1.5V 550mWh Rechargeable AAA Battery, 1 H Fast Charge, 1200 Cycle

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Price: $16.00

SWITCH TO RECHARGEABLE: Stop wasting money on standard alkaline AAA batteries! Switch to our rechargeable lithium batteries for the same great performance. Reuse the batteries repeatedly. Be eco-friendlier and more cost-effective

Type C USB CHARGING: Directly plug a Type C USB into the input for quick and easy charging. Use the included cable to connect simultaneously connect 2 batteries to any USB power supply. Connect to an AC adapter, power bank or computer, and fully charge in around 1 hours. Long lifecycle will allow over a 1200 uses

LED INDICATORS: When charging, the red LED will blinks and will then LED remains on once it is fully charged. Conveniently see the charging status of each battery

LARGE CAPACITY: 550mWh capacity provides sufficient power for Perfect for digital cameras, toys, remote controls, hand held games,2-way radios, PDAs, flashlights, alarm-clocks, LCD-TVs, Toothbrushes, Shavers , portable audio players and so on

CETIFIED SAFETY: Compliant with North American safety standards. CE, FCC and RoHs recognized safety for guarantee user and device safety

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USB AAA Lithium ion Rechargeable Battery, High Capacity 1.5V 550mWh Rechargeable AAA Battery, 1 H Fast Charge, 1200 Cycle with Type C Port Cable, Constant Output,4-Pack Electronics503 Service Unavailable

smartools rechargeable batteries

USB AAA Lithium ion Rechargeable Battery

Important Safety Information:

1) When inserting batteries into your device, please take care to match the right polarities (+ and – ends) marked on the battery to the device;

2) Batteries which are incorrectly inserted into devices may be short-circuited.

3) Our lithium batteries use the highest quality cells of the safest technology and pass 14 safety test, our batteries are safety and reliability.

4) Provide always Fresh new Power. Embedded with innovative technology, solid output 1.5 voltage from 100% to 0% electric capacity, providing constant voltage and best performance even in very heavy load.

save for you

Save for you!

In America alone,10 million batteries are thrown away every day .one pack of LANKOO USB rechargeable lithium batteries can replace up to 4,000 alkalines. Use our new generation rechargeable batteries can save your money. More important significantly reduces pollution to our lived environment.

rechargeable aaa battery

USB Direct Charge, No More Chargers

No more Extra/Special Charger needed. Connect the USB cable to any USB port for a convenient, such as phone charger, power bank, laptop, car adapter, computer, USB wall charger etc… fast charging experience at any time any where.

rechargeable aaa battery

operating temperature:

-20 to 60 degrees C, Adapt to more environments.

rechargeable aaa battery

Multiple Protection, More Safer

*Input High Voltage Protection

*Output High Voltage Protection

*Input Current Regulation

*Output Current Regulation

*Input Short Circuit Protection

*Output Short Circuit Protection

*Automatic Current Metering

*Output Temperature Control

rechargeable aaa battery

Widely Applicable

AAA batteries is compatible with home appliances, such as digital cameras, toys, remote controls, hand held games,2-way radios, PDAs, flashlights, alarm-clocks, LCD-TVs, Toothbrushes, Shavers , portable audio players and so on.

rechargeable aaa battery

  • High Capacity: 550mWh
  • Battery Life: 1200 Cycles
  • Recharge port: Type C
  • Charging time: 1.0 H Fast Charge
Led indicator

Charging–the RED led blinks,

Fully charged–the RED led remains on.

Let you know when they are fully charged. Thanks to the advanced Lithium Ion technology, your batteries will last over 1200 times charges. They charge fast and easy, so if you need to put them to work and suspect they are not full, just

plug them in for a little while and you’ll be good to go very soon.

What You Get

4 x AAA Rechargeable Batteries

1 x Type C USB Charging Cable

1 x Storage Cases

Additional information


Package Dimensions

3.8 x 3.4 x 0.8 inches

Item Weight

1.58 ounces





Item model number



4 AAA batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

July 2, 2020

10 reviews for USB AAA Lithium ion Rechargeable Battery, High Capacity 1.5V 550mWh Rechargeable AAA Battery, 1 H Fast Charge, 1200 Cycle

  1. Kindle Customer

    I was skeptical when I first saw these batteries. I charged them as instructed and placed them in the candle that requires D batteries. I placed them in the candle on 3/29/22; they are still going strong. I have the candle on a timer, daily for 4 hours. I have not had to charge them yet and it is now 5/18/22. Impressive!

  2. Robert Dorr

    I have been looking for a suitable replacement for the D Cell batteries that my equipment needs. I’ve tried various brands of the large capacity NiMh batteries and none worked properly. Immediately upon installing freshly charged NiMh batteries, my device would show the batteries where at half capacity (as detected by the equipment). After 45 minutes to an hour it would start to tell me it was time to turn off due to battery depletion. So I decided to give the 1.5 Volt D Cell Lithium rechargeables a try. I was a bit dubious but what the heck. I ordered 2 sets of the D1 batteries (a total of 4 batteries, my device requires 3). I gave them an initial charge and plopped them in. Well, much to my surprise, after 5 hours the device was still showing a full charge. I had never gotten this even with brand new high quality Alkalines. I turned off the equipment and waited a couple of minutes to see if the device would go through a cold start because it draws a bit more current from a turned off condition. No problem, it started right up showing a full charge. At this point I ordered a couple more sets so I would have a back up. The only thing left to see is how fast these will self discharge. Since the battery is always in an active state it has to draw at least a small amount of current, so I don’t expect them to have the same shelf life of a regular style battery. Anyway, I just wanted to say that I am very happy with these batteries. Hopefully I with get many cycles out of them.

  3. #bassinyaface

    So unlike the negative reviews I got all 4 charging/working lithium batteries and they certainly do seem to have as much lithium power as rhe disposable energizer ones I had been buying but thanks to these no more as I use these and they last a good long time then simply charge and use again! Hopefully they will last quite some time bur heck if they even do 30 charge cycles each battery they’ve paid for themselves

  4. Bill Elliott IV

    I specifically use these for a headlamp that was burning through alkaline batteries. I bought 2 packs of 4, so I always have a set charged; also doing that gives you 4 pigtails to charge a set of 4 batteries at once. They seem to provide full voltage and plenty of charge for my bright headlamp for longer night runs. They’re also really light, which is a plus because the battery pack is on the back of the headband.

  5. C Molina

    I got these batteries because I have an automatic door and noticed that alkaline batteries worked better and provided more torque to the door lock than regular rechargeable batteries. So ID decided to get these that have a constant 1.5V output like the alkaline batteries. These have 2600mWh which comes out to 1800mah. It easily last me a month because I charge them back up, I don’t want it to just die on me one day and not be able to go into my house. But I have noticed that it does give you somewhat of a warning, you can tell when they are running low when you hear that it isn’t as strong as it’s suppose to be, for me..once I notice that the lock is being a bit sluggish like if it’s in regular rechargeable batteries, that’s my cue to charge them up. These batteries are great for any device that needs good constant voltage and current. My door locks and unlocks faster like if there is alkaline batteries. Please note that some of the bad reviews were written when version 1 was up, but now this new version with more mwh, 2600mwh AA, is way better than the previous model. Will update this review if something happens but as of right now, they are amazing! Just wish the price was a bit better, or if they offered a 8PK at a discounted price.

  6. captenvideo

    I purchased a 2 pack of D size batteries in 12/2021. We use them in large fake candles on the fireplace mantle. After 3 months of daily use for 6 hours the Lithium batteries were still going strong. I purchased a 2nd pair for the other candle. They charge quickly. Hopefully they will last a long time. The price is a bit high.

  7. James

    I am very pleased with this purchase, once the batteries are fully charged they last a good while. I am using them in a fan in my RV fridge to help circulate the air. I would recommend these to my family and friends.

  8. Kevin K.

    I’m using (2) D cells in a small hand pump. Very happy with these. They hold a steady 1.55 volts for a long time which is important to keep the pump running at speed. Its only right at the end of the charge where the voltage appears to drops off. The pump can move about 200 gallons of liquid up 2 feet before I notice it slowing down. Charging via a USB-C charger with my own cables. When charging each draws 5.09volts and 0.55 amps with my usbC 29watt charger. No big temperature rise while charging. Takes about 4 – 5 hrs to charge up fully from dead with my charger.

  9. MLC

    Pretty good so far.Be aware it is type C USB, but the cable or comes with works fine.The indicator lights work well to let you know when it’s finished charging.Works well with xbox game controller.

  10. Walter&Megan Rauen

    I was a little skeptical of this setup. The need to plug in a cable to charge vs having a charging station. I got these in D size, specifically for a Mag Lite that takes 3 batteries. The standard one use batteries are expensive to replace at 3 a crack. Not only have these batteries basically paid for themselves in reuse, but they’re significantly lighter. Will be buying more for other items!

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