TomCare Solar Lights Outdoor 43″ Flickering Flame Solar Torch Lights Larger & Higher Outdoor Lighting

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Price: $59.99

Amazing Dancing Flame Design: Beautiful flickering flames design is attractive. This realistic flames effect will give off a charming ambiance. Also, the new version appearance will bring you different sense of beauty.

All Weather Ready: Made of durable and waterproof material, no worries about raining, snowing. IP65 waterproof, perfect for outdoor use. The solar torches is a beautiful decoration lighting for your garden, pathway, driveway, backyard, etc.

Easy Assembly: No wires needed, simply connect the stake and install them into the ground, no need to spend too much time on installation. It is solar-powered, please install it at the place where can get direct sunlight.

High Efficiency: This solar torch light is equipped with high capacity rechargeable battery. Once charged fully, it can last 10 hours in summer and 5 hours in winter. The charging time is about 8 hours.

Kindly note: charging time will be influenced by weather and season. Auto On/Off: Built in sensitive light sensor, automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn. No need to operate ON/OFF switch again and again once put it into use, bringing you great convenience.

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Brand: TomCare


TomCare Solar Lights Outdoor 43″ Flickering Flame Solar Torch Lights Larger & Higher Outdoor Lighting Waterproof Solar Powered Garden Lights Landscape Decorative Lighting for Pathway Patio Yard, 4Pack Everything Else

solat light

TomCare Solar Lights Outdoor 43″ Flickering Flame Solar Torch Lights

Vivid Flickering Flames, Bring You Amazing Visual Effect


Decorate Your Home, Add Joy to Your Daily Life!

TomCare designs, develops, manufactures and markets high quality cube storage, solar lights, office products, home furniture and etc for customers all around the world.

TomCare aims at providing innovative home products of premium quality.

TomCare Solar Lights Outdoor 43" Flickering Flame Solar Torch Lights


Flickering Flame Solar Lights

TomCare Solar Lights Outdoor 43" Flickering Flame Solar Torch Lights

TomCare Solar Lights Outdoor 43″ Flickering Flame Solar Torch Lights

TomCare Solar Lights Outdoor 43" Flickering Flame Solar Torch Lights

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‎4.31 pounds

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‎13.35 x 10.94 x 7.2 inches

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‎‎4 Pack









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Special Features

‎Dancing flame effect

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Date First Available

November 27, 2020

10 reviews for TomCare Solar Lights Outdoor 43″ Flickering Flame Solar Torch Lights Larger & Higher Outdoor Lighting

  1. Joanne

    I LOVE these lights!!! I ordered two, but I’m going to get two more. I’ve had real tiki lights before, but these lights visually put them to shame! Beautiful flickering flames that are so realistic its unbelievable! And I like that they’re not real high. With the extenders, they are approximately 4 feet high which is perfect. It’s also nice that I don’t have to worry about my granddaughter getting close to them. No fire hazard here! They are dusk to dawn, so you don’t have to turn them off and on. Well worth the money! I’ve only enjoyed them for 2 weeks, but I’m hoping they last a long, long time!

  2. MJR

    Absolutely love these torches. I love the look of a realistic flame torch for around our pool – I didn’t want to deal with filling oil or someone burning themselves so solar seemed a great idea. I’ve bought other types of “flame look” torches over the years but these just are so real looking that I’m afraid our neighbors are going to call us some night to let us know we left them burning in the yard! They are beautiful at night around the pool…they don’t throw a lot of walking light but provide great ambiance and that is what I was looking for… thank you!

  3. Jenny Baxter Jenny’s Kitchen

    Put the torches around my pool. They look so beautiful at night with the flames flickering. Very easy to assemble. Make sure to remove the plastic coating on the solar panel and turn the lights switch to on.The Styrofoam is very flimsy and it did make a mess getting the items out of the box. Small price to pay for the end results!

  4. Smay

    I love these lanterns! Everyone that sees them, tells me they love them as well. And I live on a very busy highway. The reason for my review is I seen some people posting about they quit working and thought they were broke etc. SO; coming from someone who has a little over a dozen sets of solar lights. (Some of those sets have 6 strands each in them, across all of my 5acres, these are BY FAR my favorite. Things I’ve learned that may be helpful to some. First if you ever get a big storm with lightning or hail, these will shut themselves off periodically. All you have to do is go back out and turn them back on. (Let them energize in the sun again because honestly, who knows how long they were out before you noticed they weren’t working). And then make sure you had turned it back on, or you may have to repeat that energizing again. (I say this because right before you throw it away your probably hitting that on/off button a few times and not quite sure if it’s in the on or off position). So if it don’t work the first day, just go press that button again and give it a day of sun and I bet they start working again. Second, extremely hot, humid and Extremely cold weather will do this too. Again, mine have yet to be broken, but just kicked off a few times. And the temps got down to -14 degrees here last year. I am not sure exactly what causes these to do it but almost all of mine are affected this way in these conditions. And after throwing out so many that I thought was broken, I decided to try a new tactic. And sure enough it was right after these weather events that I noticed more than one set not working. Thanks to trying this out, I’ve not had to replace any of them since I started the turn off/on and recharging again. And that was at least a couple years ago. This is probably my favorite company to purchase from as I feel their lights are more bright and last until the sun comes out in the morning. They start to get dim right before daybreak but they do last all night. They are also much larger than your normal solar driveway lights and very well made and quite sturdy. I hope this helps some of you out there.

  5. Amazon Customer

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     12/4/17: Update – Just order 2 more sets! Plus I have spoken to customer service and they are VERY helpful. I had one light that didn’t seem to work totally and they replaced it before I even asked!Bright and very realistic flame tiki torch and it is solar! Don’t have to worry about anything catching fire or accidentally burning anyone. Just ordered 2 more sets for my yard!

  6. MaliMali

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     These lights are really amazing. They are beautiful and I can’t wait for it to get dark just so I can watch them. I ordered the first set and then decided I had to have a 2nd to line my patio with them I also bought a set as a gift. These will step up any yard, to the next level. I highly recommend. I live in Colorado and I wanted to not only be able to see them on my patio but also bring them into my sunroom for winter time pleasure, so the fun never stops, so I found some cool concrete pots to fill with dirt and top with rocks. I can move them easily, anywhere I want them. If you are reading this, just get them, you will not regret it.Link to the pots I purchased:9 inch Modern Style Textured Cylindrical Gray Cement Planter Pot Vase – MyGift

  7. Mary B.Mary B.

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     These Solar lights are impressive! I get a lot of compliments from my friends and family. I am extremely happy with my puchase, and quality of the lights. They are, bright and have a realistc Tiki torch flame – but the best part of this is that even though the flame looks so real, you have nothing to worry about anything catching on fire. They are solar powered, and I love them!They look expensive, and something you would see at top resorts or 5-star hotels. Although they are bright, they do not light up an area, they are used for as accent lighting that flickers like real flames. I loved the first 2 that I purchased, so much so, that I ordered another set. I am located just outside Seattle and noticed that the solar power battery works well in charging during the day. There is a button to turn off the solar power which is handy when storing them during the winter. The lights come on automatically when it gets dark.I am going to buy another set (making this 6) becuase they are so impressive. I have nevery purchased TomCare products before, and feel that the company is great, and their customer service is excellent!I hope that you have found my opinion to be helpful with your decision process to buy this item. If this is the case, and where Amazon asks if this review helpful, please click “yes.” Thank you!

  8. Marvin Lipschitz

    People will think you’re trying to burn the place down. Lots of complements especially after they learn the things are solar. I did have one failure out of 12. I didn’t try to get it replaced. When I have more failures, I will update the review. These things can’t last forever. Around my camper they are perfect. There is sunshine hitting them all day long and my early bird neighbors say they are still burning just as brightly at dawn. If they do lose power it is pretty cool too, they look like they are burning out. The ones I have near my house don’t have all day sunshine, but they still burn bright late into the night. They really perform better than any outdoor solar lighting I have had before and they look very good. They do not look cheap. Everyone is impressed. They are also easy to set up at a campground. I have one on each corner of my camper. I bring them in when I am not there so they don’t get stolen. No problems doing this, remember to turn them off before storage.EDIT: 7 months later, still awesome, constant use still work as good as new. Make sure they are “TomCare”. Still, they can’t last forever, can they? My rating will not go down when they fail. But, I will update when they do.Still: No more failures. I am moving somewhere that these can’t be used. So my constant use has stopped. The ones I use for my camper are not liked by the campground security because they look too real. They always have to inspect them. LOL; one guy said he was about to call the fire department, he saw the reflection off my camper.

  9. Tobi Kinkerton

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     For many years I’ve been looking for realistic flame-like lamps for various decorative projects — indoors and out — so thrilled to discover these “dancing flame” or flickering LED path lights. More than pleased with their very realistic flame-like motion, brightness, and color. Kudos to whoever designed this product.I can’t speak to long term performance as yet (only had these a bit over a week), but the plastic lamp housing appears durable and cleverly designed to enhance the dancing flame effect at close range by strategically masking the gaps between individual LEDs and reinforcing the illusion of continuous moving flames, a kind of spatial analog to the “magic” of using rapidly displayed still frames to create the illusion of motion pictures.The dancing effect itself is complex and random enough that it feels quite natural — not mechanical or repetitive — and the shape and size of the flames are very satisfactory.I purchased a pair of these with the idea of attempting to adapt one of them for use in a concrete (faux stone) Japanese garden lantern. We’d lived in Japan for several months and noticed that these ornamental lanterns are sometimes illuminated with candles or lamps, especially in temple gardens, but we didn’t want the risk or inconvenience of an open flame here in southern California.The adaption (see accompanying video) worked better than I’d hoped. Basically, I separated the LED lamp unit from the housing that contains the solar panel/sensor and the on/off switch and reconnected them with two six-foot double cords (4 wires total). This so that the solar panel assembly could be positioned at a distance from the Japanese garden lantern to preserve aesthetic qualities.The original housing containing solar panel and switch is inconspicuously staked several feet away amidst low shrubbery, and connected to the LED lamp unit via extension wires coming up through a central hole in the bottom of the lamp. To be on the safe side, I strung the wires through a short piece of electrical conduit (see video) to thwart enthusiastic gardeners severing it with shovels or trowels. The conduit will eventually disappear under mulch and plants.I’d tried this re-wiring trick in years past with other solar lights without success — I’d never been able to get them to charge properly — but splicing the extra lengths of wire into this device was easy and hasn’t seemed to have impaired the charging, switching, or operating of the lights a bit. I used crimp-on connectors for both the butt splices and the “disconnect” pairs (placed so that the LED lamp can be easily installed and removed for maintenance or replacement without taking the whole setup apart).Detail: Since I had exactly 4 wires to deal with, I used two different styles of disconnects (bullet and blade) and alternated the male/female ends so that each of the 4 wires can only connect with its proper mate. Avoids decomposable labeling or trial-and-error fussing. Since this is outdoors, I added drops of hot glue to seal the connectors to prevent moisture getting in and corroding the wires. A few drops of hot glue in the reassembled solar panel/switch housing relieves the strain from the wires. Disassembling and modifying the unit no doubt voids the warranty, but it’s lots of fun!As you can see in the video, the effect is pretty convincing. I kept one of the lamps as-is and placed it in another corner of our garden to compare performance with the modified set-up, and so far both are performing flawlessly and beautifully. Both are placed in partial open shade, but the generous size of the solar panels appears to be enough to charge the battery for at least 3-4 hours full strength. We’ll see how they do in the winter with fewer hours of sunlight. If need be, I’ll reposition the solar panels — another plus of separating them from the LED lamp. I’ll try to remember to report back here in a few months.My usual critics (read “family”) loved these lights so much they requested a couple more to place elsewhere around the garden.I’ve purchased two different “brands” of these lights — one 20% cheaper than the other — and it appears they are really just different vendors — the lamps themselves — right down to the instruction sheets — are absolutely identical, so I’d suggest shopping around for the best price per unit at any given time. A good way to find all the options seems to be to search Amazon for specific features such as “96-LED” or “Dancing Lights” or… well, you know how to experiment with search terms.

  10. Anna M

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     Just got my lanterns. Absolutely stunning. Easy to assemble too. The lighting is more of a pretty amber color. Inwill be buying more. Love them. Great job.

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