Tankless Water Heater Electric, ECOTOUCH 9KW 240V On Demand Water Heater Self-Modulating Instant Hot Water Heater ECO90 Black

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【INSTANT & SUFFICIENT HOT WATER】 Applied with 9kW heating system, the electric water heater ECO90 supplies instant, consistent and endless hot water of 116℉or higher temp shortly, no waiting for preheating nor temp fluctuations in use, perfect companion for sink and faucet.

【SMART SELF Modulation】The hot water heater ECO90 adjusts power input according to flow rate and temp setting in real time, less power will be applied by the system when waterflow reduced, thus you still get ideal temperature instead of scalding hot water, which means comfortable experience. Optimal energy efficiency of 99.8% saves considerable electric charge.

【UPGRADED HEATING ELEMENT】The ECO90 hot water heater is applied with micro-computer control and patent heating technology. Water pipe is completely separated from electricity by cast aluminum module, which also guarantees no “cold water sandwich” and avoids any corrosion inside pipes so as to extend service life.

【SAFE AND DURABLE】Applied with multiple protection devices, every unit goes through strict tests to ensure 100% safety. Inner water and electricity lines are designed to run separately so as to avoid leakage or harm of scale build up. Approval by ETL and qualifies for UL, you can expect outstanding performance for years to come.

【CONVENIENT USE】The ECO90 tankless water heater comes with digital display & touch control panel so temp setting is easy job. It’s space saving, measuring: 15.8″ H x 11.1″ W x 3.1″ D. Plus it has a stylish, modern design that blends in any location. Please verify it is the right size for you: 9kW@240V (not 110V); pipes fittings : 1/2″ NPT.

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Tankless Water Heater Electric, ECOTOUCH 9KW 240V On Demand Water Heater Self-Modulating Instant Hot Water Heater ECO90 Black

ECOTOUCH 9KW 240V On Demand Water Heater

ECOTOUCH 9KW 240V On Demand Water Heater

With rich experience of 20 years in appliances industry, ECOTOUCH appliances is associated with advanced technology, quality craftsmanship, reliability and attractive features design, which offers brand new life style of being easy, efficient and enthusiastic. We are dedicated to innovate and offer user-friendly & energy saving appliances that base on extensive consumer research and follow stringent quality standards, meeting your requirements at the very best value for your budget.

We offer 1 year QA for the unit and you don’t have to worry about any quality issue, the unit is premium quality and we have full confidence on it. If anything unexpected occurs, we get technicians to figure out the issue and offer you the best solution.

hot water heater


Over temperature protection

Dry heating protection

Leakage protection

Water and electricity line separated

ETL Approval


1.The unit is mainly for sinks ,dishwashers and washing machines, shower only applies to the south of the United States

2.recommended to install a filter at the inlet to extend the useful life of the water heater.

3.The tankless water heater should be installed professionally.

4.Please read instruction manual carefully prior to installation and use!


The ECO90 tankless water heater coordinates with scenes décor, above sink or under sink water heater. Comes with installation brackets, pipe fittings of 1/2″ NPT, simple and clear instructions, so you don’t to have to hire a plumber even if you can do it.


  • Voltage: 240V~60Hz
  • Wattage: 9kW
  • Required Circuit Breaker : 1x 2-Pole 40 AMP
  • Min Wire Size: 8 AWG/2 with Grounding
  • Max. Amperage: 37.5A
  • Minimum Water Flow to Activate: 0.5 Gallon/min
  • Operating Water Pressure: 2.9PSI-87PSI
  • Water Connection : 1/2″ NPT

tankless water heater

Electric Tankless Water Heater for Your Dear Family

Being one of those limited choices with smart modulation heating, ECOTOUCH ECO90 tankless water heater provides instant & endless hot water with optimal thermal efficiency of 99.8% and minimum energy cost, thus, the tankless water heater heats up 1.5GPM water from 67℉ to 106℉ and will sure cut your electric bill.

Designed with sturdy structure, it is a perfect solution for kitchen & bathroom sinks, dishwasher and washing machine and you could use it for shower purpose in southern area.

Multi-purpose ECOTOUCH 9KW 240V On Demand Water Heater

tankless water heater

Instant hot water and endless

As soon as you turn it on, hot water comes out immediately with desired temperature and sufficient flow rate of 1-1.5 gallon per minute, no waiting for preheat or standby energy loss. The best part is you get endless hot water now, 24h service, anytime you need.

instant water heater

Smart modulation and energy saving

Equipped with a smart modulating control for stable temp, the hot water heater adjusts exact power input according to power calculation based on flow rate and temp setting in real time, which means you get still stable temp, instead of scalding hot, when you reduce flow rate. Optimal energy efficiency is promised.

tankless water heater electric

Easy to installation

Wall-mounted design frees up floor space for more storage, easy installation in bathrooms, kitchens. Totally silent operation and no venting is required. It is also ideal for apartments as well as a wide range of business and industrial applications.. you don’t to have to hire a plumber even if you can do it.

3 Smart Steps for Choosing Tankless Water Heaters

water heater tankless

It is important to figure out your average inlet water temperature, this determines if you can get hot water of desired temp from the hot water heater. Outlet water temp equals inlet water temp plus temp raise(by the hot water heater).


Check the chart to figure out the flow rate suggested for your area and the corresponding outlet water temp to see if it meets your need. For example, if inlet water in your area is 67℉, you are able to get 1.3GPM hot water @ 115℉, if you set temp lower, you are able to get more than 1.3GPM, correspondingly.

on demand electric water heater

Determining specs and electrical infrastructure is important because without the correct infrastructure your unit may not fit onto your breaker panel. we would like to remind you of reading the user manual prior installation and using for the first time.

Additional information



‎ECOTOUCH Appliances

Item Weight

‎15.72 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎20 x 13 x 5.5 inches

Item model number


Is Discontinued By Manufacturer







‎Aluminum, Brass, Metal

Power Source

‎Corded Electric


‎240 Volts


‎9000 watts

Amperage Capacity

‎37.5 Amps

Maximum Power

‎9 Kilowatts

Temperature Range

‎77 to 131 Degrees Fahrenheit

Flow Rate

‎1.5 Gallons Per Minute

Performance Description

‎Operating Water Pressure: 2.9PSI-87PSI

Display Style


Special Features

‎Switch freely between °F and°C


‎Wall-Mounted, Point of use

Batteries Required?




Date First Available

December 30, 2019

10 reviews for Tankless Water Heater Electric, ECOTOUCH 9KW 240V On Demand Water Heater Self-Modulating Instant Hot Water Heater ECO90 Black


    I install in studio apartment it’s work perfect l happy

  2. Harley Leestma

    This heater works as advertised, was easy to install with clear instructions. It is used in a garage that gets sporadic use and requires little volume of use. I removed a 50 gal tank that was leaking after 28 years and saved money in cost of equipment. The cost of operation will save more.

  3. Ed B

    Arrived with a screw rattling around inside. Customer Service was quick to respond and gave me permission to break the warranty seal to fix this. Worked okay but then, after 14 months (the warranty is 12 months), it broke. Customer Service was polite but firm: it’s out of warranty. Not surprising, I guess, but disappointing. But then I was contacted again by Customer Service, and was offered a new replacement unit! An unexpected gesture, and it left me feeling realty good about Ecotouch. Problems can arise with anything you buy, so it’s good to see a company stand behind its product. Their great customer service turned a disappointing experience into a positive one. Thanks Elaine!

  4. Kurth

    I bought this for the one sink we have in our tack room in our barn. I received my first one and it was damaged I contacted the seller within a few days they sent me a new one. I hooked it up and it works great.

  5. Stacy Konieczny

    Love the product, was too many amps for the breaker I had.

  6. Bobbie Ruments

    Our kitchen sink took forever for hot water to arrive from our large tankless hot water heater. So my husband installed a 9KW ECOTOUCH under the sink. We love it. I accidentally bought the smaller one first and ECOTOUCH was very quick to respond to my questions via email (same day). They also were very generous with the return and gave me a small discount on the larger one. Thank you ECOTOUCH!

  7. Michael J. WalshMichael J. Walsh

    Item arrived and I unboxed it to find that the case face was damaged and 3 of the 4 machine screws that are supposed to hold the heating element down were loose and rattling around inside, which left me very unimpressed.The heating element is currently held down by four machine screws that screw into sheet metal brackets welded to the case back. I suspect that, due to the weight of the heating element and maybe some rough handling after manufacture, these machine screws worked them self out (one actually did strip altogether) and then one or more got trapped between the heating element and the case front.In communication with the sellers (who are very good, BTW), I suggested that instead of just relying on the bracket to hold such a heavy component, that each bracket should also have a clip nut. I also asked for a replacement front cover, but accepted a $20 goodwill refund when told that none was available.So I hooked the unit up and it actually works quite well. The thermostat seems to be a bit of a wild card, and I haven’t played around with it enough yet to figure out if it’s over-reading or not, but it appears to be 10 degrees off (higher) than the actual water temperature at the tap. To see if at least some of that temperature loss is between the heater and the tap (which is about 50 feet away – had to put the unit where I currently had 240v for now) I would need to disconnect the hot side again, which I may or may not do.Also, after a bunch of messing around trying to increase the indicated water flow (which, for me, eventually maxed out at 1.4gpm), I am now under the very distinct impression that this unit is incapable of delivering more than 1.5gpm, which is admittedly all the manufacturer claims in at least some of their product info., But, still, they do persist in showing 1.8gpm in all the pictures of the unit and claim a theoretical 1.8gpm in the manual. Certainly I have enough delivery for hand washing but doubt the unit would be acceptable for showering. Please feel free to comment if you have the same unit and are doing better with it (commenting requires a computer – the app does not support this feature).Upate: Unit has failed today with an E2 error code that comes up moment the unit has power applied to it after resetting via the circuit breaker. Have only been able to clear the code and get the unit to resume heating once by resetting the breaker, only to have it shut off with the same error code after less than a minute of operation. Am waiting on contact from the seller but am not optimistic since the unit is out of warranty by 3 months and other reviewers seem to have had customer service issues.

  8. C. J. Vazquez

    Installed today and working great. We struggled to get it to turn on initially, but it worked fine after turning the dial to “eco.”

  9. Michael K.

    This is a fantastic hot water heater. Water is brought up to the temperature set point very quickly and consistently. The digital display is way beyond my expectations, and the style and reliability of this unit are exceptional.

  10. Amazon Customer

    Used in garage,warms up fast

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