Soliom S600 Outdoor Home Security Camera, Wireless WiFi Pan Tilt 360° View Spotlight Solar Battery Powered System, Motion Detection and Siren

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Pan Tilt Broader & Flexible View: The security camera S600 can turn its head 320° horizontally and 90° vertically pan and tilt, clear two-way audio, and 3X digital Zoom (No optical zoom), which provide you a much broader and flexible view vs other cameras for home security.

Full 1080P HD & Color Night Vision: The wireless security camera S600 is 1080p full HD day time video and motion-activated spotlight color night vision; with the 4 pieces white LEDs capturing clear colorful videos at night, can even see through the dark up to 32 feet in very low light conditions.

Easy Installation, Remote Access & Solar Rechargeable Battery: Easy to install and 100% wireless camera. Extensible rechargeable battery solar powered security cameras with larger solar panel gives you a reliable and powerful wireless security camera system in your yard. Remote access to live view via Soliom+ free App

Accurate & Fast PIR Motion Detection: The Pan Tilt Zoom outdoor security camera with 120° detecting angle uses a highly sensitive PIR motion sensor with accurate software pixel analysis technology to double control and reduce false alarms, capturing all human movements steadily

Secure & Alternative Data Storage: Choose to save all videos in a micro SD card up to 128GB or the cloud storage (One-month free trial). All videos can be replayed and download directly via the app. The security camera outdoor uses RTMPS streaming-encryption for more secure data storage with the amazon cloud web service. Note: The wireless camera doesn’t support 5G wifi

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Soliom S600 Outdoor Home Security Camera, Wireless WiFi Pan Tilt 360° View Spotlight Solar Battery Powered System, Motion Detection and Siren, Color Night Vision, 2-Way Talk, Remote Access, Cloud/SD Electronics

Soliom try to make security cameras wireless outdoor becoming simple and easy

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Soliom S600 Outdoor Home Security Camera, Wireless WiFi Pan Tilt 360°

Important notice before you buy:

  1. Not support 24/7 continuous recording, only support motion detection recording.

  2. Does not work or programmed with computers or NVR systems, Blue Iris, or any third-party software.

  3. No motion tracking function.

  4. The S600 security camera latest version has a scheduled working time and siren function

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Super easy to pair and use

Just download the SOLIOM+APP, register an account, Turn on the security camera and point the wireless camera lens to your phone QR code to scan and do the initial setup.

After connected, You can live view it, change the setting, or rotate it to an ideal angle via the app.

Soliom S600 security camera outdoor can record videos to sd card or Cloud as well as send alarms to your phone when motion triggered by the outdoor camera. You will always be in the importance.

Camera Size: Φ4.2 x 6.2 x 7.2In

Solar Panel Size: 10.5 x 7In

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Rotate any angel as you want

You can easily control the home security cameras from Soliom+ APP to rotate it 320° horizontally and 90° vertically to cover every angle of your house or business to broaden Your View. Full coverage in any corners to reduce expenses and the hassle of installation your outdoor cameras for home security

outdoor security cameras with night vision wireless outside security cameras motion tracking camera

Siren & schedule working time plan

Remote access becomes so easy with soliom App. You can live view, replay or download captured videos anytime from anywhere. With soliom App, you can control all your soliom security cameras to stay aware of your home or business at a scheduled working time plan with this amazing wireless security camera system or start the loud siren to warn off any potential intruders

wifi outdoor security camera security cameras wireless system 360 camera for home outdoor

Share to More Family members

The outdoor security cameras support a maximum of 10 Users to live stream at the same time. Share the wifi camera with your family members for a happy moment or take care of kids, elders, or pets anywhere.

Note: The shared users have to register an account in Soliom+ APP first

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Additional information


Product Dimensions

6.69 x 4.72 x 10.24 inches

Item Weight

4.58 pounds



Item model number



2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


Date First Available

January 14, 2020



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10 reviews for Soliom S600 Outdoor Home Security Camera, Wireless WiFi Pan Tilt 360° View Spotlight Solar Battery Powered System, Motion Detection and Siren

  1. R. ErnstR. Ernst

    Amazing 👏 technology advanced security camera..Swivel using app is incredible coupled with Zoom feature is outstanding…than on top of that the Solar charging as you can see in my picture is by far one of the best features….Totally wireless and with the WiFi feature…Pictures are only in SD that I took but it has the HD feature by simply tapping in app…Alert settings are amazing as seen in my pics. Without question a bargain for the money! Easy install and connection!

  2. Amazon CustomerAmazon Customer

    I needed a camera for my backyard and putting single view cameras around the back just wasn’t an option.. There’s so many cameras to choose from, I’m so glad I waited and found this one… Again due to Amazon’s awesome return policy I took a chance and bought this on cyber Monday, so it was $40 off. I was not disappointed at all, It functions perfectly as advertised and I really love the all around construction of it.. Another thing I love is the fact that the batteries are NOT built in, it comes with 3 batteries but room for 6, so I had a few batteries lying around my house so I put them in there as well…. Installation was a breeze, The company even included a templet which you peel and stick to whatever you want,( I wish more companies would do that) drill the holes. put up the camera EASY.. The only thing I did differently since the whole unit is a bit heavy and I was afraid that it would fall down with the supplied hardware ( my paranoia lol) I just used bigger screws and anchors I had in my garage and now it’s not going anywhere…. I’ll update if needed but you’ll be very happy with this one… I hope this helped****UPDATE****I was so happy with this camera; I bought another one for the front yard and again it’s performing wonderfully, now I have an almost panoramic view of my front yard as well as my back yard. You won’t be disappointed with this camera because it’s made well, and it functions well.Again, I used bigger screws and anchors because the camera is a little heavy and I have peace of mind that it’s not going to fall…. I hope this helped

  3. Amazon Customer CRC

    Cameras work as advertised (I have 2). I ordered extra batteries (18650) from Amazon (separately) and added them in to the cameras. As with all cameras, finding a good mounting position is the hardest part. This one needs to have a good wi-fi signal, which means you will likely have to add an outdoor wi-fi extender or outdoor wired LAN antenna, or indoor wi-fi extenders on inside walls closest to outside camera location. I ordered wifi-extenders (TP-Link AC750 WiFi Extender RE230) separately also on AMZN, and setup up the extenders and cameras inside, prior to installing cameras outside. Had to move extenders to various locations inside the house to get best connection to camera and to base wi-fi. SOLIOM+ App seems to work pretty good, and camera stays connected to wi-fi. All wi-fi problems so far have been with my signal & extenders, not the camera as far as I can tell. My camera (and solar panel) are in shade under trees, and we have had several dark stormy days, but after several weeks I have had no battery charging issues, and cameras have stayed online all the time, day and night. I also added memory cards (SD) to each camera before installation. I record all video to SD.I tried to activate the free (7-day?) Trial Cloud video storage via the SOLIOM+ app on my phone, but it just didn’t work. I wanted to test that Cloud storage before sending any money for a paid account, but that’s on hold until I can try to get the free Trial to work. Camera video quality is great, day and night — I use the night vision mode by turning off the cameras light and use IR. Pan/Tilt works good, but you should know that is is in ‘fixed increments’ when you hit the app p/t buttons. There is no optical zoom, but you can ‘zoom’ in the app with normal phone 2-finger touchscreen operation. Also, there is no way to view video through any other means other than their SOLIOM+ app on the phone. A firmware upgrade would be greatly appreciated that allows standard network access from camera to software like Blue Iris. Most camera makers seem to have proprietary software or apps so this maker is not unusual. 1 drawback is (at maximum movement sensitivity) camera misses some activity (cars and people in driveway). There is also a ‘glitch’ (I would call it), where motion is activated just fine, but recording stops at your preset time limit, even though motion continues. There will be no added video either on the original clip or on additional clips. All additional motion is just not recorded. On the other camera which is viewing only yard, (versus driveway, cars, people), motion is activated for leaves falling and bugs flying by. None but the most expensive (several times $cost of this one) have great motion control so this isn’t a complaint given the price of these cameras, just be aware of some of the limitations of less expensive cameras like this one. So far this camera has operated in weather from 80’s down to upper 20’s (F) and in lots of rain without any problem. 1 big problem is that when recording to SD card, you can only *view* the saved video on your phone (in the SOLIOM+ app), but you cannot download the video and save it to your phone or anywhere else — you have to open the camera, take out the SD card, then copy the video clips that way – which is pretty ridiculous. That is probably the only reason NOT to get this camera. I assume, but have not tested it, that video on their cloud service would be downloadable to a PC or something. There are video capture apps for android that may help to capture the video while you play it on your phone, but I have also not tried any of that. SOLIOM+ app should be updated ASAP to allow downloading video from SD to phone storage.

  4. Jeff BarnumJeff Barnum

    We love the pan, tilt, zoom option and the video quality is great. The setup is extremely easy. You can add 3 extra 18650 batteries for backup power but it’s not really needed. You can store/review the files on your micro SD card or the cloud. If you want to use the cloud, they have 3 different price plans as shown in the pics. So far so good, really happy with this purchase.

  5. Fred A. Bronnert

    04/25/21 UPDATE…Ok, my bad,, I continued to work with Soliom Tech support, and discovered for some unknown reason the problem turned out to be my ROUTER,, NOT THE CAMERA (although the router DID WORK for some of my other devices). I swapped routers and reset and reconfigured my Soliom camera to my new router. It has been ONLINE and WORKING EVEN AWAY FROM HOME for over a week now.. So my apologies for my previous remarks about the camera. Soliom support NEVER stopped helping me get the camera operational. Please disregard my previous update.Update, Less than 2 months , I CAN’T get access to the Camera, it stays offline and won’t come online.. I have worked with Soliiom support multiple times, no resolution yet, I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS NONSENSE, too late to send back to Amazon. I DO NOT RECOMMEND this wireless camera. TOO FLAKY., seldom if ever can see camera away from home, NOW I can’t even see camera on my own wireless network fromy home.only works on 2.4 Gh wi-fi but not 5Gh, Camera has great quality picture, Not impressed with the app, it could use some work. I have communicated multiple times with Seller support about inability to view camera away from my local wi-fi. I am unable to view camera away from home (a feature I was really looking forward to using) Support recommended I try a different phone (which I don’t have nor do I intend to get) so I pretty much gave up on the ability to monitor away from home. Support wanted remote access to my network which I denied for obvious reasons. The app Soliom+ could use some help, and the instructions and pdf file pn the website are inconclusive for troubleshooting. (for the record, I am able to remotely monitor another family business security system with my phone using a different app so my phone IS CAPABLE of remotely monitoring a security system just not my Soliom camera.. Build quality is nice, I added additional batteries which lengthens the life of the camera operation on non sunny periods. I like the pan and tilt options. Great little camera, Soliom just needs to improve their app so it works remotely.

  6. Kosh

    I have been searching for a good security camera which will not be part of my current security system ‘RING ‘ landscape. With much deliberation and detailed study (review) I went ahead and ordered The Soliom S600.. wow its amazing!There has been a continuous uptrend on the solar powered security camera in this market, and this is becoming a big demand from customers , however options are literally not many. here is my scenario, I had to put on my side of my house where I absolutely don’t have an option to bring any electric cable unless I make a big hole in the wall , which I am not ready to do. I wanted this to be complete wireless for network as well power connectivity. I have enough sunlight and why not to utilize …. This SOLIOM model has all packaged so nicely!I would love to create my own SOLIOM ecosystem probably in few days given the quality the features these little equipment have.Pros:1. Designed for perfection .2. Very easy to set up, approximate time to complete the set up max 30 min including installation @ Wall3. Solar Panel is so nicely designed , it just sits atop of your pan camera without giving the load to the mount.4. Battery is sufficiently getting charged with full sun through out the day.5. PIR works.. trust me, I have not received more than 2 false notifications , that too on high traffic area , It works.6. App is smart, you have multiple options of adjusting the tilt manually or through the screen to have active viewing and focus area.7. It perfectly sends the notification for the human detection in your phone.8 Just right! It is engineered just right to give you around 300 degree view when you are panning it through your app and up down view approx 90 degree9. WIFI signal reception & working is absolutely fine.10. LED lights are strong and really life saver in the night.Cons -I wish some day I would be able to have all my cameras under one app (My ring & Soliom)

  7. JoeyJoey

    I also have an S90 camera so I feel that I can point out the differences fairly well between this one and that model.First, the camera motion detection does work better on this one vs the S90, although could still be improved. However I am now actually able to detect people walking towards the camera some of the time so that’s a plus.The new Soliom+ app has made things easier for sure, especially when it comes to pairing. Now you can hold out your phone in front of the camera with the QR code displaying and it will pair up. This worked first try for me. I’m not a fan of the list of events, the old app had a scrubber interface and I actually kind of preferred that.Picture quality is very clear, and the addition of the LED lights really help with night vision. No issues here. I also like how the default is now HD vs SD on the old app. This camera in particular has the ability to pan and tilt which is nice. I would have liked to have more fine grained control over the movement, hitting the arrows moves the camera more than I would like.Battery life is really good. I actually didn’t do the recommended charging beforehand. I figured since it’s summer that it would probably be OK. I also have this thing going off all the time because it has plants and shrubs in it’s field of view, and even will all the events and the battery not being charged beforehand, I have never seen this thing go below max battery.A couple things don’t make sense, like I made the default “on” time to be 60 seconds when an event is detected, but the timing of the recordings are all over the place and typically less than 60 seconds (sometimes more), not sure why.Overall it’s a good camera for the price. If they can continue to make motion detection better than this camera has a real chance to be a great camera.

  8. JimmerJimmer

    This is by far the best security camera I’ve had. You can move the camera around from the app which is really cool and if you put it in the right place you can cover a ton of area. The solar panel holds the batteries and there is room inside of 6 18650’s which is probably a bit of overkill, it comes with 3 installed and room for 3 more, unless it’s dark for days on end the 3 batteries should be plenty, but always good to have options. The motion detection is spot on and starts quickly, works much better than my Ring doorbell. Overall awesome high end security camera.

  9. Jay

    I purchased two of these cameras and one of them required me to climb a ladder almost daily to reset it and them something happened that SHOCKED ME IN A GOOD WAY.You’re going to read about it.After having one of the two cameras constantly crash, it became challenging to the point I was just going to take it down, no longer requiring me to unplug it and reset it often via ladder. Then out of the blue I received and email from SOLIOM with a simple apology and a question, what’s your address?Within a few days a new camera was at my home and the customer service representative continued to follow up via email. She would email at night (daytime for her) and I would get them the next morning for me.I took the new camera and mounted it in place of the old and began testing, each evening an email would come through from SOLIOM and each morning I would read it and continue testing without reply. This went on for a few weeks.Now, I understand today everything seems to be built like garbage and very few companies stand behind their product. I take time to give a kudos to those that do… and proactively search out ways to solve problems.The Camera works great and I will tell you it’s built well too, what makes it GREAT isn’t just the item itself. It’s the customer service behind it!Very few companies stand behind their products today and candidly I can’t think of one in decades that did what SOLIOM did. They tracked me down to fix an issue, not the other way around. I’m thinking this company is on the verge of something great in their care for customers, we all make mistakes in life but very few companies recognize that and proactively work to solve it.To end this story and review, the product itself is built of quality parts and durable. It’s a quality made camera! What makes it great is they actually care about their product and the people they serve and for this I will tell you it’s GREAT!I give you 5 stars for service and doing what’s right, and 5 stars for product review.It truly is a good product, the customer service and willingness to stand behind it…well that makes it great.When was the last time a company reached out to you and simply solved a problem without explanation or questions?

  10. BrettBrett

    I put this camera up and was impressed with the overall build quality. The camera mount is all metal and very rigid, the Solar panel is hefty as well. Pairing with the app was easy and I had high expectations. When I could get a picture, it was quite good with nice detail and very accurate color. The IR night vision was sharp and impressive. The key word however is “When” it connects. Sometimes the picture popped right up on the phone display, sometimes it came up after a short delay, and sometimes it would sit there with a black screen for as long as I had the patience to look at a black screen. I have very fast internet and the signal strength indicator for the wifi showed a decent signal but I suspected maybe it was a problem on my end and installed a wired access point inside the house but in a window with line of sight to the cameras antennas. I put this access point on its own SSID and connected the camera to that which involved getting the ladder out again. The results were not much better. The same is true with notifications. I’d estimate it worked 25% of the time. I really wanted to like this camera but its main purpose is security and a 25% success rate is totally unacceptable.Update: Solium saw my review and reached out to help. They really DO care about their customers satisfaction, something rare these days! An error I had made in the installation was causing poor connection performance. Two things to be sure of are that the antennas on the camera need to be in the up vertical position and poor connection problems while having all the bars showing in the signal strength is often an indication of WIFI inference. By moving the antennas to a more vertical position and setting my WIFI to a different channel and re-joining the camera to my home network, it’s working great now. Thank you to Lucy at Solium customer support!!

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