Solar String Lights, Magictec LED S14 Solar String Light Outdoor Waterproof Lighting Decoration Energy Saving

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PREMIUM QUALITY, ENERGY SAVING BULBS: Less cost and energy-efficient garden string lights powered by solar energy, have 12 bulbs (1.5W), with battery capacity of 3.7 V 2000 mAH which can last up to 6 hours and charging time is 8 hours with 27ft string length that will covered your entryway at home. Colorful lights create a festive and relaxing atmosphere for the family, friends or love once.

AUTOMATIC WARM LIGHTING MODES, EASY TO INSTALL: Recharged by solar panel and no electricity cost needed, solid hard plastic construction can withstand years of rain, snow, ice and wind. It will automatically charge on the day light and automatically light up during evening. It can switch from solid to breathing mode or slow strobe too fast strobe.

GREAT FOR OUTDOOR LIGHTING DECOR: Designed to withstand light rain or water spills, making it excellent for outdoor such as backyard, balcony, stairs, dining areas etc. This amazing LED string light illuminates during the night, ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, window, and indoor such as shops, hall, stage. This string bulbs can create a warm and romantic holiday.

WATERPROOF AND SHATTERPROOF: No worries about short circuits, broken bulbs or damage from moisture! Our smart string lights bulb has an IPX5 waterproof technology that can withstand light rain or water spills. Making it excellent for outdoor such as backyard, balcony, stairs, dining areas etc. Take this safe and yet comfortable and durable lighting ambiance at home.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: We are so confident that you’ll love our Decorative Solar Powered String Lights, that we offer a 100% customer satisfaction. If you find anything, you’re unsatisfied with, just contact us within 30 days of purchase and we will give you a 100% refund for the product – no questions asked! We do everything we can to make sure we keep our customers happy.

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Solar String Lights, Magictec LED S14 Solar String Light Outdoor Waterproof Lighting Decoration Energy Saving Hanging Decor for Garden, Balcony, Porch, Backyard or Camp Tent 27 ft


Solar String Lights, Magictec LED S14 Solar String Light Outdoor Lighting

Solar String Lights, Magictec LED S14 Solar String Light Outdoor Lighting

solar s14


Our string lights harness the power of the sun to recharge their batteries which then powers up the LED light bulbs at night. With our solar string lights, you can enjoy brighter outdoor spaces at no additional costs to your monthly electricity bills! Aside from the electricity savings, you also don’t have to pay an electrician to install our solar lights because you can do it yourself!

solar s14


Using our solar string lights helps to cut down on the amount of fossil fuels consumed by power plants. Along that line, it also helps to reduce carbon emissions from the said facilities. Solar lighting is not only a practical and cost-effective approach to brightening up your outdoor areas, but it’s also one way of helping protect our natural resources, the atmosphere, and Mother Nature in general!

solar s14


Need to illuminate the whole patio? Want to make sure every corner of your gazebo is bathed in light? We got you covered! With a total of 27 feet in string length and twelve 1.5W light bulbs, our solar string lights are more than sufficient to light up wide outdoor spaces. Don’t settle for dimly lit evening family gatherings or romantic dinner dates. Brighten up any outdoor space with our solar lights!

Solar String Lights, Magictec LED S14 Solar String Light Outdoor Lighting

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Item Weight

‎2.84 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎9.7 x 6.5 x 6.4 inches


‎Warm White



Number of Lights


Power Source

‎Solar Powered

Batteries Included?


Batteries Required?


Type of Bulb



‎1.5 watts



Date First Available

June 18, 2019

10 reviews for Solar String Lights, Magictec LED S14 Solar String Light Outdoor Waterproof Lighting Decoration Energy Saving

  1. J in NC

    I did not get paid anything to write this review. Glad I took a chance on these and gave ‘em a try. The first day I had them, they arrived late in the day and still lit-up brightly at sunset. After a sunny day to charge, they look nice for 3 – 4 hours post-sunset. If you are looking for dusk-to-dawn they won’t do the trick. However, they look great, are easy to install, and when I experienced an issue, I found customer service to be terrific. After about a week, the clip on one strand of these lights broke (I bought two sets). They were quick to send me out a replacement and received it next day. If you have realistic expectations about what solar lights can do, these are the one for you!

  2. Lance C.

    I have been spending time fixing up the patio, so my family has a comfortable space to ride out the Apocalypse, while stuck at home, these lights really add to the ambiance and are great at setting the mood. They are not super bright, but do add a nice bit of lighting to a patio area, the look great and where easy to install, The solar panel gets direct sun all day, so I am getting nice lighting well past midnight and brightness diminishing into the wee hours of the morning.

  3. DB

    We were SUPER impressed with these solar lights.Straight out of the box they worked- and they lasted for SUCH a long time considering hardly any daylight hit the unit. And when the unit did get sunlight- they even out performed our first few experiences.We decided to bring these camping and try them out under our canopy tent- and they were amazing. The light brightness was perfect- and we loved the edition of the different settings, and they lasted through the entire night. Perfect for a night in the desert under the stars. They were really easy to hang up and we loved that they were plastic bulbs – whereas other lights we have used outdoors were glass bulbs which broke really easy.Fantastic value for what you get! Not cheap quality at all.

  4. Amazon Customer

    I purchased these lights to install around my gazebo. I was pleasantly surprised to see how bright these lights were.As other reviewers had mentioned if you leave these on full time they do get dim. I personally only turn these on when I am using them and have been very happy with them. They light up my entire deck and seem to work all night long.

  5. Aychelle

    We bought one to see how well they worked. I was skeptical because it was solar, so wasn’t sure if they would be as bright as the ones that plug into an electricity source. It worked so well that I bought two more to cover my yard! I love these lights. I just hang them up, point the panel up and they do everything else on their own! They have three settings, two that blink and one with just one. They come on automatically when it is dark and then shut off when they run out of power or when the sun comes out – whichever is first. They are LED, so they dont get warm either (which I was worried about for backyard lights that stay on all night). Ive had the one string for a couple months now and just bought the other two a couple weeks ago. Highly recommend for anyone who wants low-maintenance lights.

  6. bskousen

    I have a string of LED lights of the AC 110 volt variety, but I wanted a solar version to use while camping to put around an EZ-UP type cover. I had looked at some that were in the $30-$40 range. These had 15LED lights. I then saw the Magictec version for less than $15. It has 3 less LED lights, but is at least 1/2 the price. Plus, I liked the idea of being able to secure the solar panel in the ground with the included stake or attach it to an object with the included spring clamp. It would be much more convenient to attach it to the awning when camping.When I first received the lights, I tried turning them on, but nothing happened. I thought the rechargeable battery might need to be charged. Then I remembered someone mentioning that it has a built-in light detector, so I went into a dark room and turned it on. It immediately lit up. All bulbs lit up. I haven’t timed how long they will stay on yet. I need to leave the solar panel out for at least 4-5 hours. It has several modes, but I prefer the solid light mode.This is ideal for campers who would like a little light under their awnings in the evenings. You can’t beat the price.

  7. Linda L. Reynolds

    I purchased these solar lights to brighten a workbench in my husband’s garage. On this cloudy Christmas day, they added a good amount of light to the area. I would not say it was sufficient for detailed work that requires bright light, but we were quite impressed. Set up was easy. There was an extra bulb provided. The bulbs are quite unique, so we wondered if replacements were available. We got a gift card offer to post a 5-star rating. I will not accept this offer because I think this diminishes the trust in Amazon ratings. However, so far, we are impressed with the lights.

  8. Megan

    Wow. I am a total cheap person and don’t like spending extra amounts of money for something. I originally bought another solar string light that was very beautiful however the bulbs were really small and so was length. I realize I need to invest in more lights for underneath my patio and I also have children and a lot of the times the neighborhood children will come over to my house and my tree has exposed roots so I really wanted something that will light up that area of my tree that will give everybody the ability to see those roots and not make them such a tripping hazard at night because I love hanging out in my backyard. I was completely wowed by these lights I bought four of them because it was in my vision that I wanted a string of lights coming off of each pillar that I had onto my tree and it lights up the entire backyard it’s just so light back there it’s so gorgeous I love these lights they are worth it. The only reason I gave them a four-star under Durability is because I just purchased them and I don’t know how well they will hold up I am located in Virginia Beach Virginia so that will give you an idea of what weather these lights will go through and I will try to update this if for some reason these don’t hold up but if you don’t see an update then they’re holding up.

  9. So happy!

    i had previously left a bad review. My first strand worked one day. On that same day, I ordered two more. They’re awesome. And beautiful at night. I did NOT contact the seller, as I just chalked it up.. today, received an apology letter from the company, and a $30.00 gift card. Customer service is obviously outstanding!! The conclusion was shipping damage. I agree. Again, outstanding customer service! Btw, I’m putting these in a fort I’m building. I’m 47. Why? Because forts never got less awesome, we did. And these lights are beautiful in it. You’re in quarantine, and bored. Go build a fort in your backyard, and make it awesome!!

  10. Fernando Dominguez

    I have the warm light version, maybe the white light version is different but these are not bright enough to be used as lighting. They do light the environment, but frankly only slightly more than the moon already did.Having said that, these lights are beautiful and they make my yard look much nicer at night than just pitch black darkness. They give my yard a festive, fun look all year ’round. The solar panels are great, they are small enough that they are easy to hide, and they are also very easy to mount and connect.They only last for about 4-6 hours depending on how sunny it was during the day, but I’m fine with that since it means I have them on from around 6 PM until around midnight, who cares if they are off when I’m asleep? Do make sure you place the panels somewhere where they get as much direct sunlight as possible, preferably morning through 3 PM or so when the sun is strongest.All in all I’m very happy with these lights and I’m happy to recommend them, I bought one set to try them out and bought another two a month later because I really love how they look and perform.Full disclosure: The company offers a $20 gift card to people who leave a 5-star review here on Amazon, but I also genuinely think this is a 5-star product regardless, all the gift card offer did was motivate me to sit down and write a review.

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