Solar Security Camera, 360° PTZ Outdoor Camera Wireless, MUBILIFE Outside Surveillance Camera for Home Security, Siren and Spotlight

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🌞【Upgraded 5W Solar Panel & 100% Wire-free】The 5W solar panel has 166% higher charging efficiency than other outdoor cameras with only 3W solar panel. Thus the battery powered outdoor security camera has longer duration and can standby for over 4-7 months after one full charge, no need to recharge frequently. The wireless security camera is 100% cordless, very easy to install and setup.

📍【360° Coverage & Preset Homing】The outdoor ptz security camera supports 355° horizontal & 90° vertical rotation, giving 360° all-around protection. You can adjust angles on app to monitor different places. Preset up to 5 locations, then the security camera can quickly aim to where you want to see, no need to adjust angles often. Support 4X digital zoom (no optical zoom). You can enlarge the screen to see more details when watching playback or live stream.

💡【AI Motion Detection & Spotlight & Siren】 With sensitive motion sensor, the wireless security camera can be waken up rapidly when detecting motions, then records videos and sends instant alerts to Dzees/Vicohome app. AI motion sensor can differentiate person, pet, vehicle, parcel, providing higher accuracy and less false alerts. You can activate siren or spotlight via app to ward off unwelcome people. They can also be activated automatically if you set to on.

🌛【1080P Color Night Vision & 2-Way Audio】The outside security camera supports both 1080P FHD infrared and color night vision. You can view a clear full-color picture even at night. Clear vision up to 100ft and detection distance up to 55ft give your home more powerful protection. With built-in speakers and microphone, you can have real-time “phone call” with couriers, or use it to warn off the suspicious.

💧【IP66 Weatherproof & Free Loop Recording】 The IP66 waterproof security camera can withstand any bad climate like rain or snow. It supports 7-day free cloud storage with no subscription permanently. Also support storing videos in MicroSD card up to 128GB. 4dbi dual antennas ensures stable 2.4G WiFi connection. The outdoor camera can be shared to whole family via QR code so all can monitor your house together.

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Solar Security Camera, 360° PTZ Outdoor Camera Wireless, MUBILIFE Outside Surveillance Camera for Home Security, Siren and Spotlight, Battery Powered, Motion Detector, Color Night Vision, 2.4G WiFi

Meet all your expectation for a solar security camera.

solar security camera dzees wireless vicohomeAmong all solar security cameras, what makes MD3K outstanding?

More Powerful Solar Panel: Upgraded 5W solar panel brings 166% higher charging efficiency, greatly improving the battery life and freeing you from frequently charging the Solar Security Camera. While other Solar Security Camera still need to be recharged every 1-2 months.

Waterproof Solar Panel Plug: Specially designed silicone plug prevents the charging port from being corroded by water on rainy days, which is the most common problem that other solar cameras meet.

Large-Capacity Battery & Easy to Install: The high capacity battery powered security camera has a long standby time even without solar panel. The outdoor camera is 100% cordless, and is very easy to install anywhere: doorway, garage, garden, yard, etc.

Note: All battery powered solar security cameras do not support 24/7 continuous recording. Only wired cameras support that. MD3K and all other battery operated cameras only support live view and motion detection.

Ideal outdoor ptz camera, 360° all-around protection.

ptz outdoor camera wireless

Pan & Tilt Rotation

Easily control the angle on your phone: The outdoor camera can rotate 355° horizontally & 90° vertically to provide 360° broad view, no blind spot. Just one camera is enough to make a place fully monitored.

360 wireless camera security outdoor

Fast Preset Homing

You can preset up to 5 common locations. Then the security camera can aim to the targeted place with just one click within 1 second. Free you from the hassle of frequently adjusting angle.

spotlight siren security camera

4X Digital Zoom

The outside surveillance camera supports 4X digital zoom. You can enlarge the screen to see more details when watching playback or live streaming. (No optical zoom. )

spot siren surveillance security camera

Alarm Siren & Spotlight

The security camera sends instant notification to phone when it captures suspicious motion. You can activate the spotlight and siren to warn off intruders. They can also be activated automatically if you set to on. Stop the crime before it happens.

night vision camera 1080p 2k

Sharp Image & Color Night Vision

1080P full HD sensor provides stunning night vision. Support both infrared and color night vision mode. View everything clearly up to 100ft no matter day or night. And motions within 55ft can be accurately detected.

outdoor camera wireless outside wifi

IP66 Waterproof

MD3K outdoor wireless camera applies IP66 waterproof material, thus it can withstand any bad weather. And the solar panel has a silicone plug to prevent the charging port from being corroded by rain. Work properly in any season and any weather.

Wireless Security Camera outdoor wifiEnhanced Dual Antennas: Applying 4dbi dual antennas, this wireless solar security camera has more stable network signal than other surveillance cameras without antennas. This solves the problem of frequently going offline that most other outdoor cameras have.

Multi-Users Device Sharing: You can share your device to 10 users so they can have the access to the security system. So your family can watch live view simultaneously via their own devices.

Quick Setup: Most buyers connect this wireless security camera to smartphone within 5 minutes. No complex steps to connect to network. (Only support 2.4 GHz WiFi.)

Note: The DZEES / Vicohome app is mainly designed for iPhone and Android smartphones. Not all tablets are compatible. If you want to use the app on your tablet, you can check whether the DZEES or Vicohome app can be installed before you buy.

solar cameraMonitor Multiple Places On One Screen: According to our user research, one family usually needs 2-5 outdoor security cameras to ensure home security. On app you can add unlimited wireless solar security cameras, and watch live stream from up to 6 cameras on one screen at the same time. No need to switch from different cameras. (This outdoor security camera is compatible with both DZEES and Vicohome app.)

Clear 2-Way Audio: Talk to couriers, family or pets with its noise-cancelling mic and speaker, just like making a video call. You can also use this to scare away intruders.

security camera wireless outdoor wifi More Optional Advanced Features to Explore

Permanent 7-Day Free Cloud & SD Storage: The outdoor solar security camera wireless supports both Micro SD card(max 128GB) and cloud storage. All users can view video playback in the cloud for last 7 days (not only the first 7 days, but life-time free!). If 7-day loop recording can’t meet your need, you can subscribe to get longer span.(optional)

Activity Zones: Customize specific activity zones. Then you will only receive notifications triggered in the activity zone. (Events from other zones will be recorded but notifications will not be sent.) This reduces unnecessary notifications.

Human Pet Vehicle AI Detection: 2022 upgraded AI algorithm can classify objects and differentiate person, pet, vehicle, parcel. Only receive alerts you care about.

30-Day Free Trial: The 2 services (Activity zones, AI detection) have 30-day free trial. You can decide whether to subscribe the plan after trial, no hidden costs. Plans can be cancelled whenever you don’t need.

Privacy Protection: The security camera applies military-grade encryption technology, no worry about privacy risk. No one can have the access to the camera if you do not share your device to him.

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Package Dimensions

8.03 x 7.44 x 5.67 inches

Item Weight

2.79 pounds



Date First Available

March 22, 2022



10 reviews for Solar Security Camera, 360° PTZ Outdoor Camera Wireless, MUBILIFE Outside Surveillance Camera for Home Security, Siren and Spotlight

  1. Tiffany M. WhiteTiffany M. White

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     I have 2 of these cams. Both are used for birdwatching. One at the shelled peanut feeder and this one at the tube peanut feeder. I have motion off on this cam – no solar panel. Battery got down to 95% after about a month of pretty heavy use and I popped the solar panel off the other and put it on this one for 2 days and was back at 100% and its stayed there since.I would say battery life is OUTSTANDING on these cams. I would also say I’ve learned what to do and not do to preserve battery life.I do put my cams to sleep at night. However, I love to manually ‘drive’ this cam around the garden and take pics so I occasionally wake it up to do so.My WiFi signal is strong on these cams BUT I enjoyed these cams so much I upgraded my WiFi to Mesh 6, which I didn’t have. I wanted to get the most out of them.Night vision pics are excellent!!! I would say picture and video quality is all around good enough to use on social media, which i do. I love to educate people on bird behavior so this is a fun way to do that!The motion detection is good enough to keep up with birds so I’m quite pleased with it.Final point because all that glitters isn’t gold: there are some reviews that talk about the bolt not fitting that comes with the cam. Mine didn’t either. Its a standard size, you probably have one in your garage somewhere, you also need a washer.

  2. GeneLGeneL

    I bought this outdoor camera to view my backyard to monitor for people and wildlife. Set up was easy, just follow the step-by-step instructions. While it does come with a permanent mounting bracket for structure attachment, I chose to keep it portable so that I can also use it in my front yard or inside the house. I constructed a simple 2 board portable stand which the camera is now attached. The picture is wide, crisp and clear. The motion detector has a sensitivity setting to allow the user to fine tune alerts. This camera has an SD slot which is great for internal storage which can be accessed via the app as long as the camera is in range of your WiFi. So for this local access, one does not need to subscribe to the monthly cloud service for storage and remote access. However, should the need arise for remote access, cloud subscription is easy and affordable, and you can cancel it if you no longer need it. It is powered by battery. Charge lasts a long time dependent upon the number of alerts are activated and how often one accesses via the app. My camera has been set up for 2 weeks and the battery is still at 90% even though it has recorded MANY alerts (me mowing the lawn, yard work, raccoons, crows). The camera has lots more bells and whistles than I am utilizing.

  3. Jon BeatyJon Beaty

    I’ve been using Foscam cameras for keeping an eye on our goats in the barn. The problem has been the power cords don’t always get plugged in after using the outlets to power other equipment in the barn. I decided to give the Mubilife camera a try because it operates on a rechargeable battery and am pleasantly surprised.The camera has a sleek design and feels sturdy and well built. It was easy to install on the Dzees app downloaded from the Apple AppStore onto my iPhone. Just let the camera scan the QR code in the app and it was done.Hardware installation was easy. Screws are included. A template for drilling screw holes for the mount was also included. That’s a nice bonus, but didn’t need it since was putting the screws into a barn pole.Once installed in my barn, the camera was easily controlled from the app. I turned off the motion sensor, since I don’t need it in the barn, but it is very responsive. I’m impressed with how responsive the motion is camera is to the controls. It responds immediately, and the WiFi connection is strong even 50 feet away from my WiFi hub. The HD video quality is sharp both in the dark and in the light. The microphone is great and picks up sound from several feet away. The speaker allows conversation between a persons in the house using the app and a person in the barn.I’m very impressed with the quality of this wireless video security camera for the price. I highly recommend it.

  4. P. Sarathy

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     The camera quality is much superior to others on the market. Some of the notable features include:1) Ease of installation and mounting hardware – Makes for a stable installation allowing the camera to pan, tilt and zoom 360.2) Solar charging, eliminates the need to unplug to recharge3) High quality video (HD and SD formats), which can easily be downloaded to the mobile device). The AI capabilities to detect people vs car vs pet are superior), with optional paid cloud storage and AI capabilities to identify and classify subjects as vehicle, person or pet. Alert zone is highly customizable. While false detection is present, but greatly improved.4) Well integrated software – Multiple cameras work with the existing VicoHome software – Makes device management much easier. Push notifications are instant too.If there are some additional features I would have loved to see is:1) Tracking and auto recording of subjects. While the PTZ capabilities are great, it will only record in the last PTZ the camera was left at.2) GPS integration and location information stored in captured media, if video needs to be sent for forensic investigation to law enforcement.

  5. susie Hoopengardnersusie Hoopengardner

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     I wish i had bought this sooner. The picture quality is perfect. You can tell every detail in identifying people and animals. Its perfect for security and livestock monitoring/security. It has so many options. A flashing light alarm. A audible (quick alerting) alarm (my favorite feature) and a instant notification sent to your phone. You can view live feed and it record motion, up to how long you set it for. Ypu can change the motion sensitivity, for example: when its let to low, something like a mouse of chicken, wont set it off. But a dog, Or person, Will. When its set to high, even apuse wil lsend the alert to you phone. I cant even describe everything this camera is capable of. I got it to keep a secure eye on my livestock. Ive invested too much to risk anything happening and it not being documented and recorded. This is a necessity in todays time. Proof to claims. I choose this one particularly bc i need a a wide view ofy coop. I need to do a head count and make sure everybody got inside for the night. These pictures are of all times of the day and night. With and without a heatlamp turned on at night to show the differences of how a spot of light doesnt really affect picture quality at night. I 1,000% reccommend this!

  6. Wael TalebWael Taleb

    This camera is awesome! I love that it tilts and you can point wherever you want. The set up was super easy and the app is very user friendly. Quality of the picture is as good as it gets for outdoors security cameras, amazing! I’ve had up for about 4 days and the battery hasn’t is still at 100%! I’ve beed messing around with it a lot trying to familiarize myself, watching it live a lot, trying the flash light at night and the battery is still full! Night time vision is super clear! 2 of the picture I took were taken at night, one with flash and one without. The motion sensor is nice too. The first day I had the motion on “high” and it would catch just about anything that moved (tree branches moving) so I dropped it to low and it’s been catching the essential that you want in a security system (cars, people walking by, pets…) I have it set up in my backyard but plan on getting more to cover every side of the house. The sound quality is great too, I tried talking to my brother while I was out and we could hear each other perfectly. This thing packs a punch! Would definitely recommend it as the price is more than reasonable and the cloud storage has very competitive pricing. You can opt to use an SD card too but I’d rather it be saved in the clouds for extra security.

  7. Richard Gardner

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     This is by far the best camera I have ever owned. You are able to scan the entire property from your phone. The camera is responsive and Crystal Clear. Night vision is extraordinary good when using white light mode.

  8. David J.

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     I have bought a couple of these cameras and I must say Im more than impressed. The support staff also is extremely helpful with all my questions. Would highly recommend! I love the fact that it has 360○ views where you are able to rotate the camera to see anywhere. The set up is extremely easy to do. The instructions are actually on the app and gives you step by step to install and only takes minutes. Mounting outside takes even less time.

  9. Lee Karjala

    This is the second Dzees camera I have purchased and I am blown away by the quality of the camera and the ease of installation. After installing the camera on my home network, my Netgear router failed and had to be replaced. I chose the TP-Link Ax3000 Archer AX55 router for a replacement. The camera was super easy to associate with the new router. Yes, I had to reset the camera and start the installation procedure anew, but this proved to be super easy. The installation proceeded flawlessly via the Dzees app on my Samsung Galaxy A31 cell phone.I am blown away by the quality of the image (very clear and detailed) on my phone and the responsiveness of the camera when I make position changes. Very quick and easy to manage.The camera is described as a battery cam but it does not describe the fact that it can be attached to a 5 watt 5 volt solar panel and kept charged forever. I verified this with the seller before I installed and it has kept the camera charged well since connecting to the solar panel.After having the camera up and running for 2 or 3 days, my home network router failed and had to be replaced. I replaced my Netgear Nighthawk with a TP-Link AX3000 Archer Ax55 mesh router and this camera proved easy to associate with the new network on the 2.4 Ghz band and has worked well ever since.In all honesty, the seller has offered my a consideration for writing a review, whether good or bad. That fact has not colored my review and if the camera had performed badly I would have said so. This is a good outdoor camera for me and and I am very pleased with this purchase.

  10. Tiffany M. WhiteTiffany M. White

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     I use this Cam as a spycam for my latest obsession, which is trying to get the neighborhood Cardinals to nest in my yard.So here’s what I’ve done:The entire place is a bird paradise! Food, water, cover. All of the bird’s favorite delights. But I need to spy!So this cam is set with motion on! I have a cooling off period. Battery life is OUTSTANDING thus far. Only initial quirk was it seemed to need to drain a bit prior to me connecting the solar panel or the cam would go offline. After that initial quirk, no issues.The footage is priceless. I think the cam makes some sort of noise or visual que its operating because I have a Gila Woodpecker that hides from it, but he still comes for those peanuts!!!I don’t use night vision, I set the cam to sleep from dusk to about 7am the next day to preserve battery life (great feature). The picture quality is good enough for me to upload to social media and the motion detection is good enough to catch birds in action!!!

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