Solar Lights Outdoor, NIORSUN LED Solar Pendant Lights 5000K|4000K|3000K| Dimmable Lighting with Remote Control

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✔Upgraded 3 Color Temperature Mode: 3 color temperatures (3000K/4000K/5000K), which can meet the needs of different environments and scenarios, no need to worry about choosing color temperature. Two independent lamps, the cable length between each lamp and solar panel is 16.4ft/5m, Two lamps can be individually controlled for brightness, mode, color temperature, and ON/OFF.

✔Two Control Modes: 1. Manually turn on and turn off, which allows the light to be turned on when lighting is needed and turned off when not needed; 2. Light sensing mode, Dusk to Dawn. Turns on at night and turns off automatically at dawn. Timing setting, timing lighting can be set: 3 hrs, 5 hrs, 8 hrs.

✔Upgraded Battery Capacity: Larger polysilicon solar panels, 2x4000mAh battery capacity, providing a total of 2×400 lumens of lighting, which can meet the lighting range of 194-237 square feet. Allows you to enjoy lighting without electricity bills.

✔IP65 Waterproof & Solar Powered: IP65 waterproof design and can withstand all kinds of terrible weather. Solar powered-charging time: 6-8 hrs, lighting time: Max.16hrs(full charged). Very suitable for indoor and outdoor use. (Garden, Patio, Garage, Camp…)[Please charge it for 6-8 hours in full sun state before using it for the first time]

✔What You Get: A set of solar pendant lights with multiple lighting options, and our worry-free 24-month friendly after-sales service. Any questions about the solar pendant lights, please feel free to contact us.

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Solar Lights Outdoor, NIORSUN LED Solar Pendant Lights 5000K|4000K|3000K| Dimmable Lighting with Remote Control, 2×16.4ft Cable IP65 Waterproof for Indoor, Garden, Patio, Garage, Camp(2 Pack)

Solar Lights Outdoor, NIORSUN LED Solar Pendant Lights 5000K|4000K

NIORSUN Solar Pendant Lights 3000K|4000K|5000K Dimmable with Remote Solar lights IP65 Waterproof for Outdoor & Indoor

-Three color temperature options(3000K/4000K/5000K).

-Two modes: 1) Dusk to Dawn: Auto ON/OFF. 2) Manually turn ON/OFF: it can also be turned on by remote during the day.

-Dimmable with remote: 50%/100% brightness.

-Timing setting: timing lighting can be set 3 hrs, 5 hrs, 8 hrs.

-Widely used for outdoor garden, patio, garage, shed, barn & indoor, etc.

-Easy installation, the cable from each lamp to the solar panel is 16.4ft/5M, total cable length: 2 x 16.4ft(5M).

Solar Lights Outdoor, NIORSUN LED Solar Pendant Lights 5000K|4000K

Two independent lights, each light can individually control its color, brightness, mode.

P.S. Charge the light under direct sunlight for 6-8 hours before the first use. If you want to use solar pendant lights during the day, make sure that the lights are charged.

solar powered

Solar powered light

In order to maximize the lighting effect, please make sure that the solar pendant light is full of sunlight electricity.

IP65 Waterproof connector

IP65 Waterproof connector

The waterproof connection is sealed with a customer-specific rubber ring. Waterproof, snow and moth proof, very durable.

parts included cable zip ties

Cable zip ties included in the kit

The attached parts include cable zip ties to help you better fix the position of the pendant light.

Solar lights indoor

Solar Lights Outdoor, NIORSUN LED Solar Pendant Lights 5000K|4000K

Solar patio light

Solar lights outdoor

Solar umbrella light

solar garage lights

Solar porch light

Solar Lights Outdoor, NIORSUN LED Solar Pendant Lights 5000K|4000K

Solar front door light

solar tent light

Solar tent light

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Item Weight

‎3.58 pounds

Package Dimensions

‎14.02 x 8.23 x 4.84 inches

Item model number










Number of Lights



‎6 Volts

Special Features


Shade Material


Light Direction


Power Source


Batteries Required?


Type of Bulb



‎6 watts



Date First Available

September 2, 2020

10 reviews for Solar Lights Outdoor, NIORSUN LED Solar Pendant Lights 5000K|4000K|3000K| Dimmable Lighting with Remote Control

  1. rick sparks

    I had three toher solar lamps that were okay for light, but gave me less than two hours of light, then faded quickly. Possibly due to small collector panels. Also, they only had two settings – on or off. These lights give at least double the hours and have two power settings and the choice of white light for working or yellow light for a more relaxing light. The lights were about the same cost, but the lights from Niorsan are the hands-down winners.

  2. B’s

    I decided to take a chance on this because getting power to my shed was going to be super expensive. They have been working well and were easy to install. They are bright and the settings are a night feature plus they blink red so you know they are charging.

  3. L. Salicrup

    I setup the dual lamp in a chicken enclosure and does provide plenty of illumination in the area. I also purchased the single one and installed inside the chicken coop. Love the remote control that works with actually both set of lamps so I can keep the extra one in a safe place in case the one I am using goes bad.

  4. TS

    Surprisingly bright and long lived. I installed them in a shed for better lighting in the winter months. The batteries charge well with the supplied solar panel and provide excellent light. As the remote is IR, you may need to point it at each lamp separately for function, if they are too far apart to be caught in the same signal beam.

  5. Anna Blwe

    I was looking for a bright solar lamp/light to put in my gazebo and I found this. I had my doubts but as soon as I put them up I was completely convinced that I couldn’t find anything better. They are super bright, looks perfect and the best they are solar. I can’t ask for more 👍🏼

  6. William M. Johnson

    Used these in our horse barn and they have been excellent! The panel is easy to mount, wires are long, and remote works well. Battery life is great, these lights have always worked so far when we needed them even with cloudy days in New England winter so far. The color tone can be changed from white to yellowish and brightness can be changed a little. Overall these are a great value and work perfectly on a building that doesn’t have power. Your eyes adjust to these, they’re not overpowering but also I can read text by them so they’re bright enough to use for decent detail work. Of course they are not as good as a normal LED flashlight or 110v LED bulb, but they’re not designed to be.

  7. Casch

    OK it is summer and lots of sun to keep it powered all night. Entering fall and still seems to stay on all night. Not sure this will be true for the winter. Love the ability to have a warmer feel to the light temperature. The usual 5500K just looks terrible in my opinion. I have these set at 4000K. Love themFor $59 it is a great light.

  8. TMA

    We use these as task lighting under a pergola. We were surprised at how good they were.If you are looking for more casual warm ambient lighting, these aren’t the lights for you, not for mood lighting, but definitely great for sheds, tasks, etc.

  9. Dennis

    I hang this on my pergola to get general ambient light for the tables and lounge area. The two lamp allows me to brighten both areas. It’s pretty bright and I had to pull it higher to cast a wider radius. This provides a well lit area during night time.The cable is pretty long and I was able to mount the solar panel far away to get maximum sun. I did have to charge it a full day before it got bright. I would recommend turning it off and just charge a day or two if you can to have the best initialize battery boost. For me, it lasts past midnight which is perfect. Having a well lit area keeps raccoons and other animals away.

  10. g2bizy

    This gives off a good light. We use it in our sunroom. I like that it’s solar so no cost in running it. The lead was long enough to run through the wall, solar panel being on the roof.

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