Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor w/ 240 Bright COB LED, 16.4Ft Cable, 3 Lighting Modes, Adjustable Panels

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  • Product Guarantee: 12-Month Product Quality Warranty. Any questions, please scroll up to the top of this page, click “Sold By Nacinic” located below the cart. And then send your question to us. We have a professional team ready to assist you in 24 hours.
  • Three Optional Lighting Modes: Press the white button and the following modes are switched in sequence for each press: 1. OFF. 2.Motion Activated Mode (It activates to full brightness for 20 seconds, only when motion is detected) 3.Dim Light + Motion Activated Mode (This mode provides a continuous 20-lumen glow, then activates to full brightness for 20 seconds when motion is detected) 4.Stay On Mode (This mode provides half-brightness continuous light for 4-6 hours regardless of motion)
  • Solar Powered Outdoor LED Lights: NACINIC solar wall lights with rotatable solar panels, can convert sunlight to electricity. Equipped with large capacity battery and 120 upgraded COB lights, it can provide bright solar illumination. You don’t have to pay more on electric bill, money saving.
  • IP65 Waterproof Solar Security Light with Motion Sensor: Made of high-strength ABS, it’s specifically designed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Time Saving and Energy Saving: Easy to install, you can install the lights with included screws anywhere indoors or outdoors. Great to put in areas with no power outlet.
  • Bright Solar Lighting & Sensitive PIR Motion Inductor: Equipped with 120 COB LEDs in each light, it can provide bright and wide outdoor solar lighting for places around your house, and detect motion up to 23 feet within an angle of 120 degrees. NACINIC solar lights outdoor can detect the motion of humans, animals, and cars.

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Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor w/ 240 Bright COB LED, 16.4Ft Cable, 3 Lighting Modes, Adjustable Panels. Wired Security Solar Powered Flood Lights for Indoor, Outside, Yard, Garden(5500K, 2 Set)

Solar motion sensor lights outdoor

Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor w/ 240 Bright COB LED, 16.4Ft Cable

NACINIC Solar Motion Sensor lights Outdoor, 2 Set

Solar lights are a cost saving addition to any house, helping keep you safe while adding a bit of style. They’re easy to maintain, and once you’ve gotten them in place, the sun handles a lot of the upkeep for you. If you want to add light to poorly lit areas around your house without the cost of hardwiring electric lights, NACINIC excellent solar lights could provide the answer.

  • Question: Why my light will only turn on when I unplug the cable from the solar panel?
  • Answer: Because the solar panel has a light sensor in it, the light will not turn on in the daytime or if the solar panel is under other lighting coverage. You can cover the solar panel with something, and then push the button to test it.

motion sensor light outdoor solar powered

Super Bright

Equipped with upgraded COB LED and larger capacity batteries, NACINIC outdoor solar light is brighter and less dazzling.

solar motion sensor light outdoor waterproof

Designed for Long Time Use

Our solar outdoor lights are IP65 waterproof, which can be used in rainy days or other extreme weather conditions.

solar lights outdoor motion sensor

Package Includes

2 X COB Light Panels, 2 X Solar Panels, 2 X 16.4Ft Cable, 4 X Mounting Brackets, 16 X Installing Screws, 16 x Expansion Pillar-hinge, 1 X User Manual

solar flood lights outdoor motion sensor

Sensitive Motion Sensor

Installed with bigger sensor ball, which can detect motion up to 23 ft at a 120° angle, lights can reach 500 square feet.

solar security lights outdoor motion sensor

Easily Install in 5 Minutes

You can install the lights with included screws anywhere indoors or outdoors. Great to put in areas with no power outlet.

solar powered motion lights for outside

Energy & Money Saving

Powered by solar energy, no electricity bill or other pollution. Bigger and adjustable solar panel can reach up to 22.5% conversion rate .

Solar garage lights

Not Only Use for Outdoors

Solar light needs at least 5 hours of direct sunlight everyday to work properly. With 16.4ft cable, you can place the separate solar panel to an open place to receive more sunlight, and put the light panel indoors or in a shadowy place.

Warm Tips:

  1. The third mode is always on medium light, it can only light up 5-6 continuous hours. To save the battery power, we would recommend you to use the first or second mode.
  2. In order to maximize the lighting effect, please make sure the solar outdoor lights absorb adequate sunlight. It’s important to install the solar panel in a location away from the shade caused by trees, buildings and etc. A install height of 6.5-8 FT is recommended.
  3. The light will not turn on in daytime or bright area, as solar panel has light sensor in it. Make sure the solar light charged by sufficient sunlight, then you can cover the solar panel with something, and then push the button to choose modes. Its sequence is: off, mode 1, mode 2, mode 3 ,and then go off again.
  4. If there are rainy days or days without enough sunlight for several days, the lights may not light up at night because of lack of power. Please charging the lights at least 8 hours when the sun is out.

Additional information




Item Weight

‎14.4 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎5.8 x 4.2 x 1 inches

Item model number


Assembled Height

‎1 inches

Assembled Length

‎5.8 inches

Assembled Width

‎4.2 inches




‎Black & Yellow




‎Plastic, Metal

Finish Types

‎Oil Rubbed

Number of Lights


Included Components

‎2 X COB Light Panels, 2 X Solar Panels, 2 X 16.4Ft Cable, 4 X Mounting Brackets, 16 X Installing Screws, 16 x Expansion Pillar-hinge, 1 X User Manual


‎5.5 Volts

Specific Uses

‎Outdoor use only

Special Features

‎Shatter resistant, Instant On, Shock and vibration resistant, Dimmable, 3-way switching

Shade Material


Light Direction


Power Source


Switch Style

‎Push Button

Switch Installation Type

‎No Installation needed

Batteries Required?


Type of Bulb


Luminous Flux

‎800 Lumen

Color Temperature

‎5500 Kelvin



Date First Available

July 28, 2020

10 reviews for Solar Lights Outdoor Motion Sensor w/ 240 Bright COB LED, 16.4Ft Cable, 3 Lighting Modes, Adjustable Panels

  1. larry

    Absolutely amazing! Easy to install but requires the right screws based on what you’re mounting it too. Because my carport is tin metal I used the small screws to mount the solar panels and the large ones to mount the lights. Sensors do well. One of them go off as soon as I walk out my front door a good 26+ feet away from the sensor. Haven’t used it for any other mode besides motion sensor. Love it! Thank you and God bless you all.

  2. BT72

    Easy to install and works wonderfully. Motion sensor picks up everything at a good distance. Can’t beat solar power as it’s free to use. One thing during installation. Make sure not to have light above or pointing at the solar part of the item. It will cause the light to turn on and right back off. Because when it picks up motion it turns on, (motion light only works at dark during the day it’s charging) but if light shines on solar unit it will think it’s daylight and turns right back off.

  3. robert

    Only had them installed for 4 days. They seem to work well. The dog sets off the motion sensor which is good. I have two, one under the overhang on my porch with the solar panel on my roof and the other lighting up the sidewalk. These stay lite about 20 seconds after the motion stops before they turn off. Which is perfect in my application because this gets me to the front door. The jury is still out for the longevity of the solar panel and batteries.

  4. TA

    For the price, these two lights really brighten up the street in front of my mountain property. Amazon’s product info provides better instructions than the cobbled up photocopy from the country of origin. Missing were instructions for the three button options for the light but you will find them listed on Amazon. A separate solar panel and long power cable are just what I needed for mounting in pine trees. Design wise, the solar panel angle to the sun is wrong because they used the same bracket design as the light which adjusts downward better than upward. I sealed the drain hole where the power cable in the solar panel comes out and turned it upside down to get a better charging angle with the sun. For the price, if it fails, I’ll replace it with something made better. I still gave these lights 5 stars because they are bright, illuminate a wide swath, and the motion sensors are great. I have them set to only stay on for 30 seconds but they will retrigger almost immediately if there is still movement detected. For the price, these lights are a great buy despite a few design flaws that can be overcome. They are quick and easy to install and the COB elements really light up a dark street so much better than the dinosaur LED technology.

  5. Jim Phillips

    Needed a light that faced the opposite way from the sun. This light allowed me to place the solar panel on the roof and the light under the porch. Works fine. Not too bright but enough light to see what you’re doing. The second one I put facing my gate. Anyone entering the gate will get a good look at the light in their eyes, but good enough for me to see where I’m going. win win with this light.

  6. Lawrence Robinson

    Nice rig. It allows one to mount the solar panel in a good location and the light in any place you desire. Very easy to install. They work perfectly and provide a bright light. The only problem encountered was the mounting screws. They’re soft metal (unhardened). My power screwdriver stripped the heads almost immediately. Easy fix. Screws made in America.

  7. Tony Stark

    Needed and wanted a light over my shed door and inside the shed for some time, but wasnt prepared to trench out the distance, bury the cable, and tap into house power.I started looking for solar flood/spotlights with separate solar panels for versatile placement.I’ll start off by saying you’ll want a decent drill and drillbit, a small bubble level, ladder or step stool if necessary, screwdriver, pencil and the desire to do a neat job/patience.Wherever you’re using this light, locate an area where you’ll get the most sun for the longest amount of time. This is typically south facing.Grab one of the mounts (they’re all the same size) and get it in position. I eyeballed the first one and checked after with the level and I got lucky. The panels and lights pivot and swivel to a degree so it isn’t too much of an issue, but if you’re like me and like projects to be perfect, use a level.Proceed to mark your holes with a good pencil. At this point, you can drill your pilot holes and then hand screw the screws in. I chose to use a screwdriver so I wouldn’t have to continuously switch out a drill bit and screw bit.You can center (if necessary) and level the mount for the light, follow the same process above.I then plugged in the panel to the floodlight (the light and panel both have an ambient sensor in them so it needs to be pretty dark to test them and their 3 different modes and I recommend doing that in house at night when you first unbox them).As you can see from the daytime pic, I used clear plastic LED light strip clips for the cable to keep things tidy and presentable.I also neatly wrapped the excess wiring around the solar panels as opposed to the light itself because I have one light in the shed and didn’t want potential mice chewing on the wires.So far so good. Great brightness and modes/options, and the motion sensitivity is great. Installation took about twenty minutes in my application.See pics for reference. I hope this helps.

  8. Deanna Delaney

    I used this product for safety reasons. They work beautifully. Easy to set up, Love them, also I find my experience with Nacinic remarkable. Their customer service with me was very quick and awe-inspiring for today’s world. Nothing at all to criticize, it’s all a full 5-star involvement. You will love these Solar Lights, I will recommend them and will buy more. Cannot not say enough good things about them.

  9. S. A.

    REALLY bright, decent motion detection. Set it and forget it.In fact, I keep forgetting about them. I put these up in the woods out back along my driveway where I know they’ll get some sun. So mornings I can pass by and they might not go off. Though to be fair, I do have them set back at the edge of their detection range. But when they do detect me driving by… WOW! It’s a startling point of light. I almost thing someone is putting a flashlight on me suddenly. I will purchase more at some point.

  10. phoneman101

    these were pretty easy to install. I have these lighting up my driveway beside my house. I ran the solar panel up to the roof line to capture the most amount of light for the longest duration of the day. There was plenty of wire to reach. The motion detection works really well. These are pretty bright for just being solar powered. They’re not as bright as hardwired electric ones are but they do the job without having to hire an electrician or running wire yourself. these would also work well on a shed where you don’t have electric at.

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