Solar Generator, Portable Power Station, Solar power station 300W, UPS Power backup for power outage, Electronic Generator

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  • PORTABLE Power stastion & ECO-FRIENDLY POWER SUPPLY. POWERIVER portable power station is equipped with a lithium-ion battery pack, no fuel or gasoline needed, no fumes, no clanging and no noise! Pack this portable generator light for your RV camping fishing hunting Sailing. The power station can also to be kept at home ready for meteorological disaster, power failure and other emergencies
  • LARGE CAPACITY BATTERY PACK WITH WORLDWIDE INSURANCE. The UPS battery backup is built up with 222WH(3.7V 60Ah) lithium-ion batteries, powerful enough to charge Smart phones 19 times, Laptop 4-5 times, mini refrigerator (65W) about 3-4 hours. The power supply features 2 x AC outlet(110V 300W Rated 350W Peak), 2 x DC port (3A / 60W max), 2 x USB port(5V / 3A)
  • MULTI RECHARGING WAY. 1)This solar generator can be recharged from the sun with any compatible 60W or 100W solar panel (optional); 2) This battery pack can be fully charged in 6-7 hours by being plugged into the AC wall outlet; 3) This camping battery power supply can be fully charged in 18 hours by car cigarette lighter
  • PURE SINE WAVE & UPS. POWERIVER electric generator is built up with PURE SINE WAVE INVERTER ensures safely powering sensitive devices like laptops etc. without damages and reduces noise. The UPS battery backup could avoid the hardware damaged and important information missed from the sudden power off
  • WELL BUILT & BMS SYSTEM. POWERIVER portable power supply is Built in with aluminum alloy shell and aluminum heat sink make it quiet with good cooling performance and solid body. The portable solar generator features BMS SYSTEM managing over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, etc. safeguarding you and your devices during usage

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Solar Generator, Portable Power Station, Solar power station 300W, UPS Power backup for power outage, Electronic Generator, 60000mAh capacity 222Wh, AC 110V Outlet, DC12V, USB 5V/3A, Aluminum housing with worldwide insurance, battery for CACP/PC/Laptop/RV Camping/Emergency


Solar Generator, Portable Power Station, Solar power station 300W

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQ):

1. What is the maximum wattage this will handle?

POWERIVER solar generators can be used for products with power less than 300W and are not recommended heating products with more than 200W.

2. How to Calculate the Working Time for Your Device?

Working time = 222Wh*0.85 / Your device power, For example, Your device’s power is 50 watt. Then the working time= 222wh*0.85/50w=5.76hrs

3. Suggested Related Solar Panel?

We suggest you can choose 40-100W solar panel with Optimum Operating Voltage around 13-18V.

4. How to Check If The Generator is Fully Charged?

When the LED display shows 100%, you need to check if the light for “AC CHARGE” or “Solar Charge” has turned green; if so, it indicates that the portable power supply is fully charged.

Additional information


Package Dimensions

13.62 x 10.47 x 6.69 inches

Item Weight

7.7 pounds





Item model number



1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)

Is Discontinued By Manufacturer


10 reviews for Solar Generator, Portable Power Station, Solar power station 300W, UPS Power backup for power outage, Electronic Generator

  1. Amazon Customer

    It does exactly what it says it does. My area is very prone to small blackouts and it worked for me to keep my phone charged and lamps on within hours of receiving it…you guessed it a small blackout. Didn’t last long but device got me through it. I’m impressed.

  2. Alan

    UPDATE ! This unit has worked so well, keeping me powered through TWO power outages, that I bought a second unit for my out-of-state daughter, to use for her CPAP machine or other power needs, Va. seems to get a lot of outages. LOLAs soon as the unit arrived I checked the power readout. The generator has a 0.02% charge. I plugged the AC charger and let the unit charge for 8 hrs. It was at 100%. I tested the unit on my 25 watt “grow lights” for 6 hrs. The unit was only down to 79%.Two days later the power went out! I plugged my modem, 19in TV monitor, a table lamp and my laptop into the generator and awaited the power to be restored. During the 5 hrs without power this generator kept me on line and informed of current events (TV service) without fail. After an hour or so, I turned off the (60watt) table lamp and used the built-in LED light for illumination to conserve power.At the end of the outage the unit was down to 41%. This is EXACTLY what I wanted this generator for. I give this generator a hardy 5 star rating.

  3. Stuart Poulton

    I used this unit to power a live stream setup at a funeral. It worked flawlessly. The event lasted 90 minutes. I powered up 30 minutes prior and had 78% battery left post event. Only unknown was that when you plug in or unplug anything the unit cycles and the power is temporarily interrupted. So long as you don’t need to plug in or unplug during your event this unit will work. Really pleased with the performance.

  4. Promou

    I usually put it in my car. I went to th Bear Lake this weekend, I was fishing there. It can supply power to my car fridge. I put the fishes inside to keep them fresh.

  5. Fitness

    Excellent by for the price works great for my 15 quart refrigerator freezer in my van run quietly as well as keeps the refrig going for 13 and 1/2 hours before needing charge again just what I was hoping 4 I would highly recommend this solar generator much stronger than I thought it would be…☺👍

  6. Tom L.

    Love this battery. Took about 4 hours to charge. Runs my cpap for about 8 hours at least even on ac. That is all I wanted it to do. Power failures are frequent and this allows me to sleep even when utility power goes out. I have a generator, but have to manually switch over so short outages are not feasible. This devise provides the power I need to make it to first light so I can start generator.

  7. Tribe of Benjamin

    Ok the title probably gives away my age. HAHA 😂 Living in California, we purchased for the inevitable PG&E power shutdowns. This portable unit is truly portable (lightweight and easy to tote) and will run a laptop and additional monitor at the same time. We use it for taking our outdoor exercise classes to the next level. Even after 3 hours of both plugged in the battery doesn’t seem to be diminished much at all.

  8. Matsu

    I am an owner of phone fixing shop. I got several machine to work. The wrost thing is that the power shutted suddenly. This power station has UPS function, it helps me to keep working. No warry about power shut.

  9. Primebeef

    Powered the air pump that is built into the air mattress for my camping trip and plenty of juice left over to power the lights around the tent and campsite. Do not need a special cable to charge the box.

  10. David Hartzig

    Works as described. Haven’t used it much but did use it to run a printer and laptop and worked really well. The battery life was decent. I’d say if I left laptop and printer on the whole time, would last a day or two? It is a little heavy but it’s a battery so that’s to be expected. Recharge time isn’t bad if using AC adapter. Maybe a couple of hours? The car plug in takes a little longer but still not bad for a recharge from the car adapter. I think it’s worth the price paid and would recommend this.

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