Solar Charger Power Bank Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless Portable Charger Built-in 2 Kinds Output Cable and 680Lumen Bright flashlights (Black)

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43800mAh solar power bank super large capacity. Let you get rid of the anxiety about battery electricity anytime, anywhere.

Solar Charger built-in USB-A input cable, Type-C and lighting output cable. equipped with 15W Qi wireless fast charging. It is compatible with almost all devices, There is no need to bring an additional charging cable at all, making it more convenient to use. In addition, it is equipped with a USB output port and Type-C output/input port. You can charge up to 4 devices at the same time.

Power bank supports QC fast charging, supports input or output bidirectional fast charging. Can greatly shortening your charging time.

Solar power bank built-in a bright flashlight with a brightness of 680 lumens and a range of 200m can send out an SOS distress signal. Waterproof rating of up to ip67, and is drop and dust resistant. Can still work normally in extreme environments.

Portable charger built-in smart chip Charging speed increased by 2 times, faster and more stable to auto filter any danger, Fluctuation voltage is converted to Stable voltage. It can stabilize the equipment and ensure the safety in use.

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Brand: Superallure


Solar Charger Power Bank Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless Portable Charger Built-in 2 Kinds Output Cable and 680Lumen Bright flashlights (Black)

 Power Bank Portable Charger

Rugged, durable, reliable and portable.

Excellent performance ensures that you get rid of the anxiety about the battery power of mobile devices anytime, anywhere.


Power Bank Portable Charger

QC 3.0 Fast Charging

Can quickly charge your device

Built-in super bright flashlight

An ultra-bright flashlight with an intensity of 680 lumens will disperse the darkness and illuminate the front for you.

Built-in cable

The product has built-in Type-C and “ipho” cable two output cables, 10W wireless output, and USB-A input power.

If you go out with it, you don’t need to bring a cumbersome charging cable, as long as you have it.

Type-c input

The Type-C interface of the product can support fast input.

Strong compatibility

The built-in smart transformer chip can automatically identify different devices, and then change the corresponding current and voltage. It is compatible with almost all mobile devices on the market

Please bring this powerful equipment and explore this wonderful world!

Power Bank Portable Charger instructions

Power Bank Portable Charger Package List:

  1. 1 x 43800mAh Solar Charger
  2. 1 x Lanyard
  3. 1 x Carabiner
  4. 1 x User Manual

Button function:

touch the button to turn on the output, the LED indicator lights up to show the current battery; long press the button to switch the flashlight, click to switch gears.

  1. In sleep mode, press the button to display the current power and turn on the output. Double-click the button to shut down when it is on.
  2. In any state, long press the button for 2 seconds to turn on (off) the flashlight, and click to switch the flashlight position (bright-half-bright-SOS-strobe flash-off)

About charging:

  1. Click the button, the power indicator shows the current power, and the USB output function is turned on. When there is no load, the power indicator turns off after 32 seconds, and when there is a load, the power indicator is always on.
  2. Connect to the device, the product will output automatically, and the power indicator will show the current power.
  3. When the discharge capacity is less than 5%, the low battery indicator will flash until the discharge is over.
  4. The discharge power display decreases as the battery voltage decreases.
  5. When the mobile phone is charging or the load current is less than 50mA, the machine will turn off the output and enter the standby state.

Additional information


Product Dimensions

6.4 x 3.3 x 1.1 inches

Item Weight

1.23 pounds



Item model number

K6 Pro


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 19, 2021


DonGuan Xionel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Country of Origin


10 reviews for Solar Charger Power Bank Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless Portable Charger Built-in 2 Kinds Output Cable and 680Lumen Bright flashlights (Black)

  1. J. Garcia

    This charger without a doubt is the best one in the market. It takes a long time to initially charge it (about 24 hours), but once you do that, you will have a long lasting true portable charging device. The best feature? Built in charging cables that quickly charge your phone. You can also charge your phone wirelessly, if your phone or tablet has that capability. It also comes with a string, bright light that is very convenient. I will be buying my second one soon!

  2. Eve LouisEve Louis

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     One of the best portable chargers I ever purchased. I first bought it for my boyfriend but it worked so well I bought one for myself. Charges fast, I don’t need a back of a charger, just a USB outlet so that is very convenient. I charge it every couple days because the battery lasts a while! Not as heavy as it looks and I like that because I can carry it in my purse. Will repurchase and gift to my family/friends!

  3. Magic622Magic622

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     Great battery life. Nice that you can double charge it via usb c and the built in usb-A. My z fold 3 tends to die pretty quick this battery allows me to keep it going for days! Ordered a 2nd battery for my father in law. If youd like a little more length but an extension cable for which ever device you own. I picked up a 1ft usb c extension cord to charge my ZF3 and a lightning cable extension for my daughters iphone. This thing gave us the juice we needed while on our Disney trip!

  4. Chas

    A must-needed product to have when traveling, taking trips (short and long), vacation, hiking, etc. Great price, durable and water-resistant.

  5. Sailor-man

    Have owned for a few weeks. Very well designed. Used for a 4-day primitive camping trip – charged multiple devices several times, and then put in the sun for 8 hours and it got my iphone back up to 30% when otherwise would be dead until got home. Flashlight is a bonus – very bright. Built in cords also a big plus.

  6. ecotrials

    I have a Samsung S9+ in an Otter Box Defender case. Wireless charging worked ok and was very convenient. However when I added a Quad Lock mount to the case, wireless charging ceased as the phone was now too far from the charging coil. I was delighted to find with the K6 Pro I have wireless charging capability once more. And that wasn’t the reason for purchase.I use my phone on my pedal assist mountain bike to both control and monitor my rides. My phone only lasts about 2 hours as I have to increase screen intensity to read the screen in bright sunlight. I use a battery bank to keep my phone charged, but lately on longer rides that isn’t enough. With the K6 Pro I can swap out battery banks on my handlebar and recharge in my knapsack. I should be good for over 12 hours. I am planning a ride that might well take me 12 hours to complete. I think I am now covered energy wise.

  7. WindnStormWindnStorm

    This is awesome! I love that it has 3 adapters built-in plus the option to connect by usb or usb-c. I got this for a trip to Alaska. I stayed on a boat, out on the edge of the ocean for 2 weeks. Power from the generator had to be conserved for heat and cooking so I picked this up to charge my DSLR camera and GoPro. It was perfect!!! I made sure to set it in the sun to charge through the solar panel and would let it charge my devices each evening. I would 100% buy it again!!


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     This is the charger that has every feature imaginable, goes everywhere, and charges even your most power – hungry devices again and again and again! My husband and I use these chargers for everything! That I no longer even plug any of my devices into the wall! I’ll plug them into this charger, and the charger is plugged into the wall, and I get a bigger charge, faster, then I would get from using a wall outlet anywhere! Buy one for you, and one for everyone you love! Keep one in your home, one at work, and one in your traveling bag! You’ll be glad you did!

  9. WsernameWsername

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     I honestly like everything about this power bank. I did add a couple of modifications, like the four little rubber grips I superglued to the bottom just for my convenience. I also superglued a strip of something call Gear Snake Tie Down (the orange rubber covered steel wire) just below the solar panel, so when I wirelessly charge my phone I don’t have to worry about it sliding off…just my preference. This is solid product that is definitely worth it.

  10. Tamara

    I plugged it in when I got it.Had a camping trip 1/14-1/17 with two preteens that have iPhones.On one charge, it charged they’re phones to 100% 3 different times. Off one charge. I left it out in the sun & it was able to charge my iPhone too!!Excellent purchase!!!

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