Solar Charger Power Bank – Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless Charger

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43800mAh super large capacity. Four high-conversion solar panels can continuously charge the device in the sun. The solar charging power is 16W and the input current is 1.68A. The conversion rate of solar charging can reach 118% of the charging speed of a 1A plug. As long as there is sunshine It can charging, Let you get rid of the anxiety about battery electricity anytime, anywhere.

Built-in USB-A input cable, Type-C and lighting output cable, equipped with 15W Qi wireless fast charging. There is no need to bring an additional charging cable at all, making it more convenient to use. In addition, it is equipped with a USB output port and Type-C input port. You can charge up to four devices at the same time. Power bank supports QC3.0 and 2.0 protocols fast charging, supports input fast charging. It can greatly shortening your charging time.

A bright flashlight with a brightness of 680 lumens and a range of 200M can send out an SOS distress signal. The mobile power bank has a waterproof rating of up to ip67, and is drop and dust resistant. Can still work normally in extreme environments. It is a great choice for outdoor activities or daily use.

Upgraded built-in smart chip Charging speed increased by 2 times, faster and more stable to auto filter any danger, Fluctuation voltage is converted to Stable voltage. It can stabilize the equipment and ensure the safety in use.

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Solar Charger Power Bank – Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless Charger 4 Solar Panel Built-in 2 Kinds Output Cable and 680Lumen Bright flashlights Cell Phones & Accessories

Solar Charger Power Bank - Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless ChargerSolar Charger Power Bank – Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless Charger

Rugged, durable, reliable and portable.

Excellent performance ensures that you get rid of the anxiety about the battery power of mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Solar Charger Power Bank - Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless Charger

QC 3.0 Fast Charging Can Quickly Charge Your Device

Built-in super bright flashlight

An ultra-bright flashlight with an intensity of 680 lumens will disperse the darkness and illuminate the front for you.

Built-in cable

The product has built-in Type-C and “ipho” cable two output cables, 10W wireless output, and USB-A input power.

If you go out with it, you don’t need to bring a cumbersome charging cable, as long as you have it.

Type-c input

The Type-C interface of the product can support fast input.

Strong compatibility

The built-in smart transformer chip can automatically identify different devices, and then change the corresponding current and voltage. It is compatible with almost all mobile devices on the market


IP65 waterproof, excellent waterproof performance.


High-strength ABS material can withstand falling from a height.


IP65 dust-proof, The equipment can still work normally in harsh environments

Built-in security chip

Built-in security chip, automatically adjust the output to deliver the most suitable current, keep your devices from overcharging, over-current, over-voltage and short circuit.

Solar Charger Power Bank - Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless Charger

Please bring this powerful equipment and explore this wonderful world!

Solar Charger Power Bank - Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless Charger

Product instructions

Solar Charger Power Bank Package List:

  1. 1 x 43800mAh Solar Charger
  2. 1 x Lanyard
  3. 1 x Carabiner
  4. 1 x User Manual


Button function:

touch the button to turn on the output, the LED indicator lights up to show the current battery; long press the button to switch the flashlight, click to switch gears.

  1. In sleep mode, press the button to display the current power and turn on the output. Double-click the button to shut down when it is on.
  2. In any state, long press the button for 2 seconds to turn on (off) the flashlight, and click to switch the flashlight position (bright-half-bright-SOS-strobe flash-off)


About charging:

  1. Click the button, the power indicator shows the current power, and the USB output function is turned on. When there is no load, the power indicator turns off after 32 seconds, and when there is a load, the power indicator is always on.
  2. Connect to the device, the product will output automatically, and the power indicator will show the current power.
  3. When the discharge capacity is less than 5%, the low battery indicator will flash until the discharge is over.
  4. The discharge power display decreases as the battery voltage decreases.
  5. When the mobile phone is charging or the load current is less than 50mA, the machine will turn off the output and enter the standby state.

Additional information


Product Dimensions

6.4 x 3.3 x 1.3 inches

Item Weight

1.52 pounds



Item model number

K6 Pro Max


1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

Connectivity technologies


Other display features





DonGuan Xionel Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Date First Available

June 23, 2021

10 reviews for Solar Charger Power Bank – Portable Charger, 43800mAh Qc3.0 Fast Charging Qi 10W Wireless Charger

  1. NicholausNicholaus

    Perfect for backpacking or an emergency kit. It’s a small hand-held size weighing approximately 1lb. It holds a charge for quite awhile and can recharge my phone maybe 3-4 times without needed additional power. The folding solar panels are very compact, although hard to position to the sun. Fits easily in my backpack and emergency kit and I love how it has all the cables already attached to the unit – no more carrying additional charging cables! Works with android and iPhone as well. Love it – highly recommend.

  2. Catherine

    Love this charger. Much better than the first solar rechargeable battery I purchased. It only had one solar panel and weighed more. This one is dependable and holds it’s charge for a long time. So convenient to have attached charging cords and still have the option of charging from the USB port. It’s optimal that my Samsung Galaxy tablet and phone, my IPAD and portable speaker can all charge on this handy rechargeable at the same time. The solar recharge comes in handy when away from a charging source or after a hurricane. We didn’t have power for 6 days after Hurricane Sally and over 2 weeks after Hurricane Ivan. Alternative sources of power are very important when you live on the coast. Plus the flashlight is incredibly bright and handy. I just have to remember to press the on button when I plug an item in. It doesn’t turn on automatically like all my other batteries, but I adjusted quickly. I’d buy a second one in a heartbeat!

  3. Prasanna

    It’s a multi purpose charger. Most powerful 43800mAh portable charger I’ve ever found for this price range. I found the wireless charging mode mostly useful and it charges fast enough as it is of 10W. It’s 4 fold able solar panels cover large surface area to charge the charger. Flash lights are too bright and is ideal for outdoor activities. Great product for camping and hiking. It’s little bit heavy as it is so powerful. Overall, it does what it is advertised.

  4. Sam

    This power bank is the best among all my power banks(more than 10). Has been using it since I got it; it holds the charge very well. The first impress is that it still have 3 bar after 7 days continue usage such as charging my pixel phone and my kids’s tablets.I consider this power bank is a standalone device as it has cables to charge the older device and the wireless charger to change the newer phone.The solar panel is smaller than the regular solar charger; however, a lot bigger that those solar power bank. This thing can charge under 1.5 bar under the sun for 4 hours, which is quite a lot compare to its size. This is the one power bank can be used during blackout, it can give you light and power to charge your phone.

  5. ELL10TTx

    I’ve got 6 different battery packs and this one charges the fastest. The extra fold out solar panels definitely make a difference when compared to other battery packs that only have one pannel. I wasn’t sure if I would like the extra bulk, but it’s not as bad as I thought it would be and the trade off is being able to charge more in the sun is worth it.

  6. Gordon Miller

    I am somewhat of a “power bank collector”, with no less than 5 different models of various sizes and charging capabilities. This one tops them all! It’s a hefty chunk of technology but definitely worth the weight (pun intended…)!The solar recharge and wireless charging features work great, and the built-in flashlight is super bright. You’ll want to keep one of these at home and in your car for emergencies. I especially like the integrated lightning (Apple) and USB-C cables that relieve me from having to carry around separate charging cables for my devices. This beauty can charge your cell phones, laptops and other devices for days without needed to re recharged itself.I guarantee that you will love this item. It’s the only power bank you’ll ever need.

  7. ABLACKW468

    This review was easy to write! I have owned several “solar chargers” but I have never seen one with all these feature at this price point! It is like getting two for the price of one: double the capacity,built in cables,four solar panels, Qi charging, powerful emergency light,able to charge five devices,and on and on…. one would be crazy not to try this charger!!!!! At this price you are getting your money’s worth. All I can say is “don’t leave home without it”! Great for camping,travel,hiking,business,emergencies and all around independence! Beats the competition!!!!!!

  8. John E.

    Great item managed to charge a kindle 10 and an iPhone xr at the same time. Then deployed the solar panels and refilled it while I hiked in two hours. Solar panels are greatly helpful for keeping the huge power bank topped off. I do a lot of hiking so the flashlight which is extremely bright comes in handy when I leave early or stay late. When I take a break on the trails I need a power source that I don’t have to keep to keep topping off. This baby can handle a three to four day vacation easy.

  9. New Door

    We bought this because we needed an emergency backup power source for our devices as hurricanes approached. We have plenty of “power bricks,” but with the possibility of losing power for several days, those would have been quickly depleted. It’s very appealing to have the option of charging via solar. It recharges faster when plugged into a wall outlet, but the solar panel is quite efficient. The backlight is extremely bright! The bonus little lights next to the charging ports were a nice touch – I think they’d provide just enough light if you needed to see which ports you were plugging your cords into. It works with all of our devices, including iPhones, iPads, recharging AirPod cases, and so on.

  10. Andrew w

    I’ve been getting into camping over the last year and am slowly upgrading and buying new tools I think would really help me out! An issue i have when camping is that I run out of battery on my phone when roaming for signal or listening to music. This rechargeable battery is perfect because I can charge my phone in my tent at night, then leave it in the sun during the day to recharge itself! Would purchase again, great product!

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