Solar Charger 30000mAh, COSHIP Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless Charger, Portable Solar Phone Charger with 4 Cables & LED Flashlight

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【30000mAh High Capacity】 The solar charger power bank is built-in 30000mAh battery, enough to charge iPhone 11 for 8 times, Samsung Galaxy s21 for 6 times, iPad Pro for 3 times. Compatible with most of smartphones, tablets, earphones, cameras and other devices. Perfect for Camping, Hiking, Climbing, Fishing… (Please charge it for 24 hours before first use)

【Solar Power Bank w/Built in 4 Cables】 The solar power bank is equipped with 5 output ports and 3 input ports, including [1 built-in Type C cable, 1 built-in Micro cable, 1 built-in Apple cable, 2 USB output ports] and [1 built-in USB input cable, 1 Type C input port, 1 Micro input port]. The portable charger can support charging 6 devices simultaneously, plus wireless charger.

【Wireless Solar Charger】 Instantly charge your phones, tablets or earbuds simply by placing them in the center of solar charger pad (Please press the power button to active wireless charging function). Never fuss around with plugging and unplugging cables again, just place it and charge automatically (Note: Only Qi-enabled devices are compatible with the wireless charging function.)

【LED Emergency Flashlight】 The portable solar charger is equipped with LED flashlight, there are three lighting modes (Bright Light/SOS/Strobe). Please long press the power button to turn on the LED flashlights, click the power button to change mode, and double press the button to turn off the light. A must for camping, hiking, long trips and home emergencies.

【Solar Panel & Service】 Solar power bank can recharge through wall plug or direct sunlight. It normally takes solar charging feature as an emergency purpose, rather than the main power source. Made of premium ABS material, IPX5 waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, keep your solar chargers durable under any condition. Provide 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and 30 days no-questions-asked return policy.

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Solar Charger 30000mAh, COSHIP Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless Charger, Portable Solar Phone Charger with 4 Cables & LED Flashlight, 5 Output Ports, 3 Input Ports, Compatible with Smartphone, Tablet

Solar Charger 30000mAh, COSHIP Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless
Solar Charger 30000mAh, COSHIP Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless

Solar Charger 30000mAh, COSHIP Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless Charger

Solar Charger 30000mAh, COSHIP Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless
Solar Charger 30000mAh, COSHIP Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless

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8.07 x 4.69 x 1.34 inches

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1.14 pounds




2 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)

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Date First Available

September 27, 2021

9 reviews for Solar Charger 30000mAh, COSHIP Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless Charger, Portable Solar Phone Charger with 4 Cables & LED Flashlight


    These power banks are great for charging so many different things. I have gotten them for heated coats and vests as well as my phones and tablets. This one holds a lot of power and can charge my phone 4 times or my tablet several times. When I’m mot using it, if I’m able I leave it out in the sun for a little boost. It doesn’t give it much but it does help and it’s solar power. I will always use it when I can. A lot of power, a little bank and the use of solar power. Can’t go wrong there.

  2. Bobby D

    This is a versatile phone bank to tank on the go with you, if you want to ensure you have a charge all day. No worrying about running out of charge or juice when you are outside, as it will charge via the solar charging. Easy to use, and ensure you always stay connected and powered up.

  3. Mr. A

    This battery charger is a brick! It’s the same size as my iPhone11proMax, and isn’t that heavy. It’s got 4 cables built into the charger that can suit all your charging need, and if that’s not enough, it even has wireless pad charging. It has a full USB cable, Thunder cable, , Micro USB cable , Type C cable. It even has a light on one side along with more plug ins. I’ve never used the solar power of it yet, but it’s a fun feature to have. I use a thick case on my phone, but the wireless charging pad on this is super strong that it still charged my phone! That factor makes this brick battery worth it!

  4. ConquerComputers

    Fabulous charger at a reasonable price.The solar works amazing for charging the massive internal battery. There are connectors for any modern-day mobile device (minus some laptops). Wireless charging works as good as my name-brand Sam***g phone!The light is a nice added touch with steady on, SOS, and stun/strobe)Have taken this camping for an entire weekend and have been able to stay going without having to “plug in” my phone to a regular outlet.Only wish this had quick charge capabilities.

  5. Lisa Herrera

    This power bank far exceeded my expectations. I have a heated coat and vest and the power bank that it comes with only last 3 to 4 hrs. I used this power bank and it lasted the whole time. I never ran out of power because you can use the power bank while charging it in the sun. The fact that it has solar charging is amazing. I don’t have to look for a outlet to charge it and I can charge it anywhere the sun is accessible. This would make a great addition for a survival kit but I use mine on a regular basis. It has so many different attachments, you can connect an apple device, a Android device, Samsung device, you name it – it can charge it. I’m not sure how long it take to charge when completely dead because it never has the opportunity to die, it’s either plugged in to charge or sitting in a spot where the sun can hit it to charge. I absolutely love this power bank, it supercedes all the power banks I’ve ever had. I’m constantly showing my family all the nice features it has, ohh and it has a flash light as well. I would recommend this to anyone.

  6. wojo

    Ignore the dirty solar charger, I left this out in the elements including rain for a week. More on that below.This unit is great because:- Solar charging (more below)- Integrated cables for all your devices, no longer do you have to pack them!- Wireless charging- Turned on the LED light and I think it ran for 3-4 days in a row, maybe longer. Very neat.I’m really impressed with the whole package. I left it outside in the sun and rain for a week, and it took the elements like a champ.

  7. Bcjohnson44

    This solar charger is a lot better than expected. The flashlight on it is incredibly bright and has 3 modes. The charger initially takes a micro-usb to charge up, which is really handy. If you run out of battery before you can get to an outlet, the solar feature is a great addition. I would highly recommend this to anyone. I did add some COBAN wrap to the back of the product so that when I’m working on the ambulance, it doesn’t slide around and it made it incredible!

  8. Erick

    I have an old phone and in order to compensate its degraded battery I have been using a power bank since a year. Using a power bank is a breeze indeed, instead of plugging the phone to a computer which takes forever to charge it, or to a wall charger which limits your use of it. Concept of a power bank felt appealing and using one was a right decision for me.So, decided to have another one for travels, emergencies or possible degrading of the old one. My previous power bank is a 26800mAh which is 99Wh. This is the maximum power bank capacity that you can take on a plane. Please be noted of this information if you plan to air travel with a power bank. Coship Power Bank is a 30000mAH but it has a solar charging feature, has a more heavy-duty case, has wireless charging function and contains its own cables for charging in and out embedded in to the case; so I chose this item.Coship impressed me quite a lot as I have my previous power bank that I use as a benchmark. It has four LED lights on it showing the charge level remaining in the charger. It is strong storage. I use an Iphone 8 Plus and my previous power bank charges it four times, this one charges five-six times from 10% to 100%.Coship has four embedded cables in it:-First one of these is a lightning cable which works out only, it charges your device with the lightning port.-Second one is a USB cable, which you can attach to a regular USB port and it is used to charge the power bank. So, it works in only.-Third one is a USB-C cable which works in and out, you can charge the power bank it charges your device with the USB-C Port.-Fourth is a micro USB cable and it works out only.In addition to these cables, Coship has four ports on its side.Two of these ports are regular USB ports which work out only. Third port is a USB-C port which works in and out, you can use this port to charge any device or to charge the power bank. The fourth port is a micro usb port which can also be used to charge the powerbank.One important feature to mention is: it can charge devices while it is plugged in and getting charged.Another very important feature to mention is: it stops charging the device once it is fully charged. This is a very important feature to avoid battery degradation for Lithium Ion Batteries.I use the USB-C port to charge my phone and that was quite fast. I used multiple ports to charge three different devices and charge the device itself and it worked.Coship Solar Power Bank also has two embedded LED light on it that you can use as a torch when you need one. I found this function quite thoughtful and useful especially for camping and backpacking.I don’t use the wireless charging usually and did not try it but Coship powerbank also has a wireless charging pad on it.It is a heavy power bank as a good battery should be. The USB to USB-C cable included with it is nice, short high quality and useful.It is a rugged, multi-functional, heavy duty power bank and quite useful, especially if you go trekking, backpacking, camping and off grid quite often. A solar charging battery pack is also for me a must have item in the emergency luggage.One of the best power banks I have ever seen and strongly recommend it.

  9. T. Gaston

    Solar Charger 30000mAh, COSHIP Solar Power Bank, Qi Wireless Charge works fine. The directions were easy to follow. The charger actually charged up okay in the sunlight, I had put it on a window sill to charge. And then I used it to charge my phone. Excited to have a backup way to charge, in case the electricity goes out.

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